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Hot For Teacher Part 6
by Big Chief

Morning light began to quickly pour into the luxury hotel suite, waking Tom
up from his deep sleep. As he slowly gained his senses, he realized that he
had a body next to him in the bed. Looking over he saw a sleeping, naked Ms.
Runnells, with her arm draped across of his bare chest. Suddenly realizing
the previous night was not a dream after all, a smile came across his face.
Hours before he thought he was going to miss out on his post prom fun, yet
here he was the next morning, naked, with one of the hottest teachers in the
entire school.

After reminiscing about the night before in his head, Tom decided he needed a
good hot shower. Gently grabbing her arm, he slowly raised it off of his
chest, and quietly slid out of the bed, trying not to wake her. Once he put
her arm gently back down, and on the bed, he stood up for a moment, looking
at the amazing site on the bed, as her bare right breast peaked out from
under the blanket. With an even bigger smile, he looked up, pointed to the
sky and mouthed 'thank you God,' before moving off to the bathroom. Grabbing
a fresh towel and putting it by the door, Tom climbed into the glass walled
shower and started up the warm water. Adjusting the nobs for a few seconds,
Tom got the water just right to help him really relax and grabbed a bottle of
the complimentary shampoo off of the little shelf built into the wall. As he
poured some into his hair, he used his other hand to rub it in and quickly
build up a good lather.

As he covered his entire head in suds, with some falling down over his eyes,
Tom heard the heavy glass shower door open and quickly close again. Putting
his head under the running water, he washed away all of the suds from his
head and eyes. With a clear vision, he turned to see a naked and smiling Ms.
Runnells standing next to him in the very spacious shower.

"Well, I guess I found you. I woke up to an empty bed out there. You should
have woken me up and we could have cut back on the water use in here."

"Well you just looked so peaceful and angelic, I didn't want to wake you."

"Now aren't you such a sweet little kiss ass," she replied with a giggle.
"Why don't you hand me that soap over there and we can finish getting you
cleaned up."

Getting the bar of soap, she got a good lather in her hands, and spread the
suds across Tom's back and shoulders. She then moved her soapy hands around
his body and onto his chest. Slowly moving her hands south, they eventually
landed on his limp dick. The second her tiny hands touched his manhood, it
started to grow to attention.

"Oh, it looks like we got him awake." With her face lit up with a smile, she
moved in front of him and continued to stroke him until he was at full
attention. She then allowed the falling water to wash off the suds, before
dropping to her knees on the tiled floor of the shower. Without saying a
word, she grabbed Tom's dick at the base and proceeded to swallow his entire
length in one motion. When her lips met her hand, she removed her grip and
proceeded forward until her lips came in contact with his pelvis. Holding for
a moment, she then slowly pulled her head back, leaving a trail of saliva
along his shaft. When she just had the head left in her mouth, she moved back
forward, continuing the motion, increasing her speed with every stroke.

As Tom received a slight replay of the previous night's events, he gripped
onto the metal handles on the shower walls, while staring down at the hot
teacher, moving her head. After a minute using just her mouth, Ms. Runnells
brought her right hand up and began to massage his balls, increasing the
pleasure she was sending through his young body. The new avenue of pleasure
took its tole, as moments after she began to fondle his balls, Tom felt that
oh so familiar sensation.

"Oh, God, Terri, I'm gonna c-c-c," but before he could finish his sentence,
his hips began to slightly buck as he started to pop. As he came, Ms.
Runnells kept her tight seal around his shaft, with her lips, letting the
precious white liquid shoot down her throat. Relaxing her throat, she let the
cum slide down her throat, not gagging once, as Tom's hands tightly gripped
onto the shower handles. Within a minute his bucking hips began to slow down,
while his white knuckle grip on the metal bars began to loosen. When she
realized that he was finished, Ms. Runnells proceeded to lower her mouth back
down his entire length, and then slowly pulled back, while sucking to make
sure she milked every last drop from him. Once she just had the head left in
her mouth again, she sucked even harder and pulled it out, making a slight
popping sound.

"Mmmm, now that is a great way to start the day. Who needs coffee when you
can just get the cream," she replied looking up at him with a smile.

"Oh, wow, you're not kidding. You are just so incredible."

"Just remember Tommy, this will be our little secret. No one can know about
this, or our little fun from last night. Now what do you say we finish
cleaning up and then call room service for some breakfast?"

"Sounds like a plan," he replied looking back down, returning her smile.

As Ms. Runnells finally stood back up and grabbed the bar of soap, Tom just
looked at her tiny, tight, wet body, thinking how lucky her really was.

