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Highlights Of The Night
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In December of 2003, Chris Jericho has a smile on his face as he walks to
his locker room after arriving at the arena where the RAW brand is holding
the broadcast of Monday Night Raw. "I love how art copies life..." He says
to himself as he thinks about the storyline relationship he's in with Trish
Stratus. Jericho, dressed in black jeans and a black Y2J Highlight Reel
T-shirt, seems like he has his head in the clouds as he opens the locker
room door while ignoring everything else that's going on in the hallway.

Once Chris Jericho enter his locker room he raises his eyebrow when he
sees former wrestler turned manager and current member of the WWE Creative
Division, Michael "P.S." Hayes. Hayes stands up from the couch he was sitting
on and places his hands on his hips "Hey Chris, bud...Stephanie told me to
come here for ya...she's looking for you and she wants you to meet with her
as soon as possible..."

Jericho makes a face and frowns, "Steph wants to see me? What for?" Jericho
asks as he completely lost his original train of thought.

Hayes shrugs his shoulders "I don't know man..." He begins to say as he walks
away from the couch and starts to approach the locker room door to leaving,
passing Jericho on the way there "...But it seemed pretty important."

Jericho sighs as he shakes his head, "Well I guess I better skip on over to
see what the Billion Dollar Princess wants..." Jericho says as he rubs his
forehead with his hand. "I hope whatever this is doesn't take long I got
plans..." Jericho adds as he turns around and opens the locker room door.

"Ohhh...and Chris did I forget to say, she didn't seem like she was in a good
mood?" Hayes says with a slight smirk.

Jericho looks at Hayes and smirks a little, "When is she ever in a good
mood?" Jericho asks as he steps back out into the hallway.

Hayes laughs a little and raises both of his hands up "No comment from me..."
Hayes says not wanting to say anything negative about his boss, Stephanie

"Don't worry... I won't say anything..." Jericho laughs a bit, "Unless she
tortures me..." Jericho smirks and starts to walk down the hallway in the
direction of Stephanie McMahon's in-arena office.

Ten Minutes Later...

Chris Jericho is casually approaching Stephanie McMahon's office, totally
taking his time as he's again thinking of his storyline with Trish Stratus.
As he comes to the door of his destination, Jericho knocks on it a few times
to see if she's in her office.

"Yes...come in..." Stephanie calls out from inside of her office.

Jericho opens the door and steps into her office, "Hey Steph... Michael told
me you wanted to see me about something..." Jericho says right away as he
slides his left hand through his hair and closes the office door behind him.

Stephanie looks up from her desk with a smile as the Director of the WWE
Creative Division is dressed in black business suit and a white blouse
underneath her business jacket. Stephanie motions towards the chair in
front of her desk "Have a seat Chris..."

"All right..." Jericho replies as he walks towards the leather armchair in
front of Stephanie's desk and sits down. He folds his arms, "Sooooo... what
did you want to see me about?"

Stephanie leans back in her chair slightly and smiles at Jericho "So Chris...
are you having fun with that story you're involved in with Trish?"

Jericho nods his head, "Yeah I am... it's one of the best storylines I've
been in my career... it's a total blast..." Jericho answers.

Stephanie slowly nods her head "Trish is a great worker...she's fun to be
in storylines with.." Stephanie then pauses and presses her lips together,
getting a stern look on her face "Chris...I've been hearing that you've
been taking this storyline a bit...too seriously."

Jericho raises an eyebrow, "What's that suppose to mean?" Jericho asks as
Stephanie catches him off guard with her comment.

Stephanie stands up from her chair and folds her arms as she walks out from
behind her desk " know company policy..."

Jericho looks at Stephanie as if she's kidding, "What policy would that be?"
Jericho asks as he leans back in the armchair he's sitting on.

"Chris..." Stephanie says in a more stern voice "You know what I'm talking

"Oh... you mean that thing about us superstars and divas getting involved
because of a storyline?" Jericho responds, then he adds, "I don't see the
problem... since you do it with..." Jericho trails off as he sees Stephanie
glare at him.

"If something is needs to stop" Stephanie says as she sits on the
edge of her desk "That's your warning.."

"Nothing's going on Steph... honestly..." Jericho replies as he looks at her,
"Trust me... if there was... you wouldn't be hearing rumors about me taking a
storyline too seriously..."

"Well nothing better happen..." Stephanie replies.

"Why do you say that?" Jericho asks as he unfolds his arms and lays them on
the armrest of the chair.

"Because it's the rules..."

Jericho laughs a bit, "Stephanie... if that's true... then you're breaking
the rules yourself with Hunter..."

Stephanie laughs a bit "Ohhh have to buttheads with me, don't

"Of course I do..." Jericho smiles at her, "All part of the game ain't it?
You bust my chops over something... and I come up with something snappy to
say back."

Stephanie smirks a bit as she looks at Jericho "Ohhh just love
pissing me off, don't you?"

Jericho continues to smile at Stephanie, "Well... the benefits of pissing you
off is always rewarding..."

Stephanie grits her teeth a bit " really have the
fricking suck!"

"Fricking?" Jericho laughs a bit, "Steph... we've done this song and dance so
many times... and I never once... heard you saying... fricking..."

Stephanie narrows her eyes to glare at Jericho "You...fucking suck!"
Stephanie snaps back "Happy?"

Jericho licks his lips a bit as he starts to stand up, "Yeah... I love it
when you talk dirty..." Jericho smirks at her as he stands up completely.

