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Hot Burning Sex
by JCP

During the summer of 2002 Lita was still recuperating from a BROKEN NECK she
suffered during the filming of "Dark Angel". Her "boyfriend" Matt Hardy
(version 1 computer geek) was on the road alot, his brother Jeff Hardy (I'm
burnt out) is hell bent on becoming a ROCK STAR (ala Jon Bon Jovi) and of
course the fact that his "girlfriend" (nameless) tries to encourage him from
getting his termination papers from Vince McMahon.

Anyway one night Matt, Jeff and good friends Shane Helms and Shannon Moore
were out on their little Wednesday Night shindig at a bar (also nameless)
were talking about their future in (to quote a southerner 'RASSLING') Matt
stated to the boys. "Jeff, Shannon, Shane I got to go somewhere I have some
personal shit I need to take care of," Jeff replied.

"Go on man. We'll see you later."

Matt then left the bar in a hurry.

Shane asks him, "What personal shit?"

Jeff answered, "Bangin' Amy."


Matt then got to Lita's house atabout ten o'clock that night knocking on the

"Hello, Amy are you here, Hello?" Matt asks.

Lita walks in the room wearing a gorgeous looking white teddy.

Matt looks and goes to her and immediatly he starts kissin' her on the lips,
then down to her neck (still not at 100%).

Then Lita undoes Matt's shorts and pulls them down along with his boxers and
would give Mr. Version 1 a blowjob he would NEVER forget,Lita would lick and
suck the dick of Matt Hardy for about 10-12 minutes, which lead to Matt
pulling the straps down of Lita's Teddy lingerie (nightgown) that would drop
to the ground revealing nothing on her. No bra, no thong, just her nude body.
Matt wasted no time taking Lita to the bedroom and onto the bed and Matt
would diggin his face into Lita's nice firm breasts. The temperature in the
room was 72 degrees as they continued to fuck like they never fucked before
the temperature got HOTTER and HOTTER, Matt would then drill his cock into
Lita's wet moist PUSSY.

"Give it to me," she sighed wanting it badly.

So he did he was rapidly and wickedly gave it to her. Lita would moan and
moan as loud as she can. After 15 minutes of that,Matt turned her around
and started jerking his dick into Lita's tight firm ass. The moans got EVEN
LOUDER like they were about to wake the neighbors up.

"HARDER, MATT, HARDER!" Lita commanded, so he would bang that ass ad HARD as
he could. Lita's moaning is still as LOUD as a radio turned up to 10 on the
volume. Then and only then Lita for once that night got on top of Matt and
started to ride him BUCKIN' BRONCO style.

"OH GOD I'M GONNA CUM!" Matt moaned like a sonofabitch.

Lita got off the BRONCO positiion and was awaiting for the cum to start
flying so she can catch it in her mouth. He sprayed cum right on her face,
Lita began lickin the cum from her chin and swallowed it hole. Now after
that they laid there on the bed sweating and tired like crazy after the
sex they just had.

"Thank God that was AWESOME," Matt says looking up at the ceiling.

"Are you feeling energetic?" Lita asks.

Matt replies, "What do you have in mind?"

Lita answered, "Well, it's too damn hot out there and in here let's take a
cold a very cold shower."

Matt accepts, "I thought you never asked."


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