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As a wise man once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." I
have the power to bring you all hot lesbian porn and with that comes the
responsibility of righting certain wrongs.

The WWE had a golden opportunity this past week to cash into their 18-35 year
old male audience with some hot lesbian action. So what do we get? Rikishi in
a dress. Smooth move guys. But where Vince and co. failed us, I have decided
to pick up the slack.

So here is a little story I threw together. Hopefully this will show I can
write stories other than The Harem and I hope all you wrestling fans and all
you hot lesbian action fans out there enjoy what my perverted mind spit out
for you. If you have any comments at all please let me know at:

You guys have really been great about feedback and I can't thank you enough.
Keep it coming.

Now for the legal warnings, this is not meant to be either an accurate
portrayal of WWE Divas or the women who play them. The real life women do not
act this way, to the best of my knowledge at least, and I am using characters
created by WWE for a fun story and mean no personal insult to anyone. This is
entirely fictional and just represents what I wished we had seen at

And you know this by now. If you're under 18 stop reading. You can watch the
shows, but you can't read the story. Sorry dudes and dudettes...those are the

Now...let's get down to some serious HLA, shall we?

Hot Lesbian Action
by KMB

Stephanie McMahon couldn't get a handle on her feelings right now. She was
backstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and she should have been on
top of the world. She had just humiliated her rival, Eric Bischoff, in front
of a packed house and millions of television viewers throughout the world.
She should have been on such a high...but she wasn't.

She couldn't understand what she was feeling. Once again she had proven
herself to be not only the smartest woman in the WWE, but the most cunning
as well. Stephanie had led Bischoff right into a trap of his own making. He
had expected her to submit to some hot lesbian action right there in the
ring, but all he had gotten was a kick to the head and a stink-face courtesy
of Rikishi and his ample posterior.

Instead of crowing over her triumph, though, Stephanie just bolted backstage
and went right to her private office. She had put on an expression of
cheerfulness when she had danced in the ring with Rikishi, but that had
totally been an act. Stephanie was in turmoil and she didn't even want to
watch Brock Lesnar take on The Undertaker in the Smackdown main event. She
just wanted to be alone.

Stephanie slammed the door behind her and sat herself down on the couch,
burying her head in her hands. She couldn't be feeling what she was feeling.
She just couldn't be.

HLA was supposed to be a joke. She had Rikishi set up as a contingency plan
all along in case Billy and Chuck lost the stipulation match. Stephanie knew
Bischoff wouldn't have been able to resist trying to humiliate her like that
and he had played right into her hands. It had all gone like she had planned
it…except for one thing.

When Bischoff had first brought her out, he had ordered two girls to massage
her back and then move to her front. If he had kept things going like that
Stephanie would have been screwed, but he had gone too far and paid the
price. But in the end the one thing Stephanie hadn't counted on had happened
to her.

She had liked what had happened to her.

She wasn't a lesbian. She knew that. She had gone through too many men in her
life to be any kind of dyke. But that didn't change the nervous feeling in
her stomach right now. That didn't change the way her pulse was racing and
her heart was pounding in her chest. Beads of sweat were starting to trickle
down her forehead and she wiped them off with a distracted swipe of her hand.

Stephanie had expected she would have to just find a way to suffer though
being fondled by those two girls in the ring. But she had found herself
responding to their soft caresses of her body and the way their lips had felt
on her neck. They had gently rubbed her back and when Bischoff had instructed
them to move onto her front, Stephanie had used every drop of willpower she
could summon to keep from moaning.

She hadn't expected it to happen, but those women had made her feel so
incredibly good. Part of her had actually not wanted Bischoff to send them
away. She couldn't believe she could ever feel this way, but she had sort of
kind of wanted them to keep going.

How far would she have taken it? Stephanie didn't even know the answer to
that question. Would she have let them strip her naked in the middle of the
ring and do all those lesbian things to her body? Stephanie didn't think she
would have let things get that out of hand. But she couldn't say for sure
that she would have wanted them to stop.

Damn it! How could this have happened? How could she have let herself feel
this way? She didn't have lesbian tendencies. She couldn't have really liked
it out there! She couldn't have really wanted to be with those girls! She
must have just been flush with adrenaline for her humiliation of her rival
general manager. That was it. It couldn't be anything else.

But Stephanie knew deep down that she was just telling herself what she
wanted to hear. She knew her own body and she knew how she had responded to
the touch of those beautiful girls. She knew her nipples had started to swell
and her pussy had started to dampen. It was just like the feeling of intense
arousal she got when she saw a man she wanted. She was just glad the cameras
hadn't picked up how flustered she was getting out there. She had fooled them
all into thinking she was cool and in control.

Reality was quite the opposite however and Stephanie still couldn't get a
grip on what she was feeling. She had this need in her so intense now that it
was like it was going to rip out of her skin. She had never denied herself
anything that she had ever wanted. Why should she deny herself this?

Because she wasn't a lesbian! Stephanie reminded herself of this with a quick
snap back to attention. She wasn't like those other girls out there. She
didn't want to have sex with another woman. She loved men. That was it! That
was what she had needed! She needed a man.

There was a whole roster of men out there who would have been ready and
willing to fuck her and blast away any of these new feelings just like they
were blasting their cum inside of her. She bet she could have even approached
her former husband, HHH, and found a way to "congratulate" him for his
successful title defense. He wouldn't have been able to resist her hot, naked
body grinding into his and that would have made her feel better. That would
have proved that she didn't want to be with another woman.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it pulled Stephanie from her

"I don't want to be disturbed!" Stephanie snapped at whoever was on the other
end. The knocking continued though.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Stephanie shouted, not wanting to be bothered by anyone or
anything right now. She just had to sort through this and she couldn't deal
with any interruptions.

