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Hot For Teacher Part 4
by Big Chief (

Casey entered into the school on a pair of crutches with his leg in an air
cast. The injury happened Friday during wrestling practice, when one of his
teammates landed on his leg, snapping the bone like a dry twig. It really
annoyed him that his wrestling season had ended so soon to when it began.
About two weeks prior he had gotten his "physical" from Nurse Stratus, and
now he had to hobble around school on a pair of crutches. As he moved
through the halls, he encountered his favorite young nurse.

"Oh, Casey, I heard the bad news about your leg. If you have any problems at
all, feel free to stop by my office. I have a feeling I'll have no problem
making you feel much better." As she said this, she gave the smiling student
a wink and a naughty grin.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to do that," she smiled at the response and then
continued her way on down the hall to her office. As she walked away, Casey
had to watch and admire, as her butt swayed from side to side in a pair of
jeans that seemed like they had to be painted on to her skin. He figured she
that she was probably the closet thing to a perfect woman that he had ever
seen. Once she was out of his eye sight, he suddenly began to "feel sick,"
and thought that he might need to pay her a visit some time today. Since he
and Danny were still on fairly bad terms, Casey put his things in his locker,
and decided to head to the cafeteria, to see if he they were putting any
good food out for breakfast.

As the crutch aided Casey headed for the cafeteria, he passed by one of
his fellow seniors Steve. Casey gave him a quick hey and kept on to his
destination. Steve was the type of student who was right in the middle
of the high school social hierarchy. Everyone knew him and were pretty
friendly with him, but he wouldn't be classified in any sense of the
word as being popular. He stood a bit over six feet and kept himself in
pretty good shape from his time on the school's baseball team. Despite
having a good school life, and a healthy number of friends, one thing
bothered him constantly. He was a high school senior, yet he had not had
date number one through out his entire four years, and to top it off, he
was still a virgin. He would always get a bit depressed, hearing his
friends and other students talk about their dates and active sex lives.
More recently, his lack of a live life was really getting to him since
his time in high school was gradually come to an end. He hoped that he
could have at least a single date before heading off to college, but it
still wasn't looking very good for him.

As he walked through the hall's Steve remembered that he had to stop at the
guidance offices after his first period math class. His counselor, Ms. Dumas
was going to help him on the final draft for his letters to the different
universities that he was applying to. Of the numerous schools that had
accepted him, he chose the University of Connecticut, which he just fell in
love with after going on a summer tour of the campus prior to his senior.
Ms. Dumas told him, that even though he made his choice, it was a standard
practice to write letters to the other schools that had accepted them, and
thank them for their time and their acceptance, and also inform them he would
not be attending them. He had thought once he had decided where he was going
to go, that the work would be done, but then was hit with having to write the
thank you letters. Luckily all he really had to do was write one main letter
and just change some key things in each one, which really helped cut down on
the time it took to write.

While he hated having to do extra work then his regular class load, to write
these letters, Steve found a nice silver lining in the dark cloud it cast
over him. He got to spend a little more time at the guidance offices with
Ms. Dumas. He always enjoyed seeing Ms. Dumas, due to the fact she was the
youngest of all the school's counselors and she could relate to the students
a lot better. The young counselor started out at the beginning of the current
school year and was fresh out of college. She was also a complete 180 degree
turn from Steve's previous guidance counselor, Mr. Heyman. He was middle aged
man, fairly short and stocky, and balding, but that didn't stop him from
keeping what little hair he still had, in a pony tail. While he obviously
tried to do his best, he could be extremely annoying to deal with, especially
if a topic that he had thoughts on came up. From what Steve heard, it was
those opinions that got him fired from his job, as something that he had said
got back to the wrong person and got him in some deep water. Another reason
Steve enjoyed Ms. Dumas better than Mr. Heyman, was that he just felt a lot
more comfortable being around her. When ever he was in Mr. Heyman's office,
he always felt very tense and uncomfortable, but with Ms. Dumas, he was more
relaxed and comfortable when he had to be in her office. He had always
thought, if she was a student in the school, he'd love to ask her out, but
with his nervous attitude with girls, would porbably never work up the
courage to do so.

