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Host With The Most
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the June 9th, 2006 edition of SmackDown, Mike Mizanin, known world over
from his Real World exploits as "The Miz", is walking around backstage after
hosting the "Summer Kick-Off Bikini Contest". Dressed in black jeans, a light
tanish colored t-shirt and a brownish colored jacket, The Miz licks his lips
a bit as he thinks about how hot Kristal Marshall, Jillian Hall and the
winner Ashley Massaro all looked in their bikinis, "Hoo-Rah! Those fly divas
were smoking hot..." Miz says to himself as he walks right past the one diva
that did not participated, and the one he called conceded for not doing so,
Michelle McCool.

Michelle McCool, SmackDown's resident 'Teacher' steps in front of Miz and
places her hands on her slender hips "Whoa...whoa hold Miz? What were ya'll
just saying about those C+ Divas?" Michelle asks as she removes her glasses
from her beautiful face as she now dressed in a very short black skirt and
a white long-sleeved top that's tied below her chest.

The Miz stops in his tracks and looks at Michelle with a smirk on his face,
"The Miz was saying that those divas were smoking hot... so hot that I
started sweating," The Miz replies, answering her question with a boyish
smile on his handsome face. "And that Ashley... Hoo-Rah! She was the hottest
of them all."

Michelle makes a disgusted face "That Ashley is nothing more then a C+
Diva...unlike myself, an A+ Diva.." Michelle replies as she folds her arms
over her chest "I told all those SmackDown fans out there, that things would
be heating up on SmackDown, and I was not lying.." Michelle replies in her
irresistible southern accent.

The Miz raises an eyebrow as he looks at Michelle as if she was from another
planet, "Whoa, whoa, WHOA, heating things up? You?" The Miz laughs a bit,
"Michelle, you didn't heat things up, you walked out disappointed not only,
me The Miz, but all my Miz-fits out in the arena and watching at home."

Michelle presses her lips together and raises her eyebrow "Miz...the only
reason I walked out, was because all those...what you call 'Miz-fits' just
did not deserve to see my A+ body..." Michelle pauses and smirks again
"Because, ya'll should know...I love showing off my A+ body...but just to
the right people."

The Miz raises an eyebrow as he gets an exaggerated look on his face, "Let
me guess, you show it off to your 'students?'" The Miz starts laughing as he
makes fun of Michelle's 'teacher' persona, "Oh I'm sure they all get hot for

Michelle sneers and slightly glares at Miz "You know's people like
you, who give teachers like me...a bad reputation." Michelle says slightly
irritated by the host of SmackDown Mike Mizanin. Michelle then smirks "But
Miz, see I want ya'll to think I have a good reputation...So Miz, how about
you become one of my 'student's and I give you a full lesson on the human

The Miz smirks, "Hey... The Miz personally 'ACED' human biology and
anatomy... and I ain't just talking about in the class room, HOO-RAH!" The
Miz says but then he adds, "But I ain't above getting a brush up course, if
you know what I'm saying" The Miz says, accepting Michelle's offer to be one
of her 'students'.

Michelle smiles and nods her head as she places her glasses back on "Good...
well ya'll better find a good seat in my locker room, so we can get this
lesson underway.." Michelle replies as she unfolds her arms and casually
takes out her soft blonde hair from the bun she had her hair tied up in.

The Miz licks his lips, "I was never late for class in school... so I ain't
gonna be late for this 'class'...." Miz says as he walks into the nearby
locker room that has a sign-on it that actually reads, "Ms. McCool's 'class'
room" on the door. The Miz tries not to laugh when he read the sign while he
takes off his jacket. He puts the jacket on the back of a metal chair and
sits down as he waits for the 'teacher' to arrive.

Michelle shortly enters her locker room and 'classroom' after Miz has a seat
on the metal chair inside of the room. Michelle closes the door behind her
and walks to the center of the room, standing in front of SmackDown's host,
the Miz. Michelle removes her glasses and places them down on a small table
next to her, before looking directly at Miz "Now Miz, ya'll ready for class
to begin?" Michelle asks as she raises her eyebrow and folds her arms once
again over her chest.

"Yeah I am," Miz replies with a wide smiles on his face, "And I brought my
pencil... HOO-RAH" Miz laughs a bit as he cups the crotch of his pants and
licks his lips.

Michelle looks at Miz as she raises her eyebrow a bit more and slightly
rolls her eyes "Well then Miz, I think ya'll need a crash course in the human
body..." Michelle begins to say before she is cut off my SmackDown's host
Mike Mizanin.

"Hey, the Miz knows all there needs to know about the human body...
especially the female body... tits, ass, pussy... that's all the Miz needs
to know," Miz says cockily as he grins. "And all chicks need to know about
guys is what we pack right down here... HOO-RAH" The Miz says as he again
grabs his crotch.