But whoever was on the other side of the door, didn't take their rejection
well and the door opened. Shit, Stephanie cursed to herself, she had
forgotten to lock it. Well whoever it was, was really going to get it when
they walked into here.

"Are you ok, Ms. McMahon?" a female voice asked.

Stephanie looked up and saw that it was just Dawn Marie. She had been her
personal assistant for the past months and Stephanie had even let her slide
on numerous screw-ups, but that was just because she didn't have anyone in
mind that could replace her.

"Didn't you hear me Dawn?" Stephanie demanded. "I said I didn't want to be

"I just wanted to see if you're ok," Dawn explained sheepishly. She was
usually a supremely confident woman, but for some reason Stephanie was always
able to intimidate her. "I mean you disappeared so suddenly and everyone was
wondering what was going on."

"Do you have some kind of learning disability Dawn?" Stephanie sneered at her
assistant. "When I say I don't want to be disturbed, I mean it! I'm fine. I
just don't feel like talking right now. Is that ok with everyone?"

"It's fine...I'm sorry I interrupted you..." Dawn said as she began to duck
out of the room.

Stephanie was about to return to her thoughts and forget all about this
annoying interruption when suddenly her mouth shot off without her brain even
pausing to consider things.

"Dawn! Wait!" Stephanie requested, her voice in a much softer tone this
time. Damn! Why had she done that? But part of her knew exactly why. Dawn
was another woman. Maybe she knew a little something about what she was
going through.

"Yes, Ms. McMahon?" Dawn asked, pausing in the doorway and turning around,
closing the door shut but not closed behind her.

"Forget it...never mind," Stephanie muttered, waving her hand. This was a
stupid idea. Dawn couldn't possibly be of any help to her. She couldn't ask
her questions like she wanted to. As much as she needed to do find out a few
things, Stephanie suddenly found herself short on nerve.

"Ms. everything ok?" Dawn asked, with real concern
in her voice.

"No it isn't," Stephanie sighed. She tried to fight it, but she
couldn't. She had to talk to someone about this.

"What's wrong?" Dawn inquired, sitting herself down on the couch without
Stephanie's permission. Part of her kind of expected Stephanie to push her
off or something, but she didn't do anything of the sort.

"It's just that...well, it's like this...umm...fuck!" Stephanie muttered.
She had no idea how to get her thoughts out in a rational manner right then.
She didn't even know what to ask, much less how to ask it. So she just spit
it out. The direct approach had been what she had used throughout her whole

"Have you ever been with a woman Dawn?" Stephanie asked and Dawn nearly
gasped in surprise. What kind of question was that? It had been the last
thing she had expected to hear coming from Stephanie. How should she answer?
Was Stephanie looking for a reason to fire her or something? What was going
on here? Did Stephanie have information on her? Should she lie? Dawn decided
she had better tell her the truth.

"Yes," Dawn admitted. "I mean if you mean what I think you mean..."

"Yes that's what I mean," Stephanie explained. "I mean sex, Dawn. Sex with
another woman."

"Well then...yes...I have done that," Dawn admitted, slightly embarrassed.
She couldn't get over how Stephanie always had her on the defensive. She had
never been shy about her sexuality before. She had never been afraid to admit
she'd been with her fair share of girls to go along with all the guys she'd
fucked. But Stephanie had this way with her that always made her feel like
she'd done something wrong.

"How many times?" Stephanie suddenly asked. Her heart was beginning to pound
again and all she wanted to do was find out as much as she could about Dawn's
sex life.

"I...I don't remember..." Dawn answered as she tried to count up the times in
her head and come up with a satisfactory answer.

"More than 5? More than 10? Tell me Dawn," Stephanie pressed, burning with

"Ummm more than 10…I guess," Dawn stammered. "Stephanie, why do you want to
know this?"

"Did you like it?" Stephanie asked softly, totally ignoring Dawn's question.
Dawn was suddenly struck with this new side she was seeing of Stephanie. She
wasn't acting like a bossy bitch. She was acting like another woman for once.
She was acting like someone who was confused and curious.

"Yes...yes, I liked it," Dawn answered with a smile, calming down a little.
"It was different than being with a guy. It know...softer...nicer.
I liked it a lot. That's why I did it again."

Almost unconsciously, Stephanie had started to gently caress her bare arms in
her black short-sleeve shirt. Dawn noticed this and was beginning to wonder
where all this was leading them. She had no idea what Stephanie wanted and
even less of an idea what was going to happen next, but Dawn did know that
her pussy was starting to get damp under her skirt. She hadn't been with a
woman since she had left ECW and Stephanie certainly was an extremely
beautiful woman.

Dawn began to eye Stephanie a little. She looked at the way the shirt she
wore hugged her large breasts and she snuck a few peeks down at the way
Stephanie's legs sat folded on the couch, showing so much beauty after her
light blue skirt ended. Dawn didn't do this obviously. She didn't want her
boss to think she was giving her the eye…unless that's what she wanted her
to be doing.

By now Dawn was starting to feel confused. Was Stephanie hitting on her? She
didn't want to look too much into this, but Stephanie didn't seem the type
to ask questions about female sexuality just for the sake of asking them.
Did she want Dawn to touch her? Dawn wouldn't have minded if she had. If
Stephanie gave her the chance she would have wanted to do a whole hell of a
lot more than touch her.

If Dawn was feeling confused, then Stephanie's brain was in a full-blown fog.
It had suddenly occurred to her that she was sitting next to a beautiful
woman. Stephanie had never noticed Dawn in that manner before, but why would
she have? Now Stephanie felt like a whole new avenue of thinking had been
opened up to her and she really began to appreciate how good Dawn looked in
her tight black dress. It was cut low to expose a ton of cleavage. Stephanie
had once ordered Dawn to dress more conservatively, now she was glad she had
been disobeyed.

