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Hey, Cous'
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the December 12, 2002 edition of SmackDown, Jamie Noble, dressed in
tattered jean shorts, has just started his match with Crash Holly. At
ringside, Nidia, dressed in light blue daisy duke shorts and a blue
halter-top that's tied around her chest pops some chewing gum. Noble and
Crash go at for the first few moments of the match, with Crash gaining
the early advantage. Noble tries to go for a quick hurricanrana, but Crash
blocks it and as he prepares to hit Noble with the 'Crash Landing', a man
dressed in a white tank top and white pants jumps out of crowd and enters
the ring. The man starts to assault Crash and the referee calls for the
bell to ring. The crowd is shocked as Noble and the unknown man beat down
Crash Holly, and the man dressed in white finishes the assault with a
combination Fisherman's Suplex DDT that lays Crash out. The crowd boos as
Noble, Nidia and the unknown man head to the backstage area.

* * *

A short time later, in the locker room of Jaime Noble, the redneck wrestler
has a big smile on his face, "Aw Cous', Nunzio... That was great! That idiot
didn't see it comin'! Thanks for the assist!" Noble says in a deep southern
accent as he smacks the left arm of his cousin, Nunzio.

Nunzio smirks, "Hey, no problem... that mook shouldn't have been tryin' to
embarrass my cousin.." Nunzio says in a heavy Italian accent.

"Yeah... yeah..." Noble nods his head as he looks at Nidia, "See Nidia... I
told ya that my cousin' Nunzio was gonna be a big help..."

Nidia nods her head and pats her boyfriend, Jamie Noble on the back as she
pops some chewing gum in her mouth "Oh yeah baby! had like the
best idea bringin' your cousin..." Nidia pauses and the frisky, trailer park
hottie glances at Nunzio with a smirk on her face "But didn't tell
me how good lookin' he was..." Nidia says as she licks her lips "Damn, Jamie

Nunzio smirks as Jaime Noble laughs a bit, "Aw Nidia... if I told ya, ya
wouldn't have believed me..." Noble says.

Nunzio look at Noble with a raised eyebrow, "Hey, and what's this with you
not tellin' me how hot a tomato your girl is..."

Noble laughs, "Hey like I said... ya wouldn't have believe me... but hey
cous' since ya is here now, you and Nidia can get to know each other..."

Nidia smacking her chewing gum around in her mouth as her eyes widen with
excitement "Really baby!?" Nidia licks her inviting lips "Can I?" Nidia asks
with a sly smirk as she starts to teasingly untie her blue halter top.

Noble nods his head, "Aw yea baby... sure you can... I know you like them big
city boys.... and my cous' Nunzio... he's from the biggest best city there
is..." Noble looks at Nunzio, "Go ahead cous' tell Nidia where ya from."

Nunzio smirks as he looks at the hot, trailer park Diva, "I'm from New
York..." Nunzio says.

Nidia opens her mouth with shock "New York!? Oh Jamie, baby! You know how
much I love the city!" Nidia says as she licks her lips, locking her feisty,
sexily crazed eyes on Nunzio as she finishes untying her blue top and opens
the top to remove it from her chest as she reveals her large, smoothly
rounded and hot tanned tits. Nidia raises an eyebrow with a smirk as she
turns to Noble and places her right hand against the crotch of his tattered
jean shorts "Mmm baby...let me show Nunzio what I can do..."

Jamie Noble laughs a bit, "Shit babe... that's part of why I called him to
be here...." Noble says as Nidia rubs his crotch through the material of his
tattered jean shorts. "Just let me whip this out babe..." Noble says as he
unbuttons his jean shorts and drops them from his waist to reveal his
ten-inch cock which is already fully hard, just the way Nidia likes it.

Nunzio folds his arms and smirks slyly, "So this is how it's done in the
trailer park?" Nunzio asks.

Noble smirks, "Just wait cous'... Nidia's gonna put on a show."

Nidia hungrily licks her lips as she tosses her dark brown, curly hair back
as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of her boyfriend, Jamie
Noble. Nidia slides her hands down his strong legs before she moves her hands
to the center of his lower body to wraps her wild, frisky hands around his
thick shaft. Nidia lifts her head and locks her inviting eyes with Noble as
she starts to stroke her hands against his shaft "Oh Jamie boy! You know how
much I love it!" The trailer park hottie says with a smirk.

