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Hot Chocolate Part 1: Trish
by Elevator Killer (

The locker room was empty when Trish got back from the autograph signing
she'd been sent to on "special orders". Typical. Everyone had obviously
gone out for a pre-show drink, leaving her to sit and twiddle her thumbs
waiting for them to get back and prepare for going live on air. It was
strange being around the backstage area when it was so damn quiet - she
half expected everyone to jump out and yell "SURPRISE!". But nothing of
the sort occured; instead, she simply sat down in her locker room and
began looking through her luggage, searching for something to occupy her
time. Her legs needed a shave, she noticed; at some later time she'd go
for the full wax but for now she'd have to settle for lathering them up
and shaving them herself. She fetched her cream and razors from her
overnight bag in the bathroom and pulled out a folding chair, then peeled
off her tight leather pants. It was true that her rather short legs
weren't her best feature, but when put together with her nice round ass
and impressive breasts they made quite a nice package.

She squeezed out some cream and began absent-mindedly coating her legs
with it, letting her mind wander. She knew why her legs weren't getting
the attention they deserved; usually somebody else took care of it for
her. Jazz, her muscular slut girlfriend, loved to shave Trish's body,
starting with her legs and finishing with her pussy, before fucking her.
But unfortunately Jazz was still out with her torn leg muscle, leaving
Trish untended to. She'd found others to pass the time-Terri was amazing
with her tongue, but truth be told, Trish's tastes were most suited to
darker women; she loved chocolate. Her nipples stiffened simply thinking
of Jazz's hand being buried inside her; the cool cream on her thighs
heightened her senses no end. She desperatley wanted to slip a finger or
two into her panties, but she knew that the others could return at any
second. Instead she simply ran one finger along her leg, getting it as
close to her groin as possible, feeling her flesh tingle to the touch.
Breathtaking. She let out shuddering sigh and closed her eyes.

"You horny, bitch?"

Trish jumped, startled at the rough voice, and her eyes flew open,
searching for it's source. She saw soon enough; Jackie was standing in the
doorway of her locker room in her referee's outfit, her massive tits barely
being contained by the tightly-tied striped top. Her blonde-brown hair
flowed wildly down over her wide dark brown shoulders. She stood, hands on
hips, a nasty grin on her face as her eyes wandered over Trish's body. Trish
trembled, her eyes locked on the intruder, and struggled to speak.

"I was just-just--"

"Shut up." Jackie moved across the room surprisingly quickly and stood in
front of the seated Trish, towering above her. "I'll ask again, are you
horny, bitch? Do you want to be FUCKED?"

Trish's bottom lip quivered. She did not answer. Jackie took things into her
own hands; grabbing Trish by the hair, she pulled her roughly upwards into a
violent kiss, thrusting her tongue into the buxom Canadian's mouth. With her
other hand she felt her way into Trish's panties, squeezing her big ass.
Trish answered then, with her tongue; she pushed it into Jackie's mouth,
probing forward. Jackie gripped her ass tight, causing Trish to push closer;
sensing that she'd got what she wanted, Jackie bit down hard on Trish's
tongue. The blonde slut pulled away, clutching at her mouth as tears sprang
into her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something, but Jackie covered it
with her hand.

"Shut up. I know what you like, bitch, everyone knows about you and that ho
Jazz. We all talk about it. You LOVE us ebony fuckers, huh? And I know that
you like being dominated, don't you? You fucking slut, you LOVE being pushed

Trish nodded slowly, her mouth still covered. Jackie grinned nastily again.

"Good." She sat down, still smiling, taking her hand form Trish's mouth. "Now
strip for me, bitch."

Trish paused for a seond, then began. Still trembling slightly, she moved
slowly, sensuously, moving her hands all over her beautiful body. Jackie sat,
her legs spread, watching. Trish started with her black tank top, pulling it
slowly up from her stomach. She pulled it inch by inch over her body, sliding
it over her bountiful titties, still enclosed in their black wonderbra.
Jackie let out a sigh of repressed pleasure. Trish tossed the top playfully
at her negress master, and Jackie coovered her face with it, breathing in the
smell. Trish wasted no time, though; she moved quickly on, turning away from
Jackie, showing her chunky thonged ass and blemish-free back. Jackie panted.