"Why are you asking me all of this?" Dawn asked again. "Why do you want to

"Cause...I...I don't know..." Stephanie stammered. She couldn't admit this.
Not to Dawn Marie of all people.

"Are you feeling...curious?" Dawn asked, going for it and placing her hand
on Stephanie's leg. She let her hand stay there and then slowly began to
caress Stephanie. If this didn't work she was going to be looking for a new
job in the morning. But if it did work then things were going to get very
interesting indeed.

Stephanie gasped audibly when she felt Dawn's hand on her body. She hadn't
expected the sudden touch, but she didn't push her away. She was at a
crossroads right now. She knew that. She had to do something. What she
decided to do surprised even herself.

Without thinking twice, Stephanie suddenly reached over and grabbed Dawn by
the face, pulling her into a passionate kiss. Dawn was taken aback at first,
but responded enthusiastically. She never thought she'd be sucking face with
Stephanie McMahon, but here she was, letting Stephanie stick her tongue into
her mouth. It was if Stephanie wanted to suck out her entire essence with
this kiss and Dawn was perfectly willing to let her do that.

And just as suddenly as the kiss had begun, it ended. Stephanie pushed Dawn
away from her and eyed her. They were both flushed and gasping for breath.
Stephanie had kissed her assistant on pure impulse. She had to see if she
liked it. She had to see if she had liked kissing another woman. It had been
her first girl/girl kiss and Stephanie now knew it was going to be the first
of many.

" are feeling curious Stephanie," Dawn marveled as she wiped her
mouth free of Stephanie's left over saliva.

"That's Ms. McMahon to you Dawn," Stephanie shot back. Dawn backed away on
the couch a little. The shy, confused Stephanie of a few moments ago was gone
and had been replaced by the domineering boss Dawn had grown used to. But
there was such a look of burning lust in Stephanie's eyes that Dawn couldn't
help but respond to it.

"I'm sorry Ms. McMahon..." Dawn replied softly.

"Sorry isn't good enough," Stephanie declared. "You were right Dawn. I am
curious and you're going to be my little test subject. You know so much about
fucking women, well then you're going to fuck me. Understand?"

"Yes...yes Ms. McMahon," Dawn agreed, her arousal really kicking in now. Her
pussy was getting so wet and it was swallowing up all her disbelief that this
was happening.

"Then get to it," Stephanie commanded. "You're the expert. What do you need?
A fucking roadmap of my body?"

"No," Dawn smiled. "I think I can find my way around."

Dawn then kissed Stephanie. She was more aggressive this time, but Stephanie
reminded her that she was the one in control by beginning to tug on Dawn's
dress while they kissed. Stephanie already knew she liked how it felt to
have another woman kiss her. Now she wanted to see how she liked looking at
another woman completely naked.

Deciding to help things move along, Dawn stood up from the couch and
unzipped the back of her dress. She began to slowly push it off her body,
the tightness of the fabric making it an excruciatingly slow exposure of
her flesh.

"Take it off Dawn," Stephanie ordered, now totally giving into the lust
pulsating in her veins. "Get that goddamn slut dress off your body!"

Finally the dress was low enough that Dawn could just push it all the way off
and Stephanie took a moment to admire Dawn's body as she stood there in just
a skimpy black thong and her heels. Dawn certainly looked good and during her
little strip show Stephanie had hiked up her skirt so her own panties were
exposed and now she was rubbing her pussy through them. She didn't care if
this was right or wrong anymore. She wanted something and what she wanted she

"Do you like what you see Ms. McMahon?" Dawn asked as she turned around so
Stephanie could see how the thong exposed the firm, toned cheeks of her ass.

"Oh yes Dawn...I like very much," Stephanie moaned as her fingers continued
to tease her slit through her panties. Dawn's tits were beautiful. I wonder
if we went to the same doctor, Stephanie giggled to herself as she admired
Dawn's enhanced chest. "But you're naked enough for now. It's time for you
to get to work on me."

"Mmmm gladly," Dawn agreed as she sunk to her knees right in front of
Stephanie. "Is there anything you want me to do to you Ms. McMahon?"

"Just fuck me!" Stephanie ordered. "You've fucked all those girls! Now it's
time for you to fuck me and you better make this the best fuck of my life!"

That might be hard, Dawn said in a private smirk to herself. From what I've
heard, I'm up against some pretty mean competition. But Dawn loved a
challenge and she could smell Stephanie's arousal. A wet pussy always got
Dawn going and Stephanie was plenty wet for her already.

Dawn reached out and pushed Stephanie's skirt even higher until her panties
were completely exposed. The red lace was soaked with girl juice and Dawn
could practically taste her boss already, even though her tongue was still
in her mouth. Dawn couldn't decide what she wanted to do to Stephanie first.
Touch or taste? Finally Dawn decided to touch first and get a feel for what
she was about to taste.

Stephanie just lay back and moaned as Dawn began to stroke her pussy through
her panties, just as she had been doing a few moments ago. Dawn began by
gently petting Stephanie's pussy and then proceeded to pick up speed, rubbing
her slit with the soaked panties and getting her even wetter. Stephanie
continued to moan her desire and totally let Dawn do all the work. Stephanie
didn't want to do anything right now but experience all the pleasure she was
feeling from another woman's touch.

The rubbing was getting Stephanie wild with lust. Nothing could compare to
this. When she'd been wondering what it would feel like to really be with a
woman, Stephanie hadn't even considered it would be this good. This was
beyond her expectations and just when she thought she couldn't take anymore,
Dawn pulled down her panties.

"Yesss Dawn, that's it you fucking slut," Stephanie hissed in desire. "Get
me naked. Get my fucking panties off so you can eat my wet little pussy!"

