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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Highlight Reel: Uncut, Unloaded, Uncensored Part 7
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the April 9, 2005 WWE Live Event at Sydney, Australia's Super Dome,
Chris Jericho is in the ring that has been decorated with the set pieces for
The Highlight Reel. "Welcome Australia to the Highlight Reel... Down Under!"
Jericho says, "And I have to tell you...things have not exactly gone Y2J's
way... coming up just a bit short at the first ever Money in the Bank ladder
match at WrestleMania, a match I came up with, stings a little bit... but I
got news... there's a Diva leaving the WWE... and she wants to come out here
and explain why... so... Molly Holly.. .come on down!" Jericho says as he
points to the entrance. Molly Holly starts to make her way to the ring once
her entrance theme begins to play in the arena.

Molly Holly presses her lips firmly together and narrows her eyes as she
glares at Chris Jericho once she steps into the ring. Molly, dressed in a
pair of black pants and a dark purple top, which conceals her natural figure,
approaches Jericho and picks up the spare microphone. Molly turns her head at
glances to the left side of the audience and then over at the right side of
the audience, remaining silent.

The audience is a mix of cheers and boos, which causes Jericho to raise his
eyebrow, "Hmmm.... Molly it appears the people here in Sydney are either
cheering or booing your decision..." Jericho says with a bit of a laugh,
"Then again, I'd boo too if I didn't get a chance to see all that junk you
got in your trunk every week..."

Molly slowly shakes her head. "It's comments like that, Chris, the decision
for me leaving the WWE..." Molly pauses and closes her eyes for a moment. "I
blame you..." Molly pauses again and looks toward the audience. "And I
especially blame all of them!"

"Give it a rest Molly, it's just some light teasing..." Jericho says with a

Molly shakes her head and raises her hand up. "'s not's
all of the fans mocking me, all of the talent mocking me...and you know what
really makes me sick, Chris!?"

"I'm sure you're going to tell me..." Jericho responds.

"All it's those filthy skanks in the backstage area now that think it's
alright for them to show off their breasts and show off their backsides!"
Molly Holly yells with irritation. "And it's these so-called fans who cheer
it on and encourage it!"

The audience cheers loudly in response to Molly's accusation. Jericho laughs
slightly, "Molly.. Molly... Molly..." Jericho says into his microphone,
"There is nothing wrong with Divas showing off their ass and tits... in fact,
I greatly encourage it... and lets not forget, before you started covering
up, we all saw that you have something you should be flaunting every chance
you get..."

"It's disgusting for a woman to show off her body in such a degrading
fashion!" Molly says into the microphone. "I fought hard in my crusade to
keep the Women's division of the WWE pure and whole...but it's the fans,
especially you perverts here in Australia, that prevented it from happening!"

Jericho smirks, "You know what I think Molly... I think you enjoy trying not
to give the people what the want, and you get off on that..."

Molly opens her mouth slightly in shock. "I beg your pardon!?"

Seeing that he hit a nerve, Jericho smirks again, "I think that after every
RAW, every pay-per-view, every WWE Live Event... after being an uptight
prissy little tease, you go back to your locker room, your hotel room, and
use a little something that I know some of the Divas got you for your
birthday a few years ago to fuck yourself to multiple-screaming orgasms..."

Molly presses her lips together and closes her eyes as she takes a calming
breath. Molly clears her throat and then opens her eyes to look at Jericho.
"Maybe it's because no man can satisfy me...."

The audience is stunned for a few moments before chanting "Holy Shit" after
hearing what Molly said.

"Is that a fact Molly... and who have you fucked?" Jericho asks.

"Who I have made love with is really none of your business and definitely
none of their business!" Molly says as she motions to the audience. "I will
tell you this, definitely would not satisfy me..."

"Oh yeah? Sounds like you're making a challenge Molly..." Jericho says into
his microphone.

"It's not a challenge, because I already know the outcome..." Molly replies
matter of factly.

Jericho smirks, "Well then Molly if you already know the outcome, why not
prove it?"

"You want me to embarrass you, Chris? Really?" Molly asks.

"Molly... no way you can embarrass me... in fact I know you'll lose all
composure as soon as I do this..." Jericho says as he sets his microphone
down on a one of the stools before lowering his wrestling tights from his
waist, exposing his large, thick Canadian cock to Molly and the Australian

Molly's eyes widen and her mouth slightly drops open at the sight of Chris
Jericho's exposed cock. Molly clears her throat and presses her lips
together. "Not impressed..." Molly says into the microphone.

"Bullshit! Bullshit!" The audience chants after hearing Molly's response.
Jericho steps towards Molly who's eyes are locked on his cock as he closes
the distance between them.

Molly licks her lips slightly and takes a step back as she glances down at
his exposed cock, with the hand holding the microphone lightly trembling.

Jericho raises his hand up and gently takes the microphone away from Molly,
"Get on your knees Molly..." Jericho says with a soft, yet commanding tone.