"Damn, white girl, you got a black woman's bootie there..."

Trish reached around for the clasp of her bra and unhooked it slowly, sliding
it off of her arms. She turned slowly round, her mounds coming into full
view. Jackie gasped at the magnificent sight; Trish's tits were massive, a
good two handfuls each, sitting perkily on her torso. They were crowned with
gigantic nips, each around two inches in diameter and darker than Trish's
usual tan. They were standing to attention now, and Trish raised one to her
mouth, sucking and biting it. Jackie jumped up and smacked her on the face.

"They're MINE, bitch, and you leave 'em for ME." She sank back into her

"Ye, ma'am." Trish replied meekly. She slid her hand over he tits and down,
past he flat washboard stomach and to her thong. Hooking her thumbs into the
sides, she slid them down her legs, and kicked them off into Jackie's lap.
Her pussy was crowned with a thick dark thatch of pubic hair, again the
result of Jazz's absence. She stood, naked as the day she was born, as Jackie
admired the deliciousness of her body. Jackie rose to her feet, unwinding her
ref's top, and her own massive mammaries fell free of their holdings. She
reached out and grabbed each of Trish's nips, twisting them in her grasp,
watching Trish wince at the pain. Yanking her downward, Jackie forced the
blonde ho to her knees, bringing her face to face with her hotpants-clad
cunt. Jackie's hotpants were incredibly tight; Trish could see the outlines
of the ebony goddess's lips through the tight PVC. Without being told, Trish
yanked the pants down, and squealed with delight at the sight. Jackie's cunt
was shaved bald and drooling pussy juices; the chocolatey lips split open,
revealing the pinky goodness within. Jackie hadn't washed recently; Trish
could tell as she breathed in the stench of her dirty pussy. She took in a
deep breath savouring the smell-and Jackie pushed her head forward, at the
same time thrusting he slit into Trish's face.

"I haven't cleaned my hole for some time, bitch, I been saving it for you,"
she said as Trish gasped for air between her thighs, "And you damn sure gonna
clena it GOOD. LICK IT, SLUT Uhhh yeah, c'mon--"

Trish's tongue flicked out of her mouth and plunged deep into Jackie, pushing
the folds of flesh apart and pawing feverishly at the inside of her cunt.
She sucked as she licked, drinking as much of the black bitch's nectar as
possible, gulping it down-Jackie sure did produce a lot of juices.

"Ohhh yeah, you white ho, suck my pussy, that's the only thing you're good
for, you know that? OHHHH YEAH DO MY CLITTY--"

Trish had found Jackie's clitoris and was sucking on it with all her might,
pulling Jackie forward by the waist and grasping the small organ with her
tongue. Jackie stared down at her lover, and their eyes met, Jackie's
chocolatey brown, Trish's dark and seductive, her face covered with a sheen
of cunt juice. Jackie's hips were thrusting forward rhythmically now,
fucking Trish's face.


Jackie's pussy exploded with a fountain of girl-goo, smearing on Trish's face
and shooting through her thick blonde hair. Trish licked it as much as she
could as Jackie spasmed forward and backwards, unloading her lady-spunk onto
her bitch's face, slapping her with he pussy lips. Finally, she ran clean,
and Trish slavishly licked every inch of her dark-skinned master's cunt until
it was clean of love juice.

Jackie stood, panting. "You liked that, huh bitch? You liked master Jackie's

"Oh yes, very much so, I want more, much more."

"Then you'll get it slave."

Jackie turned round and bent down, leaning on the folding chair and pointing
her big black bootie and Trish. From Trish's view she could see that Jackie
hadn't wiped the last time she'd shat; she felt her pussy slicken once more
at the thought of tasting this sexy bitch's ass. She surged forward, her
tongue out, burying her face between Jackie's cheeks, her nose nestling
above the asshole as her tongue plunged in. The fetid smell was overpowering,
and Trish felt the overwhelming urge to finger herself whilst performing
the delightful task, but she knew she must save he cunt for her master. She
gripped Jackie's buttcheeks as she roughly licked her ass, cleaning the
encrusted crap for Jackie's crack.