I wonder if she ever ordered HHH around in the bedroom like this, Dawn
pondered. The effect Stephanie had always had on her was working again. Dawn
was usually the dominant one in the bedroom, but she was getting very excited
listening and obeying every one of Stephanie's commands.

Stephanie's pussy was so wet and Dawn couldn't wait to get her tongue in
there. Her pretty puffy pink cunt lips looked so yummy and Dawn licked her
lips at the wetness that covered them. Stephanie's brown bush had been
trimmed to a neat triangle and the entire site was so tantalizing that all
Dawn could think to do was bury her face right in Stephanie McMahon's soaked

"OHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSS!!!" Stephanie cried out with a sudden surge of sexual
exhilaration. It was so much better than she had even wanted it to be. If all
women were as good as Dawn Marie was at eating pussy then Stephanie swore she
was never going to fuck another man as long as she lived.

"EAT IT! EAT MY PUSSY YOU WHORE!" Stephanie continued as Dawn's tongue lashed
away at her pussy. Stephanie had already been nice and spread out for her so
it was very easy for Dawn to get right into her pinkness with her tongue. As
Stephanie's deliciously tangy flavor coated her taste buds, Dawn wondered why
she had ever stopped playing around with girls. It was just as good as she
remembered it.

Eating Stephanie out had Dawn practically creaming her own panties. She so
badly wanted to reach back and touch herself, but she didn't dare alienate
Stephanie by doing so. Dawn just hoped that after she'd come, Stephanie would
be willing to return the favor.

Stephanie was bouncing up and down on the couch to push her pussy harder
into Dawn's face with every tongue stroke. Dawn had hit her clit by now and
Stephanie was loving every second of what was by far the best oral sex she'd
ever gotten. None of the men she had been with knew how to do the things to
her that Dawn and her talented tongue were doing and then some.

This was fucking incredible, Stephanie marveled in between hard cries for
more and wet tongue smacks in her snatch. She wasn't even naked. Her
expensively created tits were still encased under her shirt. Stephanie didn't
want to leave things like that. She wanted these puppies to be appreciated,
especially since Dawn had such a nice set of her own.

Stephanie reached under her shirt and pulled it up over her gasping face.
Since she had become Smackdown's general manager, she had started dressing
more appropriately, so that meant she had to have a bra on underneath.
Stephanie cursed her own dressing habits. She wanted to be naked and she
didn't want to fuck around with having to unsnap her bra. Stephanie's
solution was to reach down and just rip her bra open from the front.

"Hey Dawn!" Stephanie called out. "What do you think of these pretty titties

"Mmmmmm they're beautiful Stephanie," Dawn moaned as she pulled her face
away, all sticky with Stephanie's girl cream, and admired her fabulous tits.
"Your whole body is beautiful."

"You got that right you slut," Stephanie grinned. "You're pretty fucking good
at eating pussy. I might have to elevate your position to being my personal
cunt licker. But first let's see if you're any good at making me come."

Stephanie then grabbed Dawn by her curly hair and shoved her face right back
into her pussy. Dawn didn't resist for a second. She loved how nasty things
had gotten and she only wanted them to get nastier. Her panties were soaked
through and Dawn could feel them sticking to her skin as she kneeled before
Stephanie in her heels. Her nipples were so hard. Every piece of flesh on
Dawn's body ached to be touched. She wanted to come so badly, but she had to
make sure Stephanie came first.

"Ohhhhhhh yesssss eat that pussy like a good little dyke slut," Stephanie
groaned in rapture. "Remember who fucking runs this show! It's me and you
better make me come you nasty girl."

Dawn's tongue was working her over like a machine. What had been a joke
played by her rival had now turned into one of her best fucks ever. When
Dawn finally gave her tongue a rest by sucking hard on her throbbing clit,
Stephanie thought she was going to lurch right onto the floor. It was so
fucking good! Dawn's hungry mouth had her pussy dripping with desire and
Stephanie knew she was so close to coming.

Stephanie wanted this more than she'd wanted anything ever. All of that
sickening self-doubt she had been feeling before was gone. She wanted another
woman to make her come and Stephanie relished her new feelings. She had
always loved sex and now her options had just doubled. Now as top boss on
Smackdown she would have her choice of the best cock and pussy she could get
her hot little hands on. It sounded too good to be true and it was all going
to start now as soon as Dawn brought her off with her amazing tongue.

"Make me come Dawn!" Stephanie commanded. "Make me fucking come you slut! I
want to come all over that hot face of yours. You want that Dawn? You want my
girl cream dripping down your chin like the nasty ECW whore you are! This
extreme enough for you bitch? Eat my pretty little cunt Dawn! Use that
fucking slut tongue on me hard!"

Each one of Stephanie's nasty words just drove Dawn on more. She wanted to
please her boss so badly. She did want her girl cream dripping down her chin
and down her throat and onto her tits or anywhere Stephanie wanted to give it
to her. Dawn was so turned on she was a complete slave to Stephanie's new
found lesbian lust. She had to make her come!

Stephanie's strong legs were holding Dawn down at her back while her hand was
right in her hair, keeping her face pressed to her pussy. Stephanie's hard
clit was so easy to attack and Dawn had it throbbing between her lips. But
Dawn's well-practiced sexual sense told her that Stephanie needed something
more. She needed some penetration and Dawn was happy to give it to her.

She didn't want to slide her fingers in dry though, so Dawn allowed herself
to slip her hand into her panties and tease her wet slit. She collected just
enough pussy juice on her fingers to act as the necessary lube and just as
soon as she pulled them out, she directed them toward Stephanie. While she
continued to eat her out, Dawn pushed two of her fingers into Stephanie's
wetness and the effect was immediate and decisive.