* * *

The school was really in a buzz with the end of the school year more in
sight, with slightly less than a month left. With finals coming up, students
were also dealing with a bit of stress, hoping to pas their finals tests of
the year. For the seniors it was a time to enjoy their last days as high
school students before heading off to college or whatever their futures were
going to hold for them.

One senior who's future wasn't as certain, however was Mike. Throughout his
final year he had gotten in trouble numerous times, with the latest putting
him ins some real trouble. During first period he was caught by gym teacher
Mr. Lesnar, spying into the girls' lockerroom as he was jerking off. Thinking
he was in a secluded spot, Mike never saw Mr. Lesnar come up behind him, and
now he was sitting outside of the Vice Principal's office. By sitting there,
waiting, his mind really was working over time, thinking how screwed he was
and how his parents were probably going to kill him over this. His paranoid
concentration was soon broken by Ms. Marie, the vice privipal's secretary.

"Mike, Miss McMahon is a little tied up at the moment, so just go to your
scheduled class and she'll have you called down when she's ready for you."

"Um, sure," standing up, he felt the knot in his stomach grown even bigger,
as now he had to wait even longer to find out what his punishment would be.
In his paranoid state of mind, he started to actually believe that Ms.
McMahon was in fact not busy, and that she was actually getting enjoyment
from letting his torment over the situation grow, before finally laying down
the hammer.

* * *

As the rest of the school went about its normal business, Casey and his
girlfriend Christy were having some alone time in the night janitor's closet.
With it never being locked and unoccupied until well after school was over,
Casey figured it was a perfect place for some class skipping fun. With both
of their pants and underwear around their ankles, Casey stood behind the
redhead, ready to take the plunge. Holding onto the base, he was enjoying
teasing her, rubbing the head of his cock against her wet, swollen lips,
making sure not to push it in just yet.

"Come on Case, stop teasing me!! Please put in in. Pppplllleeeaaaassssseeee!
I need your cock in me baby," As she pleaded, Christy looked over her
shoulder, making a pouting face.

"Ah, babe, you know I can never say no to that hot fucking face," With that,
Casey stopped his teasing, lined the head of his dick with her tight opening
and began to slowly push forward. As he slowly entered her, Christy began to
let out a low, slow moan. With his dick now half way in, Casey, stopped and
moved his hands to her tight, round butt. With two handfuls of the fleshy
globes in his hands, he began to move his hips in and out at a fast pace.
With the hard rod pistoning in and out of her, Christy tightly clenched her
eyes close and gripped onto the nearby metal shelf filled with numerous
cleaning supplies.

"Oh my God, fuck me baby! Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck my tight little
pusssssssyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Oooo oooohhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!
Ffffffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee!!!"

"Fuck, Christy, you are so fucking tight! God, you have such a fucking hot
ass!" With that Casey brought his right hand up and dropped it quickly back
onto her ass, making a loud smack. Getting an added moan from the redhead,
Casey brought his hand up again and this time gave three quick smacks.

"Yeah, that's it baby, smack my ass! I love having you smack my ass while you
fuck me with that big cock! Mmmmmmmmmm yyyyyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Fuck, baby,
I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cccuuummmmm!!! Oooooohhhhhh fuck I'm

As the orgasm ripped through her body, her grip on the shelf became so tight,
it caused it and the bottles on it to shake. With the mixture of her orgasmic
moans and her pussy tightening around his dick, Casey knew he would not be
able to hold out much longer. As Christy's moans began to come down, Casey
gave a final thrust as he felt he was ready to blow.

"Oh, God Christy, I'm gonna fucking cum babe!"

"Cum on my ass baby! I wanna feel that hot sticky cum all over my ass! Spray
me with it!"

Obeying the order, he quickly pulled out and dropped his dick onto the valley
of her ass crack. The second Casey's dick touched Christy's skin he began
spurting like a fountain. Steam after stream shot out, covering Christy's ass
and lower back in the prized white liquid. When the last bit oozed out of his
dick, Casey, stayed in place, letting his dick, just rest on his girlfriend's
cheeks. With her hands still gripping the metal shelf, Christy again looked
over her shoulder, back at Casey.

"Wow baby, that was fucking great. Now do you think you could clean me up."

Quickly scanning the room, he grabbed a role of paper towels and taking a
handful, wiped off his little DNA puddle from Christy's ass and back the best
he could. Tossing the towels in a near by barrell, he used a fresh handful to
wipe himself clean while Christy pulled up her panties and jeans. She then
gave Casey a very passionate kiss as he finished wiping himself up.

"Thanks babe, I really needed that. I'll catch you after school." With that
she left the closet, leaving Casey with his pants around his ankles and the
the wet paper towels still in his hands.

