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Hot Lesbian Sex Part 3
by JCP

The Airplane landed in Detroit as the two Divas (Lita and Trish Stratus) got
a rent-a-car and drove to Joe Louis Arena. While on the drive there they
discuss about what they did on the airplane.

Lita: Trish let me ask you a question.

Trish: Fire away.

Lita: What made you decide to do what you did on the plane?

Trish: Two reasons one because I felt horny and two I dreamed about how you
and me in the Garden of Eden, both of us naked and we started playing with
each other gettin.

Lita (interupts): Okay Okay I get it now.

Trish: You do?
Lita: Yeah you wanted to know how a woman feels after fuckin' another woman.

Trish: I felt good after doin' you on the plane, like you did me last night,
But tonight after the house show,we're goin' dancing.

Lita:I tell you what since Stacy likes to go dancing we should take her with

Trish: Well I don't know if she should go with us after the way Test has been
treating her lately.

Lita: Well it's not easy to see our friend get treated badly by the likes of

Trish: I know.

They arrive at Joe Louis Arena and the first thing they see is Molly Holly
comin' up to the Lita and Trish.

Molly: Hi Trish. Are you ready for tonight?

Trish: You bet your fatass I am (jokin around).

Molly: Are you gonna start that again?

Lita: Hey she was just jokin' Molly.

Molly: Hey Lita, I haven't seen you around much why are you here?

Lita: Trish invited me.

Trish: And we want to invite you to go dancin with us tonight.

Molly: I'll be glad to go with you guys. I consider you as my best friends.

Lita: Thanks. Now can you tell me where Stacy is at?

Molly: Across the hall fourth door to your right. It's great to see you again

Lita: Thanks Molly.

Lita and Trish go to see Stacy Keibler. Stacy was just laying down on the
couch upset over the recent treatment from Andrew "Test" Martin.

*knock knock knock*

Stacy: Come in.

Trish: Stacy are you alright?

Stacy: Sure. Why did you ask?

Trish: I tried calling you over my days off, but there was no answer.

Stacy: If you only knew what went down between me and Test over the last few
days,you would either cry or get mad.

Lita: Uh I'd rather go somewhere else so you and Trish can talk about your
sex life with Drew. Excuse me.

Lita leaves the room only to be greeted by HBK Shawn Michaels

HBK: Hey there you.

Lita: Shawn what are you doin here? I thought you don't work house shows.

HBK: I don't I'm here to get into a fight with Randy Orton as part of
tonight's house show. Which brings me as to why are you here?

Lita: I'm here tonight to hang out with my friends. I consider you as a
friend for Matt and Jeff Hardy idolizing you.

HBK smiles.

HBK: Let me tell you something If I was ever to "pass the torch" it won't be
to Triple H,It'll be to your boyfriend Matt Hardy.

Lita: That's nice of you. I'll talk to you later Shawn.

HBK: Later Lita.

Hours Later after tonight's house show Trish and Molly are backstage after
their the match they had...

Molly: That was awesome tonight. Almost to the point that the fans wanted an

Trish: I though the match was alright, but I can't help but to thik about

Molly: What's wrong?

Trish: Stacy told me that everytime that he and Test go out Test gets into a
fight with someone, all because they want to see her shake that ass. I'm
tellin you Molly,he's got one NASTY Temper. Test is an ASSHOLE.

Molly: I'm glad you told me this Trish because this gives me an idea...

Lita comes in with Stacy.

Lita: Look who I found roaming the halls.

Stacy comes in with all smiles.

Molly: Stacy's smiling,but why?

Lita: Because She and I we're in the boiler room (of all places) making love.

Trish: Shit. I coulda told you that I wanted some of her.

Stacy: You want me? Come take me.

Trish and Stacy embrace in a French Kiss as Molly looks on in disgust.

Molly: What the hell is this?
Lita (evil grin): Just call this HOT lesbian SEX. Now drop your clothes and
get in the shower.

Trish and Stacy ripped each other's clothes off as they headed into the
shower, as Molly and Lita followed. Lita snatched a hold of one of Molly's
breasts and started squeezing it tight as she did the same to the other
and began to suck on her boobs. Trish is over at the corner and rubbed her
fingers through Stacy's pussy.

Stacy (moans): Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah.

Stacy loved what Trish was doing,so Stacy started to rub her finger's through
Trish's pussy. As that was happening Lita got on her knees and started
licking away at Molly's cunt. Molly grabbed a handful of Lita's hair as she
forced more of her pussy into her mouth.

Molly (groaning): Ooooooooooooh Uuuuuuuuuunh Lita. Now I'm gettin horny.

Lita got off her and went back to the locker and got some dildos out of her

Lita: Look what I got.

Lita gave a dildo to Trish, then Stacy and Molly. Trish took her dildo and
shoved it up Stacy's sweet clit, then pulls it out and then jams it back in,
Molly went behind Trish as she stuck her dildo up Trish's ass and started to
viciously fuck it. Lita then had her head between Molly's legs as she
continued to lick her clit, then she took her dildo and drove it through her
pussy. All four divas then got in the 69 position as they continued puting
their dildos through their cunts.

Trish (panting): UhhhhhUhhhhhhhhhUuhhhhhhhhh Ooooooooooooh!

Molly (moaning hard): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCK. Don't Stop!

Stacy (moaning): OOOOOoooooh Yeeeeeeeeeah I'm cumming.

Trish: Cum for me.

Stacy let the cum flow through Trish's face.

Molly: Trish lay on your back.

Trish laid on her back as she stuck her dildo into Trish's cunt, taking it
out and sticking it in. Molly's dildo started goin into Trish real smoothly,
once she hit the right spot Molly begn to jam the dildo into Trish harder and

Trish (loud moan): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK. I'm gonna cum on you.

Trish started cummin into Molly's lips. She licked the cum of her lips as she
moaned to Lita still licking her clit. sum started droppin out of Molly and
into Lita.

Lita (panting hard): Shit. That was awesome.

Trish: Let's hurry up and shower off we got a place to go tonight. They
shower off, got dresssed in their casual clothes and headed off to go

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