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Hot For Teacher 2
Big Chief (

As Danny rushed down the hall towards the school auditorium he could not
believe what just happened to him. Never in a million years would he have
thought that he could fuck his hot student teacher Ms. Keibler, but he just
did. When he arrived at the auditorium, he was relieved to see his fellow
students still filing in. He noticed his friend Jake was toward the end of
the line that was entering so he went over to talk with him, "Hey Dan where
the hell were you, I thought I'd have to suffer through this with out you."

"Ms. Keibler wanted to see me in Ms. Runnels office about something."

"Oh so how bad did you get in trouble and what did ya do?"

"She told me she wanted to see me about how I kept daydreaming in the middle
of class, but luckily I didn't get punished."

"Well if she didn't punish you then why did she have you go down to Ms.
Runnels' office?"

"Jake trust me, if I told you what she did, you would never believe me."

"What are you talking about Dan? I've known you my entire life and you think
now that we're seniors, I'm going to stop believing you."

"Well I guess I can tell you, but you can not tell anyone what I'm about to
tell you." He then covered his mouth with his hand and whispered into his
friend's ear, "we had sex."

"Ok Dan you're right, I don't believe any of that. You are so full of shit
Dan, you could never be able to get with that hottie."

"See this is why I wasn't going to tell you because you wouldn't believe me,
dick." He then lightly pushed he friend back wards. As they made their way
into the auditorium their happy moods disappeared as they prepared for what
would most likely be a boring assembly. After the room was settled and the
lights came on, Ms. McMahon, the school's vice principal stepped up to the
podium. She said that the assembly was to talk about the senior class'
fundraiser. The whole time Danny just starred at the young woman, always
loving the way she looked.

As he continued to stare he remembered hearing rumors that Ms. McMahon had
gone to this school once and had a reputation for being a big slut. As soon
as these thoughts entered his head he began to start having one of his
daydreams. The next thing he knew he saw Ms. McMahon on the stage, naked,
on her back, getting eaten out by the school's nurse Ms. Stratus. The entire
class just starred in amazement, as the vice principal's moans filled the
huge auditorium.

Ms. Stratus was also nude, on her hands and knees with her face buried in Ms.
McMahon's crotch and her tight ass sticking in the air. Danny then watched
as he saw himself walk up to the stage, also nude and kneel down behind Ms.
Stratus. With out any hesitation he jammed his dick into Ms. Stratus' ass
while she continued to eat out Ms. McMahon. Soon the room was filled with the
moans of both women as Danny's hips moved wildly back and forth. Just when it
looked like he was going to cum, he was broken away from the daydream. The
arm that he had rested his head on slipped off the armrest snapping him from
his delightful dream.

He then whispered to Jake to see what he missed while he was zoned out,
"Psst, Jake. What was she talking about, I zoned out."

"You know you might want to see someone about your zoning out bud. She just
said we have to sell candy to raise money for the class. So what was this
dream about."

"Oh nothing to exciting, forget it." The assembly went on for another ten
minutes, and when it was over the senior class filed out of the auditorium to
return to their classes. When Danny arrived to wood shop with Mr. Dudley the
big teacher told him they guidance office called him down. Danny put his bags
in the corner of them room and headed down to the office.

He never liked going down to see his guidance counselor Mr. Page, because he
always had this motto of let me help you like you. There was just something
about this positive attitude, thinking attitude that Danny just didn't like.
When he entered the office the secretary told him Mr. Page was in his office.
When he made it to the door Mr. Page welcomed him in. He shook Danny's hand,
smiling with him bright white teeth, and asked him to sit down.

"Now Danny I just wanted to ask you if you have done any college searching

"Yea I actually looked at a few schools."

"Ok which ones did have you looked at, because we need this for our files."

"Um.. UCLA, Berkley, and Florida State." As Danny said the schools' names Mr.
Page typed them into his computer.