* * *

As the period bell finished ringing, the Chorus class was collecting their
bags and filing out to head to their next classes. Having been one of the
last students left, Adam heard Chorus teacher Ms. Hall call his name,

"Adam, do you have a minute?"

"Sure, Ms. Hall," As the final student left, Adam walked over to the blonde
teacher as she was putting the sheet music from the class away. .

"So what's up Ms. Hall?" The young teacher did a quick scan of the room and
then turned to her student.

"Adam, I was wondering what class you had in the next period."

"Nothing. It's a free period for me." As soon as his sentence ended, Ms. Hall
lunged forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and planting her lips to
his. While passionate, the kiss was brief, as Ms. Hall broke it a few seconds

"Well that's good because it's been too long since I had that cock. I've been
horny all week." She began to reach for his blet, but was stopped.

"Um, Ms Hall, I mean Jillian, don't you think this is a little out in the
open?" Despite the fact that Adam had been having sex with the busty teacher
for close to a month now, he was still a bit nervous over the whole thing.

"You're right, we don't need someone walking in on our little fun and ruining
it. I know, we can go to my office." Without letting Adam respond, she
grabbed his arm and practically dragged him out of the classroom. She
proceeded to lead him down the virtually empty hallway to her small office.
Once inside she locked the heavy door and closed the blinds that covered the
windows looking into the hallway. She then turned her lust filled attention
back to Adam.

"We're going to just skip all that pesky foreplay today. Just drop those
pants and put that dick in me!" Not arguing, he undid his pants as Ms. Hall
hiked up her skirt and sat atop her empty desk. When he finally got his pants
and underwear off, over his shoes, Adam turned over to the desk where Ms.
Hall had her legs spread wide open, exposing her wet, bald pussy.

"Hehe, do you like it? I decided to shave it clean just for you big boy,"
Seeing just a smiling stare, Ms Hall laughed and then proceeded to pull her
sweater up and over her head to expose her giant bare breasts. "Now why don't
you get over here and give me what I want, before I take it myself," With her
words snapping him back to reality, Adam pulled off his shirt and walked
right in front of the desk. As soon as he was close enough, Ms. Hall reached
down, grabbed his hard shaft and guided the top to the entrance of her pussy,
so he was just resting at her lips.

"Ok stud, push that dick in me," Not being one to be told twice, he began
pushing his hips forward, letting her pussy swallow his manhood up. As his
pelvis met with her pubic mound, Adam leaned down and began to return the
kiss from the chorus room. Ms. Hall quickly brought her arms back around his
neck and returned the passionate kiss as he began to move his hips, moving in
and out of her. Finally getting the pleasure she craved all week, Ms. Hall
moaned into Adam's mouth, reveling in the ecstacy of the moment. When their
kiss was finally broken and her mouth was uncovered, her moans filled the
tiny little office.

Loving the sounds, Adam looked down at his chorus teacher's pleasure filled
face and gave her a lust filled smile in return. With his hips now gyrating
at a fast pace, he leaned down again, but instead of her lips, his mouth now
found her nipple and began sucking on it like a baby looking for milk.
Sucking for a few moment, he switched to the other nipple and continued back
and forth between the two.

"Oh God, yes Adam! Suck on my nipples! It feels so damn
ggggggooooooooddddddd!!!! Mmmm mmmmm!!!!! Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh
keeeeeeeppppppppfucking mmmmmmmeeeee!!" When Adam finally took his lips from
the massive globes, he straightened back up, as Ms. Hall positioned back into
a sitting type position, allowing her to see herself being fucked. Watching
as Adam's dick glided in and out of her love tunnel, she moved her right hand
down to her crotch and began to rub her clit, increasing her pleasure even
more, which in turn caused her moans to get even louder. Suddenly she felt a
sensation she had felt only a few other times in the past.

"OH MY GOD ADAM PULL OUT, NOW!" Not knowing why, but always following
instructions, Adam pulled out and suddenly a hard stream of clear fluid shot
from Ms. Hall's pussy, splashing onto Adam's crotch and stomach. As the
liquid sprayed the volume of Ms. Hall's voice greatly increased.

YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!" With her body shaking uncontrollably, Adam
grabbed onto her hips, making sure she didn't fall off of the desk. About a
minute passed before her body finally went limp and her breathing began to
relax a bit. Shocked, Adam looked down at the exhausted teacher.

"Holy shit Jillian! What the hell just happened?" Opening her eyes, she
looked up with a smile on her face.