Stephanie laughs "Ohhh you like it when I talk dirty, huh?" Stephanie says as
she steps towards Jericho.

"Oh yeah... you get this real sexy smirk after every time you curse..."
Jericho answers as he steps towards Stephanie.

"You're an idiot Chris..." Stephanie says as she glares at Jericho

"Yeah... sure Stephanie..." Jericho says as he licks his lips, "You know you
love it..."

Stephanie smirks a bit and licks her teeth " have no idea.."

Jericho raises his hands and put them on Stephanie's hips to pull her close
to him so their bodies are pressing against each other, "Oh... I think I
have... a very good idea Steph..."

Stephanie grits her teeth "Get your pants off..." Stephanie says as she
glares at Jericho, while breathing heavily.

"Yes ma'am..." Jericho smirks as he takes a step back and quickly unbuttons
his black jeans, in order to push them down his legs. He also lowers his
boxers shorts just as fast afterward. Stephanie unfolds her arms and places
her aggressive hands on Jericho's chest, pushing him down to sit in the
chair. Jericho flops back into the leather armchair with his jeans and
boxers around his ankles. He kicks them off and smirks at Stephanie as his
eleven-inch cock starts to rise up between his legs. "Boy, are you pushy..."

"Shut up..." Stephanie says with a glare as she lowers herself down onto her
knees, between Jericho's legs. The daughter of Vince McMahon, places her
hands around Jericho's shaft and wraps her hands around his shaft, and begins
to stroke his cock with her soft hands.

"I would shut up... but with you jerking my cock.... I'm going to be a bit
noisy..." Jericho says with a moan as he leans back on the chair. He takes
off his t-shirt and drops it on the left side of the chair.

Stephanie looks up at Jericho with a glare "You're such an asshole..."
Stephanie says as she moves her soft hands quickly against his now hard cock.

Jericho moans as he watches Stephanie's hands travel back and forth along
his stiff prick, "Yeah so? You love it anyway" Jericho replies with a smirk
as he puts his hands behind his head. Stephanie grits her teeth before she
opens her head and opens her warm mouth, lowering her head down on his cock.
Stephanie wraps her powerfully dominating lips around the shaft of Chris
Jericho as the most dominating women in the WWE on and off-screen begins to
bob her head on Jericho's cock, sucking him off. "Ahhhh... yeah...
Stephanie...." Jericho moans as Stephanie bobs her head on his shaft. He
closes his eyes as he enjoys the feeling of her tongue pressing against the
bottom of his cock as she blows him. Stephanie's warm saliva trickles down
his meaty shaft every time she moves her head upward on his shaft.

Stephanie laps her tongue around Jericho's cock, slapping her saliva against
his meaty cock as she bobs her head quicker and deeper on his hard prick.
Stephanie lifts her head up from a moment and spits her saliva on the head
of Jericho's cock, and lets her saliva trickle down the head of his cock and
slide his shaft before she lowers her head and takes his cock back into her
warm mouth. Jericho brings his hands from the back of his head and places his
right hand on top of Stephanie's head. "Ohhh... yeah... suck it... I love
that hot dirty mouth of yours..." Jericho moans as he flips her brown hair
back so he can see more of her face.

Stephanie lifts her eyes up and locks her dominating eyes with Jericho as
she bobs her head quicker, tightening her lips around his shaft, grinding
her lips against his cock as she roughly sucks on his cock. "Ahhh....
uhhhhh damn... Steph... you sure know how to make a guy... feel loved...
or hated..." Jericho smirks as he looks back into Stephanie's eyes. The
man nicknamed Y2J has a look of lust in his eyes as he watches the woman
who has the power to control his career gives him a hot blowjob. As
Stephanie bobs her head quickly on Jericho's cock, she works her skilled
tongue around Jericho's cock as she slurps and sucks on his meaty cock.

Jericho leans back further on the chair, and then he wraps his left leg
around Stephanie's still clothed body. "Ohhh.... god... Steph... you keep
that up... you'll get an early dose of Vitamin C..."

Stephanie slowly picks her head up from Jericho's cock and licks her lips
"Mmmm....Chris…you asshole...jerk off your cock."

"You want me to jerk off for you Stephanie?" Jericho replies as he wraps his
right hand around his saliva covered dick. Thanks to Stephanie blowing him,
Jericho's shaft is so slick that his right hand moves up and down smoothly
as he strokes it.

Stephanie licks her lips "Yeah...and then I want you to cum in my mouth..."
Stephanie says in a commanding tone.

Jericho smirks, "You've got such a dirty mouth Stephanie..." Jericho groans
as he continues to stroke his shaft. He scoots to the edge of the leather
armchair and licks his lips, "I'm gonna love filling it with cum..."

Stephanie grits her teeth "Good...cause if you don't...then...YOU'RE FIRED!"
Stephanie yells and then laughs.

Jericho laughs a bit, "The... things I do... to keep my job..." Jericho says
as he jerks his cock faster, "Ohhh... shit Steph... better open wide...."
Stephanie licks her lips before the Billion Dollar Princess opens her warm
mouth. Jericho aims his meaty cock right at Stephanie's wide open mouth,
"Ohhh.... fuck..." Jericho moans loudly as he starts to cum, sending stream
after stream of hot cum right into Stephanie's infamous big mouth. Stephanie
tilts her head back and moans as Jericho's warm cum sprays in her mouth. When
Stephanie tilts her head back, she causes a bit of Jericho's cum to land on
her chin. Jericho leans back on the chair after he's done dumping his hot
load into Stephanie mouth. "Ohhh shit... I love doing that..." Jericho moans.

