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Heaven Scent

Stephanie sat in her backstage dressing room, watching some of the
wrestling action on a small television screen. She wasn't due on until an
hour or so from now but that didn't mean she wasn't keeping track of what
was going on. There was a knock at the door.

"It's open." She called, unconcerned about security, which was always
tight enough. A man entered cautiously.

"Miss McMahon?"

"What is it? I'm pretty busy." She lied.

"This won't take long."

The man pulled out a thin metal wand and pointed it at her. Stephanie
looked at it and at him.

"Who the hell are you and what do you want?"

"All in good time."

He walked towards her. Stephanie tried to move but somehow was unable to,
as if all her muscles had lost strength. She strained but it was simply no
good. The man placed the device back in his pocket.

"Don't worry. Your mobility will return soon."

"W.. what is this about? Help." Her attempted scream came out no louder
than her speech.

"Try to stay calm." He locked the door behind him, then removed a new
device from his bag. It looked like some sort of blender, fixed up with
wires and lights. From the bag her pulled a length of pipe which he attached
to the device. The pipe slip into two and then ended at what looked like
suction cups.

"W.. what is that?"

He didn't reply. Instead he crossed over to her and unbuttoned her
blouse. Stephanie protested quietly but was unable to move. He opened her
blouse and shifted her bra so that her breasts were exposed. Then he lifted
the pipe.

"No!" Stephanie cried as she helplessly watched the pipes reach out
and suck onto her nipples and aereola.

The man turned back to the machine and pressed a button. He flicked a

If Stephanie could have screamed she would have. Instead she was silent,
her jaw clenched shut. The pipes shuddered and shook, her breasts jiggling
and trembling as the machine sucked and sucked.

Stephanie was unsure of the sensation. It wasn't pleasure but it
certainly wasn't pain. She could feel the undulating pressure, sucking at
her breasts. Beneath the cups she knew her nipples were becoming erect.
Unable to speak Stephanie snorted, gasping for breaths as the strange
feeling assailed her. Then she felt a strange wetness on her breasts.

In horror she realised she was being milked. She certainly wasn't
lactating but the machine was milking something from her bosom
and she was utterly helpless.

As the pipes sucked like hungry snakes on her breasts she watched as
the device on the table began to fill, a small vial with a clear fluid,
something that was being extracted from her. Only when the vial was full
did the machine stop.

The man removed the cups and carefully placed them back in his bag.

Producing a cloth he wiped the traces of the liquid from Stephanies
still erect nipples and the tears from her face. He slipped her bra back
down and buttoned up her blouse.

"Thank you, Stephanie. This meeting has been very productive. I should
say though that it can be a traumatic process. Your mind will completely
erase this experience once I'm gone. By the time you come to your senses
you'll be able to move again. Goodbye."

He slipped out the door.

Stephanie sat on the chair, motionless apart from the nipples that were
beginning to recede.

Forget, How could she forget something so bizarre? So terrifying. How
could she.. how could she..

Her mind started to wander. What was going on? She had to.. had to do

She shook her head. She had to be on in an hour or so. Plenty of time
to watch the show.

One Month Later

Stephanie yawned as she climbed into the limousine. The show hadn't
exactly been a tough one but she'd been working on plot lines for much of
the afternoon and she was looking forward to getting back to her room. The
driver knew her location and unless she informed him otherwise, there would
be no further communication.

"Hey!" she realised that the rear of the vehicle was presently occupied.
By a smartly dressed man.

"What are you doing in here?" she asked indignantly.

"I know this is a little unorthidox, but I was wondering, Miss McMahon,
if you were willing to sponsor a perfume line with your name."

She had been reaching for the phone link to the driver but she stopped
when he mentioned that.

"A perfume?" she looked at him incredulously. "I don't think I'm the
perfume type."

"Why not? You're the female face of pro wrestling, not butch and not a
bimbo. You're perfect for it."

"You really think so?" Stephanie blushed slightly, still getting used
to this sort of attention.

"Of course. Tell me what you think."

He pulled out a spray bottle. Stephanie offered her wrist and a quick
spray of the liquid covered her hand. She lifted it to her nose and inhaled.
It certainly didn't smell like any perfume she knew, it was a far more musk
like scent, odd but at the same time alluring. She inhaled again, wondering
just what it was that held such appeal for her. In addition the touch of the
spray seemed to make her skin tingle, almost like a soft tickling.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"It's.. unique. Mr..?" She replied.

"Just call me Chris." He smiled "Yes. It's very unique."

He sprayed her wrist again, further up her arm. This time there was a
definite tingle as it touched her skin. Stephanie looked down at her bare
wrist which shone slightly in the limousine light. Perhaps it wasn't the
smell that appealed but the way it made her skin feel.

"Do you like it?" he asked again.

"It.. it's making my skin feel odd."

"Really?" Chris chuckled slightly. He sprayed her arm yet again and
Stephanie felt the tingling again. She reached her other arm over, rubbing
the sprayed flesh. As she touched her arm she felt her fingertips tingling

Suddenly he let out three quick jets which coated her other arm, making
it tingle too.

"Isn't that enough?" Stephanie asked as she withdrew her arm, nerves
firing wildly.

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"I think.." Stephanie found it somehow hard to concentrate. Her arms
were tingling so much that it felt wrong to move them. "I think.." she
tarted again but an answer had yet to form.

"I'm.. not sure."

