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High School Passion Part 3: Nidia's Whore Apartment
by The Ultimate Lifeform

Nidia was kicked out of school because she exposed her breasts. Her boyfriend
dumped her for someone better. Nidia was guetting fucking pissed. Since she
was kicked out of school, She had not much to do around the house, so she
picked up men and take about 10 or 15 men and take them back to her house
then have sex with all of them and at night she goes to strip clubs and
sucked the strippers cocks. Her house is filled with sex toys. She used them
for the huge gangbangs or for herself.

The school decided to put her back to school. Doug and Danny Basham were in
Nidia's classes, so the school decided to let the Bashams go tell her. The
Bashams and their good friends, Lance Storm and Maven came along with them.
Nidia was in the shower and had a dildo in her and was pumping fast and hard.
Then the doorbell rang. She dropped the dildo from her hand and grab her bath
robe. Since she is older, she moved out of her parents house and went to live
in an apartment.

"Guess she not home," Lance said.

"Wait," Nidia came out with a robe half tied.

The men saw a lot of her breasts.

"Man that is big...titties," Maven reply.

"Fuck, I took a shower and did not tie my robe all the way," Nidia said.

"Well yeah," Lance replied.

"I guess you guys want to touch them." Nidia asked.

"Well yeah, come on guys, let's go in." Danny replied.

Nidia took her robe off and took Lance's cock and Maven's. The Bashams were
touching her breasts and her pussy. The pussy was so wet that it drip when
they touch it. Danny put his hard cock inside. Doug put his cock between her
massive tits. The guys were getting ready to cum. Doug came all over Nidia's
tits and Danny let his spray on her pussy. Nidia shallow Storm and Maven's
cum but left some on her face. She grabbed Lance's cock and rubbed his cock
around the cum area and licked his cum covered cock.

Lance went for the ass, Maven lick her pussy so it can be wet for his thick
cock. Nidia put the Bashams dicks, both their dicks were put in her mouth.
She sucked and sucked until they came in her mouth

"Man you are a slut," Doug asked.

"No I'm not, I'm fucking whore hooker," Nidia reply. Before she said anything
more. She gagged on both of the Bashams cocks.

"Oh man, I'm gonna cum," Maven said.

"Cum inside me, Maven." Nidia reply.

Lance pulled out and quickly went to Nidia's face and cum on her. "Here's
your cum, you whore," Lance said. His cum landed on her eyes, nose, hair and

Doug slowly put his cock in her pussy and picked her up. "Yeah, do you want
to ride that cock and let two more cocks enter your pussy?" Doug questioned

"Go ahead, I had way more inside me and a lot of dildos," Nidia answered.

"How much more," Maven asked.

"Like 6 or 8 cocks, 4 in my pussy and 2 in my ass and for dildos, 10 small
dildos," Nidia said.

Nidia sat on Doug and Maven let Nidia suck on his cock while Danny and Lance
put their cocks inside Nidia pussy.

"Fuck It's tight when three cocks are inside of me," Nidia said.

Without warning, Maven came deep in her thoart and she shallow the cum.

"Get my dildo and lotion and rub my tits with that lotion along with a tit
fuck," Nidia demanded.

Maven did what he was told and he got duct tape and taped Nidia's mouth.

Nidia was enjoying the sex. Doug dropped Nidia on her back and came all over
her. Lance put his member between her huge tits.

Lance came on Nidia's tits and Danny came on her pussy.

They all took a shower and got dressed. The guys left and forgot to tell her
she starting school after christmas break.

"Oh well, We can get all of our friends and fuck her all christmas break
long," Maven said and they all said yeah.

Inside, Nidia was resting on her couch and started to watch "I Dream of
Jenna" porn movie.

Next Time Part 4 : Two Horny Schoolgirls

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