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Holla, If Ya Hear Me - The Story Of A Super Freak
by Dr. Blasphemy (

Stephanie McMahon was just elated as the limo pulled out of the statium, that
hosted that week's Raw event, in Austin, Texas. She had once again gotten the
upper hand against her rival General Manager Eric Bischoff by stealing away
the most indemand free agent in sports-entertainment the legendary "Big Poppa
Pump" Scott Steiner right out from under his nose. The best part was that all
it took to was one simple thing Eric would never be able to offer him, a "no
holes barred" night with the "Billion Dollar Princess."

The Smackdown! brand manager licked her lips in anticipation for the pleasure
not to far to come as she eyed the perfect specimen of manhood beside her.
It had been such a long time since she had been with a man, namely Triple H,
that even the sight of the simplist muscle flex of Steiner's bare chested
body and massive arms made her pussy twitch, aching to be filled. She wanted
him so bad that the only thing mantraing through her mind was, -Should I take
his cock right here and now in the limo or show some professionalism and
restrain myself until we reached she hotel room?-

That question was finally answered when Scott announced, "I can sense you
want a piece of the 'Big Bad Booty Daddy' just like all my other freaks, so
why don't give yourself a little appetizer and get a taste of my highest

Stephanie blushed in embaressment knowing what he meant, but mostly for the
fact of how vocal Steiner was to the point that surely the limo driver must
have clearly heard him. Her mental focus instantly changed when he grabbed
her delicate hand in his and placed it on the crotch of his tight, black
jeans. She almost swooned as she felt Steiner's bulge come to life. -My
God, he's huge!- she thought, -Much larger than Hunter and he's not even
completely hard yet.-

She gave Steiner a confirming squeeze and a smile before getting into
position on her knees kneeling between his legs. Stephanie then begens
to tease him by caressing his manhood and balls through his jeans with
her hands before finally unbuckling his belt. She then unbuttons the
clasp exposing the zipper, which she then takes in her teeth and slowly
pulls it down giving her access to the prize inside. Stephanie followed
up this action by grabbing his dark denim and pulled it down peeling it
off Steiner's fit body like a banana releasing the beast held within.
His cock sprung forth taking a wild swing at Stephanie's head barely
missing before resting against his rock hard abs with a slap.

Stephanie looked at Steiner's tool in awe. It was thicker than thick,
unhumanly long, going past his belly button, with protruding veins and
plum sized balls hanging below it. -It can't be real,- she thought as
she timidly touched the angry member with her finger not believing what
she was seeing. As it did so, Steiner flexed his plevic muscles to make
it jerk causing her to reel back in surprise and laughed at her shocked

"That's not funny," Stephanie complained getting upset.

She wrapped a hand around his stalk by the base, not even coming close to
encircling it, and pointed it true North. She then rested an elbow on his
pelvis to meassure it. Her eyes went wide in realization that Steiner's
cock was longer than her forearm.

Knowing she had to do what she had to do, Stephanie quickly took off
her leather jacket for the hard workout to come. Steiner requested for
her to also remove her top to see her magnificently huge tits. She did
as he commanded releasing her creamy white breasts from her black top
and matching boulder holder. Steiner palmed one mound in each hand and
squeezed them causing her to moan before releasing them.

With nothing more to block the inevitible, Stephanie brought her face
over to his ever ready tool and opened her mouth wide. Steiner's cock head
entered her mouth stretch her lips around it's girth. To Stephanie it felt
like she just stuft a fist inside the way her jaw strained past it's limit.
As she finally became accustomed to his mass, she slowly began to bob her
head up and down taking in as much as possible until it hit the back of her
thoat. Sadly, Shephanie could only take a paltry lenght getting less than
half of Steiner's prick, which was quite a disappointment to her with the
way she prided herself in her cock sucking abilities. She was able to deep
throat her ex's big cock with ease, but Steiner's was a whole new animal
forcing her take it as deep as possible choke fuck it.

"Don't you worry, Steph. By the time I'm through with you, you'll be able
to able to take all of the Big Bad Booty Daddy!" he promised with a grin.