Molly slowly nods her head before the prude-ish Diva casually lowers herself
down onto her knees in front of Jericho, coming to eye level with his nicely
meaty cock.

"Suck It! Suck It! Suck It!" The audience begins to loudly chant as Molly
stares at the hardening cock of Chris Jericho.

Molly reaches forward with her left hand and places her hand around his
shaft. Molly smoothly strokes his cock with her hand a few times before she
parts her lips and opens her mouth, taking Jericho's cock into her nicely
warm and moist, pure mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Jericho moans as Molly wraps her lips around his cock before she
begins to slowly bob her head on his stiff cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Molly Holly moans as she closes her eyes and steadily bobs
her head on Jericho's cock, while she works her left hand against the lower
portion of his shaft.

"Suck It Molly! Suck It Molly!" The audience chants as they cheer on the
prudish former WWE Women's Champion as she bobs her head slowly and sensually
on his Jericho's impressive pole.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm...." Molly moans as she bobs her head at a quicker pace,
with her soft lips brushing back and forth against his shaft, gradually
taking him deeper.

'Mmmm ohhh yeah Molly..." Jericho moans as he places his hands on his waist,
letting Molly bob her head on his cock at her own steadily increasing pace.
The audience's cheering becomes louder as they witness Molly taking more and
more of Jericho's fat Canadian dick past her lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmm....ohhhhhhh...mmmmmm" Molly moans as she eagerly bobs her head
back and forth on Jericho's cock with her wet saliva dripping down as she
steadily works him deeper into her mouth.

"Swallow It Molly Swallow It! Swallow It Molly Swallow It!" The audience
chants as they watch the Diva who has suffered endless teasing about her
juicy round backside get closer to deep throating Jericho's entire cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhhhh" Molly moans as she turns her head and grinds her
lips lightly on his cock as she continues to smoothly and steadily bob her
head to suck on his cock.

Mmmmm fuck Molly... you're a real naughty girl..." Jericho groans as Molly is
clearly getting into the act of sucking his cock in front of a sold out arena
as the fans cheer on her every move.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm....gahhhhhhhh...gahhhhhh...." Molly moans and
slightly gags as she continues to bob her head back and forth on Jericho's

"Molly Holly! Molly Holly!" The audience chants as Molly gags while she bobs
her head repeatedly on Chris Jericho's cock.

Molly lifts her eyes and looks up at Chris Jericho before she unwraps her
lips from around his shaft and proceeds to lift her head up.

Jericho smirks down at Molly, "Bet you're loving the cheers..." Jericho says
just before the audience begins to chant "Show Your Tits! Show Your Tits!" to

Molly reaches over and grabs the microphone. "I'm not doing it because it's
what you perverts want!" Molly snaps before she sets the microphone back down
and proceeds to lift her dark purple top to expose her nicely rounded, perky

Jericho picks up the microphone "Then why are you doing it Molly?" Jericho
asks as he holds the microphone towards Molly as she starts to lower her
black pants.

Molly raises her hand and smacks the microphone out of Jericho's hand before
she stands up and lowers her black pants down from her curved waist.

Jericho raises an eyebrow after Molly smacked the microphone, "Look at that
ass! Look at that ass!" The audience chants as they get a look at Molly's
juicy round and often self-described 'perfectly proportioned' backside.

Molly narrows her eyes and glares at the audience. "Shut up!" Molly yells as
she places her hands behind her to cover her backside.

Jericho laughs as the audience continues to chant as they convey their
collective thought of approving of Molly's ass. "Molly, I think you've
misread what they mean..." Jericho says as he moves next to Molly and pulls
her hands away from her backside before having her bend forward, causing the
crowd to cheer wildly as Jericho makes Molly stick out her ass.

Molly turns her head and shoots the audience another glare. "You guys are a
bunch of perverts!" Molly yells, before Jericho bends her over one of the

"Molly... face it... they love your ass..." Jericho says as he begins to
grope and squeeze Molly's juicy ass cheeks. "Cause believe me when I say,
black guys aren't the only ones that likes girls with a big juicy butt..."
Jericho adds as he continues show off Molly's as to the cheering audience
before he moves directly behind her.

Molly presses her lips firmly together as Jericho places his hands onto her
curved waist as he eases his cock into her wet snatch from behind.
"Ohhhhhhhh...." Molly softly moans.

"Mmmmm..." Jericho groans as he starts to slowly, but firmly thrust his cock
in and out of Molly's wet and tight cunt.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Molly Holly moans and closes her eyes as she starts to
rock forward on her feet as she remains bent over the stool.

"Ahhh yeah Molly..." Jericho groans as he steadily increases the pace of his
thrusts while pumping his dick deeper into her twat.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh..." Molly moans as she continues to move
forward against Jericho's thrusts as her juicy ass starts to smack against
Jericho's waist.

