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Hot For Teacher Part 1
by Big Chief (

Danny was your typical high school senior. He didn't care much about his
classes, but he did care about going to parties and meeting girls. It seemed
every weekend he went out to a party and ended up passed out on Sunday. The
one thing he did like about school though was his psychology class. The class
itself he hated, but the teacher Ms. Runnels was the hottest in the school.
She was a petite blond woman in her early 30's with a great rack and tight
ass. He would usually find himself in the back of the room fantasying about
her. One day as her was fantasizing his concentration was broken by Ms.

"Ok class before the period ends I want to make an announcement. Tomorrow
we are going to be having a student teaching coming in from The University of
Connecticut. He name is Ms. Keibler and she will be teaching the class for
the rest of the quarter. Now I expect you to show the same respect to her
that you do to me."

Dan hated what he had just heard. The last time he had a student teacher
for a class it was some overweight power hungry bitch. Knowing the way she
would probably be he wouldn't get any time in class to do his daily

As Dan went home her was a little ticked off about what was to come during
tomorrow's class.

* * *

As Dan was making his way to psychology class he remembered today was the
day that they were supposed to have that student teacher in class.

"She's probably some uptight priss who never has fun at college and is
going to take it out on us." He thought to himself.

As he walked into the room he saw Ms. Runnels talking with a gorgeous
woman who had to be in her early twenties. As he went to his seat he was
completely mesmerized by this mystery woman. It was then he realized that
this must have been the student teacher. By the looks of her it seemed Dan
would have a new face to add to his daytime fantasies.

As the bell rang Ms. Runnels stood in front of the class, "Ok class quiet
down. This is Ms. Keibler and she will be teaching the class for the rest of
the quarter. I will still be in the room for assistance, but she will be
leading the class." She then sat at her desk and gave Ms. Keibler the floor.
The young woman was wearing a pair of jeans, a sweater and a pair of small
frame glasses with her blond hair done up in a ponytail.

"Well thank you Ms. Runnels. As I assume Ms. Runnels must have told you
I'm from the University of Connecticut and I'll be teaching the class for
the next few months in order for me to complete my requirement to become a
teacher. Now to start the class off I would like you to read pages 20-30 in
your text books and we will discuss it after you're done."

While Dan sat at his desk Ms. Keibler walked over to him and crouched down
next to his seat.

"Danny is it?" she whispered.

"Umm yea that's right Ms. Keibler."

"Well, Danny, when you walked into class I noticed you were looking at

"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to uh um."

"No don't apologize. I like when people look at me. Now did you like what
you see?"

"Excuse me?"

"Did you like what you saw when you were looking at me."

"Well yeah I guess."

"Now that's what I wanted to hear. Now there is one question I want to ask
you after hearing that."

"Umm, what is that Ms. Keibler?"

"Would you like me to give you a blowjob right here in class?"

Dan just starred forward in absolute shock.

"Danny? Danny? Danny?!"

Danny was all of a sudden snapped out of his daydream by someone calling
his name. It was Ms. Keibler still in front of the class.

"Um. Yes Ms. Keibler."

"Can you please do the reading assignment?"

"Oh sorry." He then looked down into his book realizing he had been
starring into space and what had just happened was another one of his
daydreams. The rest of the class Dan was slumped down in his seat,
embarrassed about being caught daydreaming.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bell finally rang ending the
period. As he got up he heard Ms. Runnels call him, "Danny could I talk with
you for a minute."

Danny went up to her desk thinking he was in big trouble. "What did you
want to see me for Ms. Runnels."

"Ok Danny I know you've daydreamed in this class before and I'm fine with
it. However as long as Ms. Keibler is here could you try to pay attention
because teaching this class plays a big part in whether she graduates."

"Sure Ms. Runnels I'm sorry about that."

As he walked out of the classroom he was feeling a mix of embracement and
lust. He hoped tomorrow he would be able to control himself and stay focused
to the class.

Danny was standing by his locker waiting for the school day to begin. Like
every morning his friend Jake arrived at 7:15 and stood beside him for their
daily talks. During the discussion Jake brought up the subject of Ms.

"So Matt was telling me you guys got a real hot student teacher for your
psych class."

"Oh my god dude you wouldn't believe it. She has got to be the hottest
teacher I've ever seen. Her face is like a model and she has one hell of a
nice ass."