Stephanie swallows the amount of cum that lands in her warm mouth, however
the cum that landed on her chin, begins to drip, Jericho looks at her face
and licks his lips, "Steph... you got a little something on your chin..."

Stephanie smirks "I know..."

"You look hot with my cum dripping off your chin..." "Jericho smiles as he
lightly strokes his cock, keeping it hard, "You know.... I may have blew my
load... but I can go again... if you want... another injection of Vitamin

Stephanie stands up and glares at Jericho "You you know who the
hell I am!?" Stephanie says with a snap in her voice as she wipes the cum off
of her chin.

"Yeah I do... you're the hot Stephanie McMahon who just swallowed my cum..."
Jericho answers with a cocky grin.

Stephanie grits her teeth and points to her office door "Get the hell out!"
Stephanie yells.

Jericho smirks as he leans down to pull up his boxers and jeans, "All right,
all right... don't yell..." Jericho says as he buttons his jeans. He stands
up and picks up his t-shirt off the floor so he can put it on. Jericho then
walks to the door and looks back at her, "Thanks for the head Steph..." He
says with a smirk.

Stephanie grits her teeth "I hate you Chris.."

Jericho opens the office door and licks his lips, "Uh huh... sure... see ya
later Steph..." Jericho says as he leaves Stephanie's office and closes the
door behind him.

An hour later... at an all night gym near the arena, Chris Jericho walks into
the facility to get a late night workout since he did not have match earlier.
He has a gym back with him and is now wearing a pair of blue workout pants
and a white t-shirt.

"Time for a workout..." Jericho says to himself after he signs his name at
the reception / security desk at the front of the gym. Jericho makes his way
to the men’s locker room too drop off his gym bag in a locker, but when he
walks in, he instantly hears moaning coming from behind the last row of
lockers. Jericho sets his bag down on a bench and walks in the direction of
the moans. When he gets to where the moans are emanating from, and looks
around the lockers and smirks at what he sees Gail Kim lifting her head off
of the dick of Christian.

"Ohhh shit Gail... that was an awesome blowjob... I never got blown by an
Asian chick before..." Christian says as he kneels down on the floor as Gail
gets on her hands and knees.

Gail Kim, who is completely naked, licks her lips as she looks up at
Christian "Mmmm... I must say Christian, that sure is one tasty piece of
white cock..." Gail replies as she gently moves her hand up and down
Christian's saliva dripping cock, stroking him.

Christian smirks as Gail stroke his rock hard shaft, "Mmmm thanks.... you
know... I wonder... if fucking a hot Asian babe is getting better than being
blown by one..." Christian says as he flips Gail's dark colored hair back.
Behind the locker, Jericho gets a grin on his face as he watches the sexy
oriental diva stroke Christian's dick. Jericho puts his gym bag down and
starts to take off his clothes as he considers the possibility of making
what's going on into a three-some.

Gail laughs a bit as she brings her hand slowly up Christian's shaft to the
head of his cock "Well...I wonder what it's like having a hot white meaty
cock, fucking me."

"How about TWO white meaty cocks..." Jericho says as he steps out from around
the lockers, completely naked and smirking at his tag team partner and the
beautiful foreign diva.

Christian is speechless for a few seconds before he says, "How long have you
been standing here..."

Jericho smirks as he starts to approach both of them, "Long enough..."
Jericho answers as he looks at Gail, "So... how about it? Two's better than
one... right?"

Gail smirks a bit as she removes her hand from Christian's cock and slowly
stands up "Hmmmm..." Gail presses her lips together and looks at Christian
"What do you think...should we let him join in the fun?"

Christian thinks about it for a few moments, considering that he worked hard
to get Gail Kim to agree to a midnight "workout" session with him. But then
Christian thinks about how Jericho has hooked him up with some hot action,
and he smiles, "Sure... why not... but first... we gotta see if he can handle
how hot you can suck a dick..." Christian says.

Jericho licks his lips as he strokes his own shaft, "I got no problems with
that stipulation..."

Gail licks her lips as she shakes her head "Mmmmm...neither do I..." Gail
says as she places her hands on Jericho's muscular chest forcing him to sit
down on the locker room bench.

Jericho grins as he leans back on the bench a bit, using his hands to support
his weight as he looks at Gail's physically fit sexy body, "Damn... you got a
hot body Gail..." Jericho says as he licks his lips. Christian stands up and
walks over behind Gail, and lightly pats her ass cheeks with his right hand,
before he dips his middle fingers into her ass crack to give her a shiver
before she gets ready to kneel down in front of Jericho.

Gail looks over her shoulder and licks her lips " know I like
that.." Gail says before she turns back to face Jericho and lowers herself
down onto her knees. Gail reaches up and wraps her hands around his shaft
and begins to stroke Jericho's meaty, white cock.

Jericho moans a bit as Gail pumps his large thick cock to it's full hardness,
"And you know... I like that..." Jericho says, commenting on how beautifully
her hands move up and down his meaty, long shaft.

