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Hot For Teacher 5
by Big Chief (

It was finally here. The second most anticipated day of a high school
senior's life. The day of the senior class prom was only a day away and the
whole school was buzzing. Like most seniors during this time of the year,
sex was the main thing on students' minds. With the dance taking place in a
hotel ballroom, many of the rooms were checked out for either post prom
parties or some alone time for couples.

One of the students was not too happy, however. While he was going to the
dance with his girlfriend Ashley, Tom would not get the post prom fun, most
of his classmates would being having. Just two days ago she told him she'd
have to leave about an hour before the prom ended, so she could catch a plane
with her parents to visit her sick grandmother. The news just killed the
event for Tom, since he thought he'd finally get to sleep with her, having
been dating for about two months, but it was now all ruined.

* * *

The past couple of months had been a real crazy time in Casey's life. It
all started when he had sex with the young school nurse during a physical
required for wrestling tryouts. Next came his broken ankle during wrestling
practice that put an end to his season. Following the injury, he got regular
"rehabilitation" sessions from Nurse Stratus. However some bad news showed
its head again in the form of his relationship. In an email from his
girlfriend Nidia, he got the news that she had "come to and important
decision regarding her life." That decision was that she was now a lesbian,
and had fallen in love with her roommate Jackie. Of course this big news
meant the end of the year long relationship she and Casey had. While it
obviously hurt to be dumped, Casey had thought that it was probably for the
best, since it was too much work to have a long distance relationship with
her at school. Also, when he looked back, the news that she was gay, wasn't
that big of a shock. In a few encounters he got to have with the two
together, Nidia seemed a bit more interested in munching on the carpet than
smoking the old meat cigar.

When the news first came, he got a bit made, simply because with their
relationship ended, that mean he would be without a date for the prom. There
was no way he thought he could get a date with two weeks to go, but he was
proven wrong when an old face returned to the school. Christy Hemme had left
during freshman year to go to a private school, but she now returned to her
old public school. The girl Casey remembered was a bit chubby and really on
the shy side, but the girl he now saw had an amazing body, and was extremely
out going and energetic.

It was than that he remembered, when she used to be in school, he was pretty
friendly with the redhead and thought he could have a chance with getting her
as his new prom date. On the other hand, he thought with her new look and
attitude, she wouldn't care about people from her "old life," but Casey
always took risk, and he would take the risk of asking his old friend out.
When he finally ran into her, she was thrilled to see her old friend, and
gladly accepted his invitation. This news brought his mood back up, and he
even thought that he could possibly begin a new relationship, with the very
hot redhead.

Now on the eve of the dance, Casey was in a great mood, looking forward to
the big night. Now only did he have a gorgeous girl for his prom date, but
he no longer needed the bulky air cast on his injured ankle. He no longer
needed crutches either, since he could walk with just a slight limp. He had
also used the week since asking Christy out, to catch up with her and find
out what life had been up to when she moved and was forced to go to a private
school, after a life in the public school system. In these conversations,
he found out during her freshman year, she started to take better care of
herself and with the new body, came a brand new wave of confidence. She had
become the captain of the cheerleading squad and was one of her school's most
popular people. She had also gotten in a bit of trouble on numerous occasions
for violating the school's dress code, and showing too much skin. She felt
she should show off her new body, which apparently didn't please the school
officials. As a matter of fact the reason she had returned was the private
school kicked her out after she violated the dress code far to many times
for their liking. She was in fact happy about this, since she never was
comfortable in a private school, and gladly welcomed back the public school
life, even if it was for a few months.

In these conversations he felt that the two of them really clicked and
believed that this prom date could lead to more. If this did turn into
something more, he was even willing to give up his regular "rehab"
visits with Nurse Stratus.

On this morning he was standing at his locker talking with his friend Danny,
who he had recently patched things up with. As they were talking, Christy
walked into the school. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans, tight t-shirt
and had her red hair in a pony-tail. As she saw him, her face lit up and she
called over to him,

"Hey big guy, can't wait for tomorrow night," she said, waving to him. He
gave her a smirk and told her he couldn't wait either. As she continued down
the hall, both Casey and Danny watched her round butt in its denim prison,
admiring the sight.