"Aw I know you love it a lot babe...." Jamie Noble licks his lips and
puts his hands on his hips as his hot girlfriend strokes his ten inch cock
eagerly. Nidia bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers her head and locks
her eyes with the head of Jamie Noble's ten inch cock before she lowers her
head and opens her hot, wet mouth as she takes his cock into her wild, hot
mouth. Nidia presses her lips tightly around his shaft and she starts to bob
her head eagerly on his cock.

"Mmmmm.... awww yea girl... mmmm yea...." Jaime Noble moans and licks his
lips as he looks down to watch Nidia bob her head back and forth on his rock
hard ten inch cock.

Nunzio raises an eyebrow and smirks as he watches Nidia working on Noble's
cock, "Shit... she could be a big hit in the big city..." Nunzio says as he
adjusts the crotch of his white pants so that his hardening cock is more
comfortable within them.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh..." Nidia soothingly moans against Jamie Noble's cock as she
starts to bob her head quicker on his shaft as she takes him deeper into her
wild, hot mouth. Nidia's saliva drips down onto his cock as she gently cups
his balls with her left hand and starts to rub them, while sucking on his

"Mmmmm awww shit Nidia... I love it when ya do that shit..." Noble moans as
Nidia rubs his ball sack with her left hand while bobbing her head quickly on
his cock. Noble starts to thrust his hips back and forth to pump his ten inch
cock in and out of Nidia's wet and wild mouth. He looks at Nunzio and smirks,
"Hey cous'... come on don't be shy... show Nidia how big a city boy like you

Nunzio smirks, "Right..." Nunzio says and his takes off his white tank top
to completely reveal his toned, tanned and muscular upper body. Nunzio then
unbuttons and unzips his white pants and starts to lower them from his waist
to his feet and steps out of them to expos his hard, thick twelve inch cock.
Nidia's wild, soft lips rub against Noble's shaft quickly as she eagerly bobs
her head, roughly sucking on his cock. Nidia slaps her frisky tongue against
Noble's shaft, while batting her chewing gum around his cock as well. The
trailer park hottie's warm and wet saliva splashes against her boyfriend's
cock as she eagerly and hungrily sucks his cock.

Noble grits his teeth as Nidia orally assaults his ten inch redneck cock,
"Ohhh yea babe... you show it who's boss..." Noble moans before he glances
to see that his cousin Nunzio is ready, "Hey babe... go take a look at my
cousin's big city dick..." Noble groans as Nunzio leans against a wall.

Nidia lifts her head off of Jamie Noble's ten inch cock, causing her hot
saliva to flies against his cock. Nidia turns her head and licks her lips
hungrily as she sets her wild, inviting eyes onto Nunzio's hard, twelve
inch cock "Oh my! Jamie!"

Jaime Noble smirks a bit and he looks at Nunzio, "My baby loves some big city
cock cous'..." Noble says.

"I see that..." Nunzio laughs, "But... what about her trailer park pussy?
What's that lookin' like?" Nunzio asks.

Noble smirks, "You heard him baby... my cous' wants to see that hot spot..."
Noble says as he looks at the sexually excited Nidia.

Nidia bites down on her bottom lip as she sits up excitedly on her knees and
she licks her lips " boy, Jamie...he loves it! Don't ya baby?" Nidia
asks as she starts to unbuttoned her daisy duke short jean shorts while she
stands up from the locker room floor. Nidia pushes her jean shorts down her
smoothly rounded hips and down from her smooth, tanned legs as she reveals
her incredibly hot, shaven pussy to Jamie's cousin, Nunzio.

Nunzio licks his lips, "Damn... shit... I gotta head out to the trailer park
more often..." Nunzio says as he looks at Nidia's hot shaved cunt.

Jaime Noble grabs Nidia's right hand and pulls her over to a bench, "Sit down
Nidia.... and spread them... let my cous' get a real good look..." Noble says
as he licks his lips while Nunzio steps away from the wall and walks over to
them. Nidia raises an eyebrow and she slyly smirks at her trailer park
boyfriend, Jamie Noble, before she lays down on the wooden bench in the
locker room. Nidia lays her head back on the bench and spreads her smoothly
shaven, tanned legs apart as she exposes her hot pussy to both Noble and

Jamie Noble licks his lips as he looks at Nidia's hot pussy, "Ya wanna get up
close with it cous'?" Noble asks.

Nunzio smirks, "Hey... in New York.. we don't eat out another guy's chick...
we let her suck our dicks..." Nunzio says as he moves towards Nidia's head
and holds his thick, foot-long, big city cock near her mouth.