"Ok Dan, that's all I needed. You can go back to you class, and make sure to
have a great day." As he got up from the chair Danny flashed a fake smile to
Mr. Page and left the office. As he walked back to wood shop, Danny made
jokes to himself about how stupid Mr. Page looked whenever he smiled. When he
made it back to the shop he noticed class hadn't started yet, as all the
students were still standing around talking. Mr. Dudley then got up in front
of the class, with not many students noticing. He then yelled out QUIT!

"All right class we are going to have a written quiz so I want you to get the
tables." He said point at the stack of wooden folding tables on the sidewall
of the room.

When the four tables were set up in the open space of the class the 15
students, including Danny sat at them. Mr. Dudley then passed out the quizzes
and sat down at his desk. Lucky for Danny this was one of the few classes he
liked, so he was able to zip right through the two-page quiz.

* * *

Even though it was his favorite class, Danny was happy when shop class was
over because it was the final one of the day. As soon as the bell rang he
rushed out to the back parking lot to where he parked his car. He quickly got
in and drove off, before any of the other students could make it out. Since
it was Friday he decided to drive up to the mall before he went home. Through
the whole ride his radio was jamming out the sounds of Disturbed.

Danny parked his car in front of the entrance to the Dick's Sporting Goods
store and walked in. He decided to walk down towards the Sam Goody in the
middle of the mall where his brother Jason worked. Jason was around
twenty-two and worked at Sam Goody to get a little extra cash for college
at UCONN. He decided to tell about his experience with Ms. Keibler, because
he knew that Jason was probably the only person he could tell that would
actually believe him.

When he walked into the Sam Goody he saw Alex, one of Jason's friends and
co-workers at the resister to the currently empty store.

"Hey Alex, is Jason working today?"

"Hey Danny. Yeah he's in the back doing inventory. You can go back to see

"Thanks man," and with that Danny went to the back storeroom to see his older
brother. He saw his brother crouched next to a shelf full of CDs, with a
clipboard in hand. Danny quietly walked up behind him and slapped him on the
back, "Ah, Alex what they hell is your probl.. Danny! How the hell are ya

"I'm doing great Jay. Have you taken your lunch yet?"

"Nope, I was going to take it late today. I can take it now if you want to
get something to eat."

"Yeah actually that's why I came down here, plus I wanted to tell you
something." Jason put the clipboard down near the shelf his was counting and
walked out of the room with his little brother.

"Hey Alex, I'm going to take my lunch now with Danny, aight?"

"Yea sure Jay, it's dead in here anyways."

The two brothers then walked out the store and down to the lower level of
the mall where the food court was located. After getting some food from the
Friendlys, they sat down at a table to eat and talk.

"So what's up little brother?"

"Well something happened to me today in school and you're the only one that I
think would believe me if I were to tell you."

"You know that I believe what you tell me. So what happened?"

"Well in my Psychology class we got a student teacher from Uconn, who's
supposed to teach the class for the rest of the year."

"Oh yea that's right, I actually think I know her. Is her last name Keibler?"

"Yeah it is! You're telling me you know her."

"Sure, I met her when we were freshmen. So what about her."

"Ok, well today when I was on my way to study hall she stopped me in the hall
and wanted to talk with me in Ms. Runnels office. Well she came in after a
few minutes and wanted to know about these daydreams I had been having during
class. She began asking me what they were about and the next thing I knew, I
looked up and she had her skirt hiked up, showing me her thong. One thing led
to another and we wound up having sex in the office."

"Wait a minute, you're telling me you had sex with Stacy Keibler. Blond,
pretty face, long lean legs?" Danny just nodded his head, waiting for his
older brother's response. "Well Danny I want to be the first to congratulate
you. That woman is one of the hottest women on the entire campus. You just
did what every guy at my school would kill to do and I gotta say I'm dam
proud of you."

Jason then shook his younger brother's hand while giving him a big smile.
"Now I gotta ask you bro, how was she?"

Now Danny had the big grin on his face as he answered his brother's question,
"Oh my god Jason, it had to be the most pleasurable experience of my entire

She really knows how to work her mouth on a guy too. I knew you would be the
perfect person to tell Jay." The two brothers finished their meal, talking
more about Danny's fun with Ms. Keibler.