Christian kneels down behind Gail and wraps his right arm around Gail's
slender waist. "You're gonna have him begging for more..." Christian says
with a sly grin as he slides two fingers into her warm, tight pussy while
also pulling her lower body backward so her slightly round ass is sticking

"Mmmmmm...." Gail moans softly as she places her wet tongue against the head
of Jericho's cock and begins to circle her wet tongue.

Jericho tilts his head back and looks up at the locker room ceiling, "Ohhh
yeah... work that hot little tongue..." Jericho moans as Gail skillfully
teases his cock. Behind Gail, Christian continues to slide his two fingers
along the slit of Gail's pussy while also pushing his thick white shaft into
her pussy, and for a moment, Gail can fell both Christian's cock and his two
fingers in her pussy at the same time. Gail opens her warm mouth and lowers
her head onto Jericho's cock, wrapping her lips tightly around his shaft. The
Asian beauty begins to swiftly bob her head on Jericho's cock, while she
starts to push her hips and ass back against Christian's cock in her warm,
sweet pussy.

Jericho closes his eyes as he continues to look upwards, "Ahhh... fuck...
damn... you know how to suck..." Jericho says as he brings his left hand to
Gail head and slides it over her smooth silky black hair.

Christian licks his lips as he begins to pump his shaft in and out of Gail's
hot pussy, "Mmmm... damn babe... you're so fucking... tight... " Christian
groans as he places both his hands on her slender hips while steadily
building momentum as he fucks her. Gail begins to moan against Jericho's cock
as she bobs her head quicker on his shaft, while lapping her tongue around
the surface of his shaft, splashing his cock with her warm, wet saliva.

Christian grits his teeth a bit as his thrusts become harder and faster,
pushing Gail's body forward with each one that's sharp enough to make her
squeal about Jericho's fat cock.

Jericho scoots forward on the bench, so his as ass is hanging halfway off
the bench and to give Gail more of an opportunity to take his shaft past
her lips. "Ohhh... shit... damn... you have a mouth made for sucking dick
Gail..." Jericho groans as he opens his eyes and looks down at the Asian
beauty that's slurping and sucking on his dick. Gail gently taps her tongue
against Jericho's shaft as she lowers her head further down on his cock,
taking more of his cock into her sweet, warm mouth. Gail bobs her head
quicker as she begins to push her body back against Christian's cock harder.

Jericho entwines the fingers of his left hand with the strands of Gail's
silky black hair. "Ahhh... fuck... Gail... if you're pussy is as hot as your

Christian smirks a bit as he hears Jericho's comments to the Gail, "Trust me
Chris... everything... about Gail is hot..." Christian grunts as he slams his
shaft in and out of Gail's pussy. Her round firm backside slaps back against
his waist while he wraps his arms around her body and squeezes her a bit
tightly. Gail gently presses her teeth against Jericho's shaft and begins to
slowly rake her teeth against his cock as she bobs her head quicker.

"Awww... awww... fuck... I want.... to try her pussy out Christian..."
Jericho moans as he arches his back and thrusts his hips forward, pushing
almost all of it into Gail hot moist mouth.

Christian smirks, "I knew you would... sooner or later..." Christian says as
he slows down his thrusts and starts to pull his white dick out of Gail's
Asian pussy, but he allows the sexy former Women's Champion to push back
against him to keep his dick inside of her for a few moments more.

Gail slowly lifts her head up from Jericho's cock and she licks her lips
"Ohhhh...I ready from some more Canadian meat.."

Jericho grins a bit, "Then climb aboard Gail... you can ride my Canadian beef
stick..." Jericho says as he turns on the bench and lays down flat on it.

Christian pulls his shaft completely out of Gail's pussy and licks his lips,
"Yeah Gail... show him what you got..." Christian then leans forward and says
into Gail's ear, "I'll fuck your hot ass if you do..."

Gail smirks a bit "Not yet.." She then winks at Christian before she lifts
herself off of the floor and stands up, before she straddles herself above
Jericho's cock and then mounts herself on top of him. Gail places her hands
on his chest as she starts to rock back and forth on his stiff cock.

Jericho places both of his hands on the sides of Gail's slim waist, and
watches her with a big smile as she sways back and forth on his, grinding
her pussy down against him with such skill, that she teases him with the
fact she might be capable of riding him harder. "Ahhhh.... mmmm... fuck
me... Gail..." Jericho says as he slides his tongue over his teeth.
Christian stands off to the side, lightly stroking his cock as he watches
Gail travel up and down Jericho's pole.

Gail grits her teeth as she starts to bounce quicker on Jericho's cock,
while yanking her body backwards "Ohhhh...Christian...come here babe..."
Gail moans.

"All right Gail..." Christian steps closer to the bench, standing on Gail's
right side. He lets go of his cock and reaches down behind her and squeezes
her ass, as he waits to see what she wants. Meanwhile, Jericho has moved
both of his hands off of Gail's waist and places them underneath his head,
so that the back of his skull isn't resting on the hard wooden bench. As
Gail rides Jericho's cock at a swift pace, she turns her head towards
Christian's cock and opens her mouth letting his cock enter her wet mouth.
She wraps her lips around his shaft and begins to cock her head against his
cock while bouncing quickly on his cock. "Awww... fuck... shit... Gail...
you're... a fucking... cockaholic..." Christian moans as he grabs a firm
handful of Gail's hair and pulls on it as he thrusts his hips forward.

