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Holly Is Hardcore
by Duke Atreides (

The taping had went well for Smackdown! He had wrestled Suzuki to a double DQ
but they put on a helluva show for the fans. Now it was late and most of the
wrestlers and crew had left the stadium. Hardcore Holly wasn't in the mood to
rush out and hit the club scene. His mind was on that fine piece of ass, Dawn
Marie. She was bending over - that shapely ass sticking up in the air,
adjusting her boot laces, when Hardcore walked by. Those perfectly rounded
cheeks were just sitting out there. It took everything he had not to run his
hand over them. Even worse, Dawn Marie caught him staring hard at her.

Letting the steaming hot water wash over him, Hardcore closed his eyes and
he could see with such clarity Dawn Marie's wonderful ass atop those shapely
legs. He had always taken notice of her - even when Dawn Marie was in ECW.
How could anyone forget the famous spanking incident? Nothing against Sunny
but he would've given his left nut to spank Dawn Marie. Her ass would have
been sore for a completely different reason.

Thinking no one was left in the locker room, Hardcore decided to forego
wrapping the towel around himself when he went back to his locker. He never
saw them standing off in the far corner, watching him, their mouths watering
at the sight of his chiseled body and the long, flaccid cock hanging between
his legs. Dawn Marie thought she had seen everything extreme at the old ECW
Arena in South Philly. Jackie Gayda's mouth parted slightly as her tongue
licked her ruby red lips at the thought of taking all that cock down her
throat. Was she tough enough, she wondered. Sable had heard the rumors but
she thought Molly and Trish were just exaggerating.

Hardcore reached up to take something down when Dawn Marie cleared her

"Glad to see you're still here, Bob," the brunette beauty said.

He turned, his long cock slapping against his thigh, to see all three huddled
in the corner. Hardcore smirked when Sable took a deep breath making her full
and plump breasts strain against her white one piece cat suit. He smirked
seeing the wet stain at the vee of her legs. Not impressed by their boldness
or ashamed of his nakedness Hardcore turned back to his locker.

Dawn Marie took a bold step forward, "I saw you looking at me before I went
out to the ring."

Hardcore cocked his head a little, another smirk washing across his face.

"What can I say? You've got a great ass," he confessed.

Hardcore turned back again to hang up his towel.

"You know you want to fuck my ass, Bob," Dawn Marie teased.

"Yeah...yours and Jasmin St. Clair's."

Dawn Marie took another step closer, feeling her underwear growing damp and
rubbing against her pouty pussy. She had heard the backroom rumors about how
he was the only man that could master Chyna. Not even Triple H could satisfy
Chyna the way Hardcore would do after every Smackdown! taping.

"Is that why you're here, Dawn? You want me to fuck you in the ass?" Hardcore

Dawn Marie's cheeks flushed red. She was glad he didn't turn around. She shot
a nervous glance back at Jackie and Sable. They both egged her on.

"I don't know. The only man that could really do a good job of bending me
over was the Franchise," she informed him. "Could you do better?"

Hardcore turned to her, a serious look on his face, "He can't even carry my

Dawn Marie's cheeks flushed crimson red again as Hardcore took a step towards
her. She actually felt her knees weaken a little. Her heart was pounding a
crazy beat in her ears. Seeing her momentarily shaken Hardcore moved even
closer, his cock swaying a little and brushing against Dawn Marie's bare
thigh. She felt a thin stream of juice sliding down the inside of her thigh.

"You really want it, don't you?" Hardcore asked her, barely loud enough for
Jackie and Sable to hear it. "You can feel it opening your tight little ass
right now, don't you?"

Dawn Marie nodded once, completely unabashed at wanted to feel his rock hard
cock in her every orifice.

"I'll gladly give you the best fucking of your life if Jackie can deep throat

Dawn Marie looked back at Jackie as the vivacious blond brought her hand to
her mouth. He was big - even soft Hardcore was a handful. Before she could
thing about it Hardcore had moved past Dawn Marie and with confident strides
went to Jackie. She tried to back up but bumped into the wall. Once in front
of her, he looked over at Sable who had unconsciously started playing with a
hardening nipple. Not certain what to do, she backed away as Hardcore bought
his gaze to bear on Jackie. Her breathing was heavy with anticipation. Not
giving her a chance to say no he placed a hand on her shoulder to push her to
knees. With no resistance Jackie was kneeling on the ground staring directly
at his cock. She looked over at Dawn Marie. Jackie saw that Dawn Marie wanted
her to do her best to suck that cock deep. Dawn Marie nodded as she ran a
hand down in between her thighs.

