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Hot Lesbian Sex Part 2
by JCP

The next morning Lita and Trish were still sleeping. But Trish woke up first,
then takes a shower cleaning herself off from the sex she had with Lita the
night before. She gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around her naked
physique. Trish got her clothes and headed to her car and drove off to her
place. When Lita woke up Trish was gone.

Trish went back to her place and put her undergarments, red top and skirt in
the washing machine,once they were washed, she put her clothes in the dryer.
Then the phone rings and Trish answers it.

Trish: Hello. (It was LITA)

Lita: Hey Girl Where are you at?

Trish: I'm at home doin' laundry. I'm goin out on the road this weekend.

Lita: I had a lot of fun last night with you and want to to it again.

Trish had an idea.

Trish: Come over to my place and we'll talk about tonight.

So Lita all decked out in light-blue jeans a white T-shirt and sneakers
appeared on Trish's doorstep and rang the doorbell.


Trish answers the door still wearing a towel covering her nude-self.

Lita: Damn Trish that's my towel. What are you doing with my towel?

Trish: Now wait a minute Lita I was gonna return it to you as soon as I was
done washing my outfit from last night.

Lita (smiling): Oh I get it?

Trish (confused): You do?

Lita: Yeah. You want to see to come here and see you naked. Is that it?

Trish: No Lita. But since you're here I want you to help me out with what to
wear on the road.

Lita: How do I do that?

Trish: Ring Gear, Casual Gear, Swimwear. You help me first, then I'll help
you with what you should wear on the road.

Lita: I go with you out on the road for the weekend?

Trish: Yeah! I leave in a little while and don't worry I made arrangements
for you.

Lita: Well Let's get started.

Trish goes into her closet and picks out four pairs of jeans (two dark blue,
one light blue and a black pair)?

Lita: Are you gonna model them for me too?

Trish: No just pick which two I should wear with me when you and I go to the

Lita: I pick the two dark blue ones. It fits your ass nicely.

Trish (blushing): Oh stop.

Trish puts the two selected pair of denim in her suitcase, then goes back to
her closet.

Lita: What's Next?

Trish: My ring attire hold on I'll show you. (She comes in wearing her red
ring attire.) Well what do you think?

Lita: Stratusfaction is Guaranteed.

Trish: You took the words right outta my mouth.

She puts her red ring gear in the suitcase and then goes into her closet and
came back wearing a neon blue like ring shirt and pants.

Lita: Double Stratusfaction. Trish agreed and puts them in her suitcase.

Trish: One more Lita. She wears a black top and pink pants.

Lita: You just made my decision for me. HELL YEAH!!!!

Trish: Okay so now you it's bikini time

Lita: I have three suggestions purple,black and red.

Trish: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (John Cena-like). I'll just pack my
undergarments and I'll be right with you.

Lita: Pack that outfit you wore last night too,It really turns me on.

Trish: I will.

Trish gets all packed and dressed in a pair of cargo pants and a tanktop and
a pair of sandals.

Trish: Now let's go to your place and let's see what you have for me.

They head back to Lita's place as Trish picked out her wardrobe.

Trish: For casual purposes I pick your dark blue jeans with your union jack
shirt I love that outfit. Also I pick out a pair of your pink snakeskin pants
and your gray ones. For ring attire...

Lita (interupts Trish): I'll handle the ring attire I pick out a pair of
these (baby blue windbreaker pants) these (black windbreaker pants) and these
(white baggy pants). Now for swimwear Trish if you'll make your suggestions.

Trish: Yellow, pink and blue. You always looked good in those.

Lita (blushing): Aaaaw you're just saying that?

Trish: No It's True.

Lita is all packed up and then she and Trish head to the airport and charted
a plane to Detroit, where the Canadian Blond is headed for a house show.
During the plane ride Lita was listening to Metallica's "St.Anger" CD, while
Trish was asleep, but she awoke with a smile to her face lookin at Lita.

Lita: What's up Trish?
Trish: I want to tell you something so bad that I can't hold out anymore.

Lita: What is it?

Trish (whispering to Lita): I want to fuck you.

Lita laughs.

Trish: What's so funny?

Lita: Nothing except the fact that if you want me we can do it after we hit

Trish (with hungry eyes): I can't wait that long come with me. Come with me

She took Lita to the airplane's restroom and locked the door so no one could
get in. Then Trish starts kissing Lita roughly,then strips Lita of her shirt
revealing her bare tits as Trish began to suck on her nipples.

Lita (soft moan): Ooooooh Trish.

Lita didn't know what to expect so she just went along and enjoyed the
feeling. Trish then unzips Lita's jeans as she slid her hand down and began
to rub her pussy.

Lita (moaning): Oooooooooooh Aaaaaaaaaaaaah gimme more Trish.

Lita commanded that Trish continue rubbing her hands through her clit, once
she hit the right spot she started rubbing faster, as Trish continued licking
and sucking Lita's breasts. Trish then peeled Lita's jeans all the way down
and stared at her pussy, which was dripping wet from Trish's finger-rub, that
she sucked on the juices of her sweet nectar which made Lita moan louder.

Lita (loud moan): Ooooooooooooooh Fuck Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Keep licking me

The Xtreme Beauty then got her hands on Trish's long blonde locks and jammed
her face into the pussy.

Lita (moans more): Take all of my pussy in your mouth all of it.
Oooooooooooooooh Shiiiiit.

Lita forced Trish to take more of her cunt in her luscious lips. As if Lita
was pussyfucking Trish's pretty face.


Trish then broke free from licking and sucking Lita's sweet pussy. Then Lita
unbuttons Trish's cargo pants all the way off and strips her of her top.

Lita: How bad do you want me Trish?

Trish: So bad that It makes me want to fuck you even more.

The two sexy divas then got into the 69 position and started licking each
other's cunts, literally trapping each other's heads with their legs for more
leverage. Both of them were face-fucking each other with their pussies. They
got off the 69 position as they were tired of eating each other's sweet
clits. Trish then puts two fingers into Lita's pussy and began pumping it. To
Trish's delight Lita groaned softly,but when Trish began to pick up the speed
the groans got LOUDER.

Lita:Ooooooooooooooh Uuuuuuuh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I'm about to have an

Trish then pulled her fingers out of Lita's cunt as the Xtreme Diva had a
HUGE orgasm from Trish's fingerfuck. Lita then rammed her fist into Trish's
pussy,jamming it it far into the joints and pumped her vicioulsy. Trish's
groans almost shattered the airplane. Now Trish has the orgasm from Lita's
fisting. They now were rubing their hands through their cunts. They both
moaned and groaned to the fullest extent.

Lita (panting): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I'm about to CUUUUM!!!


They both quickly got back to the 69 position as their juices flowed from
their clits down to their throats.

Lita (breathing hard): Oh God that was so good.

Trish: Are You Feeling Energetic?

Lita: What Do You have in mind?

Trish: Well when we get to Detroit. We're goin' dancing.

Lita: Okay with me Trish.

They got dresses, unlocked the door and left the airplane restroom and
headed back to their seats. Just in time too because the pilot told everyone
to fasten their seatbelts as they were about to land in Detroit.

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