"Don't worry Adam, that was a good thing, you just made me squirt. I've made
myself do it a couple of times, but you're the first person to ever get me
off like that. I've got to tell you that week long wait was totally worth
it," Realizing what just happened, a smile of pride came across his face.
"Now since you just made my day, I think I should make yours." as she said
this, Ms. Hall stood up on some wobbly legs. Walking up to Adam, she grabbed
him at the shoulders and spun him around, so now his butt was against the
desk. Adam then steadied himself by putting his hands on the edge of the desk
while Ms. Hall lowered to her knees. He quickly realized that her thank you
would not be a blowjob like he thought. Ms. Hall sat up on her knees and
positioned herself so his dick rested in between her breasts. She then used
her hands to press her giant globes together, sandwiching his dick in
between. With just the head peaking out of her cleavage, Ms. Hall flicked it
with her tongue a few times. Then looking right up at Adam, she began to
bounce herself up and down, fucking him with her huge boobs.

Loving the feeling of the warm flesh gliding across his shaft, Adam gripped
onto the desk's edge and gazed into the eyes of his chorus teacher, as he was
truly in heaven. Wanting his best, to hold off his orgasm, Adam knew it was a
losing battle and with in a matter of moments, he could feel the tingling
sensation in his balls.

"Oh God, Jillian, I'm gonna cum!" Without missing a beat, Ms. hall released
his dick from her boob vice and reached out with her right hand, grabbing
him. Just as she aimed his dick at her boobs, he began to shoot, covering her
chest with cum.

"Mmm, that's it, cover my boobs with that creamy goodness," With the last bit
of his load shot, Adam let out a low grunt and released his tight grip on the
edge of the desk. Ms. Hall then released her own grip and used both hands to
rub the cum into both of her boobs, leaving them shinny and sticky. When she
finished, she looked up to Adam, who was looking down with a smile.

"God that just looks so fucking hot!"

"Well it feels so fucking hot. I think I'll leave it on my chest for the rest
of the day. Now I think we should get dressed, but I think you'll need to pay
me a visit during all of your free periods," With a smile she stood back up,
pulling her skirt back into place in the process.

* * *

The final period of the day was about to start and Mike was now a nervous
wreck. Having still heard nothing from Ms. McMahon's office, his mind was
coming up with the worst case senarios he would see has punishment. As he
walked into the classroom for his psychology class, Ms. Runnells stopped him
at the door.

"Michael, Ms. McMahon just called down and she wants to see you in her
office, right now."

"Oh, o-ok," he then turned and walked back out into the hallway as his hand
began to nervously shake. Just as he stepped into the hall, the bell to start
the period rang and the halls became empty and silent. With a big gulp he
began to walk, feeling like a condemned man taking his final walk to the
electric chair. With every step he took, his mind kept coming up with worse
and worse possibilities as to what would be waiting for him. A suspension was
pretty much a given, and possibly an expulsion. More than likely he would not
even see graduation and his life was pretty much over.

As Mike came to the door of the main office, he stopped and just stared at
the wooden slab for a few moments. He then took a deep breath, opened the
door and stepped in. As he entered the office, he noticed Ms. Marie, Ms
McMahon's secretary, was no where in sight. As he looked around the empty
office, Mike forgot about the slowly closing door and as it slammed shut, the
bang caused him to jump. Slowly moving forward, he moved past Ms. Marie's
empty desk and up to the closed door of the vice principal's office. Again he
paused for a moment, just staring into the grain of the giant wooden door.
Finally bringing up his hand, he knocked very lightly on the door. Despite
the weak knock he heard a response to come in. With his shaking hand he
turned the handle and opened the door. Walking in, he saw Ms. McMahon, paying
no attention to him, looking through some papers on her desk. When she
finally looked up, she gave a some what cold look.

"Ah, Mr. Franklin. Please sit down, I'll be with you in a moment," she then
motioned to the chair in front of her desk before returning her attention to
the documents in hand. Sitting down in the chair, Mike folded his hands in
his lap and began to nervously look around the spacious office. Feeling like
prey stuck in the lion's den, he felt his palms begin to sweat. Just as he
was about to have a panic attack, Mike noticed Ms. McMahon sign one of the
papers and put it into her out box. Putting down the pen, she now focused her
attention on the nervous wreck before her.

"Now, Mr. Franklin, on to you. Quite frankly, I've become tired of seeing you
sent down to my office. And it seems that with every visit you're in worse
trouble than before. First you bring a Playboy into school and trying reading
it during class. Then you are caught looking at Ms. Runnells inappropriately.
A couple months ago you were writing inappropriate things about some of the
girls in your class and now this. Not only were you peaking into the girl's
locker room, but masturbating while you were doing it. Do you have any clue
about the trouble you're facing?"

"Y-yes ma'am, I d-do," looking to the floor, he could not even bring himself
to look her in the face.

