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High School Passion Part 2: Trish And Lita Have The Best Basketballs
by The Ultimate Lifeform

Trish Stratus and Lita are very good friends. They have no boyfriends and
their are virgins.

They are very good at sports but mostly at basketball. Football season is
over and they went to try out for the girl's basketball team.

"Excuse me. Who do we talk to about the girl's basketball team," Lita asked.

The gym teacher Scott Steiner or Mr. Steiner for short, said, "Mr. Hall."

"Thanks," said Trish.

So they mosey on down to the gym and found Mr. Steiner.

"Hey Trish!" their good friend Stacy Keibler said.

"Hey how's cheerleading," Lita asked.

"Oh it's wonderful." Stacy answered. "What are you doing here you two." She

"We are going to try out for the basketball team. Hey do you know who the
men's basketball leader is?" said Trish.

"I think it's Andrew Martin." Stacy replyed. "Why?" Stacy asked again.

"She want to sleep with him," said Lita.

"Shut up!" Trish laughed.

Inside the gym, Andrew was telling the team about their first game. On the
team they are; Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin,
Jamie Noble and the doctor of thugamomics, John Cena. "Here you pass the
ball to me and I'll make the point," said Andrew. He was cocky. They all

"Wait why do you do that?" said Benjamin.

"I'm the captain, you jackass." Andrew replyed.

"Look we're all in this together," Cena said with anger.

The two lock eyes and looked like they were about to fight.

Trish and Lita found the coach and ask to try out.

"Ok you two can try out, but girl's tryouts are after school. Now if you
excuse me, I better go check what they are doing." Steiner replied.

* * *

Later after school, Trish, Lita and the others tried out and not all of them
made it. Both Trish and Lita wondered if they made the team.

"I'll see you tomorrow after school." Scott said. "I'll post the team papers
of who made it and not earily." Steiner said.

"We may not make it," Lita told Trish.

"Wait there is one other way, follow me," said Trish.

Andrew did not leave. He was peeping through the wall of the girl's shower.
Before he was spoted, He left to talk about his teammate John Cena to the

"Hey coach," said Trish.

"Hey what are you doing you two." Scott asked.

"We want to know if we made the team," Lita asked.

"You find out tomorrow," Steiner said.

"Well I can't wait." Trish said seductively. She leaned across from his desk
to his face.

"What are you doing?" Lita said.

Trish stood right next to Scott. Scott looked at her big breasts. Trish
kissed him and Scott's cock was getting hard. Andrew was outside, ready to
go inside. He entered and saw Trish sitting on Steiner lap. Lita was getting
a little horny. Andrew went to Trish and took his member out. She sucked so
hard, she got on her knees. Scott stand up and took his member out too.

Lita couldn't take it. She went to Steiner and got on her knees and sucked
his cock. Lita never sucked cock, Trish too. They liked it and kept sucking.
They know about the reward for sucking cocks. Stacy told them and she told
them how she fucked the football team.

Without warning, the men came in their mouths and they gulped the cum down.
The girls took their pants and thong off. Scott picked up Lita and licked her
pussy. Trish laid down on the floor and Andrew licked her pussy. Lita took
her top off and licked her breasts. Andrew ripped Trish's top off.

"Fuck!" both Lita and Trish said.

They came and they now are not virgins. Scott slowly put his cock in Lita.
Andrew went in fast and Trish liked it. Go fast, Trish said. Andrew pumped
fast. Oh yeah, keep going, Trish replyed. Scott went a little fast.

Lita yelled "Fuck" out loud.

They changed positions. Trish on top of Andrew and Lita was getting

"Oh yeah, you girls are getting into the team at this rate." Scott told them.

Unable to answer, Trish shook her head and Lita gave a thumbs up.

"Get up for a second, Andrew." Trish asked. She got on all fours. "Fuck me
doggie style." Trish commanded.

Andrew put his cock into Trish's ass and she loved it. Her face was in front
of Lita's pussy. Stenier's cock was now heading for Lita's ass. Lita's ass
was so tight, He had to wet his cock a little bit more. Trish suck Stenier's

Now his cock was wet and his got a little in and then slammed his cock into
Lita's ass. "OH MY FUCKING ASS". Lita said out loud.

Stenier went slow and Trish licked her best friend pussy. Andrew went fast
to faster to Trish's ass.

They changed persons. Stenier made Trish sit on his chair and Lita stand up
so Andrew can doggie her pussy.

Andrew held on to Lita's D breasts. Stenier was on his feet slamming fast
into Trish's pussy.

Trish and Lita was about to pass out. Scott and Andrew were about to cum.
They both made Trish and Lita laid down and the men fucked their tits.
"Man their tits are a little big next to basketballs. They have their own
basketballs and we're touching them," Andrew said.

Scott and Andrew came on their tits. Lita suck Andrew dick clean so did
Trish. Trish lick Lita's breasts clean, Lita did the same thing.

All of them got dresses.

Lita asked "Are we on the basketball team?"

Scott said yes. Both Trish and Lita were happy. They kissed them good bye.

"Maybe we should let the team fuck them too." Andrew asked.

"Or we can fuck some other bitch like Stacy," Stenier reply.

"Yeah let's go with that," Andrew replied.

They went on the school computer and found Stacy's address and decided to go
some other time. Andrew decided to have a nickname "Test".

Next time Part 3: Nidia's whore apartment

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