"Mr. Daniels!" Steve quickly turned around at the sound of his name being
called, to see Mr. Regal, his English Literature teacher, "I expect to see
that paper you owe me on my desk by the end of the day young man. If it's
not there, I going to have to give you a failing mark for it."

"Um, Yes sire, I just finished it last night, and have it all printed up,"
he then took off his back pack and quickly pulled out the 10 page paper from
it. "I have it right here. Here you go sir."

"Well very good young man. I hope it is up to par to your usual work." The
Englishman then turned walked on his way, leaving Steve in the hall. With
that head ache out of the way, he could now focus it on the other head ache
of the day in his college letters.

* * *

"Mmm, hmmm. Mmmm, hmmm," came the approving sounds from Ms. Dumas as she sat
at her desk and read over the letters that Steve had written to send to the
other schools he had applied to. "I have to say Steve, these are very well
written letters. You can get these typed up and then send them out, or you
can bring them down here and I'll send them out for you."

"Thanks, Ms. Dumas. I spent a lot of time working on these. I'm just glad
that I'm finally finished having to do these," he replied as he stood up out
of his seat and picked up the letters from her desk.

"So Steve, have you gotten a date yet for the prom?"

"No, not yet," he replied, a bit bummed remembering that it was coming up in
a few weeks and he was still with out a date.

"Well, don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to take. You're
a good kid, and any girl would be lucky to have you as a date," Steve just
replied with a smile and then turned to the door and left the office. As he
left, Ms. Dumas felt a bit of pitty for the student. In the year she spent
as his counselor, she realized he was a good kid and thought it was sad how
he didn't have a special someone in his life.

As Steve walked down the hallway, he was glad that he finally was rid of the
work of the letters. However his happiness was counteracted with a bit of
disappointment about Ms. Dumas reminding him that he still didn't have a
date for the prom. Walking past the nurse's office, he noticed a sign saying
she was out and would be back later. Seeing that, Steve thought it was a bit
weird since the nurse seemed to be gone from her office a lot lately. What
Steve didn't know though was that Nurse Stratus was in her office with a
special "medical emergency." Casey was sitting at her desk while the young
nurse was kneeling in front of him with his dick in her mouth.

"Oh god, Trish, this really is the right m-medicine. I d-don't even feel the
pain my leg anymore. You really are a great nurse."

She pulled her mouth from his dick, gripping the base with her right hand.

"Well, sometimes some good old fashion TLC can work a lot better than any
type of medication ever could." she commented with a grin. She then wrapped
her lips back around his dick, continuing where she left off. As her head
bobbed up and down in his lap, Casey rested his hands on her blonde locks,
just loving his "physical rehabilitation." After a minute of her oral
treatment, she stopped. When Casey looked down at her, she just gave him a
playful wink, which he knew could only be good news for him. She then slid
off her white lab coat and then pulled the black t-shirt she had on, up and
over her head. She then threw it to the side, revealing she did not have a
bra on. The two tanned globes rested firmly on her chest and both nipples
stood right at attention.

"Well you know what they always say, Casey. Take two and call me in the

With that she leaned forward, so his dick was in between her breasts. Then,
using her hands to push her chest inward, wrapping his dick within a little
tunnel. She then started moving her body up and down, allowing Casey to fuck
her chest. Each time the head of his dick popped out of her cleavage, she'd
flick her tongue across it, adding to the pleasure she was giving him. With
her saliva from the blowjob covering his dick, it easily glided between her
globes, bringing him very close to a climax.

"Oh god, Trish, I'm g-gonna f-fucking cum!" As soon as she heard this, Trish
let go of her chest and quickly gripped his dick and began quickly stroking
it. Once she heard a loud grunt she pulled her hand down to the base and
pressed his head against her left breast. Seconds later a large wad of cum
shot out and landed on her shoulder. Stream after stream followed, covering
her breast, on shot hitting her on the chin, just bellow her bottom lip. As
his final bit of cum dribbled on Nurse Stratus' chest, she stuck her tongue
out and licked up the goo on her chin, and swallowed it like it was a nice

When the final bit was on her skin, Casey dropped his arms off the side of
the chair and rested his head against the back rest, and just starred up at
the ceiling. While he rested, Nurse Stratus brought her right hand to her
left shoulder and began to rub the white goo into her skin. Eventually both
her breasts and her left shoulder were shinning with cum. She then got to
her feet and went right to her jeans, undoing her belt, the button, and
unzipping the zipper. She then pulled them, along with her panties, to her
ankles, stepping out of them. She then kicked them over to be added to the
pile with her lab coat and t-shirt on the side of the office.