"Ever since Mr. Lesnar brought this little incident to my attention, I've had
to make the decision on whether I should suspend you, expel you or even bring
the police into the matter, since what you did could easily constitute a
criminal act.," As soon as she mentioned the word police, Mike's heart began
to beat a mile a minute and his teeth clenched down so hard he thought they'd

"However, I have decided, not to go any of those routes," the statement
caused a bit of relief in him, but not much. "I do want to know why though?
It's always something sex related with you when you get in trouble and sent
down here. Do you not have a girlfriend Mr. Franklin?"

"N-no ma'm, I don't," Still looking down, his nerves just wouldn't allow him
to look up.

"Well I think that I now have a solution to this little problem. Now Mr.
Franklin, have you ever licked a woman's pussy?"

"What?!" The suddenness and graphic nature of the question caused Mike's head
to shoot up with his eyes open as wide as they would go. He just could not
believe what he'd just been asked and from all people, the vice principal.

"Mr. Franklin, it's not a hard question. A simple yes or no. Have you ever
licked a pussy? Performed oral sex? given cunnilingus? Yes or no?!" This time
Ms. McMahon put a bit more harshness to her questioning.

"Well, um, m-maybe once or twice ma'am. W-why?"

"I was thinking, if you do that for me, I could simply forget about all of
your recent problems."

"W-what?! Is this some kind of joke? Wait, are you trying to trick me. If I
say yes, then I get in even worse trouble with sexual harassment piled onto
everything else?"

"Mr. Franklin, look at my face and tell me if it looks like I'm joking! And
when I make threats, I don't mask them, I lay it right out for even the
simplest person to see. Like here for example, this is a threat I'm about to
make. You can either do this right now or I will make sure you don't
graduate. I'll have you expelled, and here's the real threat, have the police
called and tell them you tried to assault me! Now, am I making myself,
perfectly clear?!"

"Y-yes ma'am, crystal clear."

"Good. Now first, enough with this ma'am bs. You are to refer to me as Ms.
McMahon. Now to make sure your little community service does not get
interrupted go and lock my door." She then tossed a single key into his lap.
As he got up and walked to the door, he could feel the weakness in his legs,
caused from his nerves going crazy on him. Sliding the key in the lock, he
could hear Ms. McMahon moving around at her desk, but he did not turn right
around to see what exactly she was doing.

With the door now locked, he dipped his head and took a deep breath before
turning around and heading back to the desk. Having taken her suit jacket
off, leaving her in her long sleeved white blouse, Ms. McMahon now had her
eyes locked right on her prey. Just as she was about to sit back down in the
chair, she gave him his next orders.

"Mr. Franklin, you're not going to be sitting there anymore. I want you to
come around to this side of my desk." Catching himself before actually
sitting down, he walked around the big wooden desk, as Ms. McMahon pulled her
chair back and swiveled it in his direction. As Mike cleared the desk, e
momentarily froze again at the sight in front of him. Ms. McMahon had her
skirt hyked up around her waist, exposing her pantieless crotch.

"Well Mr. Franklin, are you just going to stand there with that dumb look on
your face or are you going to get over here?" Again, her voice broke his
trance and he walked closer to the chair, kneeling down in front of the woman
that, at that moment, held his life in her hands. Now with the closer vantage
point, Mike noticed her tight looking slit was glistening with wetness and
with the exception of a small landing strip, an inch or so above the opening,
there was no trace of hair to be seen. Before he could enter another of his
blank trances, Ms. McMahon grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face into
her well groomed crotch.

While caught a bit off guard, Mike still managed to start pushing his tongue
forward, as not to get reprimanded again. With his up close and personal
position, as soon as his tongue exited his mouth, it came in contact with her
smooth, wet lips. Loving the taste that touched his tongue, he quickly pushed
it in farther. While there was much resistance due to the tightness, Mike
used all the muscles in his mouth to press in.

"Oh, that is very good Mr. Franklin," With the statement her hand loosened
its grip on his head, allowing him to move back a slight bit, and move more
freely. He now moved his hands to her spread open thighs and pulled his
tongue from her soaking honey pot. Now in the position he wanted, he moved
his tongue to the very bottom of her slit and slowly moved it up, tasting
every delicious inch. Once his tongue reached the top and flicked off, a
shiver of pleasure shot up her spine, causing her body to quickly twitch.
Realizing the response it got, Mike did this a few more times, with her
response slightly enhancing each time.

After the third time of running his tongue up the opening, he removed his
left hand from her thigh and brought it in front of his face to spread her
lips open. He then moved his face back in, licking and probing into her as
she closed her eyes and rested her head against the back of her chair.

"That's it Mr. Franklin, very ggggggoooooooddddd!! I think you're well on
your w-way to having your record cleannnnnneeeeeeddddd!!!!"