"I really have to congratulate you man. You go from loosing a hottie like
Nidia, and then rebound with a even bigger hottie in Christy."

"Well I would hold off the back patting for now. It's not a full rebound
yet," he replied after Christy finally rounded the corner, "but hopefully
after tomorrow night it will be the full rebound." Knowing exactly what he
meant, Danny gave him a friendly laugh and slap on the back. Danny, however,
didn't realize how lucky Casey was, since he never told him about Nurse
Stratus. Since he rode Danny about his Ms. Keibler and Ms. Wilson stories,
he didn't dare tell him about his own experience. He was too worried about
the kind of response Danny would give, after what he had said.

"Oh yeah, Dan, did you hear who's supposed to be one of the school's
chaperones for the dance?"

"You're kidding me! They're actually going to have freaking chaperones for
the prom! What a load of shit!"

"Well calm down a minute, I think you'll like this one. I heard Miss Runnels
is going to be one of them. Imagine what she might be wearing for that."

"Oh damn! Now that could be interesting. That would be so fucking hot if she
had something that showed a little of the twins." Both laughed at Dan's use
of their little nickname for Ms. Runnels' breasts.

* * *

Mr. Angle stood in front of the class discussing the topic of the end of
World War II, as the class of students sat at their desks, taking notes on
the subject. As the history teacher lectured on, Casey sat in the back, with
Christy sitting in the desk next to him. Every now and then she'd glance over
to him, flashing her smile. She was really getting to like him as more than a
friend, and really couldn't wait for tomorrow night.

"Okay class, I'm going to have you read pages 250 through 260 in your text
books and then I want you to answer the questions at the end of the chapter.
If you don't finish them, that will be your home work." After giving the
class the instructions, Mr. Angle sat at his desk to grade some papers from
one of his other classes. As everyone pulled out their books and began
reading, Christy tried to get Casey's attention.

"Psssstttt. Psssstttt, Casey," he then looked up to see her leaning over the
side of her desk.

"What is it Christy?"

"I know that the dance is only a day away, but I don't think I can wait until

Casey wasn't really sure what she was talking about, until he felt her hand
rest on his upper thigh. He then felt her hand move a bit towards his crotch,
which really started to get him excited, right in the middle of class.

"After class is over, lets go down to the bathroom down near the gym. No one
really uses it, so it should be semi private."

"Um, yeah sure," was all he could muster out. With a smile she then moved
her hand off of his thigh and went back to reading the assignment. Not
surprisingly, as Casey tried to go back to reading the words, he couldn't
stay focused. As he tried to read the text, all his brain did was think
about Christy's comments. After 15 minutes, the bell finally rang and
Casey nearly jumped out of his chair.

"Hey Casey, I just need to stop at my locker to put a few things away, and
then I'll meet you down near the gym. K?"

"Yeah, sure. That's no problem. I'll be down there waiting," he replied,
giving her a big fake grin, that got a giggle from the redhead.

As the class filed out of the room, Christy took a left out of the door to
head to her locker as Casey quickly took a right, to go to their little
meeting place down by the gym. Rushing through the halls, his foot didn't
even seem to bother him, as his mind really had tunnel vision to what
Christy had for him. Who knew, he could have been in intense pain and not
even realize it, with the lust that was clouding his mind.

Realizing now that he would be waiting for a few minutes, Casey got a quick
drink of water at a near by fountain, and then began pacing back and forth
in the empty section of hallway. Suddenly, he nearly jumped off the ground,
when the bell rang to end passing time, startling him. With the next period
now started and Christy not showing up, he was about to just leave, when he
felt a hand touch his right shoulder. Turning around, he saw the smiling
face of his redheaded prom date.

"Hey big guy. Were you getting impatient waiting for me?"

"Not really, I was just wondering where you were."

"Sorry about that. I just got a little tied up. You know me, I love to chat.
So let's say we go into the bathroom, so we can have a little more privacy."

The two then entered the empty bathroom, and as soon as the door closed,
Christy pushed Casey against it, smashing her lips into his. As she began to
work her mouth, his hands stayed at his sides for a moment, as her sudden
embrace had caught him a little off guard. After a few seconds though, his
hands began to roam, eventually finding a home on her ass. With his hands
now rubbing her denim covered butt, her arms were tightly secured around his
neck, as their tongues wrestled around in each others' mouths.

