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Holy Porno Shoot, Hurricane!
by Innovator of Awesomeness

It was the Wednesday after the WWF's last PPV, Survivor Series. Vince
McMahon sat in his office, smiling devilishly. He had called upon two of the
Alliance's most unappreciated ladies, Molly Holly and Ivory, a few minutes
ago and received a buzz from his secretary.

"Mr. McMahon, Molly and Ivory are here," the voice rang in over the

"Send them in," Vince replied with a chuckle.

Moments later, the office door swings open and both ladies enter. Their
faces are filled with confusion, but it mostly covered their despair. In this
business, having the owner of the company personally call you into his office
meant something was seriously wrong and out of the ordinary.

"Take a seat," Vince offers the women, directing them to two red polyester
chairs that sit in front of his desk. Molly and Ivory abide, taking their
respective seats.

"Ladies..." he starts off, crossing his feet and placing them on the edge
of his desk. "I have to ask you this. Are you two friends? I mean, are you
two close friends?"

"Of course," Ivory replies, wrapping her arm around Molly's neck and
pulling her in for an embrace. "We're like sisters."

Vince releases a maniacal laugh that dismembers the warm embrace between
the two lovely divas.

"Excellent," he comments. "Ladies, I'm going to be frank. Survivor Series
marked the end of the Alliance. No longer will superstars from that faction
be allowed on WWF Television, unless, of course, he/she holds a WWF title...
which, neither of you two seem to have."

Molly and Ivory sigh heavily, resting their heads in the palms of their

"So, tonight's house show... will be your last." Vince leans back in his
chair, smiling broadly.

Together, the ladies raise their head in dismay. This couldn't be
happening. This cocky son of a bitch was suddenly taking their dream job
away. Vince retained his mile-long smile throughout the entire ordeal.

"You know, I have half a mind to stand up and..." Ivory starts.

"Unless..." Vince breaks in. Ivory settles down and with Molly, inches
closer to the desk.

"You two agree to something for me," Vince continues. He wanders his eyes
over both young ladies.

"Anything!" Molly hollers, intertwining her fingers together. "Please,
Vince... I need this job. We need our jobs."

Vince releases another sickening laugh. "You ladies are going to be making
a porno film."

"WHAT?!" the ladies reply simultaneously.

"You two want your jobs?" he asks, looking both ladies in their eyes.
Their heads fall, almost in sheer weakness of McMahon's authority. Silence
consumes the room for a good thirty-seconds.

"Who is going to see this tape?" Ivory finally speaks up. Molly glances
over at her with a look of complete shock. Ivory shrugs.

"For now, just me," Vince replies. "However, depending on how well you
ladies do, we might sell them publicly. Right now, our stock is dropping by
the second. Our merchandise isn't selling well. People are tired of the same
old Rock and Steve Austin T-shirts and videos. And, it just so happens that
you two are hot commodity right now. People are tired of seeing Trish, Lita,
or Stacy flaunt everything they have. They like women that don't flaunt their
bodies, like you two. This tape could pull us out of the rut we are in. But,
for right now, it's strictly for my viewing pleasure."

"But, what about Linda?" Molly asks innocently. "She's your wife. Will she
mind you looking at other women like this?"

"Please!" Vince fires back. "How the hell do you think RVD got his
Hardcore Title? How the hell do you think the Rock or Chris Jericho got their
WCW Title? We're McMahons and we think alike."

Another long silence falls over the room. Ivory and Molly glance over at
each other; their faces filled with obvious grief. This was their dream job
and they would do anything to keep it, but this seemed a bit too far. Still,
the chance to come into work and see their friends and family in the
federation was not something that neither woman wanted to just liberate.
Together, they nod in approval. Vince's smile enlarges.

"You've made a clever choice, ladies." Vince extends his hand.
Reluctantly, each woman returns the favor. "You can make the tape right after
your match at our House Show tonight. A camera will be supplied in Molly's
dressing room."

The ladies nod silently, then stand up and exit the room.

"Oh, and ladies... don't shower and change after your match tonight,"
Vince calls to the ladies as they step out of his office.

Following their match, Molly and Ivory retired back to their locker room,
exhausted. Their tag match against Jackie and Lita had left them sweaty,
tired, and completely uncomfortable. Both had completely forgotten about
Vince's ultimatum, somehow, but were reminded rather abruptly as they stepped
inside Molly's locker room to change. For inside the locker room lay a
camera, propped up on a tri-fold stand.