* * *

It was eight o'clock in the morning and Danny was still dead tired as he was
changing for his first period gym class. All through the night he dreamt
about his experience the day before with his teacher for psychology Ms.
Keibler. Unfortunately for Danny his normal gym teacher Mr. Kidman was out so
good old Mr. Storm was subbing for him toady, which meant he would be in hell

After Mr. Storm had taken the attendance he had the class line up in two
lines next to each other along side one of the gym for warm ups. He said the
front students would run across the gym and when they reached the wall they
had to run backwards to where they came. Once that student returned the other
one would do the same. As Danny was running back to his partner he tripped
and fell to the ground. When he tried to get back up he felt great pain on
his left ankle. He then saw a pissed off Mr. Storm come over to him.

"Alright Danny what they hell happened here?"

"Um I fell sir and I think I really hurt my ankle. Could I go to the nurse?"

"What? You're telling me you can't walk a little shore ankle off?"

"No sir, I can barely stand on it."

"Fine, get someone to help you down to the nurses office." And with that they
pissed off wrestling coach walked away.

After being helped down part of the way by his classmate Sam, Dan told him he
could make it the rest of the way. He continued down the hallway hoping on
one foot and holding onto the wall. He finally made it to the nurse's office,
opening the door and walking in. Ms. Stratus, was sitting down at her desk
when he walked in.

"Danny, what happened to you?" she asked, getting up to help him over to a

"I was in gym, and Mr. Storm had us running backwards and I fell. When I got
up I felt this pain in my left ankle."

"Well that sounds like Mr. Storm's idea of warming up. Now can you put any
weight on it?"

"No not really. When I try to stand on it, it almost gives out."

"Well I'll get an ice pack for you to put on it and you can stay here for the
rest of gym." As she walked over to the refrigerator he couldn't help, admire
her round ass moving back and for. As she walked back over towards Danny she
dropped the ice pack on the floor, and when she bent over to pick it up he
got a great down blouse view of her humongous chest.

"Here take this and I'll help you into the back room and you can just lie
down for the rest of the period. Trust me I know how much of a hard ass Mr.
Storm can be." She then helped Danny into the back room of the office and
brought him to a couch like bed, used for sick students to lie down on.
After helping him to the bed she left closing the door behind her. Danny
then laid down, placing the ice pack on his hurt ankle and drifted off to
sleep on the surprisingly comfortable bed/couch.

Danny's little nap was broken when he heard the door to the little room open.
When he looked up he saw Ms. Stratus walk inside and close the door behind
her. She then sat down by Danny's feet and looked up towards him, "So Danny
how is the ankle feeling?"

"It feels about the same I guess."

She then removed the ice pack and pressed her fingers on Danny's hurt ankle.

"Ok Danny how does that feel?"

"Alright, just a little shore." She then moved her hand farther up his ankle
and squeezed her fingers on it again.

"How about that?"

"The same as it did lower." Then Ms. Stratus did something that Danny was not
at all suspecting. She brought her hand much farther up and squeezed the
bulge in his gym shorts.

"Ok Danny, now how does that feel?" This sudden action by Ms. Stratus made
Danny absolutely speechless, but also very hard. "Oh, I guess that it must
feel pretty good," she said with a big smile on her face. The young nurse
then began to rub his crotch through his jeans, causing him to get even more

When Danny began to emit low groans, Ms. Stratus began to further her
efforts. She reached her hands up, unbuckling his belt and undoing the zipper
and button to his pants. When she got his pants open she began to pull at
them and Danny helped by lifting his hips. After she got his pants and boxers
down, she marveled at his dick standing at full attention.

"Now Danny I want you to just lie back and I'll make you feel a lot better
and forget about that hurt ankle." Upon saying this she wrapped her right
hand around his dick and held it there for a few moments before she began to
move it up and down. Instead of starting off slow she decided to jack him off
very fast at the get go. Every now and then as she jacked him off she would
flick her tongue across the head of his dick, just to tease him. As her right
hand was busy working his shaft, she used her left hand to massage his balls,
adding even more to the pleasure that he was in.