Through the whole embrace, Casey could feel the familiar feeling of his pants
starting to feel tighter, as he got excited. Surely Christy must have felt
the growing bulge, as it felt like it was about to burst through his pants.
Just as that thought passed his mind, she broke the kiss. Before he could say
anything she put a finger over his lips to silence him. Then she proceeded to
crotch in front of him, until she was at eye level with his crotch. He then
looked down to see her smiling face looking up at him.

"You know Casey, ever since I came back to school, you've made me feel so
welcomed back," she said as she began undoing his pants and belt, "and I
never forgot how friendly you were to me when I wasn't considered a hottie."

With that statement, she quickly yanked his pants and underwear down in one
quick motion. She then wrapped her hand around the base of his dick, looking
back up at him, "Now let me properly thank you." She then brought her mouth
to the head of his cock, flicking it a couple times with her tongue. Then,
in a quick move, she took his entire length into her mouth, shocking Casey.
Holding him for a few seconds, she then slowly pulled her head back, while
also moving her tongue over the bottom of his dick. Once she reached the end,
she moved her head away, catching her breath, and then repeating the process.

Once she caught her breath for a second time, she decided to pick up her
pace. Taking his dick back in her mouth, she began to quickly bob her head,
while also moving her hand up and down the shaft, making the pleasure all
that much better.

As she did this, Casey just stayed plastered to the door, with his eyes
closed and his right hand rested on her head. "Oh god, Christy. T-that
feels s-so good." Using his words as encouragement, she managed to move
even quicker, determined to make him blow his load. With in seconds of
the faster pace, Christy go her wish.
"Oh god, C-C-Christy, I'm gonna
f-fucking cum!" Instead of taking her mouth away from his dick, she kept
sucking. Seconds later she felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of
her throat. A couple more streams following and like a skilled cock sucker,
she didn't let one drop escape her mouth. When the last bit filled her
mouth, she moved her head away and swallowed the pay load down. She then
licked the last bit off his head, before standing back up.

Once Casey regained his composure, he slowly pulled his pants and boxers back
up, as Christy moved over to a mirror to check her make-up. Once he was all
zipped up, he turned his attention back to the amazing redhead, "Wow Christy,
that was incredible. Where did you learn to give head like that?"

"Well once I got this body, I started getting a lot more attention from guys,
so needless to say, I got some practice." she then flashed him another smile
and gave him a peck on the cheek. "But you'll get to find out what else I
learned later on." She then kissed him right on the lips, and the two left,
go get back to their classes.

* * *

It was 30 minutes before the end of the day and the whole school was on edge.
As soon as school was over, most of the senior class would be going out to
get ready for the prom. Of course the main thoughts on most of the guys'
minds was the post dance fun that was typical for such an event.

Again, Tom was one guy who had nothing to really look forward to after the
prom was over. Ashley, his girlfriend, would be leaving before the end of
the dance, leaving him with his dick in his hands at the end of the night.
He thought that he might get drunk with his friends, before they ended up
in one of the many hotel rooms, with their own dates. It just bummed him
out further as he thought about it, while sitting in the middle of Ms.
Runnels' phycology class.

At least getting to look at the very hot looking teacher helped to lift his
spirits a tiny bit. As he sat there, it was like he had the world on mute,
as he only heard his own thoughts, as his sight was locked on his teacher.
He just hoped that he could find some enjoyment later tonight.

* * *

The music surged through the hotel ballroom as students were either on the
dance floor, or standing and sitting around the room, talking. Each one was
dressed in either slick black tuxedos, or beautiful and in some cases,
revealing dresses. As the kids had their fun, the teachers sat at their own
tables, working their chaperoning duties. Not surprising, Ms Runnells was a
big focus of the male students. Her black gown pushed her already massive
chest up, showing off a fair amount of cleavage. More than one of the high
school girls had to smack their dates in the arm, for gawking at the stunning

Out on the dance floor Tom was with Ashley, enjoying a slow dance. While he
wouldn't be able to enjoy the post-prom fun with her, he planned to enjoy
what time he did have with her before she left. As the song came to an end,
they ended their dance, and walked off the floor.