While he heard her talking, Mike really didn't hear the words, all he knew
was he was doing what would keep his butt out of trouble. Knowing he had her
close, Mike took the two fingers he spread her with and pushed them right
into her. He then placed his mouth over her clit and began to suck as he
moved his fingers in and out. The added action increased Ms. McMahon's
moaning and she leaned back, causing her chair to tilt backwards a bit as
well.With her moans filling the air, she moved her hands to the top of his
head, grabbing onto his hair. The more she would moan, the faster he sucked
and moved his fingers, sending her closer and closer to the edge. As he felt
her body begin to shake more, Mike decided to get bold. He moved his free
hand off of her thigh and moved his index finger over the wetness of her
lips, just under his other two fingers. Once it was nice and wet, he moved it
down and inch, and pushed it into her extremely tight asshole. His sudden
addition finally sent her over the edge, as he felt both her pussy and
asshole tightly clench down on his fingers as her body started to shake
uncontrollably, with her moans increased.

"Oh fuck yyyyyyeeeeeeessssss!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Godddddddddddddddd!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

As the orgasm tore through her body, Mike tried to keep his fingers moving,
but the squeezing of both of her holes was too tight to do so. Since he
really couldn't do anything, he just kneeled and stared as his hands were
trapped. As the minutes passed her moans began losing volume and her body
began to relax, which led to her loosening up. Using the opportunity he
pulled his fingers out of her pussy, but just as he pulled his lone finger
from her ass, Ms. McMahon's hand suddenly grabbed a hold of his wrist.
Looking up, he saw her staring right at him with a very stern look on her

"Mr. Franklin, get on your feet, now."

Realizing he probably fucked himself, he quickly stammered to his feet, all
while her hand gripped onto his wrist. He attempted to stand in a way that
didn't overly expose the tent in his pants.

"It's funny Mr. Franklin, I thought I told you to lick my pussy, not shove a
finger in my asshole." Just as he expected her to lay the hammer down, she
once again shocked him by pulling his hand to her face and taking his index
finger into her mouth. As she began to suck on the finger that was just in
her ass, Mike stood in shock, his dick getting even harder. After a few
seconds she took her mouth away and released her grip on his wrist.

"But I have to say, I always like things to be shaken up a bit. And since you
really made me cum so good, you're off the hook for the locker room incident.
However, I have to say, it looks like you enjoyed doing it almost as much as
me." Looking at the now obvious bulge in Mike's pants, Ms. McMahon smiled and
looked him in the face again, "Drop 'em."

"E-excuse me?"

"I said drop 'em. You did such a good job with your oral skills, I think you
deserve to have your cock sucked."

Again, something clicked in his head and he quickly undid his belt, unzipped
and yanked his pants to his ankles. Standing back up, his dick shot straight
out, showing his vice principal that he didn't care much for underwear.

"Very impressive, Mr. Franklin. You must be at least eight inches, and I must
say, that I like your hatred for hair."

"T-thanks Ms. McM-"

Before he could get his sentence out, she grabbed at the base of his dick
and took the head in her mouth. After a few flicks of her tongue against the
underside where the shaft met the head, she began quickly moving her head
forward and then back, on the length of the shaft. She then began to move her
hand, twisting it up and down the shaft, almost giving him a handjob along
with the blowjob. Never having received such a good blowjob before, Mike
realized that she must have had lots of experience at doing it. As he began
to wonder if she had done this with other students, he felt her other hand
suddenly grab his shaven balls and began massaging them. As soon as she began
doing this, he knew he was going to explode. Before he could announce to Ms.
McMahon, the familiar feeling hit him and he began shooting into her mouth.
As her mouth began to fill up, she pulled her hand back to the base, kept her
head still and continued to massage his balls.

With nothing to get a good grip on, Mike just stood, trying not to fall over,
as he was drained. When he shot his last strain of cum, Ms. McMahon began to
slowly pull her head away, making sure to get every last drop in her mouth.
As she finally pulled her lips from his head, a loud smack filled the office.
She then gulped down, swallowing down the entire load. With his head cleared,
and the the strength returning to his legs, he looked down to Ms. McMahon's
smiling face looking back up at him.

"You really are a good find Mr. Franklin. You really know how to please a
woman, and that hot, sticky cum of ours is so delicious. And would you look
at that, that nice big cock is still hard. Mr. Franklin, strip the rest of
your clothes, I need that big boy in me." Now not having to be told twice,
Mike yanked off his shoes and socks, stepped out of his jeans and pulled off
his shirt. When he turned, he was shocked to see her right next to him,
already completely nude.