As the two friends continued their conversation Ms. Keibler walked by
them. After she passed them Danny turned to his friend, "Jake I give you Ms.

"Holy Shit that's her! You and Matt weren't lying, she's fucking hot!"

"Hey would I every lie to you. I just hope I can get through class today
with out daydreaming about her."

"You know you're my bud, but I really hate you. First you get Ms. Runnels
as a teacher and now you get her as a student teacher."

"Well that's the luck of the draw pal." He replied with a smile giving his
friend a playful punch in the arm.

After a few more minutes of talking the two friends parted for their first
period classes. As Danny walked to history class her realized that the way
the schedule was for today he would not be having psychology, so maybe no
daydreams for today.

As the class settled in, the teacher Mr. Angle started talking, "Alright
class we are going to be watching a video about the Declaration of
Independence from the History Channel. Now I want you to all pay attention
because there might be a quiz about this later."

After a few minutes the classroom door opened and Ms. Runnels entered the
darkened room. He saw her walk behind the class and up to Mr. Angle's desk.
The two chatted for a minute and then Ms. Runnels moved towards Danny's seat.
She then crouched down next to him and started to whisper to him.

"Danny I need to talk to you for a few minutes. Mr. Angle said it is
alright for you to come with me for a few minutes."

Following the teacher's instructions, Danny got up from his desk and
followed her out the door into the hallway. As they were walking he admired
how her ass slightly swayed from side to side. Today she was wearing a pair
of jeans and a black blouse. He continued to follow her down the hall to
her office. The room was average size with a desk, some chairs and a big

"Please Danny take a seat. Now I want to talk to you about the little
problem you have had in class." After saying this she bent over to look at
something on her desk, which gave Danny a perfect view of her tight ass in
those jeans.

"Now it seems every class you zone out into your own little world. Now I
wanted to know what it is you keep day dreaming about?" she asked, turning
back around to face him.

"Oh nothing really special Ms. Runnels. Just different things, nothing

"Now Danny, these daydreams wouldn't be of a sexual nature would they."

"Umm. What? Not at all Ms. Runnels! They're not about sex!"

"Now Danny are you sure about that?" She asked, looking down at Danny's
lap where a tent trouser was now forming.

"Ummm... O-o-ok. They are sexual thoughts." Answered the nervous Danny
with a squeaky voice.

"Now who are these daydreams about Danny? Is it any of the girls in the

Danny shook his head.

"Would it be any of the women you've seen on TV?"

Again Danny shook his head. Now it was time for the big question.

"Could it be that your little daydreams are about me or Ms. Keibler?"

Now Danny just froze in the seat and did not move, he just starred a hole
in the floor.

"Oh so that's it. You've been fantasizing about your teachers. So then
you must find us very attractive?"

There was no answer.

"Now Danny it is not nice of you to ignore a teacher. So Danny could this
be the reason you find me attractive?"

Danny began to slowly raise his head and what he saw caused his eyes to
open wide in surprise. Ms. Runnels had her blouse unbuttoned, exposing her
braless chest.

He just starred in amazement at his teacher's gigantic, perfectly round
breasts. Both of her nipples stood at attention in excitement. As her starred
at the sight he could feel his dick getting even harder then before.

"So do you like my big beautiful breasts Danny?"

All he could do was slightly nod his head. She looked down again at his
crotch seeing his pants were close to bursting.

"Why Danny it looks like you have a lot of tension built up there. Well
as a teacher I'm supposed to do everything to help students, so I better help
to relieve that tension."

As Danny was zoned out she took the blouse off so she was now just in her
jeans. She crouched down in front of the horny student and reached for his
belt. After getting the belt she unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans, opening
the front up. As he continued to stare down at her she pulled his hard
throbbing cock out.

"My, my, my, Danny you are quit a big boy aren't you." After making the
comment she wrapped her hand around the base of his dick and began to lick up
and down the underside of the shaft.

Now Danny's once wide open eyes were clenched shut as his head rested
against the back of the chair. After a few a few minutes of her "tongue
torture" Ms. Runnels, still holding Danny, engulfed him whole in one swift
move. As soon as his entire length was in her mouth, she began to slowly
raise her head back up with her beautiful lips brushing his shaft. As she
made it to the top she just left his enflamed head in her mouth. She then
flicked her tongue where the shaft and head met sending shocks up her
student's spine.