"Hey Tommy, I'm a bit thirsty, could you get me some punch?"

"Sure babe. Go back tot he table and I'll bring you a glass."

The two then kissed as Ashley walked back to their table as Tom went to the
food table to get some punch. As he approached the large glass punch bowl,
he noticed the stunning Ms. Runnells near by.

"Oh, hello Tommy,"

"Hi, Ms. Runnels."

"You're looking very handsome tonight. Are you enjoying the night?"

"I guess I'm doing alright."

"Just alright? This your senior class prom. It's supposed to be the second
best day of your senior year. You should be having the time of your life."

"I know. It's just that Ashley is going to be leaving in about an hour. She
has to visit a family member for something with her parents, so she has to
leave before the dance is over."

"Oh, that's too bad. The prom should be a whole night experience. So are you
going to have to go all the way back home by yourself?"

"No, I had gotten a room before she told me she'd be leaving. I wasn't able
to cancel it, so I'll probably just hit an after party or two, and then just
crash in the room the rest of the night."

"Well, I hope you can have a good time with Ashley while she's here. Just
enjoy the night, Tommy. That's what this is all about after all." She then
put her hand on his shoulder and flashed him a smile before walking away,
with her own glass of punch in hand. Tommy then got his two glasses filled
and went back to Ashley at the table.

* * *

Tommy stood alone in the fancy elevator, having said goodbye to Ashley about
ten minutes ago. As he was being raised up to the 10th floor, he sipped on a
bottle of beer that one of his friends gave him down in the lobby. He was so
happy he got an empty elevator, because he might have lost it if he was
sharing it with a bunch of couples. He decided he was just going to avoid
the parties and just drink himself to sleep in the luxury room he got.

As the bell rang and the golden doors opened, he took his last sip of the
beer, and tossed in empty bottle in a near by potted plant they had on either
side of the elevator. Walking down the hall, he could hear faint music and
talking from some of the rooms as the post prom parties surged on. Coming to
number 1025, he pulled the key card from his pocket and swiped it through the
electronic lock. Closing the door behind him, he realized that there was
someone in the bathroom.

"Hello?" He just assumed that one of his friends had some how gotten in the
room, and was just using the can. He was however really shocked to see Ms.
Runnels walk out of the bathroom, wearing one of the hotel's plush white bath

"Hi Tommy. I was wondering when you would show up."

"Umm, Ms. Runnels, what are you doing in here?"

"Well, I kinda felt sorry to hear you were going to be all alone tonight in
this big room, so I thought I'd keep you company."

"Ok, but how were you able to figure out my room number, and then get in?"

"I just went down to the main desk and convinced the clerk to help me out.
Why don't you sit down," The confused senior then sat down in one of the
large leather arm chairs. "Like I said earlier, you should have someone to
be with all night, and I think I could be good company."

There was then a momentary bit of silence that was finally broken by Tommy
laughing, "I'm sorry Ms. Runnels. For a minute there I thought you snuck
into my room, to have sex," she then walked in front of him, locking eyes.

"That's exactly what my intention was. That's what post prom is all about;
getting laid." This just threw him, that his teacher just made a statement
like that.

"U-umm, y-you're just j-joking around with me, r-right?"

She then moved her tiny hands to the belt on the robe, undoing it. She then
grabbed both sides of the garment, opening it, to expose her magnificent nude
body. "No Tommy, I'm dead serious," For a moment, all he could do was stay
frozen, taking in the sight in front of him. His eyes started at her tone,
tanned legs, up to her crotch, which had a tiny strip of hair, proving she
was in fact a natural blonde. They then continued up her tight flat stomach,
which then led to her magnificent chest. The two round globes seemed to defy
gravity. They were simply perfect, with their shape and tiny nipples that
were clearly at full attention.

"Well I'm guessing you like what you see?" Still in his stunned state, Tommy
could only continue starring.

"I guess there is only one way to find out," she then dropped her robe and
leaned down towards Tommy, putting her perfect chest right in front of his
face. With her left hand on the arm rest, she put her right hand on his
crotch. She could clearly feel the massive bulge of his hear-on through the
tuxedo pants.

