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Her Pussy Is My Ticket To NXT
by Arcanine878

"Hey, kid, wake up!"

"Huh? What?" I rubbed my eyes. "Fuck." I thought to myself. "There's still 10 more minutes of class." I looked down on the sheet of paper that was only half-way filled with answers to the current assignment. I looked up, and my teacher, Michelle McCool was staring directly at me.

"Hurry up! You need to finish this assignment in a couple more minutes!" She ordered. I stared at her, not thinking about anything but those boobs that are screaming to pop out of her bra.

"You all have 2 more minutes." McCool said. I snapped back into school mode. I grabbed my pen as fast as I could to fill out some of the remaining answers. I knew I wouldn't get all the answers down, but at least needed to complete it.

The bell rang, just as I finished writing the last answer. I was the last one to hang the test in. I quickly grabbed my bags to head to the gym to go lift weights, but Michelle ordered me to sit back down in my seat for a meeting. I sat back down patiently, looking on as everyone walked out of class to go to lunch.

"Listen here..." she sighed. "I feel as if you're never focusing anymore. You DO want to go to NXT and be in the big boys league?"

"Yes, of course I want to be in the NXT roster. I just honestly don't understand why I have to be here. I'm already strong enough! I have the charisma! I have the guts!"

"All that doesn't matter here right now. If you want to go to NXT, you gotta get through the safety regulations and basic knowledge. Right now, you are failing my class, and there is not enough time to make up."

I sighed, knowing that I let my own laziness get ahead of my dreams. I stared at my desk, upset and frustrated.

"You know..." Michelle said. "There's one more opportunity I can give to you."

My eyes perked up as she said those words. "Fine. I'll do whatever it takes." I replied.

"Good. Now, it won't make you pass with the best grades ever, but you will definitely pass. Meet me in the ring at the WWE Performance Center, tomorrow at 5 p.m. This is going to be you're hardest assignment yet. You better be prepared."

"I'll do it. I know I can do it." I eagerly stated.

"Good. You're dismissed. You better not waste my time tomorrow." Michelle said. I grabbed my bags and rushed out the door. All I could think of was the challenge that tomorrow left me with.

Today's the day. I rushed over to The Performance Center, barely making the 5:00 time. I entered through the doors to the ring, and Michelle McCool was in the middle of the ring, looking seductively, yet terrifying in her tight shirt and skirts.

"Wow..I honestly didn't expect you here today. Well, what are you waiting for? Drop your bags and come on in." Michelle commanded. I set my bags on a nearby chair and rolled under the bottom rope into the ring.

"Alright Miss McCool. What do I have to do?" I asked.

"Today, I'm gonna give you wrestle a match, with a list of specific moves to try out, and if you pin your opponent, or make your opponent tap out, you save yourself from failing the class. BUT, if your opponent pins you or makes you tap out, you loose the test AND fail the class." she said.

"I understand. So who's my opponent?"

"Your opponent!" She said.

I was confused. I can't wrestle my own teacher, or a women for that matter!

"Miss McCool...I'm sorry but I can't hurt you."

"I knew you would say that. Get on the top turn buckle." She ordered.

I was still confused. "But Miche-"

"Do it, or I'll fail you." She ordered. I climbed up onto the top turnbuckle and sat down. Michelle strutted over to me in her high heels, and grabbed the edge of my shorts with both of her soft hands.

"I can always tell that you're one of the most amazing students to be around outside of school. I wonder if your dick says the same." She asked, staring down at my pants. I held onto the ropes to balance myself, as Michelle McCool pulled down my shorts, revealing my hard cock.

"I always knew my students would be turned on by me. Who doesn't want a hot teacher like me to fuck them?"

"Well Miss McCool, when you dress like that, I think you can turn every boy in the room hard."

At this point, I knew what Michelle wanted to see. She wanted to see who would cum first, her or I. In order to pass my test, I need to fuck her so good. Her pussy is my ticket to getting into the WWE.

I grabbed Michelle's waist and forced her closer to me. She looked shocked at this action, as I quickly locked lips with her, feeling her elegant lips with mine. We made out for a good while. I brushed my hands through her hair and down her spine, feeling her soft body on my palms.

