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Here Comes The Pain - Sable Style
by JCP

Backstage Sable is using mouthwash after getting kissed by Ernest "The Cat"
Miller. Sable was wearing a skimpy black leather cat-suit (bringing back

Sable: Oh God. That Cat is nothing but a pain in my ass. She turns around and
sees Brock Lesnar who had just won a match against Rey Mysterio.

Sable: Speaking of pain, here Comes The Pain right now.

Brock approaches Sable.

Brock: Hey there.

Sable: Hi Brock. That was an awesome match you and Rey Rey put on tonight.

Brock: Well I aim to please. Now listen,I need a favor from you.

Sable:And just what is that?

Brock:Come with me to my locker room. He just looks at her up and down, from
head to toe.

Sable: Lead The Way.

Brock: You know? I've been checking you out alot

Sable: Well that's funny,I've been doing the same to you.

They left Sable's room and headed to Brock's during the walk, they pass by
Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie: Hey Chris. I always knew Sable was a slut,but why is she with Brock?

Chris Benoit: How should I know? I don't butt in other people's sex life.

Eddie: So homes, who's seducing who?

Chris Benoit: Will you come on?

Once Brock got to his locker room, he slammed the door shut, grabbed Sable
by the shoulders and backed her against the wall.

Sable: Not so Rough.

Brock: Shut Up,I want you to do me one small favor and that's blow my dick,
you slut.

Sable: With pleasure.

Sable dropped to her knees and pulled down Brock's wrestling tights exposing
his BIG JUICY DICK. Sable licked her lips in excitment,before she would take
it into her mouth. Once she started gettin the hang of things,she was bobbing
her head faster and faster from the tip of his dick to his balls.

Brock: Oooooh Sable. You are good.

Sable continued to suck on Brock's HARD rod and didn't stop at all. Brock
grabbed two handsful of Sable's long blonde hair and pushed her deeper and
deepaer with every thrust on his piece of meat. Sable could start feeling
Brock's dick grow in her mouth and with that,Lesnar forced her down much
harder and faster. Brock was fucking Sable's pretty face.

Brock: Oooooh Yeah Sable,take all of my dick in your mouth, I'm gonna make
you suck every inch of my dick so bad that you're gonna feel the veiny meat
down your throat bitch.

Sable looked up at him as he enjoys the incredible blowjob that he was

Although Sable herself enjoyed the feeling of Brock shoving her down his

Soon afterwards Sable got a little tired of sucking Brock off, that he gave
her a little break.

Sable: Oh God Brock,I love the taste of a man's dick in the nighttime.

Brock: I'm glad you love that.You want some more? I'll give you more.

Sable grabbed the shaft of his pecker and beat on it a few times.

Sable: Oh I want more believe me.

Sable began once again took Brock's dick into her mouth.

Brock: Beg me to shove it down your slutty throat. Come on Sable beg me for

Sable mumbled "Oh Yeah" Brock began to trash-talk Sable while jacking off
his dick in her face,he then pushed her down on the floor,on her back and
straddled his dick over her,doing pushups while Sable is sucking on his
rod. Lesnar began to to fuck Sable's face deep and hard, his balls were
smacking her chin with every thrust. Brock continued to pound Sable's mouth
with his dick. She could feel every inch of his dick sliding down her her
wet and hot throat, becoming more lubricated with his pre-cum with every

Brock: Ooooooh Yeeeeeah Sable, get all of my dick nice and wet. Take it all,
take it like you want it.

Sable could already sense that Brock was going to cum. His nuts grew bigger,
tighter and harder.

Brock: Aaaaaaah. I'm gonna cum Sable, make sure you get all of it.

Finally the time was coming,Brock took his dick as he shoved himself in and
out of her mouth. He started pumping her face faster and faster with his
dick, holding her head tightly in place as she fucked her gaping mouth. Sable
then started to feel stream after stream of warm thick liquid being pumped
into her mouth.


Sable made sure that all of the cum was out of his dick, which it was.

Brock finally took his dick out of Sable's mouth and dropped to the floor
beside her.

Brock (breathing hard): That was Awesome Sable. You really gave it to me.

Sable (laying motionless): MMMMMMMMMM. Now I want you to do me a favor.

Brock: As soon as I catch my breath,I'll do whatever you want.

Sable slowly got up off the cold locker room floor and shedded off her black
leather cat-suit reveling nothing on her. Sable then straddled herself on
Brock's already battered cock. Before anyone knew it Sable was on top of
Brock riding and rocking his dick back and forth,Brock just looked at her,
njoying the sight. Sable went faster and faster that her tits were bouncing
a lot.

Sable was going as fast as she could,she was moaning louder and louder and
had an orgasm on Brock's dick. Soon after they switched positions and this
time Brock had Sable on her back, legs spread open showing off her sweet

He gently slid his dick inside her pussy and once he did he slowly started
to pump her pussy with his dick. But then he started pumping her faster and
Sable's moans got a little louder. Brock would not slow down from the assault
he was giving Sable.


Sable wrapped her legs around Brock's waist making sure he did not escape.

Brock was violently slamming Sable's pussy with his dick that she let out
another orgasm,which made him cum inside her pussy.

Sable: Ooooooh That just feels right. It felt good.

Brock: You want some more? Get on all fours and I'll give you more.

Sable (on all fours): I want some more.

Brock drills his dick up Sable's asshole and began to violently buttfuck her.

Brock Lesnar went 70 miles per hour slamfucking Sable's ass. Sable put her
right hand in her pussy as she could feel Brock's cock slam the back of her

Sable (moaning): SHIT. You're loaded.

Brock (moaning): It won't be too long before I cum again.

Brock gently held on to Sable's waist for more leverage, as Sable could feel
Brock's piece of meat hit all joints in her tight behind. Brock pumped into
Sable as fast as he could go and Sable was having another orgy on Brock's
dick then finally Brock shouted out "I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN."

"Put it in my ass Brock." Sable groaned in pain.

Sable could now feel the warm stream of cum flow into her asshole.

After Brock had let all of his cum pumped in Sable's ass he collapsed to the
ground as Sable collapsed beside him and both fell fast asleep.


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