"Shit cous'... that ain't how we do it in the trailer park... but oh well..."
Noble says with a smirk as he kneels down in front of the bench and lowers
his head toward Nidia's hot pussy. The trailer park cruiserweight instantly
starts to lick his tongue against his hot girlfriend's pussy lips.

"Mmmm...ohhh Jamie boy! Ohhh yeah!" Nidia wildly moans as Noble starts to lap
his tongue against her hot trailer park pussy. Nidia licks her lips and leans
her head back further on the bench, coming eye level to Nunzio's cock. Nidia
smirks as she reaches with her right hand and pulls his cock close before she
opens her mouth and takes his cock into her wet and wild mouth. Nidia wraps
her frisky lips around his shaft and easily starts to bob her head along his
big city cock.

"Mmmmm... ahhh yea... mmmm..." Nunzio moans and licks his lips as she bobs
her head with ease on his big hard cock. The fiery Italian cousin of Jamie
Noble reaches down with his hands and starts to fondle both of Nidia's hot,
smoothly rounded tits.

Between Nidia's legs, Jamie Noble looks up to watch his cousin feeling up
Nidia's tits as she sucks Nunzio's cock. "Mmmmm yea..." Noble says
approvingly as he pushes his tongue deep into Nidia's cunt and swirls it
around inside of her.

Nidia wildly slaps her tongue against the head and then the underside of
Nunzio's shaft while moving her head smoothly on his shaft, rubbing her soft
lips against his shaft. "Mmmmmm" Nidia moans as she starts guide his cock
deeper into her wild, hot mouth. Nidia lowers her head and watches Jamie
Noble licking her pussy and she begins to grind her hot pussy against his

"Ohhh shit... mmm fuck..." Nunzio moans as he stands up straight and watches
as Nidia deep throats his entire twelve-inch big city cock. Nunzio helps her
out slightly by leaning towards her so that his balls are pressing against
her chin. Jamie Noble slap his tongue around inside of Nidia's pussy before
he brings it out slightly so that he can push two fingers into her cunt. The
trailer park cruiserweight quickly pumps his fingers in and out of Nidia's
hot trailer park pussy as he laps his tongue up and down against her pussy

"Mmmmm...mmmm ohhhh mmmm!" Nidia moans happily as she orally assaults
Nunzio's twelve inch, rock hard cock with her wild and frisky tongue. Nidia's
hot, wet saliva splashes against his cock as she quickly bob her head, deeply
sucking as the head of his cock smacks against the back of her hot trailer
park mouth.

Jamie Noble lifts his head up from Nidia's cunt as he keeps moving his
fingers in and out of her, "Hey cous'.... ya wanna fuck my hot babe?" Noble
asks as brings his fingers out of Nidia's pussy.

"Sure... why the hell not..." Nunzio says just before Nidia eagerly pushes
Nunzio's cock out of her mouth after hearing Nunzio's answer.

Nidia licks her lips and sits up on the bench after taking Nunzio's cock out
of her wet, warm mouth. Nidia slyly presses her lips together and she locks
her eyes on Nunzio's saliva dripping cock "Oh Jamie boy! I want to be fucked!
I fucking do...mmm baby!"

"All right baby... don't get all wild out..." Noble laughs before he stands
up. He looks at Nunzio and grins, "My baby loves it doggy style..."

Nunzio licks his lips, "What a coincidence... so do I..." Nunzio says as he
casually walks down to the end of the bench where Nidia's feet are. Nunzio
kneels on the bench and starts to turn the trailer park hottie over. Nidia
licks her lips excitedly as she turns onto her stomach and lifts herself onto
her hands and knees on the wooden bench, getting herself into the hot classic
doggystyle position. Nidia glances over her shoulder and licks her lips,
smirking as her hot, rounded ass is sticking directly out for Jamie Noble's
cousin, Nunzio. Nunzio licks his lips as he looks at Nidia's hot, round ass
as she shakes it from side to side, "Damn... I really got to go the trailer
park more often...." Nunzio says.

Noble laughs, "Ya'll already said that cous'...." Noble says. Nunzio ignores
his cousin as he grips his big city cock and guides it to the entrance of
Nidia's trailer park pussy. Nunzio then grabs Nidia by her hips and pulls her
back towards him so that he can deeply slam his entire cock into her hot

"Ohhhh...ohhh shit Jamie boy! Your cous' is real good!" Nidia moans excitedly
as she rocks forward on her knees, teasing Nunzio's cock before she smoothly
rocks back and presses her hot ass against his toned, tanned waist as she
holds his cock deeply into her tight, warm pussy.