Michelle laughs a bit, slightly amused by the Miz "That is true...but Miz,
ya'll know how handle an A+ body like mine?" Michelle asks as she starts to
slowly untie her white, long-sleeved top.

The Miz nods his head, "You bet I do... a chick like you with a body like
that... I'd bang ya 12 ways from Sunday and twice on Saturday..." The Miz
answers as he watches Michelle teasingly untie her white, long-sleeved top.

"Really Miz, ya'll think that's all an A+ body deserves?" Michelle asks as
she casually removes her white, long-sleeved top over of her upper body
revealing her black tight-fitting bra with white lacing. Michelle carefully
places her white top down on the small table where her glasses are before
SmackDown's hot teacher looks back at Miz and smirks "I would have won that
bikini contest, don't ya'll think so?" Michelle asks in her sexy southern
accent, placing her hands on her slender, tanned waist and strikes a slight
pose for the Miz.

Miz tilts his head to the left and then to the right as he looks at the hot
round bra covered chest of the very sexy teacher, "You had a good shot...
yeah you could've won if you didn't walk out..." Miz says as he looks at her
entire body from head to toe, then from toe to head.

Michelle smirks and nods her head as she takes a step towards Miz
"Exactly..." She replies as she starts to slowly push down her very short,
black skirt. "I certainly know my body is better then those other C+
bodies... Don't ya'll think so, Miz?" Michelle asks as she slips her short
black skirt down her smooth, tanned and somewhat long legs before she steps
out of her skirt and casually kicks the skirt away from her as she now
stands in her black bra with white lacing and her matching black panties
with white lacing.

The Miz licks his lips as he eyes take in every inch of Michelle's body that
isn't covered by her sexy bra and panties. "Yeah... you got a hot body...
I'd give you an A+ for it... and a HOO-RAH too." The Miz says as he adjusts
the crotch of his pants to make a bit more room for the bulge that's forming
within it.

Michelle presses her lips together and points at Miz "Why don't ya'll...get
a bit more comfortable" Michelle says as she stands right in front of Miz
and casually the sexy SmackDown teacher lowers herself down onto her knees
in front of the SmackDown host.

"Now that's a Grade A idea..." Miz replies before he starts to lift up his
light tanish colored t-shirt up, exposing his hot muscular upper body as he
removes it. After pulling the t-shirt up over his head, Miz casually tosses
it across the room. While still sitting on the metal chair, Miz flexes his
arms, "What grade do I get for my body?" he asks with a boyish smirk.

Michelle looks up at Miz as she sits on her knees in front of him "Well Miz,
I'd have to give ya'll a B+..." Michelle replies before she snaps her fingers
"Now be a good student and remove your pants."

"Shit... if I got a B+ for my upper body... I better get a fucking A+ for
what's down stairs, HOO-RAH!" Miz unbuttons his black pants and pushes them
down his legs while kicking off his white high-top sneakers from his feet.
Miz kicks off his pants and then slides down and removes his blue boxers,
revealing a fat, meaty, long thirteen inch cock that's already rock hard and
ready for action.

Michelle raises her left eyebrow, slightly impressed by the size of Miz's
cock "Not bad Mr. Mizanin...but I have to see how well you use it before I
give ya'll your grade..." Michelle replies as the hot SmackDown teacher
grips Miz's cock with her soft hands and begins to guide her hands up and
down Miz's rock hard shaft.

Miz spreads his legs apart so that Michelle can scoot between them and be in
a better position. "Yeah? Well... the Miz is gonna grade you... too..." Miz
says with a moan as Michelle continues her hands on approach to making sure
his shaft is 100% ready for her tests.

Michelle smirks a bit "Well Mr. Mizanin, ya'll just remember Ms. McCool is
your teacher..." Michelle replies as she moves her left hand up Miz's shaft
to the head of his cock and gently squeezes the head of his cock as she moves
her right hand up and down his shaft quickly stroking his nicely sized cock.

"Yeah... all right Teach..." Miz moans as he puts his hands behind his head.
Miz licks his lips and looks right into Michelle's eyes she presses her left
palm against the head of his cock as she continues to squeeze it. Michelle
licks her lips as she leans her head down to his cock and slowly opens her
mouth as she removes her left hand from his cock. Michelle lowers her head
down onto his cock, wrapping her lips tightly around the head of his cock
and begins to slowly bob her head as she sucks on the head of Miz's cock.