"There's nothing wrong... with a sexy... hot... chick... wanting alot of
dick..." Jericho says, replying for Gail who's mouth is full of Christian's
thick Canadian dick. Jericho starts bucking his hips a bit, thrusting his
shaft up into Gail's cunt, which makes her jolt upward when one of his
thrusts hits her just the right way. Gail moans shapely around Christian's
cock as she grinds her mouth against his cock, while slamming down harder
on Jericho's cock that's inside of her warm pussy.

"Ohhh... you're right... Chris... and Gail... is a perfect... sexy...
cockaholic..." Christian groans as he rocks his hips forward, thrusting his
cock in and out between Gail's lips, effectively fucking her mouth. Jericho
moves his hands from behind his head and puts his right hand on Gail's right
breast, while laying his left on the side of her left thigh. As he continues
to push his fat dick upward into her, Jericho pushes Gail backward so his
cock pierces into her cunt more roughly.

Gail quickly jerks her head up from Christian's cock, tossing her silky black
hair back and she licks her lips "Mmmmm....ohhh yesss..." Gail groans as she
grinds her pussy down against Jericho's cock.

Jericho sits up a bit on the bench and licks his lips, "Ohhh... fuck you're
so damn... fucking hot..."

Christian smirks as he taps Gail's arm with his saliva covered dick,
"Chris... you can call her a hot Asian slut...she loves that..." Christian
smirks as he Gail gives him a bit of a glare right after hearing what he

Jericho licks his lips, "All right... Gail... you're... a hot... fucking...
cock hungry... slut..." Jericho says, too see if what Christian said was true
or not.

Gail licks her lips "You want to find out just how much of a slut I am?"

Jericho nods his head, "Yeah... show me... just how slutty you are..."

Christian laughs a bit, "Careful Chris... Gail gets fucking wild..."

Gail nods her head as she lifts herself off of Jericho's cock "Oh yes I do."

Jericho sits up completely on the bench and looks at Gail with lust filled
eyes, "All right... Gail... if you're a big slut... show me what you got..."

Gail smirks and looks over her shoulder "Christian..."

"I'm ready Gail..." Christian smiles as he flicks his hand against his cock
to keep it hard, "Just tell me what you want..."

Gail licks her lips "Let's show Chris how slutty I am!"

"No need to tell me twice..." Christian says as he grabs Gail's body and
forces her down onto her hands and knees. He gets behind her and shoves his
fat white Canadian cock right into Gail's tight asshole. Before Gail can
even react to him plunging his shaft into her firm round ass, Christian
begins to violently pump his cock in and out of her asshole with some
ruthless aggression.

Gail grits her teeth as she places her hands firmly on the ground as
Christian ravagely fucks her tight asshole "Ohhhhh yesss fuck yessss!"

Christian appears to snap a bit, but he gets a sex crazed smile on his face
as he plows his white cock in and out of Gail's gorgeous ass. "Yeah... you
like... me... fucking that ass.... you fucking... hot... Asian... Slut!"
Christian yells as he slaps Gail's ass with his right hand while also
reaching underneath her to star finger fucking her tight pussy with three
fingers from his left hand. Jericho licks his lips as he watches the hot
action, completely amazed at how both his best friend and the sexy Oriental
diva are going at it.

Gail grits her teeth tightly "Ohhhhh fuck...yess give it to me!!!!"

Christian grunts as he repeatedly slams his fat Canadian dick in and out of
Gail's ass as a thought crosses his mind, "Gail... you want... two... big...
white... pure... Canadian... cocks... in your... tight fucking... body?"
Christian asks as sharply drives his three fingers of his left hand sharply
into her pussy.

Gail tilts her head back "Ohhhh...fuck...yesss!" Gail groans as she slams
herself back on his cock.

Christian suddenly rips his cock out of Gail's asshole and slaps both of her
butt cheeks with his shaft. He then lays on the floor on his back, "Gail...
sit the fuck down on my cock... and face Chris..." Christian orders as Gail
turns her head to look at him. Gail grits her teeth and smirks as she looks
lustfully at Christian. Gail moves over towards Christian and turns so her
back is facing him. Gail then mounts herself down on his cock, taking him
deep into her tight, sweet and wet pussy. "Awww.... shit..." Christian moans
as he feels Gail's pussy tighten around his cock. He leans a bit to the right
and looks at Jericho, "Hey... Chris... get your ass over here... and stuff
your dick in her cunt... she loves double team shit..."

Jericho grins, "I bet she does... cause she's a hot fucking slut..." Jericho
says as he gets off the bench and walks over to Gail and Christian. Jericho
kneels in front of Gail and pushes his cock into Gail's already filled pussy.
Jericho has to use a good deal of force to get his cock into her, but with a
stiff thrust, Jericho forces his meaty dick into her already stuffed cunt.

Gail grits her teeth tighter and tilts her head back as Jericho's cock enters
her warm pussy, joining Christian's cock "Ohhhh fuck yessss! Double Canadian
white meat!"

"And... to think... people think you're a vegetarian..." Christian laughs as
he and Jericho begin slamming their throbbing fat dicks in and out of her

Jericho puts both of his hands on Gail's large round tits as he arches his
body backward, "Awww... fuck... you're a hot... wild... slut!" Jericho
groans. Gail keeps her head hanging back as her body is thrusted back and
forth between the muscular bodies of Chris Jericho and Christian, as she
the Asian-Canadian beauty begins to sweat. Jericho and Christian's bodies
are covered with sweat as the two men fuck the gorgeous diva with nonstop
thrusts. Christian puts his hands underneath Gail's ass and pushes her up
towards Jericho as Jericho slams his cock down into Gail's cunt.