"Goddamnit!" Ivory exclaimed, slamming the locker door shut. "I forgot."

"Forgot about what?" a voice resounded from the other side of the room.

"Gregory..." Molly stood, stunned.

Gregory Helms, otherwise known as The Hurricane, sat across from the
ladies, having just changed. He wore a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a tank
top and held a black duffle bag in his hand. Gregory looked at the ladies

"What did you forget?" he asks. "What's that camera doin' here? What's
goin' on?"

Ivory turned to Molly. She shrugged, shaking her head.

"Come on, what's up?" Hurricane continued to ask. He tossed his bag aside
and approached the ladies.

"Fine..." Ivory started.

"No!" Molly exclaimed.

"Listen, we have to tell him or he'll tell someone that something is going
on, then we're fucked," Ivory pointed out. She sat the Hurricane down and
took a seat next to him.

Within a minute or so of explaining, the Hurricane's face lit up. His
smile was almost as large as the one worn by Mr. McMahon earlier. Ivory was
totally disgusted.

"This isn't funny, Shane," she remarked angrily. "This is degrading. We
have to make a porno film with each other."

"Can I be in it?" Hurricane questioned, grinning like an idiot.

"HELL NO!" Molly screamed. "GET OUT!"

"All right, I guess I'll gož" Hurricane trailed off. "And tell some of the
guys, of course."

Ivory screamed and almost ripped the roots of her hair from her skull.
This was more frustrating that she could have ever imagined. She had to do
something to risk saving her credibility. It was bad enough what she had to
do to save her job.

"Fine! Fine!" she exclaims. "You can be in it. However, you're sitting
right there-off-camera-and watching. That's it! No touching!"

Hurricane raised his arms in a sign of peace and remained seated, humming
to himself. He eased back in the steel chair he sat upon and cockily crossed
his hands behind his head to achieve a better view of the "scene."

Ivory sighed and stepped into the center of the room, right in front of
the camera. Molly followed, looking in complete and utter bafflement.

"What do we do?" Molly shrugs.

"I don't know," Ivory replied, obviously in a similar state of confusion.

"Well, normally, pornos start with some sort of kissing," the Hurricane
added from off-camera.

Ivory and Molly shrugged their shoulders. This seemed like the best answer
they were going to get. Certainly, neither of them knew what to start off
with. Sure, the two had both seen some pornos with their boyfriends or
girlfriends, but making a porno was a whole different scenario. Either way,
it had to get done.

Hurricane leaned forward slightly to catch the action as it began to
arise. Ivory parted her ruby red lips slightly and pushed her face closer
to Molly's. Mighty Molly returned the favor, pushing her open lips toward
Ivory's. Moments later, the two pairs of lips connected in a sensual kiss.
There was a slight pause, as both ladies were unaware of the proper response.
Neither of them had ever kissed a woman before. Ivory decided to make the
next move and wrapped her arm around Molly's head, caressing her beautiful
blonde hair with her hand as she continued to kiss her. Molly couldn't help
but moan slightly as her eyelids shut and her lips continued to mingle with
the brunette's. Slowly, the two ladies sunk to the floor. Their lip lock
remained a tight seal. Ivory gradually advanced her hand down the front side
of Mighty Molly; first rubbing her shoulder, then her forearm, and then
finally resting on her soft bosom. At first, the blonde was shocked. However,
a warm tingling feeling came over her body as Ivory began to caress her tit

Molly decided to take a similar endeavor and traced her hand down her
lover's back and rested abruptly on the waistband of her leather pants.
Finally, the kiss was broken. Ivory became more involved with the blonde's
endeavor than of her own. She laid back and lifted her hips slightly,
allowing Molly to remove her leather pants. Beneath the tight layer of
clothing, the self-proclaimed "Bitch" of the federation wore nothing. Her
wrestling attire consisted of a flimsy "bitch" T-shirt and leather pants
that included a small hole cut directly in the middle of her butt, which
allowed for part of her crack to be exposed.

The eager blonde pressed her face between Ivory's thighs and indulged in
er vagina. It was all ready quite moist as evident by the glistening brown
patch of hair. Molly pressed her mouth on Ivory's cunt and plunged her tongue
inside. Her juices erupted immediately. Molly continued to lap at the
brunette's ripe pussy, sucking down her juices with ease. Ivory begged for
more as she pushed down on Molly's head.