"Mmmmm.... shit... damn.... you get an A for head... " Miz moans as Michelle
bobs her head so slowly on his shaft, that he can feel the tip of her tongue
slithering back and forth from left to right. "Should've kept... those...
sexy glasses on... but it's all good..." Miz says as he tilts his head back
as the hot teacher blows him. As Michelle slowly and tensely bobs her head
on the Miz's cock, taking slightly a bit more of his shaft into her warm and
wet mouth, the hot SmackDown teacher moves her right hand against the lower
half of Miz's cock that isn't in her mouth. Michelle laps her tongue around
his cock as she starts to gradually pick up the speed at which she's bobbing
her head.

Miz closes his eyes as he enjoys the way Michelle is orally pleasuring his
stiff big thirteen-inch shaft. "Ohhh...uhhhh.... fuck yes...." Miz groans as
he places a hand on top of Michelle's head and threads his fingers through
her blond hair. Michelle shifts her right hand down to Miz's ballsack and
gently cups his ballsack as she begins to rub the palm of her right hand
against his ballsack while she lifts her head up and down quicker on his cock
as she slurps and laps up his meaty cock inside of her warm, saliva-dripping
mouth. The very hot SmackDown teacher starts to gently moan against Miz's
cock as she lowers her head further down onto his cock, stuffing and packing
more of his cock into her wet mouth.

"Awwww yea.... shit... you maybe giving... me... an oral exam Teach... but
I bet you were a meat packer with that mouth... HOO-RAH!" Miz says as he
compliments Michelle's expert blowjob giving skills. The Miz scoots forward
on the chair, pushing more of his shaft past Michelle's stretched open mouth
so that the sexy teacher has all of his fat juicy cock in her warm wet mouth.
Michelle's warm saliva drips onto Miz's cock as she bobs her head quickly on
his cock and begins to deep throat his entire cock in her wet mouth. "Uhhh...
shit... hey... teach... how about... I show you... my skills...." Miz asks,
even though he loves how Michelle is blowing him.

Michelle gradually slows down her head bobs on Miz's cock and slowly lifts
her head up from his cock that is coated and dripping of her warm, wet
saliva. Michelle smiles up at Miz "Well...Mr. Mizanin, I suggest you get to
work on that, if you want a good grade.." Michelle says with a playful smirk.

"Oh I will..." Miz grins as he stands up from the metal chair. He pulls
Michelle up from her knees and walks her over to the small table where her
shirt and glasses are. Miz pushes her forward a bit, but Michelle puts her
hands flat on the table, which suits him just fine. Miz kneels down and
pulls down her black panties with the white lacing. Miz places his hands
on Michelle's perfect ass, spreads the cheeks apart and begins to lick up
and down her asscrack to get her warmed up.

Michelle closes her eyes and licks her lips "Mmmmm ohhhh Miz...ya'll know
what gets me all heated up..." Michelle softly moans. The Miz continues to
lick up and down her ass crack. He moves his hands from her ass cheeks up
to the back of her black bra with a white lacing and releases the clasp.
The Host of Smackdown then sticks his warm tongue into her tight asshole,
filling it with his warm saliva as he gives her butt a personal tongue bath.

Michelle gently grits her teeth as she tilts her head back "Ohhhhh...Miz...
mmmm yesss.." Michelle moans in her southern accent.

The Miz pushes his long tongue as deep as it can go into her asshole as he
tugs down on her bra to peel it from her upper body. Miz soon takes his
skilled tongue out of her asshole and stands up behind her, "What's the
grade so far, Teach?" Miz asks as he turns Michelle around to remove her
bra completely off her body.

Michelle slowly turns her head back and looks back at Miz with a smirk "Ya'll
find out later..." Michelle replies as she winks at the host of SmackDown
"Now Miz, you just better start..."

"Oh I will... but first..." Miz picks up her glasses from the table and puts
them back on Michelle's face, "Something about banging a chick with glasses
that's just hot..." Miz says as he turns Michelle around completely, lifts
her up and sits her on the table. He spreads her legs apart, steps between
them and pushes his fat thirteen-inch shaft into Michelle's hot shaved pussy.

Michelle grits her teeth as she feels Miz's fat, think cock enter her tight,
warm pussy "Ohhh Miz..." Michelle moans as she gently wraps her arms around
Miz's neck as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of her sweet pussy.

Miz puts his hands down on the sides of the table as he pumps his shaft in
and out of Michelle's pussy slowly at first, before he gradually picks up
momentum, "Uhhh... ohhhh.... yeah... like that Teach?" Miz asks with a grunt
as he looks at her face.

Michelle licks her lips as she nods her head "Ohhhh're a very...
good.... student.... Miz..." Michelle moans in her southern accent as she
starts to push herself back against Miz's cock, every time he pulls his cock
out of her sweet pussy to thrust it back in.