Gail licks her lips as she bounces quickly on Christian's cock as her body
is thrusted towards Jericho's cock, aggressively "Ohhhh fuck yessss!"

Christian squeezes both Gail's butt cheeks with his hands, "Awww fuck Gail...
keep doing... what you're doing..." Christian moans as he pumps his cock in
and out of Gail's pussy as his dick also grinds against Jericho's moving

Jericho shakes his head, causing some of his sweat to fly off and land on
Gail's body, "Uhhhh.... mmmm.... this... is... a defiantly... highlight...
of tonight... a hot... fucking Asian slut... getting... two doses of vitamin
C..." Jericho says as he presses Gail's breasts together with his hands.

Gail powerfully slams down on Christian's cock and grinds her pussy sharply
against his cock as she sweats heavily "Ohhh...cum in my pussy..."

"I... fucking... intend too..." Christian grunts as he clenches his
eyes shut. He gives Gail another stiff thrust and moments later; the
sometimes-cocky wrestler starts to give a Gail a dose of charisma as
he starts cumming inside of her hot tight pussy.

Gail's body shivers as she feels Christian's warm cum flood her sweet pussy
"Ohhhh yessss..."

Jericho gives Gail's stuffed pussy a few more solid thrusts as he feels the
warmth of Christian's cum on his dick, mixing with the hot, moist feeling of
Gail's pussy. "Awww... Gail... prepare... for you're... dose... of Vitamin...
C...." Jericho arches his body backward as his cock starts to erupt with cum
inside of Gail's hot cunt.

Gail grits her teeth tightly as she feels Jericho's cum spray into her wet
pussy "Ohhhhhh I love cum...." Gail groans.

Jericho backs up away from Gail, pulling his cock out of her pussy after he's
dumped his load. "Shit... fuck... you're a hot Asian slut..." Jericho says
with a grin, complementing Gail on her wildness.

Gail licks her lips as she remains on top of Christian and his cock. Gail
slyly looks over her shoulder at Christian laying beneath her "Yep...Yep I

Christian sits up a bit and wraps an arm around Gail's sweat covered body
while using his other arm to support himself, "You know... we should go...
get a shower..." Christian says as he moves Gail a bit so she's moving a
little on his cock.

Jericho laughs, "I still got to do a workout..." Jericho says as he watches
Christian rock Gail on his cock and shakes his head, amazed that Christian
wants to go another round with the sexual phoneme with Gail so soon.

Gail licks her lips "We should...with or without Chris." Gail says as she
starts to rock back and forth on Christian's cock on her own momentum.

Jericho laughs a bit, "I'll let you too go have a private shower... since I
did... join you guys rather on the spot..." Jericho says as he starts to walk
back to where his clothes are.

Christian frowns at Jericho's choice but smirks, "Suit yourself Chris... just
means more Gail for me..."

Some time later... at a hotel where the majority of the Raw branded
wrestlers and divas are staying, Chris Jericho steps out of his hotel room
after dropping off his travel bag, getting a shower and changing his clothes.
Now dressed his black jeans similar in style to the ones he wore earlier in
the night and a loose silver colored button shirt, Jericho walks down the
corridor towards a destination he's looking forward too. Once he reaches the
door of a certain hotel room, Jericho knocks on the door, leans against it
and says, "Hey Trish... it's Chris..."

The door slowly opens from inside and Trish steps into the doorway with a
soft smile "Hey Chris..." Trish says as she folds her arms gently over her
chest, dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a white semi-tight
t-shirt. Trish blushes a bit as she looks down "What's up?"

"Ohhh... I just thought I stop by... see how you were doing?" Jericho
answers as he smiles at Trish, "And also... if you wanted a little
company..." Jericho says as he and Trish slightly lock eyes.

Trish shrugs her shoulders a bit "Yeah...if you want too..." Trish says as
she steps out of the doorway to allow Jericho to enter "Stephanie called me
in today..." Trish says as Jericho enters her hotel room and closes the door
once he's inside.

Jericho cringes, "Really... what did the boss's daughter have to say?"
Jericho asks as looks at Trish, a bit worried about what Stephanie McMahon
has said to the lovely Canadian diva.

Trish scrunches her nose up a bit "She basically said that you and I are
taking our little storyline on RAW...too seriously." Trish shakes her head
as she walks into her hotel room more "I don't see what the big deal is...
we're just....friends..."

Jericho shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know... she had the same conversation
with me at the arena before I left..." Jericho says leaving out some details
of the conversation he had with Stephanie. "Maybe she's just jealous that
our... on screen relationship is better than the ones she had with Trips..."

Trish shrugs her shoulders as she sits down on the bed "Yeah...and I mean
we're just... friends... right?" Trish says as she places her hands a bit
behind her on the bed as she leans back slightly "What's the big deal?"

"I don't know..." Jericho shakes his head, "We're just friends... it's not
like... we're really falling for each other... like on Raw..." Jericho says
as he moves to sit on the bed next to Trish.

"I know...and yeah we've kissed but that was to practice for the kiss on
Raw....right?" Trish says as she assures herself and Jericho that there is
indeed nothing going on between them.

Jericho nods his head, "Yeah... it was... I mean sure... to everyone who saw
us practicing... it probably looked like we were getting serious..." Jericho
says as he looks at her.