"AHHHHHHH FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD!!!" Stephanie roared as her desire boiled over.
Stephanie screamed out her orgasm as her pussy walls got nice and snug around
Dawn's tongue and fingers. It was hard to move her fingers in now, but
Stephanie wasn't letting go of them until she finished soaking Dawn's skin
with her girl cum. Dawn lapped away at Stephanie's cream and let what she
couldn't swallow drip down to her heaving tits.

Stephanie's juices sizzled against Dawn's aroused skin and the more her boss
turned lover came, the more Dawn wanted her all over her body. Dawn was
totally in lust with Stephanie and her own orgasm wasn't far off even though
she had barely touched herself. Stephanie's orgasmic cries reverberated
throughout the room and Dawn lustfully stared up at her, even as she remained
buried in her cunt.

When Stephanie couldn't take anymore, she released Dawn from her leg lock and
pushed her away from her pussy. Dawn hit the floor with a soft thud but she
didn't mind. All she cared about was her all consuming need to come.
Stephanie looked down at her assistant and began to consider whether or not
she should return the favor.

However, neither Stephanie nor Dawn knew that their little show had attracted
some attention and that they now had a very rapt audience of one.

Trish Stratus had been in a mood to celebrate as she had walked through the
corridors of the Staples Center a short time earlier. She was now a three
time Women's Champion and she didn't want to spend this time alone. She had
worked hard to turn herself from mere eye candy into a legitimate star and
she was looking for someone to share her moment of triumph with.

Her decisive win over Molly Holly had left Trish flush with victory and a
little something else as well. Trish wasn't about to admit it to the reporter
for she had just been interviewed by, but winning a match more often
than not left her quite turned on. The fact that this had not been a
championship match had Trish's pussy getting nice and wet and she was
definitely hoping to score herself some loving.

Trish had always thought that Jeff Hardy was cute. Maybe she could see if he
was around and find out how extreme he liked to get. She'd seen Billy Kidman
earlier too. He wasn't half bad himself. Or perhaps she could just find some
lucky fan and give him the night of his life. She'd done it before and it had
been fun. No reason not to do it again. Trish needed some attention and she
was confident she was going to be able to get it. She loved the lustful
stares her body got in her tight ring attire and cleavage exposing shirts.
She just wished more men backed those stares up with actions.

However, before Trish could explore her options any longer, she thought she
heard someone crying. Trish whirled around and tried to detect where those
sounds were coming from. She was a bit of the curious type and she wanted to
know what was going on. Trish quickly determined that the sounds were coming
from Stephanie's office and her first assumption was that something was
wrong. She became worried that maybe Eric Bischoff had completely freaked out
or something and hurt Stephanie. But when Trish got closer, she immediately
realized she had made the wrong assumption.

Those weren't the cries of pain she was hearing. They were the sounds of
pleasure. Trish was quite familiar with the sounds of female sexual pleasure,
having heard herself make them on many occasions. Stephanie was getting laid.
Lucky bitch, Trish thought to herself as her pussy once again began to get
damp with need. Why can't that be me in there?

Trish was about to back away when she noticed that the door was still open a
crack. Feeling her sense of curiosity take over again, Trish decided there
was no harm in a look as long as she was subtle about it. Trish pushed the
door open a crack more to see who exactly it was that was giving Stephanie
such pleasure and what she saw gave her the shock of her life.

Seeing Stephanie topless with her skirt up around her waist while Dawn Marie
had her face pressed in her pussy just about had Trish's jaw on the floor.
She had always heard that Stephanie would fuck anything with a pulse and here
was proof positive. Trish couldn't believe what she was seeing and she pulled
her gaze away in shock. Were Stephanie and Dawn lesbians? They sure seemed to
love what they were doing.

The image of those two together was seared onto Trish's brain and, while she
tried to forget about it and move on, she couldn't. She had to see some more.
Trish snuck back into position and peeked through the door as Stephanie held
Dawn's head down and rode her face to a screaming orgasm. They were both so
beautiful and so into this that Trish couldn't help but respond. Her nipples
were getting hard watching this and they were beginning to press against her
tight shirt. Seeing Stephanie soak Dawn's face in her pussy cream had Trish
dripping a little too.

Trish had never told anyone this before, but she had always felt a deep
curiosity about what it would be like to be with another woman. She had
always wondered what their skin would feel like and what their taste would
be. Would they be better then men? Would they make her come as hard as a
throbbing cock inside her did? Trish had never done anything to try and
satisfy that curiosity, she had kind of decided just to live with it. But
watching Stephanie and Dawn get it on was turning her on something fierce.

Her hand gripped her championship belt tightly and Trish almost unconsciously
began rubbing herself against it. Her pussy was threatening to melt right
through her black vinyl pants and, while never taking her eyes off the two
barely dressed women giving her a free sex show, Trish began to hump the belt

The belt felt so good rubbing against her sex that Trish was actively
considering taking it to the hotel and letting it be her special friend for
the night. She wondered what the belt would feel like pressed against her
naked skin and up against her wet pussy. But what was before her seemed to
offer even more promise.

Having never ever taken a step to see what it would really be like with
another woman, Trish saw the golden opportunity before her now. She'd be
taking a risk by barging in on one of the most powerful people in the
company, but something told her that Stephanie and Dawn wouldn't mind the
interruption, especially if it meant adding another hot female body to
the mix.

Trish knew she had to make a decision soon. She couldn't exactly stand there
in the hallway peeking into Stephanie's office while rubbing herself with her
championship belt. Inside this office was a chance to make her fantasies come
true. How could she deny herself?

"So is this a private party? Or can anyone just come on in?" Trish asked
wickedly after she pushed the door open and drew out a collective gasp from
Stephanie and Dawn. Dawn immediately covered her exposed breasts with her
hands, but Stephanie got over her surprise and didn't panic. She didn't make
any attempt to cover her nudity and she eyed her one-time archrival up and
down. She saw the look in Trish's eyes and she knew it was the same look she
had had after that first kiss with Dawn. It was a look of wanton lesbian lust
and Stephanie was perfectly willing to let Trish join in the fun.