Jackie began moaning loudly, her body rocked by the sensation of her ass
being pleasured. "Oh fuck, you've got a good tongue...That's it, mama's ass
needs cleaning, bitch...UUUUhhhh YES..."

When the crack was cleaned, Trish thrust her tongue inwards one last time,
burying it to it's base in Jackie's ass. She sat there for five seconds, her
tongue within another woman's ass, and she felt her cunt unload onto the
floor. The sensation had been too much; she couldn't hold it in, even without
touching herself.

Jackie heard Trish's spunk drooling onto the floor and whirled, pulling her
ass from Trish's tongue. Her face was angry, furious even. She stared down
on the blonde whore, and Trish stared back up, trying to look as sorry as

"You stupid fucking ho. That was gonna be mine. Now you're gonna have to
clean it up. On all fours. NOW, BITCH."

Shaking with both pleasure and apprehension, Trish got down on her hands and
knees and began tentatively lapping up the puddle of cunt-cream she had left
splattered on the floor. Jackie stood behind her, mesmerised by Trish's
shapely booty rising up and down as the little ho licked her mess up.

"Time for the big one..."

She knelt down behind Trish and, grabbing the nearby tube of shaving cream,
she squeezed a little out into her palm. She felt Trish flinch a little as
she began rubbing the cream into the blonde's butthole, lubricating it as
much as possible. Jackie was a harsh mistress, but even she wouldn't attempt
what was to follow without a little lubricating. Trish was still busied with
her own mess, unaware of what she was about to experience.

Jackie pushed one thick finger into Trish's anus, and felt Trish spasm
slightly against the intrusion. Jackie smiled to herself, and worked another
digit in, stretching the tight hole slightly. Her index and middle fingers
were now firmly planted in Trishs's butt. Jackie savoured the moment, holding
her hand inside the sexy slut's hole, then plowed another finger in. This
time Trish yelped with pain.

"You got something to say, slave?" Jackie reprimanded harshly.

"N-no mistress, nothing at all," Trish looked over her shoulder and smiled
sexily at Jackie. The smile turned to a wince as Jackie's fourth finger
plunged in next to it's counterparts. Finally Jackie slammed her large thumb
home, and Trish squealed with both pain and pleasure as her first full-on
orgasm of the night rocked her chunky little body.

"I bet that felt good, huh slut?"

"Yess yes please do it more, I'm begging you.."


Trish's body was rocked by another amazingly intense orgasm as Jackie brought
her free hand down HARD on her buttocks. She thrashed and writhed, imapled on
Jackie's hand, her puppet. This was amazing; her whole body was alive with
feeling, her nerves neightened by the intruon of Jackie's fist.

"Oh God yes, spank me like the dirty little whore I am...


She was wracked with multiple orgasms as Jackie spanked her repeatedly, her
pussy foaming with girl goo as she bucked wildly about. Jackie began pumping
her fist in and out, in and out, matching her spanking as Trish began
screaming with both pain and pleasure.

"OH YES, please, fuck my ass with your hand, stretch me-OHHHH GOD you're

Jackie was now thrusting in up to her elbow as Trish pushed herelf back
onto her ebony lover's arm, her titties bounding back and forth, her torso
whiplashing with the force of every climax. She could no longer see straight,
her vision was blurred and starry, but it was worth it. Finally Jackie slowly
withdrew her arm with a hollow sucking sound; Trish slumped to the floor and
a large puddle of her own fluid, rubbing it instinctively into her breasts
and cunt. Jackie stood, looking down on her newest conquest.

"Now you know who the REAL black bitch of the locker room is, huh?"

Trish simply smiled up at her, safe in the knowledge that soon, Jazz would
be back, and she'd have TWO mistresses to please...

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