"Okay Casey, before you leave, I really think I need to recommend that you
eat something."

He then looked up and smile when he saw her standing, now completely naked.
His smile managed to grow even bigger when he noticed that she had shaved off
the little bit of pubic hair she had, leaving her pussy bald and smooth. As
he admired her naked form, she moved to her desk and sat on top of it. She
then motioned for Casey to come to her. He rolled over to her on the office
chair and once he was as close as he could get, she rested her legs over his
shoulders and onto the back rest of the chair. Placing his hands on her
thighs, he leaned his head in, very close to her crotch. Then then stuck his
tongue out, and rested it on the entrance to her lips. After a few moments
of stillness, he pushed forward, sending his tongue into the tight wet folds
of her bald pussy.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good Casseeeyyyy," she moaned as she ran her right
hand through his hair, while using the left to prop herself up on the desk.
Feeling her hand on his head really encouraged him, as he moved his tongue
around, faster while bringing his left hand up to her crotch, to spread her
lips open. He then brought his right up and pushed his index finger in under
his tongue. Now he had both his finger and tongue moving around insider of
her tight hole, sending shivers of pleasure up and down her spine.

"Oh my god Casey, that's it baby! It feels so f-f-fucking goooodddd!!! Mmmmmm
yeaaaahhhhh, fucking eat and play with my pussyyyy!!!"

Her moans of encouragement did just that, as he moved the focus of his mouth
to Ms. Stratus' clit, which was prominently displayed with her lips spread
open, and her level of excitement. As his finger continued to work in and
out, his tongue began to flit back and forth against the bundle of nurves,
adding to the heights of the nurse's pleasure. Seconds later, the familiar
warmth began to spread through out her entire body.

"Oh my fucking god, I'm cumminnnnnggggg!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
yyyyyeeeeessssss bbbbaaabbbbyyyyyy!!!! Mmmmmm yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!"

As her orgasm washed over her body, Nurse Stratus' tanned and toned legs
squeezed Casey's head, while both of her arms held her up, allowing her butt
to rise up off of the desk. With the pressure that her strong legs put on his
head, Casey moved his hands out from her crotch and placed them on the desk,
in order to give himself some more room. He now just sucked on her clit, as
her body convulsed in pleasure. He just loved the tastes of her feminine
juices as they leaked from her tight slit and into his eager mouth. As the
orgasm faded, she lowered herself back down onto the desk, laying down, and
eventually her strong thighs loosed their grip on his head, and her legs just
rested on the back of the chair. After a few more moments, she managed to
catch her breath and was able to once again think straight.

"Oh god Casey, that was just simply amazing. I really needed that," Casey
then moved the desk chair back, as she let her legs hand off the desk edge,
and onto the floor. She then sat up off of the desk and stood back onto her
feet, which were still a bit weak in the knees from her orgasm. She then
reached back onto her desk and grabbed some tissues.

"Here, you might want to wipe your face off. It would look a bit odd for you
to leave here and have your face looking wet, and smelling like my pussy. We
don't need anyone catching onto our special sessions." Grabbing a few more
tissues, she dabbed her crotch a bit, trying to clean up, what Casey hadn't
gotten on his face. Once she was satisfied with her clean up, she walked
across the room and stared putting her clothes back on. Once she had her
outfit back in place, she grabbed the crutches leaning against the wall and
brought them back over to Casey, who was still sitting in the chair.

"Here you go. I think you should probably get going back to your class,
before you get in any kind of trouble." She followed the statement with a
short, but passionate kiss, that allowed her to taste her own pussy on his
lips. She then helped him up to his feet and walked with him towards the
door to take off the away sign she had hung.

"Now remember Casey, I'm always here for you. If you're ever feeling under
the weather, you can stop by and I'll be sure to give you some more of my
special TLC."

