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Head On The Beach
by Arcanine878

I parked my car on the only available spot on the beach. "Damn I got lucky." I said to myself. I grabbed my towel and my bags and headed out the car. I locked it behind me, as I grabbed my sun glasses out of my bag to put them on. The sun was beating down hard. I walked over to the sand, and it was packed as hell. Everyone and their mothers was at the beach. I walked for half a mile to try to spot out a good place to put my towel down. I spot a good place to lay my towel down, and I ran to it. Just as I approached my spot, a family with two kids laid all their stuff down. I sighed, as I continued walking to find a spot.

I searched and searched for an area, and to my luck, a gorgeous girl tapped me from behind on my shoulder.

It was the beautiful Sable behind me. I thought to myself, "What the heck is Sable doing at a beach like this? I would think she would be in a more private beach..."

She smiled, and began talking. "Hey! Sorry if I scared you a bit." she said, as she looked down my body and back up biting her soft lips.

"Oh, no you're fine, Ms. Sable."

"I've been noticing you've been looking for a spot on the beach. Trust me, you're not gonna find any here for a long time. I'll show you a good area to place you're stuff down."

"Thank god." I thought to myself. "Finally..I can set all my stuff down."

I followed Sable, as she led me to the area.

We finally arrive, and it's a nice little area with an amazing view of the ocean. If you looked up, you can see palm trees covering the area. I looked around, as I only saw one other towel. It had to be Sables. I placed my towel right next to hers and dropped my bag into the sand. I laid down on my towel, and let out a sigh of relief. Sable sat down on her towel next to me, rummaging through her bag. She took out some expensive sunscreen and asked me to rub her back. She laid down on her belly, and unhooked her top. All though I couldn't see her tits, It was still hot that her top was off in front of me. I sat above her, as I poured some of her sunscreen in my palms. I started to rub her smooth back. I went from her shoulders and went down close to her waist. It felt so good rubbing her body. I started to rub the sun screen harder into her, as she began moaning in relief. " sure rub in Sun Screen good.."

I finished rubbing in the sun screen, but I rubbed her back more. I said I wanted to make sure that all the sun screen was rubbed in well, but in all honesty I just wanted to feel her body some more. If it wasn't for my phone ringing, I would of continued rubbing her amazing body. I went to my towel and laid down on my stomach and checked my phone. My best friend texted me, asking me if I was at the beach. I began to type where to find me, but Sable sat on my thighs and started rubbing my back. I dropped my phone, as the sensation rushed through my back. She rubbed me hard and good. I rested my head on my arms. Sable leaned over, and I felt her boobs touch my back, and she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the neck. I started to get hard, as Sable pushed herself back up and ran her hands down my spine.

Sable got up a little bit, as I flipped my body over. I got a nice view of a nude Sable.

She smiled, as she leaned back down to plant another kiss on me. I held her body close to mine, making her boobs press into my more. We made out for awhile, sucking each others lips and tongues. I moved my hands down her body to feel her amazing big ass, and moved my hands back up on her sides. Sable sat straight up on me and started to take off my bathing suit, revealing my hard cock. She began to play with it with both hands, twisting her hands like a gear. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft as she guided them up and down. I laid back as I let her work my dick. She spat on my cock to start pumping my cock faster. It felt amazing, as I can feel the pressure slowly going up in my cock. Sable began sucking my cock with her nice mouth. She made the perfect opening to fit around my cock. Her tongue slurped up and down the body of my cock, tasting every inch of skin on my cock. She went balls deep for awhile, making herself gag a little, as she came back up and began sucking only the head. Sable sucked my cock like no other girl ever had. She licked all the residue saliva off my cock and began to start sucking deep down again. She then plopped my dick out of her mouth, and began sucking on my balls a little, just to give me a new sensation.

Sable stopped sucking and spread her legs and laid on her knees by my sides. She carefully sat on my dick, as I began to enter her pussy.She was so warm and wet. She began moving up and down, inching deeper and deeper down to my balls. "Oh fuck yes!" Sable moaned. I held each ass cheek in my hands as I helped her move up and down. She began going faster, moaning harder and harder. You can hear her pussy splat each time she moves down hard on my cock. She held her tits in place as I could feel her pussy juice running down my hard cock.

Sable, still with my cock in her, laid down as I moved onto my knees. I held one of her legs in the air as I fucked her side ways. She spread her pussy more with one hand, as she let the other go free. I fucked her hard, as her tits moved up and down with our motion. "Mmm yes..fuck me harder!" She moaned. I fucked her so hard my balls started slapping her. Her tight pussy felt so good wrapped around my penis. I began to thrust her even harder. I started breathing harder, as I was eager to make Sable cum.

I slid my dick out of Sable and propped her on all fours. I laid on my knees and put my penis back in her tight pussy and began fucking her doggy style, getting a nice view of her ass. I held her ass, guiding it with my cock. She twisted her body up and down as she moaned in pleasure. "Ooh I'm about to cum!" she said, but I payed no mind as it only made me fuck her faster and faster until I felt the warm cum drip from her pussy and onto my cock. I slid my cock out, as Sable laid on her back. I stroked my cock over her, pumping my cock over her eager little face. I cummed a lot, having most of it land on her tits and some around her mouth as she opened wide. She licked the cum that landed around her lips and enjoyed the taste of my cum.

"Mmm...that was good..." She said, as we both sat down on our towels watching the waves crash down onto the shore.

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