"Mmmm, nice to see that you've finally learned to follow instructions. Now,
Mr. Franklin," she then put her hands on his shoulders and spun him 180
degrees so his back faced her chair, "I want you to sit back and relax in my
chair," Mesmerized by her fit body and large, perky breasts, he slowly sat
down as her hands moved to his chest to 'push' him. As he settled into the
leather chair, she reached into his lap and gave his dick a few strokes to
make sure he was at top hardness. Satisfied he was rock hard, Ms. McMahon
turned her back to him, allowing him to admire her ass a bit. Looking over
her shoulder, she could see he was in a trance, looking at her ass, so she
raised her hand up and brought it down hard onto her apple bottom. *SMACK!*
Snapping out of the trance, he looked up to her, looking back at him over her

"So Mr. Franklin, are you ready to put that big hard cock in my tight wet
pussy and fuck me?"

"Oh my God yes!"

Smiling at his eagerness, she backed right up to the chair. Seeing him hold
his dick straight up, she lowered herself so she lined her lips up to the tip
of his dick. Pausing a few seconds, she continued to lower her body, slowly
letting her pussy swallow up his dick. Every bit that entered her, caused her
to moan a little more, until her butt finally touched into his lap. Pausing a
bit, she enjoyed the feeling of being completely filled up with a big dick.

"My God Mr. Franklin, that big cock is feeling so fucking good filling me
up." Eyes closed, she moved her hands to the chair's arm rests, grabbed
Mike's hands and guided them onto her hips. "Ok, big boy, now we're going to
have the real fun."

She then placed her hands onto her knees and began to move up and then back
down, quickly working herself into a good rhythm. "Jesus, it feels so much
fucking bigger in me! Oh God!"

As good as it felt for Ms. McMahon, it felt even better for Mike. While he
thought she felt tight around his fingers, she was even more so around his
dick. Despite having just cume a few moments ago, he needed all of his will
power not to blow again. Trying to focus away from the amazing feeling on his
dick, he once again began to lose himself in a trance, this time staring at
her big, round butt bouncing in his lap. However the sight he chose to focus
on did not help his situation, it just made it much worse. With in a few
short seconds, he could feel that familiar tingling start to build.

"Oh Jesus, Ms. McMahon, I'm gonna fucking cum again!"

Reacting almost immediately, she jumped off of his lap, again kneeling in
front of him, and took his dick into her hand. She then just tightly gripped
his throbbing dick, aimed it at her open mouth as he began to erupt. Each
glob, like the pervious time, found its way into her mouth, most landing onto
her tongue. When he finally stopped shooting off, with a load nearly as big
as the first, she released his dick and again swallowed up his load. Once she
was sure she had no remnants on her lips or face, she stood up and looked
down at Mike, slumped down in her chair.

"Now Mr. Franklin, while I do enjoy your 'refreshments,' you better make sure
I am the one cumming first this time, or I'm not going to be in a very good
mood. Understand?"

"Y-yes, ma'am. I'm sorry about that."

"Good. Now get your ass out of my chair," As Mike stood up, she walked over
to her desk, got on top and laid on her back. Positioning so her butt was
just on the edge, with her legs hanging off the side, she looked up towards
him. With a dirty smile she motioned him over with her finger, while
spreading open her legs to once again expose her soaking wet pussy. The sight
quickly put some new life into his body as he walked towards her, with his
still hard dick bobbing up and down as he walked. As he stood right in front
of her, her face turned serious again.

"Remember Mr. Franklin, I better be the one cumming first this time, or
else," He just responded with a nod as he took hold of his dick and pushed
the head against her wet lips. As he saw her face turn back to a look of
pleasure, he began to slowly push his hips forward, returning to the promise
land. With her body once again being filled up, she closed her eyes and began
to tightly grip onto the edges of the large wooden desk. While she usually
liked the faster approach as well as being in control, she really enjoyed the
slow pace, with Mike being in control, deciding either how fast or how slow
it would go.

As he pushed the last inch into her, Mike paused a second and leaned forward
so that her huge breasts were now right in his face. With a smile, he took
the small hard nipple on her right breast into his mouth as he began to
gyrate his hips. Getting into a rhythm of sucking and gyrating, he put his
hands over hers while her moans began to once again fill the room. When he
finished on her right nipple he pulled his mouth away and went to work on the
left. While he did this, her hips began to move and meet the movements of
his, enhancing the experience a little more.

