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Hot For Teacher 3
By Big Chief (austin2090

Casey walked through the doors of the school like a zombie who just rose
from the dead. He was so tired he felt like lying down right on the floor and
going to sleep. As he slowly walked through the hall he saw his pal Danny
standing by his locker.

"God Casey you look like you just rose from the dead," said Danny with a
giant grin.

"Ha, ha asshole. You know I'm not a morning person."

Replied Casey as he put his stuff into his locker, "and you forget today is
Monday. We have five days in this freaking prison."

"Oh thank you so much for reminding me, I had almost forgotten."

Danny replied giving his friend a dirty look, "Oh yea did you hear what
happened to Jason?"

"Now what happened to him?"

"Well it seems that our boy has gotten a case of mono."

"See I told him he should watch it with that girl from Boston. So I guess
we won't be seeing his sorry ass for a while."

"Hey watch it Case! I think Jason has a very nice ass." The two laughed at
the obvious joke about their sick friend. The two continued to talk till
the warning bell rang and they left to go to class. Casey got to start his
day off with Mr. Angle for American History. When he walked into the
classroom he saw Jim, another one of his friends, was already sitting at
his desk.

"Man Casey you look like shit today man."

"Yea, Danny was already kind enough to point that out to me. And what the
hell are you so happy about anyways?"

"Well I got some news about Mr. Storm."

"What kind of good news could you possibly have about that psychotic mother

"Well I heard that the school board fired him on Friday. Apparently he had
made some very bad remarks to some freshman. Well the kid went to the super
intendment's office, and since he had a previous record of that kind of
stuff they fired him."

"You're kidding me, that's great! I remember last year when I was on the
wrestling team, how brutal the guy was. I mean he was fucking un-balanced.
So did you find out who's going to be replacing him as the team's coach?"

"I don't know, some guy named Lesnar."

"Wait did you happen to catch his first name."

"Umm, I think it was Brock why?"

"Oh this is great. Brock Lesnar won the NCAA heavyweight wrestling title
in 2000 for the University of Minnesota. I mean he is a freaking wrestling
machine and now he's going to be our wrestling coach."

"Wait, our wrestling coach? I thought you said you weren't going to be trying
out for the team this year?"

"Well I wasn't when Mr. Storm was the head coach, but if they fired him and
hired Lesnar, I'm definitely going for it." Just as Casey finished his
sentence the bell rang and the school day officially started. After the class
did the Pledge of Allegiance, Mr. Angle told them they would be having a test
on Friday about the Civil War. This announcement brought groans from the
class of 20 seniors. All of a sudden Casey's new found happiness from his
friend's news was shot down by that dreaded word, test.

When the class's complaints died down, Mr. Angle continued by saying
today's class would be reserved for studying and they would have a review on
Wednesday. A few minutes into taking out his history book, Casey noticed a
bunch of other students had started taking notes, so he took out his notebook
to do the same. Like most times, however, he couldn't focus on the reading,
and began to doodle on the blank paper in front of him. Soon the whole paper
was covered in drawings and the next thing he knew the class was over.

Shortly after leaving the room Casey caught back up with Danny in the

"Hey Danny boy did you hear the great news?"

"Well I'm guessing I haven't so why don't you tell me?"

"Well I just talked with Jim and he told me that Mr. Storm was fired last

"You're kidding me! If you're screwing with me I'm going to have to kick your

"Well you don't have to embarace yourself by trying cause I'm telling you the
truth, bud."

"All right! I always thought that guy was out to get me. I think that guy is
a little screwed up in the head. So what class do you have next?"

"Oh I have Psychology with your girlfriend Ms. Kiebler."

"God you're not going to let this go are you?"

"Come on Danny, you've known me how many years? Of course I'm not going to
let this go. Besides it's your own fault for telling me such an obvious lie
like that anyways."

"Hey don't believe me, but I'm telling you it happened."