Taking him into her hands she was about to take it into her mouth when -

"No hands - just your mouth."

Jackie, not wanting to, let go and placed her hands against his muscular
thighs. Craning her head forward she took the head into her mouth. Feeling it
pass over her lips onto her tongue Jackie felt a rush of excitement. Taking
yet more of it into her mouth, she noticed his cock started to stiffen. It
was by no means an easy task to keep his massive member in her mouth. She
looked up to see Dawn Marie looking at her; her eyes begging Jackie to take
it all. Jackie tried to relax and take more of it but to no avail. Hardcore
was too much for her. Watching, Sable moved forward and brushed Jackie's hair
back, telling her she could do it. She was, after all, a WWE Diva. Jackie
tried to take more of it down her throat but this was Bob "Hardcore" Holly -
not Maven. It was now obvious to her why Stephanie was always seen coming out
of his locker room after the tapings. Choking on the length of his cock,
Jackie backed off letting it fall out of mouth.

"No, Jackie!" Dawn Marie cried feeling her sphincter spasm.

"What's the matter, little girl? Too much cock for a Raw girl?" Hardcore

Someone had to deep throat the man! If she had to take it upon herself and
get it done, then so be it! Sable then got down on her knees and leaned
forward when Hardcore's strong hand stopped her from moving forward, "I said

Dejected, Sable backed away. Hardcore looked down at Jackie.

"Your buddy is counting on you. Dawn Marie wants this in her ass in the worst

Jackie looked from Hardcore to his glistening twelve inch cock pointed
directly at her. Placing her hands back on his thighs, she opened her mouth
wide and stuck out her tongue as she moved forward. Little girl! She would
show him what a little girl could do. It still wasn't easy but she managed
to get eight inches into her mouth.

"You can do it," Dawn Marie purred into Jackie's ear.

Jackie took a deep breath and pushed her head a little further. She could
feel her gag reflexes starting to kick in as she took Hardcore another inch
deeper. Relaxing herself, Jackie managed to go a little bit further. She
looked up at him. He had his hands on his hips and a lurid smile across his

"You're almost there, little Raw girl. Don't let Dawn Marie down now."

Jackie closed her eyes and took another deep breath before using her lips
to pull more of Hardcore's rock hard shaft down her throat. She was almost

"Damn." Sable moaned.

The Tough Enough winner pushed just a little more until she felt her lips
pressing against his pubic hair. She had done it!!! Dawn Marie was elated
and wanted to jump for joy. She figured she wouldn't have that much of a
hard time taking Hardcore in her ass like Jackie did trying to take it
down her throat. She would find out in a few minutes. In heady expectation
Dawn Marie pulled off her shorts and panties in one swift motion.

"Don't let go just yet!" Hardcore warned. "Let me enjoy this for a few

Placing one hand behind her head and cupping it, Hardcore started moving his
hips back and forth making his massive member slide in and out of Jackie's
hungry mouth. The way he fucked her faced was so masterful. She didn't fight
it but just stayed there and let herself enjoy it. This went on for minutes,
her mouth a pleasure source for the hardcore legend. Suddenly he stopped and
pulled it out. Upset at first, Jackie looked up at him, "Will you let me
taste your cum?"


Hardcore moved away as Dawn Marie started to bend over. She wanted it right
then, right there. When nothing happened, Dawn Marie looked back to see
Hardcore standing there with that magnificent cock standing at full mast.

Instead of going to Dawn Marie Hardcore turned to Sable. A gasp of surprise
escaped her. Approaching the legendary Diva Hardcore didn't stop until his
prick was rubbing up against Sable.

"You said if Jackie deep throated you, you would fuck Dawn Marie," Sable
reminded him.

"I'm changing the rules."

Hardcore took Sable's arm into his hand and turned her around to face the
wall. Running his other hand down her tight ass cheeks, he kept on over the
wet spot until he felt her pulsating pussy. Taking the material in his hand
Hardcore ripped it open to expose Sable's sticky, wet cunt. Surprised at his
animal actions, Sable - against her own will - spread her legs to allow him
better access.

"I'm no Johnny B. Badd but I think you'll appreciate this."