After sucking on her tits for a few minutes, he felt her hands slip out from
under his and move up to his head, running her fingers through his hair.
Gripping them into his hair, she gently pulled up and he quickly got the
clue, moving his mouth away from her massive chest. She quickly quided his
head up until he was face to face with her. Looking down at the pleasure that
was filling her face, he gave her a quick smile before bringing his lips to
hers in a very passionate kiss. As their lips sealed around eachother, their
tongues began a wrestling match with in, adding to the passion of the event.
While they became lost in the miss, Mike continued to move his hips,
thrusting himself in and out of her tight wetness. Picking up on his pace a
little, he suddenly felt her legs lift up and wrap around his gyrating waist,
as if making sure he didn't even think of stopping. Seconds after her legs
trapped him in, he noticed her hips begin to buck again as she began moaning
into his mouth. Realizing what was likely next, he broke the kiss and noticed
the look of pleasure on her face had increased.

"Oh sweet Jesus don't stop Mr. Franklin!! Don't you dare fucking stop! Make
me cum! Make me cum! Make me fucking cum with that big fucking

As Mike looked down at her moaning face, with her eyes clenched tight, he
could feel her pussy begin to tighten. Knowing she was almost there, he moved
his hips faster to push her completely over the edge. Moments after doing
this he felt her legs tighten up around his waist even more.

"Oh fuck I'm cccccccuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggggggg!!!!!
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyeeeeeessssssssssss!!! It feels so damn
ggggggggooooooooodddddd!!!!! Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! So good

With the orgasm traveling through her body, Ms. McMahon's legs tigtened so
much that Mike thought she would break him in half. With her pussy also
tightened and her hips bucking, Mike thought that he would explode. He
decided however to hold out as long as he could in order for Ms. McMahon to
fully enjoy the moment, which would also be good for him.

When he could tell that her orgasm was subsiding, he finally decided that he
could no longer hold off, and that it was safe to finally let loose.

"Oh God Ms. McMahon, I'm gonna cum!" Once he shouted out, she released the
grip her legs had on his waist, dropping them to hang off the edge of the
desk again. She then looked up at him and in an almost whisper said,

"My stomach," Just barely hearing her, he pulled out and aimed his dick at
her stomach. With the same volume as the previous two times, he began to
spurt, sending long white streams across her stomach as she had her head
lifted up, watching. With the cum shooting all around, one drop landed in her
bully button, making a tiny, sticky pool. As the last bit dribbled out, it
just hung on to the tip of his dick, so he grabbed his dick, and lifted it
up. He then flicked it downward, sending the last bit of cum flying, with the
landing zone being in between her massive chest. As it landed, she smiled and
dropped her head back down onto her desk and looked up at the ceiling.

Having emptied himself for the third time, Mike let go of his dick and
staggered to the chair in front of the desk, deciding not to sit his sweat
covered butt on Ms. McMahon's leather desk chair. With his body slumped in
the chair, he just stared at the nude form on top of the desk. He noticed
that her hand had moved to her stomach, rubbing the cum into her skin. It
then moved in between her breasts, scooping up the lone drop. She then
brought the finger to her lips and sucked up the fluid. She then repeated
this move, only this time, dipped two fingers into her belly button,
gathering the pool of fluid onto her digits before also brining them to her
lips to lick clean. Taking the fingers from her lips, she suddenly sat up and
jumped off of the desk. She walked to the shelf behind her desk and pulled
down a package of moist towelettes, placing it on the spot she was just on
top of. Taking a sheet out she began to clean up the sticky mess that she had
rubbed into her skin.

"Well Mr. Franklin, I must say that was very, very good. You are easily off
the hook and you can rest assured that you will be graduating with the rest
of your classmates." Once she whipped in between her chest, she tossed the
used material into the trash can. Grabbing her clothes, she began getting
dressed, while focusing her attention back on Mike.

"Now with that little performance Mr Franklin, I have one little request,"
the statement made Mike focus right onto her face, "after you graduate and go
on to college, I want you to visit every now and then and show me how much
you appreciate that I allowed you to graduate. Deal?" as she asked, she gave
a little smirk. Returning the smile, he just nodded. Once again fully
dressed, Ms. McMahon grabbed the towelette box and walked over to the still
nude Mike.

"Here. Why don't you clean yourself up and get dressed. And again Mr.
Franklin, good work."

* * *

With all of the diplomas handed out, Ms. McMahon stood at the podium, facing
the cap and gown clad students, sitting in their seats.

"Now that your journey though high school has come to an end, you have a
bright future laid out in front of you. I can only hope as you go forward in
your lives, that you look back to your time within these walls and smile at
the experiences," This elicited smiles from a few select male students
sitting before her. "Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly give to you, your
graduating class, congratulations." The end of her speech led to the class
cheering, rasing to their feet and tossing their caps into the air, while
some showered their class mates with cans of silly string. While the entire
crowd of students would be going to college, where a good majority would have
wild times, a select few had already begun their wild times, thanks to the
'dedicated' educators of the school.

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