"Sure it did. The important thing is you believe that it did." Replied Casey
with a wiseass smirk. The two friends then parted to go to their next period

As Casey walked into the room he noticed Ms. Kiebler was talking with Ms.
Runnels and that a few other students were already in the room. After sitting
down he had to laugh again about how Danny claimed to be with Ms. Kiebler.
However he did pick a good teacher to make the lie up about.

Shortly before the bell rang Ms. Kiebler had left the classroom. Ms. Runnels
then explained that Ms. Kiebler had to meet with her professor so she would
be teaching the class today. Following that announcement she turned around to
write the day's class plan on the board. As she wrote Casey couldn't help but
admire the way her butt looked in the tight jeans she was wearing.

While watching the perfect sight he wondered what the sexy teacher would be
like during sex. Ever since coming to high school four years ago, Casey
thought that Ms. Runnels was probably very sexual in her regular life. For
the rest of the period Casey had nothing but sex on his mind, not focusing
much on what was being taught.

As he left the class to head or lunch, he remembered that he wanted to talk
with Mr. Lesnar so he went to the school's main office. When he entered the
office he saw Vice Principal McMahon's secretary Ms. Marie sitting at her
desk. The thing that took him by surprise was she was wearing a low cut top
that showed off a lot of cleavage.

"May I help you?"

"Oh, I was wondering where I could find Mr. Lesnar?"

"Mr. Lesnar? Oh the new wrestling coach. I'm afraid he doesn't start working
here until tomorrow. You could try stopping back here tomorrow morning, he
might be here then."

"Oh ok. Thanks for the help Ms. Marie." And with that Casey left the office
to head for the cafeteria.

After he got his lunch he sat down at the usual table where Danny and Jim
were already sitting.

"So where did you go, me and Jim were getting worried." Asked a sarcastic

"Oh I went to the office to find that Mr. Lesnar about joining the wrestling
team, but he doesn't start her until tomorrow."

"You went to the office uh?" asked an intrigued Jim. "Was Ms. Marie there
when you went?"

"Oh she was and you should have seen her outfit today. She had this real
low-cut blouse that showed off those two beautiful globes. I really don't
know how she gets away with dressing like that in school, but I don't care."

"You know I think I could tell you why bud." Said Danny.

"Really Mr. Smart Ass, why is it she can get away with it then?"

"Well from what I hear she goes beyond the regular duties of secretary for
Ms. McMahon."

"What do you mean?" interrupted Jim.

"If you would shut up for just a minute I will tell ya, loud mouth. When I
was talking with Jay over the weekend he told me something pretty
interesting. Now remember a few weeks ago when he got called down to Ms.
McMahon's office for starting that food fight?"

The other two nodded with smiles remembering the gigantic war of food.

"Well while he was waiting he heard a noise coming from the office and
when he put his ear to the door he heard moaning. So the ballsy little
bastard opened the door a little and when he looked in, Ms. McMahon was
sitting on her desk, bottomless, with Ms Marie eating her out."

"Oh horse shit!" exclaimed Casey. "Dan that's an even worse lie en the story
about you getting Ms. Kiebler."

"Hey I'm telling you what Jason had told me so if anyone is the liar it's
him not me."

"Now you can't honestly believe that can you? There is no way they could keep
that kind of relationship secret, I mean come on!"

"Hey I've known Jay all my life and if he said he say that happened then I
have to believe him."

"Yeah, Jay's not a bull shitter." Added Jim.

"Well if you two want to think that it actually happened then go ahead
and keep thinking that."

The three friends then finished their lunch and talked some more before the
next period started.

* * *

Casey was relieved when the final bell of the day rang. He quickly moved down
the hall, hoping to catch Danny before he left. After making his way through
the crowded hallway he made it to the lockers where Danny was just getting
ready to leave.

"Danny, I'm glad I go to you before you left."

"Why, what do you need?"

"Do you think that I could bum a ride from you today?"