Before Sable could comprehend what he was talking about, she felt the head
of his hard, hard cock pushing past her pussy lips up into her. In one quick,
strong motion the whole length of his cock was sheathed in her tight pussy.
Feeling her cheeks pushing into him Sable steadied herself by propping her
hands up against the wall. Molly and Trish weren't kidding when they told her
that Hardcore should have been a porn star and not a pro wrestler. The way he
started working that wonderful cock in and out of her with steady, strong
strokes she knew it wouldn't be long before she would cum all over that horse
cock he used to fuck her happy. It was wonderful as she begged him to fuck
her and to fuck her harder. The perks of being a WWE Diva! She was a few
minutes from cumming but it sped up when Hardcore reached around and placed a
few fingers against her pearl hard clit.

Bucking back up against him, it was only a matter of seconds before Sable's
pussy spasmed and tightened around his cock. Just when she couldn't take it
anymore, several explosions rippled throughout her entire body. Her juices
coated the length of his cock and started to smear his entire groin area.
She had had orgasms before but never on that magnitude - not even when
Torrie ate her out during the Playboy shoot.

Just as quickly as he put it in her, Hardcore pulled his still erect shaft
out of her still spasming pussy. He turned to see Jackie set back against the
wall with her hands down in between her legs, furiously fingering herself to
climax. A glassy eyed looked told how much she enjoyed watching Hardcore
fucking Sable. He looked over at Dawn Marie standing there awed at how well
he serviced Sable. Taking a moment to gather herself, Dawn Marie went over to
the bench and kneeled down in front of it. She placed her ass up in the air
and leaned over the bench. Spreading her legs she invited Hardcore to fuck
her. Taking his cock in hand Hardcore went over to Dawn Marie and knelt over
her. His massive, muscled body blanketed her as with one motion he filled the
ECW Queen's tight, tight pussy. He barely got it all in tight as she was. But
he was Hardcore Holly. She could take it all and handle it all. Placing a
hand on her hip, Hardcore enjoyed himself immensely. He had broken Linda
Miles in. He had broken Torrie Wilson in. Once he even had the pleasure of
fucking Linda McMahon. She may have been older but she enjoyed a good piece
of cock. But Dawn Marie! Damn she tight and hot and wet! Apparently the
"Franchise" didn't have what it took to satisfy a woman like Dawn Marie
because in a short course of a few minutes, Dawn Marie came three times. Her
pussy juices mingling with Sable's all over his dick. Her limp body being
held up by the bench as Hardcore kept plowing that big dick in and out of
her, over and over again.


Dawn Marie simply nodded. Hardcore pulled out then placed the head against
that tan eye winking up at him. He pressed against it, feeling her asshole
yielding uneasily at such a large intruder. Pushing with one hard stroke
Hardcore was balls deep in Dawn Marie's even tighter ass. All the breath
left Dawn Marie's body as Sable and Jackie watched in amazement. Her ass
was stretched beyond limit as Dawn Marie couldn't believe how stuffed she
felt. She began to perceive how big Hardcore was as he sawed in and out of
her ass. Dawn Marie felt the cool air of the locker room hitting her spread
pussy as his big dick kept moving in and out of her. Placing his hands on
her shoulders Hardcore repositioned himself to allow him an even better
angle to work that ass. It was such an experience to Dawn Marie she had
another orgasm. This time the juices slid down her legs making her thighs
glisten under the fluorescent lights. Working his dick in and out of her,
enjoying the tightness of her ass, Hardcore felt it boiling deep down inside
him. He was about to cum. That tight ass was trying to milk it out of him.
He didn't care. He got what he wanted: that Dawn Marie ass!

Standing up after pulling his dick out of her ass with a popping sound that
filled the room Hardcore traversed the short distance between himself and
Jackie. Standing over her, he jerked his hand up and down the length of it.

"You wanted to taste Hardcore cum. Get ready."

Jackie sat up and got on her knees then opened her mouth, wanting to taste
it so bad. The first stream landed in her mouth filling it with warm, sticky
cum. Closing it Jackie assumed that was all of it. She was wrong. Another
long stream of cum landed across her lips. Trying to lick it up, she was
spill cum to her dismay. A third thick stream landed across nose and closed
her left eye. He wasn't done! A fourth stream stained her cheeks and served
to further close her eye. A fifth and final stream landed squarely on the
center of her face. Jackie's face was a masterpiece of cum. Sable reached up
and squeezed his cock forcing out a few more tears of cum onto her fingers
which she promptly licked off not wanting to waste a drop of the precious

Walking back to his locker, he simply said, "That's why they call me
`Hardcore' Holly."

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