"Let's Go Molly!" The audience chants as Chris Jericho hammers her pussy with
firm and swift thrusts from behind while his waist collides against her ass.

Molly turns her head and looks back at Chris Jericho as she repeatedly rocks
back and forth on her feet as she feels his cock thrusting deeper into her
nicely wet and tight pussy.

Jericho smiles at Molly Holly as he pumps his cock all the way into her wet
pussy while giving her ass a nicely firm smack with his right hand while she
pushes back against him.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh..." Molly moans loudly as her juicy and rounded ass
smacking back against his waist as she pushes back against his cock.

"Mmmm fuck... Molly you're a bad girl... act all pure and prudish... you're
loving this... getting fucked in front of an audience that's chanting your
name..." Jericho groans.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh...." Molly moans and leans her head back as her juicy
ass continues to collide with Jericho's tanned and gorgeously muscular waist
as he pumps swiftly into her.

"Mmmmm ahhh yeah..." Jericho grunts before he pulls his cock out of Molly's
pussy. The first ever Undisputed WWE Champion turns Molly around and lifts
her up onto the stool. Spreading her legs, Jericho guides his cock back into
her pussy and resumes fucking Molly at a brisk pace.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...." Molly moans and licks her lips as she wraps her legs around
Jericho's waist and starts to push back against his thrusting shaft.

Jericho places his hands on Molly's thighs as he drives his cock in and out
of her pussy, causing her to bounce on the smooth surface of the stool.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh shit..." Molly moans as she leans her head back, while
she moves on the surface of the stool with Jericho's cock slamming deeper
into her.

"Mmmmm ahhh yeah..." Jericho groans after hearing Molly curse, which inspires
him to increase the pace and force of his thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhhhhh!" Molly moans as she places her hands onto
Jericho's arms as he steadily and deeply continues to thrust into her.

"Ahhhh mmmmm you like that Molly..." Jericho groans as he lifts Molly off of
the stool and begins to bounce her up and down on his cock as the audience
continues to cheer.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah..." Molly moans and nods her head as she
closes her eyes once again, while she swiftly bounces up and down on
Jericho's cock as he thrusts up into her.

Chris Jericho moves hands underneath Molly Holly and grabs her ass cheeks as
he drives his cock deeply into her pussy as she bounces on his dick.

"Ohhhhhhhh..mmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh...." Molly moans and licks her lips as she
grinds down on his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmm yeah Molly... mmmm fuck..." Jericho grunts as he squeezes Molly's ass
each times she drops down on his thrusting cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Molly moans and grits her teeth as she presses her legs
tightly around his waist, with her pussy tightening around his shaft.

Jericho licks his lips as he feels Molly's snatch squeezing his cock as he
drives it deeply into her twat.

"Ohhhhhhhh....." Molly moans and licks her lips as she starts to cum on
Jericho's cock.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Jericho groans as his cock starts to throb as
Molly's pussy juices coat his pistoning shaft.

"Ohhhhhhh...shit...." Molly Holly moans as grinds and rocks against his cock
as he continues to deeply thrust up into her.

As Molly loosens her legs from around his waist, Jericho lifts her off of his
cock and stands her up. After turning her around and gently bending her over
the stool, Jericho presses his throbbing cock against Molly's ass cheeks and
begins to thrust his shaft up and down against her ass cheeks.

Molly turns her head back and narrows her eyes as she glares at Jericho,
while he works his cock between her juicy ass cheeks.

"What's the matter Molly?" Jericho asks with a smirk as he thrusts his cock
up and down between Molly's ass cheeks.

"You are a disgusting pig..." Molly says as she grits her teeth.

"Mmmm would you rather I cum on your face?" Jericho asks as he increases the
pace of how how's grinding his throbbing cock against Molly's ass cheeks.

Molly presses her lips together and shakes her head. "Absolutely not!"

"Mmmm you want on your big beautiful ass?" Jericho asks as he continues to
thrust his cock up and down against Molly's ass cheeks as she slightly pushes
back against him.

"Mmmmmm...sure...." Molly groans as she feels his cock pulsating against her

"Ahhhh.. mmmm..." Chris Jericho moans as he thrusts his cock briskly against
Molly Holly's ass cheeks until his cock starts to erupt with cum shooting
form the piss slit.

Molly presses her lips together and then bites down on her bottom lip as she
feels his warm cum shooting onto her nicely rounded, juicy ass.

"Mmmmmm fuck Molly..." Jericho groans as the Australian audience cheers at
the sight of Molly's ass being coated with Jericho's thick spunk.

Molly stands up straight and crosses her arms against her chest, looking at
the audience with disgust. "You guys are sick! You are perverts!" Molly yells
to the audience.

The audience, seeming not to care about Molly Holly's opinion, continues to
chant her name. Jericho smirks at Molly, "Face it Molly... for once, you gave
the people want they wanted... and you loved every minute of it..."


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