"Quit yapping and get your fucking clothes off Trish," Stephanie grinned,
enjoying the look of elation on Trish's face when she allowed her to join
them. "And lock that goddamned door behind you!"

Dawn relaxed after Stephanie's response. She had always thought Trish was hot
and if Stephanie wasn't going to get her off, maybe she'd be able to snag
some head from the new Women's Champion. Stephanie was resting up after her
orgasm, so Dawn took it upon herself to get up and greet the new arrival.

Trish had turned around to lock the door and avoid any further interruptions.
After doing this she turned back and found herself getting a very good look
at Dawn Marie. They barely knew each other, but they both wanted each other

"Hey Trish," Dawn said, imagining exactly what Trish looked like under those
clothes she was wearing.

"Hey yourself," Trish replied, appreciating every exposed inch of Dawn's
body. Her tits rivaled her own and Trish couldn't wait to get under that
black thong that stuck so lewdly to her skin. Trish wanted this, but she
wasn't quite sure how to start things off. Fortunately, Dawn had more than
enough experience for the both of them.

Dawn wrapped her arms around Trish's neck and pulled the blonde in for a
kiss. Trish hesitated a bit at first, but she quickly responded to Dawn's
warm mouth and wet, probing tongue, dropping her now forgotten belt to the
ground. It was her first sexual kiss with another woman and Trish loved it.
She kissed back passionately, letting go of her remaining inhibitions and
giving in to the pleasure she was feeling.

As they kissed, Dawn and Trish felt their tits rub together. Dawn's rock
hard nipples pressed against Trish's black shirt and stimulated her to no
end. Trish wanted more though. She wanted skin against skin and fortunately
Dawn wanted the same thing. Without breaking the kiss, Dawn hooked her hand
under Trish's shirt and began to pull it up, much to Stephanie's approval.

"Yeah Dawn, get her naked!" Stephanie ordered as she began to lightly tease
her pussy. She was still turned on from before and seeing these two get it
on was getting her all wet and juicy again. "I want to see you two sluts
fuck each other! Put on a nasty show for me you hot little bitches!"

Trish normally would have reacted quite strongly to Stephanie calling her a
slut or a bitch, but right now all she wanted to think about was how good it
felt to be kissing Dawn and how badly she wanted to be naked. Trish raised
her arms in the air and allowed Dawn to lift her shirt off, revealing her
bare breasts. Now it was soft girl flesh against soft girl flesh and Trish
began to moan happily as Dawn's nipples rubbed against hers. Trish moved her
hands up and down Dawn's back and eventually scooted down low enough that
she was close to her ass. Trish then impetuously grabbed at the cheeks of
Dawn's ass and squeezed them.

Dawn groaned in desire as Trish gripped at her flesh. She was so fucking wet
that she was half expecting to come just from having the blonde's hands on
her body.

"You like that, don't you Dawn?" Stephanie observed. "You like having Trish's
hands on your ass, don't you?"

"Mmmmhmmm," Dawn answered enthusiastically while Trish leaned down and began
to kiss and suck on her tits.

"Well if you like it so damn much maybe you should let Trish spank you,"
Stephanie suggested wickedly. She loved ordering these girls around and she
was going to live out every perverted fantasy that popped into her head.

Dawn didn't know how to respond to that, but Trish certainly did. She reared
back and delivered a firm slap right to Dawn's ass.

"Oooooh..." Dawn moaned in pleasure when she felt the contact to her flesh.
She had never been spanked by another woman before but Trish's hand had felt
very good and Dawn moaned even louder when she did it again and then again.

"That's it Trish! That's what I want to see!" Stephanie urged. "Spank her
slutty ass! Make her moan like the whore she is!"

Stephanie had pushed her skirt off by now and kicked off her shoes so she was
sitting back on the couch totally naked. She had one hand between her legs,
fingering her wet pussy, and the other on her chest, playing with her tits
and pinching her hard nipples. It was just like any other time she had
masturbated except that this time she had two beautiful WWE divas performing
for her. Stephanie's had two fingers plunging into her spread cunt and she
was just about ready to add a third as she watched the show.

For her part, Trish was loving the rush of power she was getting from
spanking Dawn Marie. She was rubbing the cheeks of Dawn's butt through the
thong she wore in between the spankings and Trish could feel how wet Dawn
was getting for her.

"Spank me Trish!" Dawn moaned, enjoying every sensation this was creating.
"Make my ass all nice and pink! I've been such a naughty girl!"

"Mmmm yes you have," Stephanie added as Trish pushed Dawn toward the couch
and forced her hands down onto the cushions so she was bent over and
vulnerable. "You've been very naughty. Coming in here and eating my pussy
like you did. Naughty girls like you need to be punished."

Trish treated Dawn to another series of firm smacks. She wasn't going too
hard on her flesh. She just wanted her to be able to feel it. Dawn's cheeks
giggled with every smack, but Trish knew she couldn't give it to her as good
as she wanted to as long as Dawn had her panties on. Dawn noticed this to
and quickly suggested a remedy.

"Rip them!" Dawn hissed in desire. "Tear my wet panties off me!"

That was exactly what Trish did and the sound of the tearing fabric was
enough for Stephanie to push that third finger into her pussy. She fingered
herself into a frenzy as she watched Trish spank Dawn's now bare ass and how
her assistant moaned for more.

"Yesssss Trish..." Dawn cried out. "Don't stop! I've been a bad bad girl!"