When Danny's groans increased Ms. Stratus decided to move her efforts up a
notch, and put his head in her mouth. She lowered her mouth down a little
and began to flick her tongue across the area where his head and shaft met,
sending shivers of pleasure up his spine. She did this motion for a few
seconds before she began to bob her head up and down, taking his long dick
into her throat. As she did this she kept her right hand on the base of his
shaft, and her left hand stayed at his balls. Through out all of this Danny
kept his eyes closed as his hands just stayed at his side, as he was still
in shock at what was happening.

Following five minutes of this treatment Danny could feel that he was about
to explode so he warned the young blond. Just as he was about to blow his
load her heard the door to the room start to open and his eyes shot open as
his hears nearly burst from his chest. When he looked up he saw Ms. Stratus
walk in, which caught him off guard until he realized the experience he was
having was just another one of his daydreams.

"So Danny how is your ankle doing now?"

"Oh, I guess it's doing better."

"Let me just make sure before I send you back to class." Like in his daydream
she kneeled down near his feet and squeezed her hand on different places on
his ankle.

"Do you feel any pain when I do this?"

"Yeah actually I do, it really stings when you do that."

"Hmm, I think that you might have actually sprained it. I'm going to wrap it
with an ace bandage and I think I'm going to send you home for the rest of
the day. If you keep off it I think you'll be able to walk on it in a few
days." Not being one to argue when it came to getting out of school, Danny
let her put the bandage on his hurt ankle and then she helped him out to the
parking lot so he could get to his car. When Danny arrived at home he hopped
through the front door and plopped down on the couch to watch some TV.

After lying on the couch for a couple of hours, Danny heard the phone ring,
and lucky for him he had the cordless on the nightstand.


"Hey Danny this is Jake. Why weren't you in Spanish today?"

"Oh I hurt my ankle in gym so Ms. Stratus sent me home. So did I miss
anything important?"

"Well Mr. Guerrero wasn't in today and we had this sub that you would not

"What was he a real asshole?"

"Well first it wasn't a he and second she was extremely hot. She must be new
because I never remember hearing of her before."

"Really, what was her name?"

"It was Ms. Wilson. She had to be in her early twenties, blond hair, and a
hell of a great rack. Oh and I think you're in luck bud because she told us
that Mr. Guerrero would be out for around a week."

"Well I guess that's good to know then. I think I'll be back in school on
Thursday so I'll see you then." The two friends then said their goodbyes
and hung up the phones. Within a few minutes of hanging up the phone Danny
drifted off to sleep on the couch.

* * *

Thursday morning rolled around and Danny limped his way into school, his
ankle still a little sore from Tuesday's "fun" in gym class. Like always he
met with Jake at their lockers for their daily chat before school started.

"Hey Danny, you look like shit. How's your ankle feeling?"

"Well it's still a little sore, but it's better then it was a few days ago.
So I guess today I'll get to see this Ms. Wilson you were talking about."

"Oh man, trust me when you see her you'll forget about the sore ankle you
have there. Now I hope you won't try to give me some bullshit story about
her, like you did with Ms. Keibler."

"Hey fuck you, I'm telling you that really happened."

"As long as you believe that is true is all that is important." Replied Jake
with a sarcastic tone. Danny just gave him a punch in the arm and the two
continued talking. When the warning bell for the first period rang Danny
limped his way towards the gym for class. Luckily Mr. Kidman was back, but
Danny still couldn't participate in the class because of his ankle so all he
did the whole period was sit on the bleachers.

The long period finally came to an end and Danny now limped his way to
Spanish class, where according to Jake he would be seeing a very hot
substitute teacher named Ms. Wilson. When Danny walked into the room, the
only person in it was Danny as his last class was in the next room over.

"Hey Danny, why don't you hobble your ass over here and take a seat." As he
walked over to his seat next to his friend he gave a dirty look to respond
to the smart ass remark he had made.