"Yeah sure, but I thought you had just gotten a car?"

"I did, but I got a flat yesterday and haven't had a chance to change it

"Ok, let's get going then cause I want to get out of this freaking place and
get back to my house." The two then walked to the back of the building where
Danny had his car parked. After about ten minutes of driving Danny pulled up
to Casey's house, dropped him off and said that he would see him tomorrow at

After getting the mail, Casey walked into the house throwing his bag on the
floor. He was surprised to see a package amongst the mail, addressed to him
with no name on the return address, which he didn't recognize. Upon opening
it he found a tape with a label that simply said, "watch me alone."

Since he was going to be alone for at least another hour he decided to see
exactly was on this mysterious tape. After popping it in the VCR he plopped down
on the couch.

Following a few moments of snow, a familiar face popped up on the screen: it
was Casey's girlfriend Nidia. Nidia was a college freshman and the two
had met last year when she was a senior at the high school. She was a hot
Latina with curly brown hair and a body to die for. During some of their many
sexual encounters she even brought in some of her friends, which really added to
the excitement.

"Hey baby, I'm here at school and thought instead of writing you, I'd make
this video. Now like it said make sure you're alone and you might want to
make sure to cover up and nearby windows, so I'll wait a minute while you
do that." Casey then got up and pulled down the blinds in the living room,
thinking he knew where the tape was headed. Just as he sat back down her
voice started up again.

"Now since it's been a while since we've seen each other, I thought I'd give
you a little treat." As she spoke Casey finally noticed the outfit his girl
was wearing. She had on a tank top, with no bra, and a pair of black panties,
which he couldn't get a good view of, but guessed they were probably a thong.

"Ever since I got here I've missed you being around me ... and inside me,"
she said with a smile. "Lucky for me though, my room mate Jackie had helped
me fill that little sexual void. She really does know how to use her tongue,
but it can't beat your nice hard cock. Now I bet there are some things about
me you miss too, uh?" With that she pulled the white tank top up over her
head, exposing her firm round breasts.

"Maybe it's my tits. I remember how you always loved to suck and them and
nibble on my nipples," she said, rolling the two little bids in between her
fingers. Then she got off her bed where she was sitting and turned around
(he was right about the thong). Then looking over her shoulder, she gave her
plump round ass a hard smack.

"Or maybe you miss slapping my ass while fucking me doggie style." As
Casey watched he had a huge grin, partially from seeing his girlfriend and
partially because he knew what would be next. After taking her thong off
Nidia sat back down on her bed, now on the edge to show her bald pussy.
Casey mouth was nearly watering from the site of her exposed pussy.

"I know what it is, you miss slamming that big hard cock into my tight wet
pussy. That's it isn't it? Now I bet you'd love to watch me fuck it with my
fingers wouldn't you?" While she said these words her right hand had already
started to gently rub her pussy.

"Oh look at that Casey, my pussy is all wet just from thinking about you."

She then spread her legs, fully exposing her pussy, with a finger already
inside. As her right hand started its work, her left hand made its way to her
left breast, pinching the nipple. Following a few seconds of this her right
breast got the same treatment, while another finger penetrated her pussy.
Soon her hand was moving quicker, darting in and out, causing her breaths to
become shorter while being accompanied with moans of pleasure.

"Oh yeah Casey, you love watching me finger fuck my tight wet pussy, don't
you? I bet you wish it was your big hard cock instead of my fingers, mmm..."

As Casey watched his girlfriend go to work he had to open up his pants due to
the raging hard-on she was giving him. Eventually he began to jerk himself
off, before he exploded.

"Mmmmm, I hope you're stroking that hard cock of yours while watching me fuck
my pussy."

Soon Casey's strokes got into a rhythm with the fingers Nidia had pumping
into her pussy. As the moans poured from the TV's speakers, Casey's grunts
accompanied them, with both being close to their orgasms.

AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" came the screams from the TV as Nidia reached her orgasm,
which was shortly followed by Casey's. After Casey's orgasm subsided he heard
her say, "I hope you enjoyed my little gift baby," and with that the tape

Just as Casey finished cleaning himself, he heard the phone ring,


"Hey baby," came the familiar voice of Nidia.

"Hey babe, how are ya?"

"I'm great, but I'm really missing you. Did you get my special package yet?"

"Oh I got it alright. In fact I just finished watching it a few minutes ago.
Of course I was just watching it, if you get my drift," he replied with smile
on his face.

"Oh I know exactly what you mean big boy. When I come home next week you'll
be getting the real thing. Well I got to go, I just wanted to make sure that
you got the tape. Fuck ya later," she said laughing.

"Back at ya you hot piece of ass you."

After hanging u the phone, he made sure to remove the tape from the living
room VCR, so no one else would find it and so he could watch it later that
night in his own room.

* * *

In a rare occasion Casey walked into the school, wide-awake, but still wasn't
exactly happy to be there. Like always Danny was propped up against his
locker, alone waiting for his friend.

"Well, you look like a completely different person today. What's got you so
alive this morning?"

"I really couldn't tell ya buddy. I just woke up this morning and for some
odd reason I was just wide awake."

"So what did you do last night?"

"Oh I got a pretty interesting package in the mail when I got home. I
probably watched that the entire night."

"Oh yeah? What kind of tape was it?"

"It was from Nidia and it was absolutely amazing."

"Ah, wait a second," interrupted Danny, "I remember the way you two were when
she was still here so I think I have a good idea what was on the tape, so
save me the details. So exactly how many time did you watch this little tape

"Four or five times, but it's been a while since I've seen her and I have
been kinda backed up."

I don't need to hear any part of your sex life, alright?!"

"Well all I can say is at least my sex life is real, unlike your fantasy

"You know what Casey, I'm tired of this shit. I expected for you to rag on
me when I first told you those stories, but this shit is really going on to
much, so you know what Casey, FUCK YOU!"

And with that a pissed off Danny left his friend standing in the hall,
completely shocked about what just happened. All of his joking was intended
to be in good fun, and he never meant for it to go this far. However Casey
quickly stopped feeling sorry for himself because if he knew Danny like he
thought he did, then they'd be all buddy, buddy again by the end of the week.

Since he was left all alone in the halls, Casey decided to see if Mr. Lesnar
had arrived yet. As he walked down the halls he noticed Vice Principal
McMahon walking in the opposite direction and decided to ask her if she knew
anything about Mr. Lesnar.

"Excuse me Ms. McMahon?" asked Casey, stopping the young administrator, "Do
you know if Mr. Lesnar has arrived at the school yet?"

"Oh yes I was just talking with him. You could probably find him in his
office next to the gym."

"Thank you so much ma'am," replied Casey with a bit of his ass kicking charm.
As Ms. McMahon walked away Casey couldn't help but take a quick look at her
beautiful ass, as it swayed back and forth as she walked away. After a few
seconds of this he smiled and began to make his way to the gym on the other
side of the school. As he made his short walk he couldn't help but become a
little excited about meeting an actual NCAA heavyweight-wrestling champion.

As he came upon the office he noticed the door was partially open with the
lights on, which most likely meant the new coach was in. After a few seconds
Casey knocked on the door and heard a voice from within tell him to come in.
After opening the door, Casey was greeted by the former college champion.

"Umm, Mr. Lesnar?"

"Yeah, what can I do for you kid?"

"Well my name is Casey and I was on the wrestling team last year and wanted
to try our for the team this year."

"Ok, well try outs are Friday after school and you need to get a physical
from either your doctor of the school's nurse."

"Thank you sir. And I hope this doesn't sound like sucking up, but I'm just
so honored to be in front of an amazing wrestler like you."