Miz bites his tongue as he starts shoving his cock all the way into her pussy
sharply with every thrust. The table is sitting on begins to rock back and
forth as Miz continues to drill her. "Uhhh... shit... you're so... fucking...
tight... I'm hot for teacher... for sure... HOOOO-RAAAAH!" Miz grunts as he
wraps his arms around Michelle's slender sexy body and lifts her off the
table. He walks over with her to the classic style lockers aligned against
the east wall. Miz presses her up against them and starts bouncing her up and
down on his cock. Michelle wraps her smooth, tanned legs tightly around Miz's
waist as she quickly bounces on his cock, gradually rocking her body back and
then forth on his cock as she slams down harder on his cock with each impact.

Miz moves away from the locker and drops Michelle off of his cock. Miz wipes
some sweat from his forehead and smirks, "How'd you like the action the Miz
can do so far Teach?"

Michelle smirks a bit as she sits up onto her knees, looking up at the
SmackDown host "Well Miz, why don't ya'll just get down her on the floor
with me."

"With pleasure..." Miz answers back as he kneels down on the floor next
Michelle as he catches his breath. Michelle licks her lips a bit as she turns
on her knees and leans over onto her knees into a doggy style position. The
host of SmackDown smirks and catches on as he promptly positions himself
behind the hot teacher.

"Mmmmm.... let's see... door number 1...." Miz presses the tip of his cock
against her pussy for a moment, "Nah... I'm gonna go with door number two..."
Miz says as he quickly rams his entire shaft into Michelle's asshole with one
swift movement.

Michelle's eyes widen as she feels the sudden force of Miz's cock entering
her tight asshole "Ohhhh my...Miz!' Michelle moans. Miz licks his lips as he
focuses on fucking the A+ ass of SmackDown's hot teacher. He grabs a firm
hold of Michelle's sweaty waist with both of his hands and pulls her back
towards him as he plunges his cock in and out of her asshole over and over
and over again. His large ballsack swings back and forth as he fucks
Michelle, and even his nuts crash against her firm ass cheeks.

Michelle grits her teeth as she slams back against Miz's cock harder and
feels his cock enter her asshole deeper as he relentlessly fucks her tight
asshole "Ohhhhh ahhhh Miz...ya'll know what you're doing."

"You... bet I do..." Miz grunts as his thrusts become rougher as he pounds
her asshole with his fat cock. The momentum he has built up, jolts Michelle
forward causing her glasses to fly off her face and land on the floor.
"You... got me hot... Teach..." Miz grunts as suddenly pulls out of her
asshole and shoves his shaft into her pussy. The charismatic Host of
SmackDown continues fucking the sexy diva with the same force and intensity
he was using when he was fucking her ass.

Michelle moans loudly as she her backside slams hard against Miz's waist when
he drives his cock deeply into her warm, wet pussy "Ohhhhh ahhhh A!" Michelle moans as sweat drips off of her smokingly hot body.

Miz gets a smirk on his face, "Fuck... that.... I want... an A... PLUS!"
Miz yells as he keeps his sweat dripping body fucking the hot and beautiful
teacher with everything he has.

Michelle's eyes rolls to the back of her head as SmackDown's hot teacher
begins to cum "Ohhhhh shit..."

The Miz doesn't stop his relentless thrusting, even as Michelle's body
shakes with her powerful climax, "HOO-RAH!" Miz yells out as he pulls out of
Michelle's hot soaking wet climaxing pussy so he can spray his hot sticky cum
all over both of the hot teacher's ass cheeks.

Michelle licks her lips and nods her head with a smile "Ya'll A+..."
The hot SmackDown teacher says satisfied as she slowly turns around to face

The Miz smirks tiredly at Michelle as his cock starts to become limp after
his climax, "It... was worth... coming to class... for that grade.. HOO-RAH!"

Michelle laughs and she nods her head "Hoo-rah..." Michelle says as she
slightly copies Miz and stands up to go pick up her glasses that got tossed
across the room.

Miz watches Michelle walk to get her glasses and licks his lips, "Hey
Teach... when's the next time... you're holding a class?"

Michelle picks up her glasses and brushes them off before placing them back
on her head "Well Miz...ya'll should know, getting an A+ is something that
doesn't happen very often, just when ya'll are lucky."

"Really now? Well Teach... the Miz ain't lucky... I'm the host with the
most... and I'll prove that again... and I'll get another A+ any time... any
place..." The Miz says confidently as he stands up.

Michelle smirks "That's fine with me...because Miz as I told ya'll...I plan
on heating things up here on SmackDown."

"How about right here... right now Teach?" Miz says as he walks towards her,
"Cause I don't think... class is out yet..."

Michelle shakes her head "No....Class is over..." Michelle presses her lips
together "Because I have to go take care of that C+ Diva, Ashley..."


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