"So where is this Ms. Wilson you were telling me about, jackass."

"Hey you have to have patience Dan. She'll be here and then I'll get to say
I told you so." As the final bell to start class rang, Danny turned to his
friend giving him another look, "Hey like I said, just be patient."

Only seconds after Jake said this a gorgeous woman in her early twenties with
blond hair and a great body walked into the classroom, "Sorry I was late
class, but Mr. Guerrero had planned for you to watch a video and I had to get
it sent here from the library." As the young woman talked to the class she
made her way to the desk and took the class roster to take attendance. As she
did this Danny leaned over towards Jake, "Well I guess you can say I told you
so buddy. I mean god dam she is really hot."

"Hey you should know better then to ever doubt me Danny Boy."

When Ms. Wilson finished doing attendance the librarian came in with the
television for the movie. Shortly after she put it on, Danny's wild
imagination started to go to work, as he had one of the rare occasions where
he knew he was daydreaming. Ms. Wilson got up from the desk in the front of
the class and walked to the back of the room. She then went up to Jen Tyler,
possibly one of the hottest girls in the school and the two began to make
out. No one else in the class noticed this as the two women stood up, never
breaking the lip lock. As the two continued their kiss, Ms. Wilson's hand
made its way up to Jen's chest and began slowly massaging the teen's large
breast. Just as it seemed this daydream was getting exciting Danny's
concentration was broken by a smack on the head. He looked over towards Jake
who was trying to get his attention.

"Hey Dan, I think you should pay attention to the movie. Ever since you zoned
out Ms. Wilson has been looking over towards you."

"Oh jeez, thanks for the heads up bud."

However, every time Danny's attention drifted away from the movie he noticed
Ms. Wilson looking in his direction. When the class-ending bell finally rang,
Danny was relieved, as the constant stares by Ms. Wilson were turning him
into a nervous wreck. As Danny ate lunch, he didn't talk much with his other
friends, as all he could think about was Ms. Wilson starring at him during
his Spanish class.

After lunch Danny had Physics class with Mr. Helms. The class for today was
filled with a lab that he really had no problem completing within the period.
Soon the class was over and Danny was getting ready to leave as he had no
class for last period. He was a little nervous however, because to get to the
parking lot he had to pass by Mr. Guerrero's room where Ms. Wilson was. He
passed by the room and thought he was free until her heard a female voice
call his name. When he turned around he saw the young substitute walking
towards him. Even though he was worried about what she wanted he couldn't
help but notice the tight jeans and sweater that she was wearing.

"Danny is it?"

"Um yeah, what can I do for you Ms. Wilson?"

"There is something I wanted to talk to you about. Do you think you could
come into the classroom with me for a minute?"

Deciding to get this experience over with he followed her back into Mr.
Guerrero's room. When they entered the room she told him to sit down at one
of the desks in the empty room, and he noticed as he did so she closed and
locked the classroom door. She then walked towards Danny and as she did he
just started talking, "Um Ms. Wilson if this is about me zoning out during
the video in class today I just want to apologize now. I just have a problem
paying attention to videos sometimes."

"Danny calm down, this has nothing to do with your zoning out. This actually
has to do with a discussion I had with your psychology teacher Ms. Keibler."

Now Danny was a little confused, but still worried. Why would she have been
talking with Ms. Keibler, and could they have talked about the experience in
Ms. Runnels' office. Danny just sat there and waited for her to continue,
"She told me about the fun you two had down in Ms. Runnels' office on
Monday." Danny's heart almost stopped at the shock of what he just heard. She
was probably going to rat on them and he would be the next news story around
the state.

"Hey, hey don't worry, I'm not going to turn you two in if that's what you're
thinking, so relax. Now the reason that she told me this in the first place
is because she was giving me a recommendation. She told me that you'd be the
perfect thing to help relieve the stress I'm having from my new position

"Wait a minute, you mean you called me in here because you want to have sex
with me?"