With the head still in her mouth Ms. Runnels looked up to see his eyes
clenched very tight in pleasure. Knowing that look she began to bob her
head up and down increasing the speed with each pump. As she released his
"tension" she took her free hand and began to fondle his balls.

Within a few minutes Danny could feel he was about to blow his load. Just
as he was about to tell her, he heard a bell and when he opened his eyes he
was back in Mr. Angle's room with students leaving all around him. He
couldn't believe it! The whole encounter with Ms. Runnels was another one
of his daydreams. He was just lucky the lights were out for the movie or he
would have been in big trouble.

Danny made it through his next class of English with no incident thanks
to an in class project. He now had a study hall with Mr. Storm the coach of
the school's wrestling team. He hated this class because the guy never smiled
and Danny had the feeling Mr. Storm didn't really like him.

On his way to the class though he was stopped by Ms. Keibler.

"Danny I'm glad I found you. I wanted to talk with you. Could you stop by
Ms. Runnel's office, and I'll be down there to talk with you in a minute."

Danny couldn't have been happier, not only was he getting out of a class
with Mr. Storm, but it was to talk with Ms. Keibler. As he made his way to
the office he realized he might be in trouble. He could be going down there
due to his zoning out in the middle of class yesterday. As these thoughts
went through his mind his happy thoughts from before turned to shit. When he
made it to the office door he walked in and saw the same office from his
earlier daydream.

Since Ms. Keibler said she would arrive in a few, Danny put his bag on the
ground and sat in one of the surprisingly comfortable chairs. While waiting
for her he began to get drowsy and eventually dozed off.

The closing of the office door broke Danny away from his nap. He looked
back to see Ms. Keibler entering the office. He really loved her outfit
today, which was a business like suit with a skirt instead of pants. Thanks
to this he could see her nice long legs.

"Now Danny I wanted to talk to you about how you zoned out during class
yesterday. I wanted to know what the problem was. Is the class just to boring
for you?"

Danny shook his head for the answer.

"Are you having daydreams?"

Danny reluctantly nodded his head.

"Ok let's see. Are they fantasies of yours?"

With that question Danny started to look towards the floor.

"Oh now we're getting somewhere. Are these fantasies about any celebrities
you have crushes on?"

No reaction.

"So it must be someone that on know personally. Is it any of the girls in
the class?"

There was still no reaction.

"Ok. Well could this be what you are fantasying about Danny?"

He then slowly raised his head and was really shocked at what he saw. Ms.
Keibler was standing behind the desk, with her back to Danny and she had her
skirt hiked up to her waist. The young teacher was wearing a black thong that
really showed off her tight ass. Looking over her shoulder she asked him

"So Danny is this what you've been daydreaming about?" She still didn't
get a response, but now Danny had his eyes wide open and his jaw to the
floor. As she looked she smiled to see the bulge in his pants. She now walked
around the desk with her skirt still hiked up.

"Well looks like I got the answer I was looking for. Now Danny I just want
you to sit back, relax and let me take care of business."

The young teacher then knelt down in front of the nervous student, placing
her hands his knees while still looking into his eyes. As Danny looked down
at her she began to unbuckle his belt and opened his pants. With the pants
now open she began to rub his hard-on through the thin material of his boxer
shorts, which caused him to release a moan. She did this for a few seconds
and then reached her hand inside, pulling his cock out to the open. With her
hand wrapped around his dick she began to slowly rub the shaft.

Danny couldn't believe what was happening. Here he was with this hot
college student jacking him off in a teacher's office. As her hand picked up
speed he realized this was probably not even real, just another daydream.
Even though this was probably a part of a great dream he wasn't about the
take himself up. His thoughts were then interrupted by her sweet voice.

"So Danny do you think it would help if I put your big hard cock in my
mouth and suck on it?"

He didn't even open his mouth to answer as he just nodded his head in
disbelief. Ms. Keibler gave his shaft a few licks and then devoured his cock
in on fowl swoop. When she had all of him in her mouth she didn't move her
head, but her tongue did which increased the moans coming from Danny's mouth.

Upon hearing the increase moans the blond decided to give Danny the full
experience of one of her expert blowjobs. She started off by slowly moving
her head and picking up the speed ever so gradually. As she did this Danny
lent his head back, moaning out in pleasure as his hands rested on the back
of her moving head.