"Oooo, you really do like what you see," she then stood back up and put her
hand in front of him, "Come on Tommy, I think we should be in the bedroom."
Finally breaking out of the trance, he put his hand into hers, and stood up,
letting her lead the way. Stopping in front of the bed, she faced the still
fairly stunned teen, and then with out a word, wrapped her arms around his
neck and started kissing him.

The liplock then finally snapped him completely back into reality. He put
his hands on her hips and began to wrestle his tongue with hers. As they did
this, Tommy thanked god he was making out with the school's hottest teacher,
and feeling her nude body pressed against him. They continued to kiss for a
minute until she broke it.

"You know Tommy, I think you're a little over dressed for this occasion."

Giving her a smirk, he began to quickly take off his tux, just tossing pieces
all over the room. Once he was nude, he gave her a much shorter kiss. It was
now the teacher's turn to look over his nude body, as he had done with her.

"My god Tommy, you're huge! You have to be close to, if not nine inches! I
guess Ashley's loss is going to be my gain." Reaching her hand out, she
gripped his rigid cock. Her free hand then made it's way to his shoulder,
and she got him to sit down on the edge of the bed. Once he was sitting,
she stood back up, and took a hair tie from her wrist and put her golden
blonde hair in a ponytail. Once her hair was out of her face, she knelt in
front of him and took his big cock back in her hand. Looking up at him, she
gave him another smile.

"Before we get started, I just want to set one little rule. From this point
on, I'm not longer Miss. Runnels. As long as we're in this room, I'm Terri.
Got it?"

"No probl..." but before he could finish his sentence, she began to lick the
under side of his dick. It was just an amazing feeling, having her warm, wet
tongue, licking him, making him feel more excited than he had ever felt
before. After giving some licks, she started to rub his shaft, and took one
of his balls in her mouth. She sucked on it for a few seconds and then
switched to the other one, all the while jacking him off.

"Oh god Terri, that feels amazing!" the switching off between his balls
lasted about a minute and then she stopped. Again looking him in the eyes,
she gave him another smile.

"Mmmm, Tommy, I can tell this is going to be a fun night." Her hand then
stopped moving and rested at the base of his dick. Moving her head up, she
brought her pouty lips to meet his inflamed head, giving it a quick kiss.
Next she took the head into her mouth and slowly began to inch him, slowly
into her throat. At about 7 inches she gagged a bit, and her pulled away
from him, coughing. Once she cleared her throat, she went right back to
her job at hand. This time, though, she decided to focus more on a blowjob,
instead of just trying to deep throat his entire length. as she got into a
good rhythm, she brought her free hand up to his balls and began massaging
them. This added points of pleasure that started to push him over the edge.

"Oh god Terri, I'm g-gonna fucking c-cum!"

Upon hearing this, she took his cock from her mouth and began quickly
stroking it. With the head positioned straight at her open mouth, the first
spurt of cum shot out, hitting the back of her throat. A few more shots hit
her throat and as the last bit shot out, his dick began to soften in her
hand. Letting go of his dick, she scooped up the bit of cum that landed on
her face, and licked it off of her fingers.

"Mmmm, I guess you were holding back some built up tension. Why don't you
return the favor until you get hard again."

Hearing this, he quickly sat back up, as Terri stood up and fell back onto
the bed. She spread her legs open as he positioned himself in front of her,
kneeling on the floor, like she did with him. Without any kind of words, he
drove his face right into her crotch and began licking up and down her slit,
which was already a bit wet. The quick action elicited some soft moans from
her lips as she ran her hands through his hair. He then pushed his tongue
straight into her wet pussy and moved it best he could, which made her moans
increase a bit.

"Oh god, Tommy, don't make me cum yet! Are you hard again?" He just nodded
his head in her crotch, with her hands still on his head, allowing her to
realize what he was doing. "Then I want you to get up here and jam that big
dick in me!" She let go of his hair allowing him to get off the floor. He
kneeled on the edge of the bed, in between her legs and guided the head of
his cock, to rest just against the out lips of her pussy. Once he was in a
good position, he began to slowly push himself forward.