"Perhaps a little more then."

He leant sprayed a mist out to settle on her neck. This time she visibly
shivered as the droplets touched her skin. He followed with another jet,
this time angling down so that it went down her shirt. Stephanie inhaled
reflexively as the dew like spray affixed to her tender flesh.

"You look like you're enjoying it Stephanie."

"I.. I am.." she admitted.

"Good. I'm glad you like it. It's a very special formula."

He reached out and undid the top button of her blouse, spraying the
perfume against her newly exposed skin. She was unresisting now, too
absorbed in the tingling feeling that was spreading through her. He undid
another button and sprayed again, then another and another. He kept moving
down, covering her stomach with the mist until her shirt was totally open.

Beneath her black bra her chest rose and fell at increasing speed, skin
buzzing with the touch of the substance.

"Turn around Stephanie."

She nodded, slightly dazed, turning her back. She felt hands one her
shoulders, pulling her blouse off totally. Before she could mount any
protest she felt the spray cover her back, once again rushing electricity
through to her brain.

"Perhaps your legs?" he suggested.

Stephanie nodded hastily, peeling off her track pants completely. She
lay back, savouring the sensation that now blanketed her body.

"That feels good doesn't it Stephanie?"

"Hmm." She nodded, smiling in agreement.

"Do you want to know why it feels so good?"

"Okay." She replied, her voice miles away.

"Because it's developed from you. From your own pheromones. I acquired
them a month ago, I'm sure you don't remember. Ever since I've been working
with them, enhancing them until I made this, a pure distillation of your
own pleasure. It only works for your skin."

"Only me?" she asked through a daze.

"Yes. It's very special. Just for you. I'm sure you like that don't you?"

"Uh huh." She agreed, feeling her skin tingle.

Chris ran his fingers over her shoulder for a second, the touch firing
her nerves even more. Then the hand slid down, past her arm, behind her
back, unclasping her bra. Smoothly her pulled it away, exposing her breasts
to the spicy scented air. Stephanie felt as if she should be concerned but
somehow wasn't. The sensation was making her so relaxed.

He smiled as he saw a look of confusion on her face. "Don't worry,
Stephanie. The pleasure will override any fears you have."

He reached up and sprayed the bottle over her breasts, making sure they
were slick with the spray.

Stephanie's muscles clenched, the feeling from her bosom erupting into
her mind. He watched as her wet nipples slowly rose up to meet the substance
they had given birth to. Within half a minute they were fully erect.

For the first time Stephanie felt a different tingle. The rest of her
skin had felt pleasantly relaxed but now that her breasts had been coated,
she felt something different.

It was a stronger arousal, a sexual arousal.

She looked down at her chest, seeing her nipples erect. She flushed with
sudden embarrassment, knowing that her stimulation would be obvious to Chris.

He just smiled at her, watching her shiver with pleasure.

"I think you're ready Stephanie."

She wondered what he meant. What could possibly feel better then this?

Sitting opposite her he reached over, sliding his fingers into the
waistband of her underwear. She offered to resistance as he slide them down,
past her knees, past her ankles to the floor.

Stephanie lay on the seat, totally naked save for a slick sheen which
clung to her skin, flaring every little nerve.

She shuffled slightly, embarrassed once again. It wasn't that she was
naked, but the state of her arousal that embarrassed her. She could feel
the heat between her thighs, the warm wetness that was flooding through her
crotch. And she knew he would see it too.

He did see it. And he sprayed it.

Stephanie jumped as if electricity had surged through her. She felt
as if it had, energy flooding through her veins, surging from within. He
sprayed again, Stephanie bucking in her seat unable to control the raw
pleasure within her assailed body. He reached closer and sprayed again.

She moaned slightly, her throat unable to form stronger sounds, all
energy diverted to the pleasure of herself.

He pressed his hand against the inside of her thigh, fingers spreading
the wet hair, the folds of skin.

He sprayed.

The mist fired directly into Stephanies body, directly into her soul.
Suddenly the limo was gone, everything was gone. She was floating in a
dream on pure explosive ecstasy. She felt her body twitching, far beyond
her control. She could feel the jiggling of her own breasts, every tremor
sending delight through her, proudly erect nipples quivering as blood
flowed to meet them. Between her thighs warmth and wetness flowed
unhindered, raw passion and lust filling her being.

It was more than an orgasm. It was an orgasm in every cell of her body,
holding and stretching beyond possible lengths of time. In the end she was
consumed by the pleasure, her small self reseeding into the delight of

When she awoke she was dressed again, her skin still tingling lightly
under her clothes. Chris was sitting across from her, the spray bottle
replaced in his bag. She shuffled forward on her seat, feeling the sweat
which made her clothes cling to her body. She wondered why she had zoned
out there for a second. She recalled the perfume making her light headed
and then.. this.

"We're almost at your hotel." He said casually.

"Oh." She shook her head, trying to keep a clear mind.

"Per.. perhaps you should come up.. and discuss the perfume.."

"Yes. I'm sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement."

"I.. I'm sure we can."

An hour later Stephanie lay on her bed. She was stark naked, covered
head to foot in the spray.

Her eyes were closed in delight, oblivious to the cups on her breasts
which milked the very essence of her joy. Coated in the spray, her love
making with Chris had been greater than anything she could recall. The
scent of her sweat, mixed with her perfume, filled the air.

For Chris, it was the scent of victory.


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