Michelle took off her clothes and grabbed my cock with one hand, and held the top rope with her other hand. She slowly started pumping my cock, feeling how thick and hard it is. "I always knew you had a good cock." Michelle said, as she moved her hand up and down from the base to the head. Her fingers felt nice around my dick as she started going up and down faster. She spat on my cock to make her hands more slippery as she looked up at me with her nice round eyes, staring into me as she was pumping against her chest. Michelle grabbed her tits and placed them around my cock, moving them up and down. She looked hot, squeezing her tits around my dick. It felt tight and soft, and my dick seems to go perfectly with her titties. As she was rubbing my cock, she massaged her nipples with two fingers on both hands, making herself get harder and harder. It wasn't long until her nipples were really erect.

I felt myself have the urge to cum, and I knew at this point I might loose. Michelle could feel my cock building up pressure, and she looked eager for my cum. I had to pull another move quickly on her. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up top to the rope with me, her pussy laying between my legs. We made out passionately, as my cock was cooling down for a bit. Thank god I decided to lift her up, or else my ass would be gone forever from getting into the WWE.

We got off the turnbuckle and laid in the middle of the ring. Michelle was on her back. I forced her legs open, getting a view of her shiny, pink, tight pussy. I fingered her a bit with two fingers to see how nice and wet she was, and boy was she wet. I wanted to taste it for my own. I stuck my tongue in her pussy, flicking her clit back and forth around my tongue. I could hear her letting out some soft moans, as I decided to fill her pussy with my tongue a little bit more. I knew she loved my warm tongue in her wet pussy. She started moving her hips up and down the more I ate her out. I had to hold her down for awhile to get her to be stable, while I give her the tongue of a life time. I slid my tongue in and out, licked around her pussy lips a bit, and stuck is straight back in. Every time I rushed my tongue in, she moaned even louder and louder.

I laid onto my back, and she laid against me as we started to 69. I got a new feel of her pretty pussy, as she started sucking my cock. Michelle was a dirty cock sucker, as I could feel her tongue and her saliva on my cock, but she sure knew how to get my cock deep in her and suck it real good. As I sucked on her clit, she held the base of my cock, getting most of it into her mouth and twisting her lips around feeling every bump on my cock. She plopped my cock out of her mouth a bit, letting out a few loud moans, slowly stroking my cock. When her moans got softer, she went back to sucking, and that's when I knew I had to start picking up the pace on how I fuck her pussy with my tongue.

We stopped 69ing, as she wanted to feel my cock go in her pussy. At this point, the match between me and her can go anywhere. We were both super horny, and ready to cum, but we both didn't want to let up. I decided to go at it, no holds barred, as fast as I could. I sat on my knees and spread her legs open and pulled her closer to me. I slowly inserted my cock in her tight pussy as I held her legs in the air. Her pussy felt so nice and tight, and I wasn't sure how much I could take any longer. Michelle could tell by my face that I was frustrated, and knew I was gonna cum soon. I continued sliding my dick in and out as her pussy opened up for my cock. Michelle's tits were flying up and down with each pounding I gave her. Michelle started moving her pussy up and down as I fucked her, buckling her hips and trying to contract her legs from my grasp. I continued to pound her, but I couldn't take no more. I had to find a way to continue this battle, but it was no use. I slid my cock out and came buckets right over her belly. I let go of her legs and laid back against the mat, as I knew I just lost.

I got up and grabbed my clothes, and tossed a towel over to Michelle.

"I guess this is it." I said. "Thanks for all the teachings you gave, and the amazing sex. It's a shame that it ended this way." I said, as I packed my bag and headed for the door. Michelle quickly ran up to me, saddened that I had to leave as she just had one of the best fucking in a long while.

"Don't be so sad. You gave me a good pounding in the ring, and guess what? I was really close to cumming the time you came, and with some thoughts, I've decided that you've earned your ticket to the NXT Roster."

I was elevated as Michelle said that. Wow, who knew fucking Michelle McCool would give you you're chance to shine in NXT!

"Only on one condition though...whenever I call or text you, you have to come over to me and fuck me like you did today and how I want. This was really amazing and compassionate, and I would love to see you and your cock later on." The lovely teacher said. Of course, I accepted. Who wouldn't want a free invitation to fuck Michelle? We walked out the ring room and headed to the showers, where we both had a nice, steamy rub down together as the sun began to set by the Performance Center.

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