* * *

The rain was pouring down in buckets on the crappy Wednesday morning as
students gradually made their way into the school. Among them was Steve, who
was yet again in a bit of a down mood. Here it was, a week and a half before
the prom, and he was still with out a date. He had thought about asking his
friend Tina, but he was just to nervous to ask her, and worried that if she
turned him down, that it would really hurt their friendship. Suddenly his
thoughts shifted to Ms. Dumas. Maybe he could go down to her office to talk
with her, and see if she could help him build up his confidence enough that
he could ask Tina out. After a bit of thinking, he decided that during his
free period after lunch, he'd stop down to the guidance offices and have a
talk with the young counselor.

* * *


The echo of the bell rang through the lunch room as a swarm of students
poured out into the halls. As they mimicked a herd of cattle, Steve sat at
his table, waiting for the crowd to thin out a bit, so he wasn't getting
pushed and knocked around, as was the usual case.

Finally after about a minute, the major bulk of the students were cleared,
and Steve got up and made his way to the school's guidance offices. On his
way through the halls, he stopped at his locker and dropped his bag and
books off. Closing the beat up door, and turning the lock, he proceeded
towards his destination. As he walked into the offices, he noticed one of
the two secretaries was at her usual desk.

"Um, excuse me? Is Ms. Dumas in?"

"Actually I think she just got back from lunch a minute ago. She shouldn't
be with anyone, you can go back."

With that, he walked down the short side hallway of the offices and came to
a closed door. He proceeded to knock on the metal door, and waited until her
heard a voice tell him to come in. Walking in, he saw Ms. Dumas sitting at
her desk, wearing a grey hoodie sweat shirt with her red hair tied up in a
pony tail. As he entered, the heavy door slammed closed behind him.

"Oh, Steve, how are you? What can I do for you today?"

"Um, well actually Ms. Duma, there has been something on my mind, and I was
hoping that you might be able to help me with it."

"Why sure, I'll see what I can do. I mean, that's what I'm here for. Have a
seat," she replied, pointing to the chair in front of her desk. "So, Steve,
what seems to be the problem?"

"Well, it has something to do about what we talked about last time, about
the prom," he replied back, as he took his seat. "I've thought about asking
my friend, Tina. The only problem is, just when I think I can work up the
courage to ask her, I get way too nervous. Plus, I'm afraid if she says no,
it could hurt our friendship."

"Ah, I see. Now I'm assuming the two of you are good friends?" He then nodded
at the question, "So then if you're close, why is it so hard for you to ask
her such a simple question?"

"I don't know. I just get a pit in my stomach when I think about asking her.
Then I just get to scared and can't get myself to ask her the question."

"Well, Steve, I think what's going on here, is that you just don't have much
confidence in yourself. I think what you need is something to help you boost
your confidence a bit," she said as she got up from her seat, and made her
way behind Steve. He thought nothing of it, since one of her filing cabinets
was located next to the door behind him. However as he thought she went to
get a file, she was in fact, locking her office door, making sure her actions
would not be interrupted. Still looking forward, towards her desk, he
responded to her statement.

"But, hum, what can I do, that would help me boosted my confidence?" Just as
he got the last word out, he felt Ms. Dumas' hands rest on his shoulders from
behind him.

"Well, I actually have an idea or two on my mind, on how I might be able to
help you out with that confidence boost."

"H-how would you b-be able to do t-that Ms. D-Dumas?" He then felt her hands
leave his shoulders, and suddenly she was standing directly in front of him,
with her wild red hair, out of its pony tail.

"Well I have a few thoughts knocking around my head," with that, she bent
over, took his face in her hands and began kissing him. Despite the fact that
he was getting the most passionate kiss he'd ever received, his arms stayed
frozen on the arms of the chair, from the sheer shock of what was happening.
She continued the kiss for about 15 seconds, before breaking it. She then
stood up and leaned against her desk, waiting for a response from the stunned
student. When he finally regained his composure, Steve tried to react to what
had just happened.

"U-umm, M-ms. Dumas, I d-don't think we should b-be doing anything like
t-this," She just gave him a smirk and proceeded to pull off her sweat shirt
to revel her bare c-cup chest. Both of her pink nipples were standing at full
attention on a pair of firm round globes, which just hypnotized young Steve.

"So Steve, let me ask you; do you really want me to stop?" Still in shock,
he just managed to shake his head with a blank stare as Ms. Dumas smiled at
his response. She then moved back towards him and grabbed onto his collar,
pulling both his sweatshirt and t-shirt off in one motion.