Trish nods her head as she scoots a bit closer to Jericho "Yeah...but nothing
is really going on...right?"

Jericho slides a bit on the bed towards Trish, "Right... there's nothing
really going on... and if there was... we'd be sure to keep it a secret..."

Trish nods her head "Exactly...I could cause a lot of problems for was public knowledge.." Trish replies as she slowly locks her gentle
eyes with Jericho's eyes.

Jericho nods his head, "Yeah... could you imagine what all the fans would
say... other than that we make a good looking couple..." Jericho says softly
as he looks into Trish's soft beautiful eyes.

"Yeah...and to think about all those rumors..." Trish says and then pauses as
she closes her eyes, slowly leaning her head into Jericho and softly kisses
his lips.

Jericho slowly kisses Trish back, pressing his lips against her own as he
opens his mouth a little. Jericho places a hand on top of Trish's hand as
they break the kiss for a moment. "Yeah... the rumors... those alone would
make us... nuts..." Jericho says as he kisses Trish gently. Trish slowly
slips her tongue into Jericho's mouth and begins to presses her tongue down
on Jericho's tongue, massaging his tongue tenderly as she places her soft
hands on his waist and starts to casually pull Jericho's shirt up his body
to remove it. Jericho moans a bit as Trish's tongue caresses his tongue. He
slowly breaks the kiss then lifts his arms up a bit and leans his body in a
way so that Trish can successfully remove his shirt.

Trish places his shirt down on the bed, before placing her gentle hands on
Jericho's solid, rock hard muscular chest. Trish smiles a bit "Damn Chris...
you're pretty hot."

Jericho smiles back at Trish as he feels her hands move on his chest a
little, "Thanks.... and you're very hot..." Jericho says back as he puts his
hands on the sides of Trish's waist in order to start lifting up her white

Trish smiles a bit "Chris...wait..." Trish says as she slightly looks down.

Jericho stops what he's doing, "Ok..." Jericho looks down a bit, "Is
something... wrong?" Jericho asks, thinking Trish is having doubts.

Trish shakes her head and then smiles as she casually pushes herself off of
the bed, sliding down onto her knees "No...I just want to give you...
something special..."

"You do?" Jericho asks a bit surprised as he watches Trish sink down from the
bed to the floor. He places both his hands behind himself and leans back a

Trish nods her head as she licks her lips "Yep...but I think I'm going to
need your help a bit." Trish says with a cute laugh.

Jericho nods his head, "All right... what do you need me to help you with?"
Jericho asks with a smile as he sits up on the bed and places both his hands
on top of his legs as if ready to unbutton his jeans.

" could help out by...taking off those jeans." Trish says with a
cute smile.

Jericho laughs a bit, "Ok... you're wish is my command madam..." Jericho
says as he starts to unbutton and unzip his black jeans. He lifts himself
off the bed a bit so he's able to push the jeans, and the red boxers he has
on underneath it, down his legs. Trish licks her lips as she sits up on her
knees, she tossing back her soft blonde hair as she reaches forward and
gently grips Jericho's cock with her soft, delicate hands.

Jericho moans slightly as Trish adjusts her hold on his shaft as it starts
to rise just by being in Trish's hands. "Mmmm... so this is something special
you're gonna give me.... I like it already..." Jericho smiles as he leans
back on the bed with his hands behind him once more. Trish smiles as she
slowly brings her left hand up Jericho's shaft towards the head of his cock.
Trish gently squeezes the head of Jericho's cock before she leans her head
down and presses the tip of her tongue against the head of Jericho's large

Jericho's body shivers a bit as the gentle pressure Trish is applying to the
very tip of his dick. "Ahhhhh...damn..." Jericho moans vocally as he tilts
his head back for a moment then looks down at Trish. Trish lifts her eyes up,
locking her soft eyes on Jericho as she opens her warm mouth and takes the
head of Jericho's cock into her warm mouth. Trish lowers her head down,
wrapping her soft lips around his shaft and begins to slowly bob her head up
and down as she starts to suck on Jericho's hard cock. "Mmmm... ohhhh god...
Trish..." Jericho moans as his eyes are locked on Trish's head. Whenever
Trish moves her head upward on his shaft, Jericho looks deeply into Trish's
soft beautiful eyes. "Ohhh... Trish... that feels... great..."

Trish gently taps her tongue around Jericho's shaft as she starts to bob her
head quicker on Jericho's cock, taking more of his tasty meaty cock into her
warm, wet mouth. Jericho lays all the way back on the bed and grabs one of
the pillows to put under his head so he can continue to watch Trish.
"Mmmmm... uhhhh baby... ahhh yes..." Jericho groans with pleasure as he feels
Trish's tongue whip against the head of his cock.

Trish slowly lifts her head up from Jericho's cock and smiles up at him "Why
don't you highlight my night, Chris?" Trish says with a laugh as she stands
up from the floor and casually moves onto the bed as she lifts her white
t-shirt off of her body.

Jericho licks his lips after hearing Trish make her cute request, "Oh I
intend too..." Jericho says as he sits up on the bed, turns onto his side and
reaches to unbutton Trish's jeans. Afterward he places his hands on Trish's
waist to have her lay down on the bed so he can start tugging her jeans down
from her hips. Once Jericho has removed Trish's tight fitting jeans, he
slowly pulls down her black thong that she's wearing as well. His eyes trace
over Trish's now naked body and he licks his lips, "Shit... you're... so
fucking hot..."

