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Hold On
by WWE Smutfic

"H-hi John!"

Nikki's voice dripped with honey as she greeted her longtime boyfriend over Skype, despite the little hitch at the beginning of her sentence. "I'm feeling good, shoulder is m-much better. Yea, they're still keeping me locked in a bus, but, hey, at least I'm on the road with everyone."

A small groan escaped her lips at the end of the sentence, and a hand started to push on my shoulder. But, there was no way Paige was unlatching her mouth from Nikki's pussy; it was way too much fun to eat her out when John was on a small screen only a foot from Paige's head.

We were in the back of the bus that Nikki had been traveling on lately. She was nearly ready to get back into the ring post-surgery, so the company wanted her on the road and in the know - but completely out of sight. Paige, being out with injury as well, was tasked with this. People told Paige it was going to be devastatingly hard - but she figured out the right tactic within an hour of sitting with Nikki.

At the moment, she was propped up on the pillows of her bed, which took up almost the entire back room of the bus. Her knees were bent, forearms resting on them as she held her iPad. She wore nothing but a red silk robe, which Paige had snuck under about five seconds into her call.

Paige paid her conversation no mind, nor her protests of trying to push her away. Instead, the British superstar split her slit with her tongue gently, licking up and down her folds before circling around her clit. Once Paige kept a steady rhythm thrumming there, she slipped a finger inside her soaked walls, then another, and started pumping at a painfully slow pace.

Nikki finally pretended someone was knocking on the bus door in order to get off her call.

The iPad fell to the mattress and her hands flew to Paige's head, pushing her face into Nikki's cunt, hard. "Fuck, you're so good at licking my pussy," she hissed, her hips grinding into Paige's head. Their eyes met and she bit her red-stained lip as her head fell back. "Gonna come!" she cried. "Oh god, yea, like that, fuck...." She was lost in a string of undecipherable words as her tan thighs shook around the goth's head and her juices flowed onto her tongue and fingers.

She'd be happy for a couple of hours, at least.

* * *

Nikki was very unhappy when Paige first sat down with her in the midst of a very sterile and new tour bus. Paige tried giving attention to the fact that this bus was all Nikkis' and she should feel so special - but it was to no avail. She was still pouty, whiny. And then Paige realized it had a lot to do with the absence of John and the fact that she was being paired with another woman, one she seemed to find attractive.

She touched Paige a lot, batted her eyelashes, made sexual innuendos. Finally, Paige ended the meeting with, "Just remember I'm here for you Nikki, for whatever you need during this aggravating time. And I really mean for whatever you need." Paige had grabbed her hand at that last bit and gave it a squeeze, then winked. Her lips parted only slightly, but the fire in her eyes was undeniable.

The next time Paige stepped onto the bus when Nikki called, she basically tackled bale girl and drug her to her bed.

Paige received glowing praise from everyone backstage about how well Nikki was behaving.

She's not even trying to leave her trailer and cause a stir.

She seems so happy, even though she's cooped up in there.

What are you doing to her? She's a totally different person!

Oh, if only they knew.

* * *

Finally, their last night together came. They were a little over 24 hours away from Nikki's comeback on TV and were supposed to go out to dinner with a bunch of people, but Nikki had cancelled, citing illness. Paige thought it might just be her nerves....until she walked into the bus.

They were parked for the night, the driver gone into the hotel to rest. Paige had grabbed them some takeout, knowing Nikki needed to eat at least something. Paige was gone all of 15 minutes.

The bus was dark when she got on, except for the light in the back, in her sleeping quarters.

"Nik?" Paige called quietly, in case she may have fallen asleep in my absence.

"Back here," her voice floated from the beckoning light. Paige put their food down on the counter as she walked by, into the narrow hallway that would lead to her room.

The door was open a crack. As she pushed on it, Paige saw first her bare feet and long legs....clothed in black thigh-high garters with lace tops. Said garters were hooked to a belt that sat just at her belly button. She wore no panties, and a bra that was completely see-through. Her nipples were poking out of the sheer material.

"Hi honey," she cooed. She shifted so her ankles were no longer crossed; her knees went up and her legs spread wide. Paige watched her pussy lips slowly part as Nikki did it, and could see wetness gathered there.