"Thanks, Casey was it?" Casey nodded a yes "Well I've heard good things
about your skills too." Casey just smiled at the compliment and shook his
new coach's hand. He just couldn't believe he had a wrestling champion
compliment his own skills. As Casey walked from the office he remembered
he didn't have a last period class today, so he could go to the nurse's
office and get the physical done and wouldn't have to worry about it later.

* * *

Casey's long boring day finally ended as he left his Chemistry class. After
tossing his books into is locker he headed down to the nurse's office in
hopes of getting his physical for the wrestling team done and over with.
Lucky for him when he entered the office, the room was empty except for
Nurse Stratus. Casey rarely admitted it, but he had a huge crush on the young
school nurse, who he saw as the most beautiful woman in the entire school.
Today she had on a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and the standard white lab

"Hi Casey, so what's the problem today?" She knew him very well by now, as he
had spent many times in her office with a fake illness to try and escape one
of his boring classes.

"Well actually I was hoping to get a physical. I'm planning to try out for
the wrestling team and Coach Lesnar said I needed to get a physical from
either you or a doctor and thought it would just be easier to come down

"Well it's been real quiet around here today so I guess we could do that
right now. Just take a seat." She said pointing to a chair in front of her
desk. She then went through the standard stuff like checking blood pressure,
eyes, ears, heartbeat, etc. She then began to put on a pair of rubber
surgical gloves.

"Ok Casey, go into the back room and drop your pants. I have to do the good
old hernia test."

Casey complied and was a little worried about what would happen with a
beautiful woman grabbing his balls. As he stood in the back room with his
pants around his ankles, he became nervous, with each minute feeling like
an eternity. Finally after about two minutes the door opened and Nurse
Stratus entered.

"Um Casey when I said for you to drop your pants I meant you underwear too."
She said with a slight chuckle.

"Oh, sorry." Replied an embarrassed Casey, as he nervously pulled down his
boxer shorts. As he saw the young nurse approach him he tried to focus his
mind to something else as not to get excited. However as soon as he felt her
latex covered hand touch his sack, he knew he was screwed.

"Ok turn you head and cough." He did as she instructed and repeated it when
she asked. Just after his second cough he felt himself getting hard and knew
he was now in trouble. He waited for her reaction, but got nothing but dead
silence. As he looked forward he was Nurse Stratus walking out the door, back
into her office.

Casey was now extremely worried because what just happened could probably
fall under the grounds of sexual harassment and get him either suspended or
throw out of school. Not even bothering to pull his pants up, he sat down
on the room's couch and put his face in his hands. This whole thing could
pretty much end his chances to get back on the wrestling team. What he
didn't realize was that Nurse Stratus went to lock her office door and put
up a sign saying she was out at the moment.

Moments later she re-entered the room, causing Casey to pop his head up in

"Ok Casey I need you to stand up again."

"F-for what?"

"I just need to finish your physical. Just stand up, tilt you head back and
close your eyes."

Despite her somewhat calm demeanor considering the situation, Casey did as
she asked. For a few moments he just stood there with his eyes closed waiting
for something to happen. Then Casey got the shock of his life when he felt
the sensation of a mouth, engulfing his cock!

His eyes shot open and he looked down to see Nurse Stratus on her knees,
giving him a blowjob. Casey couldn't believe one that this was happening
right in the school. It was amazing how good she was at it and he thought
she must have had lots of practice at it. All he could do was put his
trembling hands on her head and enjoy the immense pleasure she was giving

A few minutes into the amazing blowjob, Nurse Stratus began to massage his
balls while still working him with her mouth. When ever he would try to say
something h would only get a groan or grunt out. The next thing she did was
pick up the pace of her bobbing head, which nearly made Casey's head
explode with pleasure. Within only a minute, Casey felt he was about to blow
his load, but Nurse Stratus must have sensed this, as she stopped everything
she was doing. When she stopped Casey looked down with a look of almost
sadness on his face.

