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Hot Lesbian Sex Part 1
by JCP

In the WWE I always thought that WWE Divas were known for their sexuality but
it goes way beyond that. Best friends or worst enemies on-screen cannot
separate the feelings they have off-screen. Take Lita and Trish Stratus for
instance. They started out as enemies, but after awhile they became best
friends, but for a night out on the town they would become more than friends.
It started one afternoon when Trish called Lita on her cellphone.

Lita: Hello.

Trish: Lita this is Trish.

Lita: Hey Girl what's goin on?

Trish: I have tonight off let's say that you and me go out on the town

Lita: You and me tonight?

Trish: Yeah. So what do you say?

Lita: Pick me up at SEVEN (7PM).

Trish: I will. bye bye.

Trish goes to her hotel and takes a long, hot shower. The shower lasted an
hour. She gets out and dries herself off, puts on her perfume, (she wants to
smell nice for Lita), puts on her black lace bra and matching thong panties,
over it her red top and her tight red mini-skirt. Then wonders what she will
wear on her feet? She goes to her shoes and picks out a pair of black boots.
"Perfect" she said.

While at Lita's place she just got out of the shower, puts on her own perfume
(she wants to smell nice for Trish), then puts on her own black lace bra and
a purple leopard print thong. Lita goes into her closet and picks out a pair
of black pants and puts them on,then takes a hot pink tank top and puts that

Lita: I look so damn sexy in this.

She grabs a pair of platform shoes and puts them on. Lita then waited outside
her place for Trish who pulled up in a 2002 Black Porsche.

Trish: Are you ready?

Lita: I sure am.

Lita gets in the car and they ride off.

Lita: Trish you look gorgeous tonight.

Trish: Thank You Lita,So do you.

Lita: Thanks.

They would go to an Italian Restaurant where a legion of fans saw them, but
they decided to go somewhere else.

Trish: Let's go to McDonald's and get some food there.

Lita: I agree.

They go there and both had cheeseburgers and would talk about stuff.

Trish: You know Lita I never thought I'd be asking you this, but I thought
I ask you anyway.

Lita: And what is that Trish?

Trish: How would you feel if I was to tell you that I want to make love to
you tonight?

Lita: Well to be honest with you I'd feel safe with you making love to me.
Besides Matt is out of town on business and won't be back until Monday Night.

Trish( after sipping her drink): Look at me. Doesn't my outfit make all my
male fans horny?

Lita: It actually made a fan from Tampa, Florida horny. I'll tell you this
seeing you in red maked me even hornier.

Trish: I'm glad you think so.

After dinner at McDonald's Lita and Trish go to a bar and shoot some pool.

Lita: How are we gonna do this Trish?

Trish: Simple all you have to do is shoot every ball on this table into the
pockets and you win and if you win we make love right here on this pool

Lita: What?

Trish: Oh, but don't worry. If I win we'll make love in the backseat of my

Lita: I'm hoping you win, cause I don't wanna make love in front of perverts.

Trish: Don't worry none I always win at pool.

AND Trish won so she and Lita got into the backseat of the Black Porsche and
would begin the love-making. Lita lifted up Trish's red skirt and slid her
hand into her thong panties and started rubbing her pussy.

Trish (moaning): Ooooooooh Oooooooohhhhh Lita,don't stop keep on rubbing my
pussy oooooooooooh.

Lita kept on rubbing her clit,as Trish started moaning a little louder. Trish
was playing with her hair as Lita continued rubbing her pussy.

Trish: AAAAAAAAAAAH Ooooooooooh I'm getting wet.

Trish took off her top and her bra and started squeezing her huge tits.

Lita: Ohhhhhh my god you are so beautiful.

Lita then peeled Trish's thong off and started licking her wet pussy.

Trish (moaning): OH YEAH,OH GOD Lick me Lita. Come on and Lick me.

Lita did what Trish commanded. Licking the juices off of her cunt. The
red-haired diva then took her fingers and stuck it in Trish's pussy.

Trish (moaning louder): Oooooooooh Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I like it like that.

Lita took her hand out all full of wet juice and rubbed it on Trish's breasts
and started licking them.

Trish: Ooooooooooh that's nice so nice.

Lita: You like that don't you?

Trish: I love it. Let's go to your place and do it.

Lita: Okay.

They both drove to Lita's place,once they got there. Trish grabbed a hold of
Lita's pussy through her black pants.

Lita (soft moan): Ooooooooh Yeeeeeeah!

Trish: Kiss Me Lita.

They engaged in a long passionate kiss as they both went inside Lita's place.
Trish strips out of her skirt and top revealing her bra and panties, while
she stripped Lita's out of her top and pants, once again they engade in a
long passionate kiss. Lita starts kissing Trish from the neck down to her
cleavage. Trish pulls down the straps of her black lace bra and unhooks the
back and let's her tits fall out and Lita started sucking on Trish's left

Trish (moan): Ooooooooooh baby.

She said in sheer delight. Then Lita started sucking on her right nipple,
then squeezes both breasts together as she licked both breasts back and
forth. Trish then pulled the straps down on Lita's bra and unhooks it from
the back and NOW her tits fall out as Trish began sucking on them.

Lita (moans): Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm feels so good.

They both peeled down their thongs revealing their pussies as they go into
the bed in a "69" position and began eating each other's cunts. They both
took turns on on their backs and on top of each other. Trish who was on top
sat on Lita's face, as she began to lick the asshole of the Canadian Blonde

Trish (moans): Oooooooh my god lick my asshole Lita.

Trish would grind her ass back and forth against the Xtreme Beauty's face.
Trish then got off her ad Lita started to finger fuck both her asshole and
her pussy,putting her two right fingers in the pussy and her two left
fingers in the asshole and started pumping into Trish.

Trish (moans alot): Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh Mmmmmmmmmmmf.

Lita picked up the speed as she fingerfucked Trish rapidly.

Trish (panting): Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah Ooooooooooh Yeeeeeaaaah!

Lita then stood Trish up, legs spread as Lita waited for the juices from her
clit splash into Lita's mouth. Lita made sure she got every last drop of jizz
out of Trish's cunt.

Trish (breathing heavily): Oooooooooh god that was awesome. I should take you
out more often.

Lita: You sure should.

They both got into bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

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