Trish couldn't believe she was spanking another woman and loving it. But
there she was, her hand making hard smacking sounds against Dawn's pink
cheeks. She could feel Dawn's heat and smell her arousal and Trish felt
such hunger for her. She had never felt the lust she felt right now and
she couldn't stand not having her for another second.

Ceasing her spanking, Trish sank to her knees and immediately began kissing
Dawn's butt cheeks. She gently massaged them and kissed them tenderly as
Dawn moaned deliciously. Trish began to lick toward Dawn's pussy but she
was distracted by the sight of Dawn's pink, puckered asshole. Trish had
always felt nothing but pleasure when men fucked her there and she desired
to give Dawn the same pleasure. Trish let a long trail of saliva drip
right into Dawn's asshole and the brunette groaned in ecstasy. Stephanie
immediately saw what was going on and began egging Trish on.

"Ohhhhh yeah you naughty girl...fuck her ass!" Stephanie commanded, her
fingers slick with girl cream and now rubbing all over her naked tits. "You
spanked her so good and now you've got to make it up to her by making her
come! Do her Trish! Make her come!"

Trish's mouth was watering with anticipation of lapping away at Dawn Marie's
pussy and quenching the desire she had held inside for so long. But first
she wanted to explore the gorgeous ass that had been presented to her. Trish
teased Dawn with her tongue, grazing lightly over her asshole before slowly
and surely pushing into her.

"Yesssss fucking yessss..." Dawn groaned, gripping onto the couch cushions
with her nails as she remained bent over for Trish. She was naked except for
her heels and having her ass eaten while her boss watched. Dawn hadn't done
anything this slutty in years and it felt sooooo good to be back to her old
ways. She hated having to dress conservatively. This was who she was. A
nasty, sex crazed slut.

"Oh yes! Fuck me Trish! Fuck my ass with your tongue!" Dawn pressed. Her
pussy was dripping right onto the couch, no doubt ruining the cushion, but
if Stephanie didn't care, then neither did she. She only cared about coming
and Trish's tongue in her ass was pushing her closer and closer to what she

Stephanie definitely didn't care about any stupid couch cushions right then
either. She was too lost in the lust she was still feeling. Trish looked so
fucking sexy topless and on her knees while servicing Dawn Marie. Stephanie
kept fingering herself while watching the way Trish's dirty blonde hair
cascaded down her bare back and how her tight pants hugged the curves of her
ass. Stephanie was feeling hungry for her own taste of another woman and she
decided that, as the boss, she had every right to help herself to one.

Hopping off the couch, Stephanie crawled naked on the rug right over to where
Trish was. The blonde was so lost in licking Dawn's tight asshole that she
didn't even notice Stephanie was behind her until she began tugging at her
pants. Trish turned around happily to see Stephanie making her naked with
lust in her eyes. Dawn groaned in frustration at having been deprived of
Trish's tongue and Stephanie paused to inform Trish that there were to be no

"Don't you dare stop!" Stephanie warned Trish. "Make Dawn come!"

"Make me naked Stephanie!" Trish begged, ignoring the warning for a moment.
"Please get me naked! I need to come!"

Stephanie didn't respond with words. Instead she kept tugging at Trish's
tight pants until they started to roll down. Stephanie had to admit slight
surprise when she saw nothing but the toned and tanned cheeks of Trish's ass
underneath and nothing else.

"No panties?" Stephanie said hungrily. "It was very naughty of you to go out
to the ring like that Trish!"

Stephanie then gave Trish a hard smack to her ass, making the blonde yelp
happily. Trish got the message though and immediately went back to work on
Dawn Marie. But this time Trish pushed her tongue away from Dawn's ass,
tracing down and right toward her pussy. Dawn mewed in anticipation as
Trish's pussy hungry tongue trailed down her slit toward her snatch and
when she made first contact with her dripping wetness, Dawn began to cry
out unintelligibly in pleasure.

Trish relished her first taste of pussy, letting it cover her taste buds.
It was absolutely heavenly and Trish buried her face inside Dawn, pressing
her lips and tongue into her while her nose was nestled against her from
behind. Trish was giving it to her new lover hard and fast, licking up as
much of her delicious flavor as she could while, searching for her clit.

Watching Trish give it to Dawn from such an up close manner just made
Stephanie want a piece of this even more. She didn't even bother getting
Trish's pants all the way off. She just got them down enough past her ass
to exposed all the good parts and Stephanie let her lust guide her from
there. Stephanie's hands crawled up Trish's chest to grab at her swaying
tits as she pushed her face in and began eating her out from behind.

"OOOOOOH!!!" Trish cried out, feeling the double stimulation of the hands
on her tits and the mouth on her pussy. "EAT ME STEPHANIE!!! EAT MY PUSSY

Stephanie was going to remind her to call her "Ms. McMahon" but she as too
busy eating Trish out to care. She loved her first taste of pussy just as
much as Trish had. This cinched it. Stephanie knew she was bisexual now for
sure and she loved it. She couldn't wait to taste as many other girls as she
could get her hands on. Maybe those two lesbians hadn't left the arena yet.
Stephanie would have loved to see them again.

By now Trish had successfully found Dawn's clitoris and had the brunette
pounding on the couch in rapture. Dawn was impressed how quickly Trish took
to eating pussy and she hoped this wasn't the last time she felt this hot
tongue inside her dripping snatch. Dawn's tits shook with each movement of
her body and Dawn would have loved nothing more than to suck on them herself.
She loved tonguing her own tits, but her position made that impossible
against the couch made that impossible. Oh well, she'd just have to save
that treat for later.

Stephanie had once hated Trish Stratus with a passion, but now she wanted her
to come all over her face. The taste of Trish's pussy was sending Stephanie
into such a haze of pleasure and her fingers were back to work between her
legs. While she was eating her out, Stephanie's hands were all over Trish's
body. She couldn't get enough of touching her.

