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High School Passion Part 1: Stacy Shows Her Cheer To The Team
by The Ultimate Life Form

Once there was a long legged girl in Ohio Valley High School. She wanted to
try for cheerleading and she got head cheerleader. The team could not keep
theieyes off her. Well no guy could take their eyes off of her sexy, long
legs. Time pass until homecoming where the biggest game. They took on the
second greatest school. The leaf city high school. It was a domanting battle
until halftime. The cheerleaders came out and stacy junp so high that her
skirt came up and the players and fans saw her panties. She was not scared
and Ohio Valley won.

They were all drinking in the back. Stacy came in by herself and she told
"what a game" to the captain.

Brad said "Thanks".

Brain said "Your panties are nice."

"Well if you like it, well take a look."

The team looked on and Stacy went to Brad and he licked through the panties.
Stacy kissed Greg and Tom. The team all came in and took down their pants.
They were hard and horny. Brad took her panties down and lick her pussy when
Ben's dick was inside her mouth and dicks were all around her.

"FUCK KEEP LICKING!" Stacy said.

Gary who was jacking off was ready to cum. So was many others.

Ben, Tom, Greg and Joe moved when Gary and others came on Stacy's face.

Somehow she got all of it and shallow all if it when she had cum on her

Come on you preverts, Fuck me now. Stacy said. Greg went for the ass when
Brad took down the pussy. Stacy took more cocks to the mouth and she gave
handjobs while the others jack off.


A 11 inch cock deep throat Stacy.

"Oh yeah take it all in!" John said.

The Team came all over Stacy but she was not done.

"Give me more, fuck me everywhere," she said.

John put his 11 inch dick into the ass and Brian fucked Stacy's pussy.

Brad and others kept going to Stacy mouth. "Oh man we all love you," Brad

John kept slamming into the ass and tears came down Stacy's eyes. Brain also
slam very hard in the pussy.

"Oh here it comes." John said.

John came on the back of Stacy and Brain cummed on Stacy ass.

The others also came everywhere on Stacy body. Her tits were covered in cum,
her face.

"Well look at the time, First I'll take a shower and get out of here."

They all took a shower and inside the shower, Stacy kept sucking many dicks.
Then after a half hour, Stacy got dress and left.

Next Time Part 2 : Trish & Lita Has The Best Basketballs

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