"Yea, is there a problem with that Danny?"

"No, no not at all. It's just that I thought that the experience with Ms.
Keibler was something I could never experience with another teacher and now
you're telling me this. I'm just trying to soak this all in ma'am."

"Hey I don't want any of this ma'am stuff. Since we're about to fuck each
other you can call me Torrie. Now from Ms. Keibler's story, I understood she
took control so I think I'll do the same thing here, seeing as how you're a
little injured. Now why don't you get up and sit on Mr. Guerrero's chair here
and relax." As she said this she rolled the big leather chair from behind the
desk and rolled it towards the desk where Danny was sitting at. As he stood
up, Ms. Wilson had him stand for a minute as she undid his pants and, and
pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. When he sat down in the chair,
Danny kicked the clothes from his feet and waited in anticipation to see what
was to come.

As Danny sat in the comfortable chair, Ms. Wilson took off her sweater, to
reveal her huge breasts incased in a black lacy bra that pushed her huge
mounds together. She then knelt down in front of the chair with a smile on
her face.

"Well I can see you're as excited as I am for this." She then wrapped her
warm right hand around the base of his stick cock and began to lick the
underside of his shaft, up and down. When her tongue made its way to where
his shaft and head met, it would flick across the area, delivering even more
pleasure. She licked his dick like a lollipop for around a minute until she
decided to add a little to the pleasure. She started to move her hand that
was around the base of his cock up and down, jacking him off. While her hand
worked his shaft she brought her head down towards his balls and took one
into her mouth and began to suck on it. She would suck for a few seconds and
then switch over to the other one. When she had him in her mouth she would
yet again flick her tongue against it sending shivers up and down his spine.

As Ms. Wilson's head was down at his balls, Danny rested his hands on top of
her blond head, making sure to give her encouragement at her task at hand.
She continued to work on his balls for a few minutes until she decided to
move her focus to a different part of his body. She now covered the head of
his cock with her mouth, returning his hand to his balls again. With just his
head in her mouth, she began to suck, giving him an unbelievable feeling that
he never experienced before. As she continued to suck she moved her mouth
down a little lower and once again began to flick her tongue on the area
where his shaft and head met. Through out all of this, like his experience
with Ms. Keibler, Danny was in total shock, thinking all of this was to good
to be true.

The next thing Danny knew, Ms. Wilson had stopped sucking on his head and
was now bobbing up and down, giving him an absolutely amazing blowjob. Her
right hand still had a firm grip on the base of his cock, as her head wildly
bobbed up and down on it. Once again Danny put his hands on top of her head,
which just caused her to increase the speed of the blowjob. Soon he could
feel he was about to cum, but Ms. Wilson must have sensed this too, as she
stopped just in time.

"Now I don't want this experience to end that quick, so why don't you return
the favor I just gave you." Said a smiling Ms. Wilson. She then stood up and
began to undo her pants. After getting them undone she turned around and
pulled the tight denim pants down to expose her bare ass. As she pulled them
down she bent over, giving Danny a great view at her tight ass. When the
pants were off she unclasped her bra to expose her perfectly round globes.
Danny then got up from his seat, realizing he didn't have any pain in his
ankle at the moment, "Here Torrie, why don't you have a seat now."

"Why thank you very much." She replied as she sat down in the comfortable
chair. As soon as she got in the chair, Danny knelt down in front of the
sitting, nude substitute and quickly began to nibble on her left nipple. He
first licked the area around the nipple, getting it wet with his saliva and
then took the little bud in his mouth, lightly biting down on it. With the
left in his mouth, Danny used his hand to pinch the right, making sure to
give the same kind of full pleasure that Ms. Wilson had just given him.
After a few seconds he switched his mouth over to the right nipple, and
placed his palm over her left breast. When he began to lick at the right,
his left hand began to move, massaging her huge breast.

"Mmmm. Oh Danny, your mouth and hands feel so good on my breasts. That's it,
suck my tits baby."