"Why Steve, you look like you keep yourself in good shape. I see you have a
bit of a sixpack going on there."

"T-thanks, Ms. Dumas," he finally replied, with a nervous smile. She then
gave him a peck on the cheek, and continued a trail of kisses down his chest
until she was at his belt line. As she now knelt in front of him, she could
see the tent that was forming in his jeans.

"You know Steve, it looks like you're really straining in these jeans. Let me
help you out with that." Brining her hands up, she quickly undid hi belt and
the button on his pants. She then took the tab of his zipper into her mouth
and while holding the waist of the jeans, pulled his fly open with her teeth.
Opening up the front of his pants, she looked back up at him,

"Do you think you could help me out a little here?" Realizing what she mean,
Steve lifted his butt off of the chair and she grabbed the waist band of his
jeans and boxers, and quickly yanked them to his ankles. As his bare butt
plopped back into the seat, Ms. Dumas was surprised at what was shaking in
the wind. She guessed that Steve was at least 8 inches long and plenty thick
to boot.

"Steve, Steve, Steve. With a cock like this, you have no reason to be as self
conscious as you are. Any girl in this school would be lucky to get a hold of
this. Have you been with a girl yet?" With a look of nervousness and a bit of
disappointment, he shook his head. "So you mean, I get to be your first? Well
just sit back, relax, and I promise this will be a memorable experience for
you," she then wrapped her right hand around the base of his dick, making it
stand straight up. Sticking her tongue out, she slowly ran it over the under
side of his dick. He just just loved the mixed feeling of her warm, soft and
wet tongue, along with the small cold steel ball of her tongue stud.

As her tongue flicked off the tip, Ms. Dumas quickly moved her mouth over his
head, and began taking the shaft down her throat. Steve just couldn't believe
what was happening. He was getting his first blowjob from his extremely hot
guidance counselor, right in the middle of her office! Watching her begin to
slowly bob her head, Steve finally moved his hands, and rested them on the
back of her head.

About 40 second had passed when Steve suddenly began to feel a familiar
sensation, and before he could say anything, he began shooting cm into her
mouth. Despite the lack of a warning, Ms. Dumas managed to not let any of
the white liquid escape her mouth. Once he was finished, she took her mouth
away from his dick, and when he looked won at her, she opened her mouth,
letting him see his cum, covering her pierced tongue. She then closed her
lips, swallowing the load. When she opened her mouth back up for him, there
was not a trace of the cum left.

"Mmmmm, yummmy," she said with a chuckle. "Don't worry about finishing
so quick. You're new at this. But I can see you have some lasting power."
Surprisingly he was still at full attention, with his throbbing cock
waiting for more. Standing up, she undid her own jeans and pulled them
off revealing a neon pink thong. Kicking the pants away, she leaned over,
kissing him again, before walking over to her desk. She then opened one
of the top drawers. Seconds later, she pulled out a condom from it's
hiding space.

"It's better to be save than sorry big guy." She then ripped the wrapper open
and put the latex ring in her mouth. Returning to her knees, she brought her
lips to his cock again, pushing the wall of the condom at the head. She then
began lowering her head, encasing his tool with the condom using her mouth.
She then stood up and like with her jeans, pulled off the thong, tossing it
aside. Steve admired the sight of her hairless crotch, which also had a piece
of jewelry peeking out from her lips.

"N-nice, piercing M-Ms. Dumas," he stammered, still a bit nervous.

"Oh, thanks," she replied with a giggle, "A clit hood piercing can really
increase the sexual experience." With a smile, she turned her back to him,
and began to sit down into his lap. When she felt the top of his latex
covered dick at the entrance of her pussy, she paused, and then continued
to push down, slowly taking his length inside her. She kept lowering until
was just sitting on his lap with the entire length of his cock insider her.
She then grabbed both of his hands and placed them on her chest. Her hands
then found their way to the arm rest of the chair, gripping on to them.

"Mmmmm, Steve, you feel so gggggoooooddddd inside me. Trust me, you're
going to love this," With that, she began to move her hips, back and forth,
grinding her butt into his lap, moving his cock around inside her. As she
took his virginity, Steve began rubbing her breasts, pinching the nipples
between his fingers, just loving the feeling of her tight pussy.