She soon moved on by starting lick down the underside of his staff down to
his heavy balls. Stephanie then placed her mouth between them tea bagging
her mouth and nose smothering herself for a few seconds before juggling
his nuts with her tongue. Once that was done, she sucked a ball to her
lips with a vacuum seal and then pulled on it until the it couldn't hold
popping free. Repeating the process, she did to it's twin giving it equal
enjoyment. Then just when Steiner thought Stephanie did all her tricks,
she inserted an index into his asshole.

"Goddamn, girl!" Steiner cried in enjoyment.

She responded with her trademark evil grin before extracting her stinky
digit and put it into her mouth sucking it clean. Stephanie then brought
her breasts into play and placed them around his saliva coated cock
almost burying it completely. Craddling a mound in each hand she began
to move her bounce her body up and down using long strokes. With his
cock head butting into her pointy chin she took the opportunity to pivot
her head down and open her mouth to let it pop inside with every motion.

Steiner was in complete heaven from the feel of her soft mammary cocoon and
he still hadn't had a taste of her poontang pie. Stephanie wasn't lying when
she stated she was a super freak that's for sure.

The Billon Dollar Princess could sense Steiner couldn't hold out much
longer and started to milk his horse cock rapidly with both hands. Within
moments Steiner moaned out in orgasmic release shooting a huge load into
Stephanie's wide open awaiting mouth. Shot upon shot of creamy slime landed
on target only to disappear down her gullet. She just couldn't get enough
of Steiner's sause as it began to wain and clamped her lips round his tip
to suck the tap dry.

Without warning the limo pulled into the main entrance of the hotel Steiner
was staying at. The two got dressed as quick as possible with Stephanie only
being able to put on her jacket to cover her huge breasts while having to
stuff her shirt and bra in the pockets before the driver opened the door.

After a quick elevator ride the duo then made their way to his Eric Bischoff
complimentory penthouse suite. Stephanie was so horny, she couldn't wait to
get the party started. As the front door opened, she rushed her way inside
tossing off her jacket releasing her tits once again. She then took a hold
of Steiner's jeans and guided him over to the couch. "Take me, Scott. Do
whatever you want with me, I don't care. Tonight I'm your whore," she begged
as she laid back on it spreading her long sexy legs to expose her damp,
flaring pussy under her blue mini-skirt.

He didn't have to be told twice. Steiner got down on his knees and tore off
her remaining clothes before burying his face into her hot, shaved pussy.
Spreading her meaty lips wide with his fingers, he jabbed his tongue deep
into her pink interior causing Stephanie to squeal in ecstasy. She couldn't
remember the last time she had been eaten out making this experience seem
like it was her first time.

Steiner worked over Stephanie's cunt like a starving man at an all you can
eat buffet the way he lapped up her sweetness. He proceeded to work on her
folds with his mouth sucking and nipping at them with his teeth while his
fingers played with her aroused clit. Then he began to prepare her for his
manhood by inserting two fingers up to the third knuckle deep inside her
pussy getting them nice and slick. Loosening her up with his finger-fucking
he continued by adding a third and then a fourth digit into her straining

Stephanie released a long husky groan of pleasure, that sounded like she
riding down a bumpy road, the way his blade-like hand thrust in and out of
her at a lightning's pace. Her body was riding on the crest of orgasm the
way Steiner's finger tips massaged her g-spot to the point that she finally
couldn't hold on any longer. "Oh my God! I'm cumming!" she warned as her
body began to buck uncontrolibly.

As she rode her pleasure ride, Steiner continued his handy work enjoying
the feel of his fingers getting crushed by her velvet vice while her juices
flowed out from around it. Feeling that her orgasm was starting to ebb, he
withdrew his hand causing the nectar trapped inside to escape making a large
puddle on the sofa cushion. Steiner for a few moments looked over his handy
work at the already sexually satisfied female General Manager as he licked
the tips his fingers of her sweetness with a smile.

With Stephanie now ready for phase two Steiner disrobed letting his rock
hard monster out of it's cage. Not giving her a moment to recover he
grabbed her by the thighs and roughly jerking her body towards him. Now
firmly in between her spread legs he guickly aimed his throbbing cock
torwards her pinkness and pressed his cockhead against the fuffy folds.
Then before she knew what hit her, a mentally unprepared Stephanie was
penetrated down to the hilt by the wrestler's hogleg, which felt like a
punch in the stomach the way it entered her with such force. The only
thing she was able to be do was release a loud exhale.