Jamie Noble licks his lips, "I can see that baby... my cous' ain't ever had
any trailer park pussy before either...." Noble says.

Nunzio grits his teeth as he starts thrusting his big city dick in and out of
Nidia's tight pussy. "Mmmm... awwww yea... mmm...." The fiery Italian moans
as he quickly starts to increase the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh mmmm yeah fuck that pussy!" Nidia moans as she glances over
her shoulder and slyly smirks at Nunzio while quickly rocking back and forth
on her knees while on the bench as she continually pushes herself back
against his twelve inch big city cock.

Nunzio licks his lips as he sharply and deeply drives his cock into Nidia's
tight pussy as she pushes back against him. Nunzio's balls slap right against
Nidia's smooth, tanned skin as her hot, round ass cheeks hit against his
toned waist, "Mmmmm.. ohhh yea... this is how we do it in the big city!"
Nunzio moans. Jaime Noble smirks and licks his teeth as he sits down on the
bench to watch Nidia get fucked by his cousin from New York.

Nidia grits her teeth as she tilts her head back, enjoying the rough and firm
thrusts from Nunzio "Ohhh...I love the big city! Don't I Jamie boy?" Nidia
ask and moves as she tosses her wild, dark brown and curly hair back as she
firmly slams back against his twelve inch cock.

"Oh yea... Nidia totally loves having hot sex in the big city... or just
fuckin' boys from the big city...." Noble says as he nods his head.

"Ahhh... uhhh yea... mmmm fuck..." Nunzio grunts as he slams his cock
repeatedly in and out of Nidia's tight trailer park cunt as she wildly pushes
back against him. Nidia licks her lips as she locks her feisty, lustfilled
eyes with Jamie Noble before she leans forward and slaps her frisky tongue
against his lips before she starts to sloppily kiss her boyfriend as she
fucked doggystyle from his cousin.

"Mmmm...." Jamie Noble moans as he returns the hot, sloppy kiss with his
hot girlfriend as she rocks back against Nunzio. Nunzio smirks a bit and he
suddenly pulls his twelve-inch cock out of Nidia's pussy which allows her to
crawl onto her boyfriend's lap. Nidia slides her tongue into Jamie's warm
mouth as she sloppily continues to kiss him. Nidia mounts herself onto his
lap and lowers herself down onto his cock, taking his ten inches into her
tight and warm mouth. Nidia softly moans into Noble's pussy as she starts
rock back and forth on his cock, placing her hands onto his toned chest while
she kisses her boyfriend.

"Mmmm.... ohhh yea baby..." Jamie Noble moans as he flicks his tongue against
Nidia's tongue as she rocks back and forth on his hard ten inch cock. Noble
reaches behind Nidia and grabs her ass with both hands.

Nidia breaks the sloppy kisses with Jamie Noble as she quickly rocks back on
his cock "Ohhhh Jamie boy... baby you're so good!" Nidia moans as she wildly
rocks and bounces on his cock. Nidia bites down on her bottom lip as she
grinds her pussy sharply against his shaft.

"Ohhhh yea baby girl..... you're so hot and wild!" Jamie Noble moans as he
thrusts his cock upward into Nidia's trailer park pussy as she rocks and
bounces on him.

Nunzio gets off the bench and licks his lips, "Hmmm.... hey Jamie... hold her
still...." Nunzio says as he gets behind Nidia.

"All right cous'..." Noble says as he grabs Nidia by her hips to hold her
as still as possible. Nunzio bends down behind the trailer park hottie and
proceeds to push his large big city cock into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh fuck yeah! Put that big city dick in my ass!" Nidia moans as
Nunzio's cock slides into her tight asshole while Noble's cock is buried deep
inside of her tight, warm pussy.

"Uhhhh... ahhh...." Nunzio groans as he pushes his cock deep into Nidia's
asshole. The fiery Italian puts his hands on Nidia's shoulder as he starts to
thrust his shaft in and out of her tight trailer park asshole.

"Mmmm... my baby sure loves getting fucked in her ass cous'..." Noble moans
as he starts to rock Nidia back and forth on his ten inch shaft. Nidia bites
down on her bottom lip and she closes her eyes as she wildly rocks back and
forth between Jamie Noble and Nunzio. The trailer park hottie rocks forward
on Noble's cock before she guides herself back against Nunzio's cock,
smacking her hot ass against his waist.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm... ohhh yea... mmm..." Jamie Noble moans as he thrusts his
cock upward into Nidia's tight trailer park pussy. Noble moves his hands from
Nidia's hips and places them on her tits to let her control how she moves
between him and Nunzio.