"Oh come on Casey, you can't really expect me to give and not receive any
pleasure, can you?"

With that she got to her feet and began to remove her clothes. First came the
lab coat, which helped to show that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath her
black t-shirt. Next she began to undo her belt and unzip her blue jeans. She
then turned around and began to slowly pull them down, exposing her tight,
round thong-covered ass. She then stopped as the pants reached the bottom of
her ass and began to bend forward, showing off her ass even more. Then with a
quick movement she yanked the pants to her ankles and stood back up, kicking
them to the side of the room.

Now wearing only a thong t-shirt, thong and black boots, the young nurse
walked past Casey and laid down on the couch. Then with a smile she spread
her legs and moved the thong to the side, exposing her tight wet pussy,
which had a small bit of blond hair above it. Her next motion was a simple
come here motion with her finger. Quickly Casey kicked off his pants and
boxers, and pulled off his shirt. He then dropped to his knees in between
her legs and was about to slip his dick inside her when she stopped him.

"Hold on big boy. I can't wait to have that nice big cock inside me, but
there is something else I want first."

Understanding what she wanted, he inched back a little and lowered his head
to her glistening honey pot. Before doing anything he took a wiff of the air,
loving the sweet scent of her pussy. He then stuck his tongue out and ran it
from the very bottom of her slit to the very top. This simple motion sent a
shiver up her spine in anticipation to what was in store for her. Casey did
the same motion a few more times to tease her, and when he heard the first
moan escape her lips he decided to continue.

Unlike his previous motion, which was very slow, he began to quickly move
his tongue across her aching pussy lips. Now he was getting longer moans
from her, which was like music to his ears as he continued to lick. Deciding
to kick it up he took his index and middle finger and used them to spread
her lips, so he could find her clit.

In the state that Nurse Stratus was in, it did not take him long to find
the little nerve bud, and quickly center his attack on it. He began to suck
on it like a vacuum, which caused a great increase in her moans, "Ohhhhhh
yyyyeeeaaaaaa!!!!!! Casey that feels sooooooo ggooooooddddd!!!!!!!!! Keep

Casey continued with this for only a few moments more, before the nurse's
tight body began to shake.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GGGGGGODDDDDD!!!! That's it Casey!!!! I'm fucking

As her body shook Casey continued to tongue her, loving the taste of her
pussy in its climax. After two long minutes of her orgasm finally began to
subside and he body calmed down its motions.

"Wow Casey that was incredible. You are very, very good with you tongue.
However there is another part of you that I'm more interested with now."

Knowing exactly what she wanted, Casey returned to an upright position on his
knees and began to slowly push his rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy.

"Oh god Ms. Stratus, you're so fucking tight."

"Mmmm... and you're so big. Before you go on, call me

Following an agreeing nod Casey continued to push himself into her, going
slow for her to adjust. When he was finally, completely inside her he paused
for a slight moment and began to slowly pull himself out. With just the tip
of his cock left inside her, he put his hands on both of her thighs, to help
spread her legs even farther. Now with his hands in place he began to push
himself in her again and this time started to pump into the beauty, quickly
getting a rhythm going. As she was getting slammed by the student Ms. Stratus
pulled her shirt up, exposing her big round breast, and began to pinch both
of her nipples.

As he looked down at the young woman, he loved the look of absolute pleasure
on her face. Her eyes were closed very tightly, while she bit her lower lip.
With a smile on his face, Casey picked up his pace and began to slam into her
like a jackhammer. He couldn't believe how tight her pussy was, squeezing his
cock like a vice. After a while Casey started to get tired of the position,
so he pulled out of her soaking pussy and laid down on the floor.

Nurse Stratus opened her eyes, wanting to know why he stopped, but before she
could say anything she saw Casey lying on the floor with his dick straight in
the air and knew what he now wanted. The blond stood up and before moving to
Casey she pulled off her shirt and her thong leaving her now in only a pair
of black boots. She then walked over towards Casey and stood over him so that
her pussy was right over his hard cock.