Trish blushes a bit "Thanks..." Trish says as she slowly spreads her legs
apart giving Jericho a perfect view of her shaven, glamorous pussy.

Jericho licks his lips, "You're welcome... and I think I'll give you a
highlight to remember..." Jericho says as he lays down between Trish's
gorgeous tanned legs and begins to massage the soft lips of her pussy with
his tongue. Jericho raises his eyes to look up at her as he moves his tongue
up and down the pussy gently.

Trish gently grits her teeth as she feels Jericho's tongue slide against her
soft pussy lips "Ohhhh Chris..." Jericho smiles a little as he moves his
tongue in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit with the thumb of his
left hand. As Trish squirms from the skill of his tongue thrusting in and out
of her pussy, Jericho removes it from within her and closes his mouth around
her clit. Just like when Trish was sucking his cock minutes ago, Jericho
softly sucks on her clit while tapping his tongue against it.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and arches her back slightly "Ohhhhh...
shit..." Trish groans as she gently grinds her pussy against Jericho's mouth.

Jericho grabs hold of Trish's waist as he moves his tongue back inside of her
pussy. Pushing it as far in as possible, Jericho moves his tongue around in a
circle as he thrusts it in and out as Trish pushes herself against his face.
Soon enough Jericho lifts his head up from her pussy and smirks, "Mmmm...
damn you taste good..." Jericho says as he licks his lips.

Trish smiles a bit as she narrows her eyes, looking at Jericho lustfully
"Mmmm...Chris...I want you...bad!"

Jericho smirks, "How bad do you want me?" Jericho asks as he moves a bit so
he's kneeling between her legs, with the tip of his cock pressing lightly
against the lips of Trish's warm, moist and waiting pussy.

Trish smiles and grits her teeth slightly as she sits up a bit "Ohhh...I want
you bad...real bad..." Trish pauses and licks her lips "And...I guarantee
100% Stratusfaction."

Jericho nods his head, "Ahhh... ok..." Jericho licks his lips and pushes his
cock into Trish's pussy with an easy thrust. He leans forward and puts his
hands on Trish's shoulders as he begins to pump his large shaft in and out
slowly. Trish lays back completely on the bed and gently wraps her smooth,
shaven and tanned legs around Jericho's waist and begins to grind her pussy
up against Jericho's cock every time he thrusts his cock into her sweet
pussy. "Ahhhh....mmmm...." Jericho moans as he rocks his hips back and forth,
thrusting his cock at a gradually increasing pace. Jericho locks his eyes
with Trish's and licks his lips, "Uhhh...ohhh... Trish... you're...

Trish tilts her head back on the pillow as she feels Jericho's cock thrust
harder into her tight pussy "Ohhh...Chris I'm glad...we're just...friends."
Trish moans as she starts to push herself against Jericho's cock as she
places her hands up onto his strong, muscular arms.

"Me... too..." Jericho grunts as he gives Trish a sharp thrust. The
self-described sexy beast starts to sweat as he drills Trish's tight, moist
pussy while barely keeping himself from going too wild with her. Jericho
lowers his head down and kisses Trish fully on the lips. Trish moves her
hands up Jericho's body until she wraps her arms around Jericho's neck as
she kisses him back, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Trish gradually
rolls herself on top of Jericho and places her hands on his chest when she
lifts her head up, breaking the kiss. The Beauty from Toronto begins to
rock back and forth on Jericho's cock as she starts to ride and bounce on
his stiff prick.

Jericho grinds his teeth together as he puts his hand on Trish's hips, as he
watches the Cutie from Canada bounce up and down on his cock with angelic
grace. Jericho arches his back a bit and thrusts his shaft up into Trish,
giving her a little something extra when she comes down on his cock. Trish
tilts her head back and groans as she slams down hard on Jericho's cock
"Ohhhh...awwww...Chris!" Trish moans as she starts to bounce quicker and
harder on his cock.

Jericho moves his hands from Trish's hips and wraps both of his hand around
Trish's wrists, keeping her hands pinned down on his chest. "Fuck.... ahhh...
ohhh Trish...." Jericho groans as he arches his legs and bucks his hips more
wildly, to pump up into Trish.

Trish grits her teeth when she comes down on Jericho's cock and her sweet,
warm pussy erupts with cum "Ohhhh Chris..." Trish groans.

Jericho bites his tongue as he feels Trish's pussy tighten around his shaft
as her orgasm hits her. "Uhhh... fuck... Trish..." Jericho closes his eyes as
he starts to unleash his cum into Trish's climaxing pussy.

Trish tilts her head back and licks her lips, closing her eyes "Ohhhhh
Chris..." Trish moans as sweat drips off of her tanned, stunning body.

Jericho opens his eyes a bit to look at the sweating, sexy, Stratusfying
beauty, "Trish... I'm... really... glad... we're... just friends..." Jericho
says as he sits up a little to wrap his arms around her.

Trish smiles as she rolls off of Jericho and lays down next to him on bed "Me
too Chris..." Trish blushes a bit.

Jericho smiles as he turns on his side to look at her, "Hard to imagine...
how things would be if we were more than friends?"

Trish presses her lips together and smirks "I bet...every night would be a
highlighting one."

Jericho nods his head, "You'd win that bet..." Jericho smiles, "Cause
everything I do... is a highlight of the night..."


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