"Um..h-hi? I thought you weren't feeling well?"

She giggled. "Oh, I feel just fine. I just know that, after tonight, we're done with our fun." The Bella Twin pouted, and Paige thought Nikki looked the most beautiful she'd ever seen her. "I wanted to thank you for taking care of me all this time."

Paige toed her heels off and started to unzip her jeans. As she was sliding the denim down her ass, Nikki said lightly, "Turn around and do that, please." Paige did as she asked, pulling her underwear down, too, so she could see her pussy from behind. The British native drug her shirt up over her head and unclasped her bra, dropping all of it into the hall, before turning back. Paige raised her eyebrows in question.

"Beautiful," Nikki murmured. Paige started to crawl over to Nikki, but she stopped Paige. Instead, Nikki knelt, the two of them on their knees facing each other. The Bella Twin's hands caressed both of Paige's tits, pinching the nipples. Nikki bent low and nipped at them both, then let her fingers walk down Paige's stomach to her heat. "I said I wanted to thank you," Nikki whispered. "So why don't you lay down for me? I have some presents."

Paige did as she asked, propping herself up on the pillows. Nikki topped Paige's body and kissed her slowly, passionately, grinding her bare pussy on her leg. As Nikki did, she reached underneath the pillows and pulled something out. She licked across Paige's bottom lip before sitting up, hiding whatever she had behind her back.

"We've done so much together this last month," Nikki said. "We've made each other come so hard, and in so many ways. But I realized there was something I haven't had the chance to do to you." She brought her perfectly manicured nails to Paige's cunt and started playing in the wet there. Nikki slid two in and out, in and out. "I haven't really fucked you," she finished, then brandished what was hiding behind her back.

It was a dildo, beige, long, and thick, with balls at the end. Veins lined the shaft. Paige shivered, not having felt anything like a cock in so long.

"Ooo, looks like you want this, huh?" Nikki asked playfully. Paige wordlessly shook her head yes. "Well, you have to get it ready for me, first."

Nikki took her fingers from Paige's pussy and leaned back over, this time dragging the faux cock up the goth's stomach and over her breasts, to her lips. Nikki held the base as she lined the head of it up with Paige's mouth. "Suck it for me, be a good little slut. I know how good you are with pussy, but I want to see what you can do with a dick in your mouth."

Paige parted my lips and Nikki slowly pushed it forward. It took all her effort, but Paige got it in to the tip, her eyes watering, slightly gagging over its girth. Nikki watched her do it intently, squirming on Paige's thigh again. "So pretty," Nikki whispered. "So pretty with a cock in your mouth." She pulled it out and did it twice more, until it was dripping with Paige's spit.

Nikki backed up and slid onto her stomach, her head hovering over Paige's clit. She took the dildo and rubbed it up and down the British native's lips, before finally putting its crown at her hole. As it began to stretch Paige out, Nikki gave her throbbing bud little kitten licks. Paige was starting to sweat, and could feel her walls twitch around the familiar feeling of a cock.

The dildo was halfway in, and Paige's body was adjusting quickly to its size. She moaned as Nikki twisted it back and forth, its head pressuring Paige's sweet spot.

"Am I doing ok?" Nikki asked innocently.

"Yes, baby," Paige breathed. "This feels so good."

"Do you want it nice and slow? Or should I..." Nikki didn't wait for an answer, just shoved the rest of it in my dripping pussy to the hilt, making Paige yelp.

"Ah, fuck, Nikki!"

"Yes?" She pulled it out slowly.

"Faster," Paige panted. "More, please."

She shoved it back in, pulled it out. Again, and again, fucking Paige quickly, deeply. And then she pulled it out.

"Get on your hands and knees," Nikki commanded. As Paige did, Nikki leaned over the side of the bed to reach for something else. It was a harness, one Paige could see the cock was going to fit snuggly into.

Nikki fitted it to her body with the dick, it jutting proudly from her hips. Paige wiggled her ass back at Nikki and she smiled. Nikki lined it up with Paige's pussy and shoved in, unkindly, eliciting another yelp from her.