After smiling down at him she began to lower her body down, in a crouching
manner. Once she felt the tip of his cock press against her pussy lips she
halted her motion and placed her hands onto his chest. After taking in a few
breaths she dropped her body down, impaling herself on his dick. When her
body slammed onto his she let out a loud "OH YEA!", loving the feeling of
having a dick inside of her. A few moments passed, as she savored the
feeling, before she made any kind of movement.

Still crouching, Ms. Stratus began to move up and then back down. Seeing that
she had trouble keeping her balance in that position, Casey put his hands up
and she grabbed a hold of them and began to pick up her speed. As she slammed
down on Casey's dick the sound of skin slapping together accompanied the
moans of Nurse Stratus.

Soon the crouching position caused her legs to become sore so she lowered
herself so he was completely inside her. She then moved her legs to a
kneeling position on either side of Casey's body. Once she felt his hands
on her hips she began to move back and forth, grinding onto his cock. This
was a motion he wasn't familiar with, but it still felt amazing. The feeling
of completely penetrating her and having her move like she was, was close to
being the most pleasurable thing he ever felt.

Soon Casey could feel his orgasm begin to build, but didn't want it to end
yet so he, with a little regret, had Ms. Stratus stop her motions. Before she
got off his cock however, she leaned forward and gave him a passionate kiss,
which he gladly returned. She then raised herself from his rigged cock. She
then got on her hands and knees and crawled over to the couch and rested her
arms on it. Looking back she gave Casey a very lust filled grin.

"Come on big boy, put that big cock back into my tight wet pussy."

The sight got Casey off the floor quickly and he knelt behind her and admired
how tight and round her ass looked. He then took his cock in his hand and
began to push it back into her pussy. Once he as inside her he grabbed two
hand-fulls of her beautiful butt and began to slam into her.

"Oh yea Casey, that feels so good! I love getting fucked doggie style!

He loved hearing her say things like this as it, just like her moans, was
like music to his ears. He then removed his hands from her body and watched
as her butt slightly jiggled with each thrust. As he continued to slam into
her, Ms. Stratus raised her left arm from the couch and once again began
pinching her very hard nipples. Seeing that she had her hands busy, Casey
decided to do the same and leaned forward, grabbing onto her shoulders, and
increased his thrusts. Soon Casey could feel her tight pussy get tighter
around his cock and knew she was about to cum. Seconds later she confirmed
it with her increased moans.

screaming out he could feel her "juices" cover his cock even and some how he
managed to increase his thrusts even more.

washed over her, Nurse Stratus put a death grip on the couch, while her body
shook from the amazing pleasure. Casey now knew his own orgasm was only
seconds away.

"Oh god Trish I'm gonna cum!"

"Ohhh yeeeaaa Casey, cum on my ass!! I wanna feel your hot cum all over my
tight ass!"

Casey quickly complied, pulling out of her and unloading stream after stream
of cum over her ass and lower back. As he "painted" her ass a protein white,
her orgasm began to subside and she looked back to see Casey's handiwork.
With a smile she began to rub the white goo into her skin as he shot a final

"On my god Ms. Str... I mean Trish. That was absolutely amazing."

"You said it Casey. I think you are definitely read for the wrestling team
with stamina like that. Now I think you might want to get going, people are
going to be wondering where I went."

Upon this suggestion Casey began to get dressed while starring at Nurse
Stratus who was sitting on the couch still only wearing her boots and a thin
layer of sweat.

As he was about to leave the room he heard her calling him again.

"Oh and Casey, if you ever feel a little backed up and you have the time just
come down here and I'll help take care of it."

He just gave her a nod, exited into the office and then out into the hallway.
As he walked towards the school's parking lot he was in just utter shock
about what had just happened.

"Hmm. Maybe Danny wasn't bullshitting me after all," he thought as he walked
the hall.


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