"Oh god Tommy, your cock feels so good! It's so fucking hard and big! I want
to feel that entire cock inside me!" He continued to push in very slowly,
loving the feel of her tight pussy, gripping every inch of him. A few seconds
later, their pelvises met as he had buried his entire length into her pussy.
He now just stayed still, savoring the feeling of her pussy squeezing his
dick. Finally after close to 30 seconds he decided he should probably start
moving again.

With his hands on either side of her, he began to slowly pull himself out,
getting more moans. Once just the top remained inside, he would push back
into her, creating even more moans. He continued doing this, going a little
faster, each time until he had a steady rhythm going. With a pace now set,
Tom grabbed both of her legs, and one after the other, moved them up against
his shoulders. With this new positioning of his teacher's legs, he could
drive himself deeper into her, and really began slamming her pussy. As he
did, Terri gripped at the bed, loving the feeling of the big dick rapidly
going in and out of her pussy.

"Oh god yyyyyeeeeesssssssss!!! Fuck me Tommy!! Slam my pussy with that
big fucking cock! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Mmmmmmmmmm fffffffuuuuuccccckkkkk

The moans that escaped her mouth really encouraged Tommy on, as he used all
of his will power to not yet blow his load. He wanted to make it last as long
as he possibly could before losing it. However his will power was soon broken
when her orgasm started to rock her body.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkk!!! I'm
cccccccccccuuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggggg!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! S-so
fucking gggggggggoooooooooddddddddddd!!" The tight squeeze of her pussy
was too much for him to take and seconds later he pulled out, shooting
his second load of the night all over her tight stomach. As the last bit
landed on her stomach, Tom fell onto the bed next to her. With her pelivis
thrust up into the air, she was still gripping the sheets, as her she
began to come down from the orgasm.

"That was just amazing Tommy. Ashley really missed out on something amazing
tonight," As she said it, she began to rub the gooey mess into her skin,
making it all shinny. Tommy on the other hand was nearly out cold, drifting
off to sleep on the bed. With a bit of a smile on her face, she climbed off
the bed, onto her feet.

"I'll just let you rest up, Tommy, and I'll go clean myself up." She then
made her way to the bathroom. She decided to try out the hot tub first,
before she would hop into the shower.

After close to 20 minutes, Tommy finally woke up from his post fuck nap.
Sitting up, he began to think his sexual romp with Ms. Runnells was just a
dream. However that theory quickly was dismissed as he realized he was still
naked, with some cum still on the tip of his dick. Once he got his barrings,
he realized the sound of the shower running the background. As he walked to
the bathroom, his dick again came alive as an image of a nude Ms. Runnells
under the warm shower popped into his head.

Stepping into the bathroom, he felt the noticeable heat change, and the foggy
air. As he approached the shower, he could see her shadowy figure behind the
fog covered glass door. With a smile on his face he slid open the glass and
was hit with a blast of warm air. He was then greeted with the sight of a
nude, soaking wet Ms. Runnells, rinsing out her blonde hair. He just stood
there in awe for a few moments until she finally realized his presence. She
looked right at him, smiling.

"Well, I see you're all rested now," as she said that, her eyes drifted to
his crotch. "Very well rested. Why don't you come in and we can clean each
other up."

With a smile, he walked into the tiled shower and slid the glass door shut
behind him. Once they were face to face, the two began kissing as the water
rained down on them. As their tongues played around, Tommy's hands began to
rub her butt, loving how soft it felt. The rubbing of her tight ass elicited
some faint moans that were muffled by the kiss. The longer he would rub her
ass, the hotter and hotter she kept getting. Finally after a few more moments
of kissing, she broke the embrace.

"Tommy, I think we should move on to something a little more entertaining,"
and with a naughty smiles, turned her back to her partner. Grabbing onto a
metal railing on the shower wall, she bent her body forward, sticking her
butt at him. Looking over her shoulder, she flashed that smile yet again,
straight at him. With no more encouragement needed, he put his hands back
on her round butt and pushed the tip of his dick against the soaking lips
of her pussy. With his hands firmly in place, he began to slowly push his
hips forward, inching his dick into her tight wet pussy. When his pelvis
finally made contact with her butt, he stopped again as he had done earlier,
once again savoring the amazing feeling of her pussy hugging his dick.