Steiner ignored her reaction and continued by hooking her legs by his
shoulders folding Stephanie in half and causing her ass to raise as he
leaned into her. Now face to face he then ground his pelvis into her's
to let her tight slot get use to his manhood for a few seconds before
plowing into it like a jackhammer with long strokes. Stephanie costaintly
cried out in pleaureable pain as she felt the hot friction against her
soft walls while his prick banged against the ceiling of her womb.

Then with his free hand Steiner inserted three of his fingers into her mouth
to mute her whales and taste what was left of herself. As her mouth sucked
on his digits he promised, "Tonight slut, I'm gonna to fuck all your holes

For the next ball ass slapping, huge tit jiggling 15 minutes Big Papa Pump
plowed her hole for all it was worth before he finally became bored with
the position. He then spun his living, breathing fuckdoll onto her knees
letting her to rest her elbow on the couch without having his cock leave her
warm cave. Steiner continued to punder her from behind with a firm hold of
asscheek in each hand when an idea came to mind. Not losing a stroke, he
reached over and removed his belt from his pants. He then halfed it before
swatting her the ass with a loud "SMACK!"

"Ahhh!!!" Stephanie screamed out in surprise as the first blow began to welt.

"You love it when you get your ass whipped, don't you slut?" Steiner asked
before letting the strap connect with her ass again.

"YES!" she gushed as it hit, "Beat my ass, I've been a bad little slut!"

He did as he was told alternating between fucking her and whipping her plump
ass over and over giving it a nice rosey glow, that was starting to become
hot to the touch. After over 20 smacks he ended it with one extra hard swat
causing her to yelp in pain and orgasm once again. He then yanked her in off
the couch by her hair sweat dampened hair and looked into Stephanie's tears
of joy soaked eyes and kissed her roughly. She accepted his probing tongue
inside her mouth to let it dance with her own causing her to moan in
pleasure. Then just as Stephanie was really getting into it, Steiner suddenly
broke the embrace leaving her not quite satisfied.

"I hear you love to take it up the ass. Is that true?" he whispered into her
ear in a seductive tone.

"Yes," she responded passionately, "I love getting fucked up my ass. I can
never get enough."

"Do want me to fuck you up the ass?"

"YES, FUCK IT!" she demanded before playfully biting down on his lower lip.

"Show me how bad you want it."

Steiner then released her lockes and pushed her back down onto the couch. He
then extracted his monster cock from her pussy, which clasped around it so
tight that the lips stretched looking like it didn't want to let it go. When
his bulbous cockhead finally popped free a resevior of her juices, that were
trapped inside from the perfect seal, rushed out like a dam break from her
gapping hole. With his cock now not buried deep inside her, Stephanie's body
felt hollow like a chocalate Easter bunny.

To get over her loss as quick as possible Stephanie put a hand on each butt
cheek and spread them leaving her greasey asshole unprotected for the taking.
She then went to the next level, which proved once and for all she was all
the super freak she claimed herself to be, when her rosebud started to bloom.
From being banging up the ass so many times Stephanie had excellent control
of her sphinter muscles to open it up on command. "So is this proof enough
foir you?" she said looking over her shoulder with a naughty smile.

Steiner was indeed impressed. In fact very much so. It was rare to find a
girl with this talent. He then brought his face in for a closer look at her
deep chasm and released a large dollop of spit, that disappeared into the
dark abyss of her rectum, causing Stephanie to coo as she felt it's warm
wetness hit her insides. He continued by pressing his knob into her awaiting
asshole stretching it to twice it's circumference locking it into place. He
followed this by grabbing her by the hips and rotating their positions, so
he was now lying in the couch with her cradled high above him.

With Stephanie now on top and in control, she planted her feet on his thighs
to stablize herself and began to swivel her hips to get her anus use to the
member's girth. Getting somewhat comfortible, she then hunkered down and
slowly proceeded to impale herself. Her face grited in pain as her bowels
expanded to accommodate it. Reaching it's halfway point, she bravely pistoned
her butt onto Steiner's rock hard prick using long strokes. With each motion
the cock seems to gain more ground disappearing deeper and deeper into
Stephanie's asshole to sometimes cause nasty fart sounds to erupt from the
trapped air in her ass forcibly being pushed out from the lack of space.