"Come on, bitch, give it to me!" she panted, gyrating her pelvic muscles
onto Molly's pretty face.

Molly quickened her pace. Her tongue twisted in all directions, touching
each small pink area that lined her insides. Ivory's juices continued a
constant flow, almost drowning out the smaller, feeble blonde. Through and
through, Mighty Molly certainly earned her nickname with her amazing eating
abilities. It was almost as if she'd been studying this part of sex, or, a
more believable possibility was that she had done this one time or another.
It didn't matter. It felt good, nonetheless.

Ivory was in almost sheer paradise. Her hips bucked and writhed in
pleasure as she grinded her cunt into Molly's sharp, piercing tongue. Her
gorgeous backside rippled as it smacked against the floor vigorously; each
time thebrunette would buck her hips. Screams of ecstasy were the only sounds
that emitted from Ivory's mouth, replacing the myriad of words that normally
were encased inside.

"OOOOH!" Ivory screamed. Her hips were thrusting into Molly's mouth and
her ass was banging against the floor at an incredibly rate.

Molly reached up and began to fondle the brunette's breasts, kneading them
over the cloth material that covered them. Ivory took the soft, feeble hands
of her lover and placed them underneath her white T-shirt, allowing full
access to her tits. Molly's fingers ran over Ivory's hard nipples as her
hands guided over her round mounds of tit flesh. Ivory breasts weren't the
biggest in the business, but they were more than enough for Might Molly's
small hands. She continued to massage and knead at Ivory's breasts, never
losing a step in the feasting of her tender pussy. Her tongue licked at the
brunette's insides with blinding speed. This was driving Ivory absolutely

"Shit!" she screamed as her head flew back. "Moll, I want the chance to
return the favor."

Not wanting to disturb her current task, Mighty Molly turned
counter-clockwise. She lifted her right leg over Ivory's chest and rested it
on her side, straddling the brunette. Molly's plump backside was now in front
of Ivory's watering mouth. Ivory slowly peeled down the blonde's tight
spandex tights like she were unwrapping a Christmas present. Her bulbous butt
was encased in a small black thong that rode up the crack of her ass and
gently hugged against her hips. It was quite the large rump, but without an
once of fat on it. Ivory tested it with a few playful slaps. Her skin rippled
slightly, but nowhere near the rippling of a cellulite-laden backside. Yes,
this butt was one of the most magnificent ones in the business and Ivory was
getting a plentiful view of it, first hand.

Ivory moved the black thong away to reveal a nice set of pussy lips,
nestled beneath the round cheeks of her ass. It smelled wonderful. Ivory's
lips became wet as she began to inhale the sweet aroma. She immediately
buried her face between the soft cheeks of her ass and munched away at the
tender pussy that lay beneath them. Ivory used her fingers to pry open
Molly's labia, licking and sucking at the pink inside. She planted small
kisses on the blonde's cunt with her soft, pouty lips, and then munched on
her labial lips with her rigid teeth. For the first time in what seemed like
hours, Mighty Molly lifted her head up. With her lips slightly parted and her
blonde hair cascading down her pretty face, Molly released a long, strenuous
moan of ecstasy.

"Oh yes, fuck me!" she shouted.

Molly continued to assault Ivory's tender cunt--massaging it with her
fingers -- but kept her head held high to release a series of loud moans
that echoed throughout the hollow room. Ivory tugged at Molly's labial lips,
almost testing to see what would turn the blonde on even more. Her slippery
tongue probed around Molly's insides, poking and licking at the pink lining.
Meanwhile, Ivory's hands rested on Molly's stout backside, slapping it
occasionally to get a rise out of her.

"You like this?" Ivory said, pulling her head from the blonde's cunt. She
slapped Molly on the ass.

WHACK! Molly's skin rippled as Ivory's hand came down across her butt.

"Ooo... I love it..." Molly cooed. She reached behind and rubbed her ass,
begging for more.

Ivory was not one to disappoint. WHACK! She spanked the blonde again.
WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Ivory was starting to form a rhythm in her brutal
spanking. Her hand swished from side to side, grazing Molly's backside with
firm, hard shots. Molly enjoyed each second of it, begging for more. WHACK!

"You've been such a bad girl," Ivory taunted. "We need to teach you a

"Go ahead, teach me," Molly insisted. WHACK! WHACK! "Ooo, I love it when
you smack my ass." WHACK!