"Don't you like it?" Nikki asked, knowing she did, railing away at her pussy. Nikki's tiny hands gripped Paige's ass, smacked it twice. "Don't you like it when I fuck your pussy like this, my little whore?"

"I-I do, oh god, Nik, I do. You're gonna make me come!"

"All over my cock, then, come for me! Rub yourself, baby, rub your clit." Paige reached back and did just that, the final sensation to make her explode, body shaking as Nikki kept on, sinking the cock in deep as she came around it.

Nikki pulled out and grabbed Paige's hair, yanking her upward. "Now clean it," Nikki growled in her ear. Paige turned and bent low, taking it into her mouth once again, tasting herself. When Paige was done Nikki captured her face with her hands and kissed her deeply. "God, I'm going to miss the way you taste."

Nikki stood and pulled the harness down, unhooked the cock, and threw it at Paige. She chucked the harness to the floor.

"Oh, do you want it now?" Paige teased. She pulled Nikki to her by the garter belt, then spun and flung Nikki to the sheets. Paige reached around and unsnapped her bra, and Nikki worked it off her arms, her beautiful tits popping free.

Paige dove her face between them, dropping the dildo so she could squeeze them both as she licked her nipples. Paige worked her way down Nikki's stomach and over the garter belt, then grabbed Nikki's legs and shoved them up so her knees touched her chest. Paige toyed at Nikki's nether lips with her tongue, getting Nikki just slick enough, before dipping lower and licking her asshole.

"Ughh, god, yes!" Nikki cried, writhing under Paige's touch. The Bella Twin absolutely loved ass play.

"I'll fuck you with this," Paige said, muffled from between Nikki's cheeks. "But I also want to use the one toy we do have while I do it." Paige looked up to see Nikki's eyes widen, her mouth in a soft "o."

"Really?" Nikki asked breathlessly, almost like Paige was gifting her with the greatest present of all. Paige shook her head yes and licked Nikki's tight hole once more before going to the side table at the bed. Paige pulled out a tiny glass plug with a diamond on the end.

Paige crawled back between her legs and Nikki picked them up on her own this time, holding them so she was open wide. Paige worked the plug into her ass; Nikki moaned the whole time, and Paige could see the muscles flexing around it. Paige twisted it back and forth, pushed and pulled on it a little, and Nikki was nearly bucking from the motion.

"More," The Bella Twin whined. "Give me all of it, now!"

Paige picked the dildo back up and licked its head, eyes locked with Nikki as she did. "Yes," Nikki said breathily. She clearly had missed cock, too. "Yes, please baby, fuck me with it."

Paige slipped it inside her pussy slowly, relishing the look on Nikki's face as it filled her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as it bottomed out. Paige pulled it out, then proceeded to relentlessly pound her cunt until she was screaming.

"Yes, FUCK YES, oh my GOD!" Nikki let go of her legs and tangled her hands in Paige's hair. Paige put her tongue to Nikki's bud, pulsing presses to it, and she lost it.

Nikki was screaming, shaking. Paige used her free hand to press the plug into her ass more. "You fucking dirty whore!" Nikki yelled. "Oh my god, fuck yes, you know how to treat my pussy and my ass, oh my god. Please don't fuckin' stop, don't stop!"

Nikki came again; the sheets below Paige were soaked. The British native pulled the plug out quickly, then slowly slid the dick away; it was covered when it came free of Nikki's pussy. "Look at me," Paige demanded, and Nikki did, through hooded eyes. Paige licked the dildo clean with her watching, then ran her tongue up Nikki's slit again, causing her to clamp her legs shut and roll on her side.

"Fuck, no more, I just can't," Nikki panted. Paige gave her ass a smack and settled in behind her, spooning her.

"That's a better present to me," Paige said quietly, "making you come like that."

Nikki wiggled back into my body so we were touching as much as we could be. "I don't want you to go," The Bella Twin said.

"You know, I'm still going to be yours whenever you need me," Paige replied. "You just have to call, or text."

Nikki rolled to face Paige and captured her lips in a sweet kiss. "Really?"

"Yes, baby."
"Good." Nikki kissed her more forcefully, then rolled so she was on top. She bit at Paige's lips and said, "Because I bought another one of those that's much bigger, and I wanna make you ride it."


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