"Oh god Tommy. I don't want any of that slow shit this time! I want you to
fuck me!"

Always being one to do as his teachers told, Tommy quickly pulled back and
pushed himself back forward, picking up speed with each thrust. Soon he
picked up a pace, and Ms. Runnells began pushing back, matching him thrust
for thrust. The sounds of the falling water was now accompanied with their
wet skin slapping together, and their moans of pleasure.

"Oh yeah Tommy, fuck me with that big fucking cock. Stretch my tight little
pussy with that big fucking cock! Shit! Pound me! Pound my fucking pussy!
Ooooooohhhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh!!! Pull my hair Tommy! Pull my fucking

His hands quickly left her butt and he took two hand fulls of her wet hair
and pulled back a bit. He then began pounding into her even harder, using
her hair almost as a leverage point. With her head pulled back, her moans
seemed louder. Apparently she was the kind of woman that was into rough
sex, and Tommy had no problem giving it to her.

"Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkk yyyyyyeeeeeessssss!!!!! Your big fucking cock
feels so fucking good in my tight fucking pussy! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
yyyyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!! Deeper, Deeper baby! Fucking stretch that
shit! Make me fucking cum!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!"

Hearing her dirty words was like music to his ears. He just couldn't believe
how lucky he was; here he was on prom night, fucking the school's hottest
teacher in the shower of a really fancy hotel room. It was then at that point
that he suddenly felt her pussy clamp down even hard on his dick and he knew
it could only mean one thing.

"I'm cummmmmmiiiiiiinnnnggggg Tttttttoooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!
Ffffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk!!! Ooooohhhhhhhh ggggggggodddddddddd
yyyyyyeeeeesssssss!!!Mmmmmmmmmmmmm fffffuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk!!!!
Soooooooooo ggggggoooooooddddd!!!"

With his best efforts, Tommy tried to still keep his pace up, but her
tightening pussy prevented him from really moving in and out anymore. With
that, he let go of her hair, placed his hand on her shoulders and pushed his
entire length deep inside her, holding it there. He just remained still as
best he could as her climax worked over her entire body, causing her to
convulse. Soon she came down from her sexual high, with her shaking hands
still gripping onto the metal bar on the wall.

Tommy, pull out," Again doing as he was told, he slowly pulled his dick out
of her. Once they were unconnected, she stood up, and faced him, with a very
satisfied look on her face.

"My god Tommy, that was fucking amazing." It was then she noticed that his
dick was still at attention, and didn't seem to be "dirty" at all. "Oh, you
didn't cum? I have to say, that's some amazing will power, but that's not
fair that you gave me such a great orgasm like that, and didn't even get off

Before he could utter a reply, she knelt onto the wet tile floor and
positioned herself directly under neath him. Putting his dick in between her
massive chest, she used her hands to push them together, squeezing his dick
in between. When it was nice and snug, she looked right up to him, with her
ever present smile, "Go ahead big boy, fuck my tits."

Eager to blow his load, Tommy waisted no time, moving his hips, causing his
dick to slide easily in between her huge chest. In a matter of seconds, he
quickly felt his own orgasm begin to stir deep with in him.

"Oh fuck, Terri..." She quickly let go of her chest and grabbed a hold of his
dick, pointing it towards her face. His first shot out, landing on her cheek.
Shot after shot continued landing on her face, only to be washed away from
the water of the shower. Once the final bit of cum landed on her face, Tommy
leaned back against the wall, trying to keep his balance and not fall on the
wet surface.

"Oh wow, Terri, that was just great. I'm think I'm happy that Ashley had to
leave early after all."

"Well I'm just glad I'm able to help you have a memorable prom," She then
stood back up, directly under the water flow of the shower. Grabbing the
soap, she lathered up her entire body, and then let the water rinse it off.
Once her body was clean, she moved to Tommy and gave him another passionate
kiss, this time, returning the butt squeeze he had given her earlier. Once
they broke the embrace, they turned off the shower and dried each other
off. They then returned to the bed and fell asleep with Tommy spooning a
still naked Ms. Runnels.

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