"Uh god, this f-f-feels so gooddd M-Ms. D-Dummas!"

"Steve, mmmmm, you have your c-cock in m-me now, call mmmmmeeeeee,

His hands then began to drift from her chest down to her moving hips and once
she felt his hands move, she stopped grinding and began bouncing up and down
on his latex covered cock. As she continued to bounce in Steve's lap, her
chest began to bounce with the motions.

"Mmmmmmmm, Ssssteeevvvveee, your ccccooocccckkk feels so goooooooddddd in my

"God Amy, your pussy feels so freaking amazing!" Ms. Dumas bounced on his lap
for about a minute more before she stopped and was just sitting on his lap,
with his entire length in her pussy.

"Ok, Stevey, I think it's time you do some work now baby," Climbing off of
him, she walked over to her desk and bent over it. She turned her head and
gave him a playful wink, while shaking her tight round butt at him. Getting
at what she mean, Steve stood up from his chair and walked up behind the
redhead. He took a hold of his condom encased cock and put the top at the
opening folds of her bare pussy. Pushing forward, he only let the head
enter her pussy and put his hands on her hips. With his hands now in their
place, he quickly pushed his hips forward, shoving his entire length back
into her.

"Oh, wow! That's what I want Stevie! Mmmmmmm!!!! I want you to fuck me!
Really pound my pussy with that big cock Stevie!"

Having lost any sense of nervousness, and being taken over by his dick, Steve
had no problem obeying the order of the young counselor. Now gripping onto
her hips, he began to get a steady pace, pumping in and out of her pussy,
eliciting soft moans from her.

"Mmmmmmmmmm yyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Your cock feels sssssssssooooo
gggggooooodddd!! Smack my ass Stevie! Smack it and make it red!" With out a
second of hesitation, Steve raised his right hand into the air and quickly
brought it down to her ass with a loud *SMACK!* He then brought his hand up
and delivered three more quick slaps, which turned her ass a light shade of
pinkish red.

"Oh yeah Stevie, that's so fucking good! Ooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeeaaahhhhh!!!!
Sssssooooo fucking ggggggoooooodddddd!!!!" Through her moans, Steve kept
pound her from behind with such speed that the smacking of their skin filled
the tiny office. In the short time the sexual attitude of Ms. Dumas opened up
a feeling in Steve, transforming him into a sexual demon.

With the speed and the force that he had in his thrusts, it was not long
before Ms. Dumas began to feel the beginnings of an amazing orgasm. Her
already tight pussy began to squeeze tighter on his cock, as a warm feeling
began to take over her. She then tightly gripped onto the side of her desk
as her moaning increased.

"Oh God Stevie, keeping going. You're gonna make me cuuuuummmmmmm!!!
Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! OH GOD, I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!!

As her orgasm took over her body, Steve knew his would be close behind. The
extreme tightness was testing his self control and just as Ms. Dumas' orgasm
began to calm, Steve once again received the familiar feeling of an on coming

"Oh god, Amy, I'm gonna cum!" Hearing this, she told him to pull out and she
quickly knelt in front of him. She then yanked the condom off with her left
hand and wrapped her right around the shaft and began stroking. Seconds
later, Steve let out a loud grunt and stream after stream of cum began to
cover Ms. Dumas' face. As his cock painted her face, she continued to stroke
him, making sure to get every last drop. When the final drop shot out, she
released her grip, and Steve stepped back and sat down again in the chair.
With the majority of the cum around her lips, she stuck her tongue out and
began licking it up. For the few drops elsewhere, she would scoop them up
with her fingers and then sucked them dry.

When Steve finally caught his breath and looked down at Ms. Dumas, he was
surprised to see she once again swallowed his entire load. Reaching out, she
grabbed his cock again, and licked off any remaing traces of cum. Once she
was done, she smiled again at him and stuck her pierced tongue out to show
she had indeed swallowed it all.

"Oh wow, Amy, that was amazing. I think I am starting to feel a slight
increase in confidence."

"Well Stevie, I'm here to help out my students anyway I can. Now why don't
you get dressed and go talk with Tina."

After getting dressed, Ms. Dumas gave him one final kiss. By the end of the
day, thanks to Ms. Dumas' confidence boosting, Steve finally had a date for
the prom.

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