All of her effort finally paid off as her ass reached bottom to meet his
pelvis. Steiner let Stephanie's body lay on his as she ground her hips into
his. With his hands now free, he grabbed one of his rider's mighty silver
dollared mounds in each hand squeezing them as his thumbs rubbed her dark
erect nipples. Stephanie in the meantime worked on her pussy finger fucking
it just the way Steiner did eariler with her thumb attacking her clit. Since
her hand was much smaller there was still some room to spare, so she tucked
in her thumb and inserted her whole fist inside herself.

Instantly Stephanie began to cry out in extreme pleasure constantly moaning
like an air raid alarm from this unique double penetration. She could feel
each thrust of Steiner's hardness through the thin rubbery barrier that
seperated her ass from her pussy. She was in high heaven reaching a new
heights of pleasure she never thought possible until she finally couldn't
take it any more and came like a woman possessed. "OHHH, GOOOODDDDD!!!" she
wailed as her body bucked and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Steiner held on to the convulsing General Manager as her body clamped down
on his buried cock, which continued to pound her rectum. Her spasming anal
muscle were becoming too much or him so he warned, "Stephanie, I'm going to

Barely coherent she requested, "Come in my ass!"

And so he did thrusting as much as possible deep into her backdoor like he
was giving her a spinal tap. Grunting out, he shot his his load deep into
her ass. Stephanie could feel hot spurt after spurt coat her insides filling
her tank with his precious liquid. As the last shot exited his tap, Steiner
rolled Stephanie over on her side pulling out his ever hard erection leaving
her back passage as wide open as he left her vagina. The collection of cum
could be easily seen inside as it began to leak out of the irising close

The cum crazed Stephanie then removed her hand from her pussy and placed it
behing herself under her anus cupping it. Then with all her might she pushed
the chunky goo out along with some excess gas collecting the tainted man
sause in her palm. Being sure not to spill any she carefully sat up and
poured the beige slime into her mouth gluping it down tasting the mixture
of her and Steiner's juices along with a dash of her stink with a satisfying,

Unlike Stephanie, Steiner wasn't quite finished and said, "I think it's time
for that lesson I pormised you. Spin around so your head hangs off the edge
of the couch and open your mouth."

Stephanie obeyed getting into the requested angle. The wrestling then moved
in and placed his unclean rod at her oral openning inserting it to the back
of her throat stretching out her lips. She could taste her stink more clearly
since his tool came straight from the source. It was a more foul, but she
didn't mind.

"Ok, know relax your throat," Steiner said as he guided his prick down her

His cock slowly pried it's way down her neck causing a noticible bulge to
appear like when the devil entered Regan's body in The Exorcist to mark
it's progress. Stephanie let out a muffed moan of worry as she felt her
last remaining openning expand beyond anything that she'd swallowed before.
Wider and wider her lips expanded and her jaw began to ache as his balls
came closer to her upside-down face. All she could do was close her eyes
and take it. Her took her mind off the pain thinking how this one small
sacriface would be profitible in the long run with Steiner under the
Smackdown banner.

With her mind focused elsewhere it wasn't long before she felt something
rest against her face. She opened her eyes to see Steiner's big balls
hanging blocking her view. She couldn't believe it, she took all of
Steiner's monster cock down her throat. But before she could celebrate he
bagan to fuck Stephanie's mouth making his balls slap against her face
repeatedly. She could feel every inch of his veiny cock against the walls
of her throat as it rutting her for all it was worth as her face became a
salival mask made of her own spit.

When Stephanie thought she couldn't take anymore, Steiner shot his load
once again making a direct deposit into her stomach. He then immediately
pulled out with her throat, which let out a loud nasty slurping sound,
leaving his finally pleased and softening prick clean and buried under a
coat of her mouth lube.

As he sat back to rest he said, "Damn, Stephanie! You are undenyibly a
freak above all all others. A legitiment grade A super freak."

"You better believe it," Stephanie started to say while wiping her face
clean with a smile, "and there always more where that came from if you're
brave enough."

To be continued???
_ _ _

As you can see, I left an opening where essentially Stephanie and Steiner
could fuck until dawn. I have more than enough ideas to make this go even
further down into the depths of perversity, so if I get enough good replies
I'll continue it after I finish up some other projects.

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