Every now and then she would stop when just his head was in her mouth and
flicked her tongue across the area where his head and shaft met. This simple
motion drove Danny over the edge in intense pleasure. After a few minutes of
this Danny was about to blast his load down her throat, but she must have
sensed this, as she just stopped dead in her tracks. She then stood up and
removed her jacket, shirt and the bunched up skirt, throwing the aside. She
now stood in front of him in only a black thong and bra with a smile on her

"It's your turn Danny Boy."

He then sat back up in the chair dragging it closer to the standing blond.
Before he did anything he had to admire her amazingly long legs. He then
hooked his fingers in the straps of her thong and pulled it down to expose
her bald pussy. Seeing this sight her smiled while resting his hands on her

"Well Danny come on. I gave you head, so it's only fair that you return
the favor. Come on I know you want it."

This encouragement was enough for him, as he dove his face in between her
long legs. He just loved the sweet scent and taste that came from this one
little area. As Dan performed hi oral assault Ms. Keibler had one hand
resting on the desk to hold her up and the other rested on the back of his
head for encouragement. As Dan had done before, she tilted her head back with
her eyes closed due to the sheer pleasure. It didn't take long before moans
began to escape from her mouth.

"Ohhhh yeeeeessss!!!!! That feels so good Danny!!! You really know how to
use your tongue!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

He made sure he covered every inch of her pussy with his slithering
tongue. Just like Ms. Keibler was able to do, Danny sensed she was about to
cum and just stopped.

"Oh very good Danny you're learning quickly," she said as she turned
around and bent over the desk. "Now I think you know what I want now."

He did know as he stood up, removing his pants and boxers, adding them to
her pile of clothes. He walked over behind her and gently rubbed the tight
round ass in front of him. Next he wrapped his hand around the base of his
cock and began to push himself into her wet pussy. After he was completely
inside her, he remained still, loving the tightness incasing his cock.

With this "calm before the sexual storm" he unclasped her bra and she
quickly removed it. As soon as the bra hit the desk, he placed his hands on
her hips and began moving his. Like she did earlier with the blowjob, he
started off with slow motions and gradually began to pick up speed. After a
few minutes he got a rhythm and was pounding into her like a piston.

As he continued these motions he reached forward and began to massage her

Eventually Danny got tired of this position and pulled out of the blond
teacher. After sitting back down in the chair he motioned for her. As she
looked into his eyes, she straddled his lap and began lowering her body. The
second she felt the tip of his dick at the entrance to her pussy she dropped
herself down, impaling herself on him. Now sitting there she wrapped her arms
around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss.

As they continued to kiss Dan grabbed her ass with both hands, which she
took as a sign to keep moving. While she bounced up and down on his cock they
broke their kiss and he began to suck on her small tits. He then moved one of
his hands from her ass towards her pussy. As his cock continued to thrust
into her, he gathered some of her wetness onto his finger.

When his finger was fully soaked he brought it back to her gorgeous butt
and began pushing the finger into her other tight hole. He quickly began
pumping his finger in and now he had two of her holes filled up. Within
minutes he felt the tightness around his cock and finger increase, which
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Her whole body was now shaking wildly on top of him
as the amazing orgasm ripped though her. The climax lasted for a couple of
minutes and just as it began to subside Danny's began to begin.

"Oh God Ms. Keibler I'm going to cum!"

The teacher, still a little high on her orgasm, jumped off of him and got
back down in front.

"Come on Danny, I want you to cum on my face. Jack that big cock off and
cover my face with your hot jizz!"

Following her orders Danny started rubbing himself and let out a loud
groan before releasing his load, stream after stream of the hot white load
landing on the blonde's beautiful face. After he shot his last load she
licked his cock clean and then wiped her face clean. She then removed her
glasses and licked the cum off them.

The last thing he saw was Ms. Keibler getting up before he passed out.
When he woke up he looked around realizing he was still in the empty office.

"Wow that was a hell of a dream." He thought before looking down, seeing
he was bottomless. He then heard the door unlock behind him and in walked Ms.

"Danny you better get your pants back on, the assembly is about to start."

"Oh my god! So this wasn't a dream!"

"No it was very real you little stud. I must say you were quit good as
well. Now get dressed and get to the auditorium."

As he began to get his pants and boxers back on he was still in disbelief
that he had really fucked this hot young teacher.

To be continued...

I would like to hear what you guys think.

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