"Uhhh... ohhh... fuck... I love fucking this trailer park ass...." Nunzio
moans as he slams his cock in and out of Nidia's asshole and his balls smack
loudly against her ass cheeks. Nidia glances over shoulder and slyly smirks
at Nunzio before she tilts her head back and flicks her wild tongue against
his lips. With Nidia's back arched she slams back harder against his cock as
he fucks her tight asshole. Nidia's hot, tanned trailer park hottie body
slams down on Noble cock, smacking his cock deeply into her pussy.

Nunzio parts his lips and flicks his tongue against Nidia's tongue while
she's looking back at him. "Ahhh.... ohhh fuck.... mmmm yea..." Nunzio moans
as he pounds Nidia's ass with his big city cock.

"Ohh yea baby... show my cous' how ya love getting fucked..." Noble moans as
he squeezes Nidia's tits with both of his hands as she slams and rocks on his
cock with incredible ease.

"Mmmmmmm!" Nidia moans as she works her tongue into Nunzio's warm mouth as
she keeps her body arches back as she slams her hot trailer park body back
against his cock, feeling his cock pounding into her tight asshole. Sweat
begins to drip off of Nidia's hot body as she continues to wildly bounce
and rock on his thick cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhh fuck... mmmm shit..." Jamie Noble moans as sweat drips down
his toned body. Noble leans his back on the bench as he starts to cum deep
inside of Nidia's hot trailer park pussy.

Nidia breaks the kiss with Nunzio and she licks her frisky lips as she rocks
forward on Jamie's cock as his cum explodes into her warm pussy "Ohhh Jamie
boy!" Nidia moans as she slams down sharply on his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck..." Noble moans as Nidia's squeezes her pussy around his
cum spraying cock.

Nunzio keeps slamming his cock into Nidia's trailer park asshole with swift,
hard thrusts. "Mmm fuck I love your trailer park babe...." Nunzio says.

Noble smirks as he looks past Nidia and Noble, "Hey cous'... my baby always
wanted some big city juice..." Noble says with a smirk as Nidia rocks on his
cock, "Ain't that right baby?"

Nidia happily bounces on Noble's throbbing cock "Mmm...ohhh yeah I do!"

Nunzio licks his lips, "Then let her come get it like a big city girl..."
Nunzio says with a grin.

Noble laughs, "That's it cous'... Nidia go get ya self some big city juice."
Noble says as he lifts Nidia off of his cum spent cock. Nidia bites down on
her bottom lip as Nunzio pulls his cock out of her tight asshole before Jamie
Noble sets Nidia down on the locker room floor. The trailer park hottie sits
on her knees and turns to face Nunzio. Nidia licks her lips as she opens her
mouth and greedily takes his cock into her hot, wet mouth.

Nunzio puts his hands on Nidia's head as she quickly deep throats his entire
big city twelve inch cock, "Ahhhh... mmmm fuck...." Nunzio moans before Nidia
starts to bob her head on his thick Italian cock. Nidia wildly slaps her hot,
wet tongue against Nunzio's shaft as she quickly bobs her head on his cock.
Nidia presses her lips tightly around his cock as her hot saliva drips down
his cock while deep throating his big city cock easily.

Nunzio grits his teeth as he holds onto Nidia's head as she sucks on his cock
with lustfilled motivation. "Ohhhh... ahhhh fuck... mmmmm shit...." Nunzio
moans as he starts cumming inside of Nidia's hot, wet and wild mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh!" Nidia moans as she slaps her tongue against his throbbing
cock, while her hot mouth fills with his warm cum.

"Ahhh.... ohhh fuck.... mmmmm damn..." Nunzio moans as he finishes cumming
inside of Nidia's mouth. He pulls his shaft out of Nidia's mouth, which
causes some cum to drip out past her lips. Nidia presses her lips together
and smirks as she tilts her head back, swallowing the warm and thick load
of Nunzio's cum while some of his cum lightly coats her lips.

"Mmmm... fuck you like that baby?" Jamie Noble asks as sits on the bench,
"You like the big city juice from my cous'?"

Nidia raises an eyebrow and smirks as some of Nunzio's cum remains coated on
her lips "Oh yeah Jamie boy...I love the big city!"


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