Danny loved the dirty talk she was using and increased his sucking and
massage. Soon however he felt her hands pushing down on the top of his head
and got what she wanted him to do. He removed his hand from her breast, and
began to slowly lick his way from her breast, down her body. When his tongue
came to just above her slit, he decided to tease her some more. Instead of
bringing his tongue right to her slit, he brought it to her inner thighs,
going back and forth between the two. When he heard her moan a little loader
he decided to go for the gold.

Before he brought his tongue to her pussy however he stared at it, loving the
way it was completely shaven, except for a landing strip of blond hair just
above the slit. When he finished viewing, he brought his mouth about an inch
from the slit and stuck his tongue out. He then began to drag the tip up and
down her slit, causing her to let out squeals of joy. When he felt he teased
her long enough, he began to slowly push it into her tight, wet pussy. He
then began to quickly dart his tongue in and out, like a little dick. He did
this tongue fucking for a few strokes before he put his mouth around her slit
and began to suck.

As his mouth worked at her crotch his hands went over his head and began to
rub her big tits yet again. As Danny had done during the blowjob, Ms. Wilson
placed her hands on top of his head, giving him encouragement to continue.
The one thing that Danny noticed as he ate her out was how great the young
woman tasted and in a matter of seconds, he would be getting a good amount
of that sweet taste. Ms. Wilson's breathing began to quicken and her body
started to move up and down. Knowing what was about to come, Danny made sure
to stay in control and just waited. Soon she was cumming, her body thrashing
up and down and her moans filled the room,

"Oh god Danny that's it! Work my tight pussy, I'm fucking cumming! OOOOOH
WITH YOUR MOUTH!" Through out her entire orgasm, Danny was able to keep
his mouth working at her pussy and hands at her tits, giving her maximum
pleasure. After around a minute her body began to calm down and soon her
climax left her. Danny licked at her pussy for a few more seconds before
he finally looked up at Ms. Wilson, who was looking back down at him, "My,
my Danny, you really know how to use that tongue of yours. Now how bout
you say we kick it up a notch." She said with a smile.

She then got up from the chair, rubbing her wet pussy and had Danny sit back
down in it. Before she did anything else she brought her hand up to her mouth
to taste the "juices" from her pussy. When she finished her taste test she
turned her body around so her back was to Danny, and reached her hand behind
her to grab his cock. Holding the flesh rocket up straight, she began to
slowly lower her body, impaling herself on it. After a few moments, she was
sitting on his lap with his cock buried deep inside her.

"Get ready for the real fun now Danny." With that statement Ms. Wilson began
to slowly move her hips, grinding her body on his. She only did this for a
few seconds, before she began to rise up again. When he was almost out of her
tight hole she lowered her body again, grinding into him again when their
hips met. She did the grinding for a few moments again and then began to
quickly start bouncing up and down. As she rode his stiff cock she placed her
hands on her chest, pushing her breasts into her body. As she did this, Danny
rested his hands around her waist, watching her tight ass jiggle ever so
slightly when it hit his hips.

She then, while still bouncing on top of him, leaned her body forward,
allowing Danny to penetrate her even more. To keep herself from falling off
him onto the floor she placed her hands in front of her on the cold tiled
floor. Amazingly she was still able to bounce her pelvis off Danny at quite
a quick speed. After a few minutes in this position, Ms. Wilson's legs became
tired so she lowly removed her pussy from around his cock. She then walked
over to the desk and laid down on it, spreading her legs. She then motioned
for Danny to come over with her finger, which he gladly did.

With out saying a word Danny grabbed a hold of his rigid cock and began to
slowly guide it back into her tight wet pussy. When he got enough of himself
inside her, he began to pump his hips back and forth, driving into her. Soon
he got a good pace going, and as he continued to pump into her he leaned
forward and took her right nipple into his mouth and began to suck. He did
this with the other nipple as well, alternating between the two as Ms. Wilson
continued to moan on. His mouth then moved from her tits up to her mouth as
he began to passionately kiss her, with her moans now escaping into his

Through out Danny's oral fixation, he continued to drive his cock deep into
Ms. Wilson, bringing closer and closer to orgasm with each thrust. Ms. Wilson
let this go on for a few more minutes before she made Danny stop, "Oh Danny,
it feels so good having your cock in my tight pussy, but I think I need
attention in another area. I want you to stick that throbbing shaft into my
tight fucking asshole!"

