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Note: I have decided to end the series here because of lack of time and I
have changed the title from "Two Horny Schoolgirls" to "The Prom Night". In
total, this is the last of the "High School Passion" series and most likely
my last stories until I can find more time to write more.

High School Passion Part 4: The Prom Night
by The Ultimate Lifeform

Torrie Wilson was a student at Ohio Valley High School. She was not a normal
schoolgirl, she was a horny schoolgirl. She wore no panties at all and no
bra. Gail Kim was a exchange student from Korea. She was pair up with Torrie
to be seen around the school and she has the same classes as Torrie. Gail did
not say much.

Every guy in school wanted Torrie but she had her eyes for one guy. His name
was Billy Kidman but little did she realize Kidman saw Gail and wanted her
badly. Gail was not as horny as Torrie but she had her share of guys in
Korea. The prom was coming and Kidman asked Gail to the prom. Gail said yes
and Torrie was saying, "We should go find some prom dresses."

Time passed and they found their dresses. The dance was held at a hotel and
the students had a choice. Go home after midnight or grab a hotel room.
Kidman got a room and has a plan to fuck Gail and Torrie. When Torrie and
Gail walked in the hotel, the guys just stared and their dates smacked them.

"Gail!" someone called out and it was Kidman. Gail smacked a kiss onto Kidman
and Torrie walked to find some guys for herself. Torrie talked to many guys
and they either talked about themselves or find some other girls. "This is
the worst prom for me," said Torrie. She walked to find Gail and leave.

Torrie found them and they were leaving to the hotel rooms. Kidman took his
key out and open his room. They started to kiss and then suddenly someone was
knocking on the door. Torrie said, "Room service!"

Kidman said, "I didn't order room service."

Torrie smacked Kidman right in the cheek as hard as she could and grabbed
Gail to leave, but Kidman grabbed Torrie's arm.

Gail said, "Kidman was going fuck my brains out."

"Well, what am I going to do then?" replyed Torrie.

Kidman said, "You can stay here and watch us."

Torrie was stunned and since she had nothing to do, so she said yes.

"Now since that is cleared up, let's begin! Gail," said Kidman.

Gail took off her dress and she stand there with only with her thong. Her
breasts were the only thing that Kidman were looking at. His boner was
semi-hard and Gail got on her knees and took his cock out and started
sucking on it. Torrie was getting horny looking at Gail sucking Kidman's
cock. Torrie took her dress off and she was in the nude. Gail and Kidman
didn't know that Torrie was naked. She walked to the bed and laid her
pussy on Kidman's face.

"Go ahead, lick that pussy," said Torrie.

Gail took the cock out and both Torrie and Gail were shocked at the size of
Kidman's cock. Kidman was not paying any attention to why they stopped. His
huge 10 inch cock was just there and Torrie was screaming at the top of her
lungs because she cum all over Kidman.

Gail started to suck his balls and Torrie sucked his cock. Kidman started to
finger fuck Torrie's wet pussy. "OOH YEAH, KEEP GOING!" Torrie said.

Gail stopped and Torrie told Kidman the stay where you are and she got up on
the bed and shake her ass and Kidman's face was now licking Gail's pussy then
Torrie sat on Kidman's cock and rode it. Kidman put one hand on Torrie's
round ass and the other hand on one of Gail's breasts. Torrie bounce up and
down on his 10 inch dick. Her huge breasts bounce up and down.

Gail was already cumming all over Kidman's face and now his second hand
grabbed Torrie other ass cheek and Torrie was cumming all over Kidman's cock.
Gail told him to fuck her on all four. Torrie got off of Billy's cock and
told Gail to get into a 69 position. While Torrie was licking Gail's pussy
and gail was doing the same thing. Kidman put his cock in to Gail's pussy.

"FUCK THAT PUSSY!" Torrie told Billy.

Billy grab a bunch of Gail's hair and slammed faster. Torrie was licking both
Gail's pussy and Kidman's balls. Billy took his cock out and jacked off. The
girls were about to move but Kidman told them to stay where they are. Gail's
pussy on Torrie's face.

Billy kept jacking off and still nothing. Torrie sucked his cock while finger
fucking Gail. Billy took his cock out of Torrie's mouth and came over parts
of Gail's ass and Torrie's face.

Billy's cock got hard again and he enter Gail Kim's cum covered ass. Billy
kept going and then he took his cock out and went to Torrie's ass as she got
on all fours. He put his cock into her ass and fucked faster then he did with

He slammed with all he got and felt he was cumming. He put his cock between
Torrie's tits.

"Yeah fuck my tits!"

Billy went faster, getting ready to cum.

"Cum on our tits, you stud!" said Gail.

"Ohh yeah, here it comes!" as Kidman rolled his eyes back. His cum landed on
their big tits.

Billy passed out and the girls took a shower and got into bed with Kidman.
All three woke up, they kissed and the girls left.

Kidman went to the closet and took out a video and then the door knock. The
guys who stood Torrie up at the prom were here.

"Dude, where's our money for standing up Torrie," said Noble and Dupree.

"Here is all of your money and a little bonus for you guys," said Kidman.

The story ends when Billy takes out a video camera from the closet and hooked
the VCR into the Hotel TV.
_ _ _

Hopefully, you enjoy my stories although there were four stories in this

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