Ivory had to admit that this whole country girl appearance was misleading.
Deep down, Mighty Molly was a bonafide slut. She loved to be spanked and
could certainly go down on another woman. What couldn't she do?

The Hurricane thought the same thing as he watched the two ladies perform
in front of him, trapped in a 69. Ivory was spanking his partner's round ass
and munching on her succulent pussy. Mighty Molly, his sidekick in crime
fighting, was drilling her finger into Ivory's cunt. His dick was massively
erect just watching these two ladies go at it. He needed in on some of this
action, but was sure that the women would reject him again.

Molly and Ivory arose from their position and sat up, kissing each other
passionately. Molly trapped one of Ivory's diminutive breasts between her
lips and kissed it tenderly. She sucked on the tit flesh and licked the brown
areola. Ivory was moaning, throwing her head back and screaming out Molly's
name. Out of the corner of her eye, however, she noticed the Hurricane
sitting in the corner, fidgeting with the bulge in his pants. Ivory turned
Molly toward the scene and nudged her slightly. Together, the two ladies
crawled to him.

Hurricane raised his head to see the two half-naked beauties sitting at
his feet. Though he was compelled to recite his infamous "Whassup wit dat?"
catchphrase, he decided it would be best to let the women decide his fate.
Ivory and Molly simultaneously reached up and together, pulled down
Hurricane's jean shorts. His prick was straining against the cotton of his
Green Lantern boxer shorts. The ladies peeled off his boxer shorts and
watched his member twitch as the cool air touched his skin. Ivory was the
first to indulge in his meatstick, taking it into her mouth. She sucked on
it like it was a lollipop, twisting her neck to glide down the entire length
of the piece.

Molly removed her wrestling attire top and inched closer to the Hurricane.
He glanced down and nearly came at the sight of Molly's enormous breasts,
encased inside a black bra. Instantly, his mouth flew open as his jaw
seemingly dropped.

"I should have gotten a piece of these earlier," he commented.

"You should have," Molly giggled. Her breasts bounced with each playful

Hurricane reached down and fondled her large breasts, rubbing their cloth
covering. Molly reached behind her back and untied her top. Her bra became
loose and fell to the floor, revealing her magnificent breasts with rock-hard
nipples. Hurricane rested one hand on the back of Ivory's head and placed the
other on Molly's bare skin. His hands felt cool to the touch. Molly pressed
her breasts together and ran Hurricane's hand over them. She could feel her
nipples twitch beneath his cold fingers.

Ivory was still sucking at Hurricane's dick. Her lips were wrapped around
his stiff rod like a vapor-lock seal. She strode up and down the length of
his tool, forcing it deeper and deeper down her throat with each descent.
Hurricane could feel his balls harden up as his brown-haired slut chowed down
on his plentiful prick. For once, her big mouth was good for something. Ivory
could sense the orgasm building with the Hurricane and pulled Mighty Molly
over. Instinctively, she trapped the Hurricane's cock between her breasts a
nd pushed them together. Hurricane bucked his hips, tit-fucking his partner
in crime.

"Is he coming yet, Moll?" Ivory asked as she watched on.

"Almost," she replied. "But I could use some help over here."

Eagerly, the brunette dove into the situation. Ivory kissed Molly's
breasts tenderly, and then licked the head of the Hurricane's pick that lay
between them. She sucked on the small skin that busted through Molly's
enclosed chest. Hurricane could feel his prick begin to twitch. Ivory tilted
her head and captured Molly in a kiss of her own. This was too much for even
a superhero to handle. Hurricane's cock twitched as his semen spilled out.
Thick streams of goop blasted the two women in the face as they continued to
lock lips. Other drops of it floundered all over Molly's breasts.

Hurricane sat back exhausted and fisted his limp prick as the two women
kissed. Ivory moved down to Molly's breasts and licked them clean. Meanwhile,
Molly leaned forward and trapped Hurricane's cock into her mouth, sucking it
completely dry. Hurricane began to pant loudly as he watched his prick fall
from Molly's mouth and return between his legs. Ivory and Molly shared one
more passionate kiss before the two stood up.

"You know, we still haven't come," Molly noted.

"Yet," Ivory repeated with a sinister smile.

Ivory took Molly by the hand and led her out of the locker room area.
Before leaving, Ivory pushed the camera off his tri-fold and to the floor

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