She slapped Trish's heavy tits back and forth, fondled her firm stomach,
caressed her curves and spanked her ass. She even reached down to stroke the
pussy she was eating and Stephanie was giddy with pleasure at the discovery
that Trish had shaved herself bare. The more she got of Trish, the more
Stephanie gave it to herself and soon enough they were both close to coming.

"Do you like this Trish?" Stephanie demanded. "You love it don't you? Tell
me how much you love having my tongue in your tight, wet cunt! Tell me you're
my fucking little lesbian slut!"


"NO TRISH DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP ON ME!!!" Dawn shouted, joining her voice to

Dawn's cries then became garbled and frenzied because Trish had wet one of
her fingers in her own pussy and then pushed it into Dawn's ass. She began to
finger her ass while her tongue still worked over her clit, hitting Dawn's
swollen pleasure center time and time again until she just couldn't take it
anymore. With a high squeal as her only warning, Dawn fell into the magical
sensations of her orgasm.

"OOOOOOOOOH!!!" Dawn squealed happily, her body shaking in rapture. Trish's
finger and tongue were making her almost black out from pure pleasure. She
was creaming Trish's face and the blonde was licking up as much as she could.
Trish's tongue caught so much of Dawn's girl cum that her tongue could barely
register the tastes overwhelming her senses. Trish even let a few drops of it
slip from her mouth and onto her tits, feeling the nasty sensations of the
hot sex cream striking her naked mounds.

The taste of Dawn in her mouth was making Trish even wetter and Stephanie was
taking care of the rest. When Dawn pulled away to rest, Trish was able to
back herself further onto Stephanie's face, allowing her to get her tongue
in even further. Trish began playing with her tits, doing what Dawn had been
unable to do and push her right breast right toward her mouth so she could
tease her flesh with her tongue. The pleasure from Stephanie's tongue was so
much that Trish could only vocalize with grunts and cries.

Stephanie felt Trish's heat and heard her cries. She knew the girl was close
and she wanted that orgasm all over her pussy hungry tongue. Stephanie rubbed
her lips against Trish's throbbing clit before snagging it between them,
sucking on it hard and pushing the blonde over the edge.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Trish cried out. "YESSSSSS!!!"

Trish began fucking Stephanie's face even harder, letting her get her creamy
orgasm all over her skin. Stephanie was loving it, even forgetting she was
the boss for a moment as she let the new Women's Champion cover her face in
pussy cream. Stephanie painted her tits with what dripped down onto her,
combining it with her own juice from before. Stephanie still had one hand
inside her own cunt and Trish's pussy against her mouth was the only thing
that prevented her from screaming out as she climaxed all over her fingers.

All three girls were short of breath as they stared each other, still hungry
for more. It had been unexpected for each and every one of them, but it had
ended up with nothing but pleasure. Trish was eager to taste herself all over
Stephanie's face, so she kissed her for the first time, licking away at the
cum that was still on her lips. Stephanie happily did the same to get her
first taste of Dawn and that got her back into it too. Dawn pulled herself
off the couch and joined Stephanie and Trish on the floor so they could all
share a three way kiss.

Tongues and hands kissed and caressed everywhere they could get on their bare
bodies. When they finally separated, saliva and girl cum covered their faces
and all three were flushed with perspiration and desire.

"How's that for some hot lesbian action?" Stephanie laughed in triumph before
falling back and nestling her head against Dawn's tits so she could rest up
for more.

* * *

"That fucking bitch!" Eric Bischoff swore as he washed his face for probably
the twentieth time since he had been introduced to Rikishi's backside. He had
fled the arena right after that and gone right back to his hotel room. He was
probably going to have to get his skin exfoliated now. Eric was furious that
he had been duped again, but he hadn't brought WCW to the top by just being
some schmuck who was going to take it and do nothing in return. He was going
to get back at that bitch Stephanie and he knew he still had an ace in the

He picked up the phone and dialed a number he knew by heart. If his gut was
right, and it always was, things were going to take a turn for the better
right now.

"Did you get it?" he demanded, without so much as a hello.

"Yes, Mr. Bischoff," Stacy Keibler answered as she sat alone in the security
office of the Staples Center. "She did exactly what you thought she was going
to do and you got it all on tape."

"Excellent," Eric smirked, feeling good for the first time since he had
gotten into that ring with Stephanie. "I knew she wasn't going to be able to
help herself. Once a slut, always a slut."

Eric had guessed, correctly as it now showed, that Stephanie was going to
react to the HLA he had subjected her to by running off with the first girl
she could find. He had always been a student of human nature and he knew how
Stephanie's mind worked. So he had gotten a camera planted in Stephanie's
office and had set Stacy up in the security office to make sure it all got
on tape.

"Make sure that tape is on my desk first thing tomorrow," Eric ordered.

"Yes sir Mr. Bischoff," Stacy said with what sounded like a moan. Eric didn't
call her on it and instead hung up the phone.

Now that the call was over, Stacy dropped her cell phone and once again began
to stare at the screen intently. She hadn't expected to like what she saw,
but as soon as they had gotten into it she had begun feeling her pussy
dampen. A short time later Stacy had her skirt hiked up, her panties pushed
aside and her fingers in her pussy as she fingered herself to orgasm after
orgasm. Stacy had her long legs up on the console and her pussy spread as
she watched Stephanie and Dawn begin to make out once again as Trish began
sucking on Stephanie's big tits.

"Mmmmm yessss..." Stacy moaned as she once again began fingering her
insatiable pussy. "More...I want more..."

Meanwhile back in his hotel, Eric began wondering how he could best humiliate
Stephanie with this tape. No matter how he did it, it had to be big and it
had to show her what many people had learned over the years. You do not fuck
with Eric Bischoff.

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without my permission is not allowed and will result in me taking action
against your web site.

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