This simple fraise brought a big smile to Danny's face as he was already
pulling himself out of her. He then grabbed Ms. Wilson around the waist and
pulled her body a little closer to the edge for better access. With his dick
already soaked with Ms. Wilson's juices, Danny began to push the tip of his
head against her tight little hole. As he pushed himself forward he noticed
how tight her ass really was. As he slowly inched his dick inside, Ms. Wilson
was loudly moaning, beginning for him to fill her up.

When he was completely inside her, he stood still for a few moments, letting
her ass get used to the new invader. After waiting for a few seconds he began
to slowly remove his dick from her ass. Soon his dick was slowly working its
way in and out of her tight asshole. As he got her asshole used to his
probing dick, Danny grabbed her legs by the ankles and pulled them into the
air, to try and help her receive full penetration. Now with his hands firmly
grasping her ankles, Danny began to pick up the pace of his strokes, ever so
slowly. As he began to pick up his pace, Ms. Wilson's hands made their way
to her soaking wet pussy, and she began to finger herself with three fingers.

"Oh yeah that's it baby, stuff my tight little asshole with that big cock of
yours. It feels so fucking good, oh yeah!"

As Danny continued to fuck her asshole he looked down at her, loving how her
huge breast would shake as her trust into her. When he was finally moving at
top speed into her, he noticed that her moans where also increased as well,
with her biting her lip as not to be too loud. Her hands then moved from her
wet pussy and moved back up her body and she began to gently tweak her very
hard nipples. She would roll the hard nubs in between her thumb and index
finger, adding to her already amazing pleasure.

Soon Danny could feel her tight asshole become even tighter around his dick
and knew exactly what was to come. Wanting her to have an even greater orgasm
then before, he greatly picked up his thrusts and after only a couple of
these hard strokes, the young substitute was screaming out in a mind melting
orgasm, "Oh God Yes I'm fucking cumming baby! That big fucking cock of yours

As he continued to thrust through her orgasm, Danny could feel a little
wetness on his cock as her pussy released its sweet nectar. Soon the
squeezing of her ass was too much for Danny and he knew he was about to cum,
"Oh god Torrie, I'm going to fucking cum!"

"OH leave your cock in my ass! I want you to shoot your cum into my tight
ass!" Really in no position to argue, Danny thrust forward one last time
before his cock began to shoot out his huge load. As his dick shot into her
it seemed like her ass was sucking on it, trying to get every last drop of
his cum. When he shot his final stream into her he pulled the chair over and
fell back into it. Ms. Wilson laid on the desk for a few minutes, lightly
stroking her pussy as Danny tried to get his breath back. Finally after
around a few minutes, Ms. Wilson sat up on the desk and looked at the
exhausted eighteen year old, sitting in the chair.

"My god Danny that was amazing. Now I can see why Ms. Keibler was raving
about you in the teacher's lounge."

"You were absolutely great too Ms. Wils.. I mean Torrie. I just hope no one
heard us."

"Oh don't worry, the class rooms around her don't have any classes in them
this period." She then leaned back in the desk and went into one of the
drawers and pulled out a towel, throwing it towards Danny. "Here you might
want to clean yourself off before you get dressed, you worked up a real
sweat." Danny thanked her as he stood up to towel himself down. After he
got dressed he turned around to see that Ms. Wilson was already redressed

"Well I guess I'll get going home to get some sleep. I still can't believe
how amazing this was."

"Tell me about it you young stud. Who knows maybe we'll do this again." With
that she gave him a passionate kiss goodbye. When the embrace finally broke
Danny just smiled back at her and began to limp his way out to the school
parking lot, loving the thought that he had just fucked another hot young

*To Be Continued*

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