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Hot Lesbian Sex Part 4
by JCP

After the four WWE Divas showered, they got dressed wearing their casual
clothes Lita wears a black midriff tank top and a pair of gray snakeskin
pants,Trish wears a buttoned up shirt(from Confidential when Trish showed
us her home) and a pair of dark blue jeans, Molly puts on a pair of black
denim jeans and a tight white tanktop and Stacy puts on a pink blouse and
a tight black mini-skirt.

Trish: Hey Stacy Come on let's go.

Stacy: I'll be right there Trish.

Molly: We're leaving if you don't hurry up.

Stacy joins Trish, Molly and Lita.

Stacy: I'm ready let's go dancin'

The four drove off to a club called "XTC" where they play alot of techno
and dance music. Trish shows up first and a bunch of guys got in a circle
surrounding her. Trish didn't know what to do so she started dancing with
them. Stacy shows up next and the firs thing she does is get on the bar
stool and started bumpin and grinding, a bunch of guys drinkin beer started
surrounding her and put out their hard earned cash. Molly showed up soon
after and sees a nerd standing in the corner.

Molly: Hello there you.

Nerd: Hello. This night is pointless.

Molly: Everything is pointless. Do you wanna go talk about it?

Molly and the Nerd go into a private room to talk. Lita was the last to come
in and she sees Trish surrounded by a circle of guys so she decided to join

Lita: Pardon Me, Excuse Me So Sorry, Excuse Me. Red-Head coming through.

Trish: Lita you're here.

Lita: I could've been here sooner if there weren't too many cars filling the
parking lot.

Trish: I'm glad you're here. Now how do we get away from them? All of the
sudden police sirens started wailing as cop cars from a mile long came and
busted a drug smuggle in the club.

Lita, Trish and Stacy quickly escaped out the backway. Molly wonders what's

Molly: Hey What's Goin on?

Lita: Police let's go.

The four Divas got to the rent-a-car and drove off. They checked into the
Marriott Hotel in Downtown Detroit, upset over what happened.

Trish: That sucked. BIG TIME.

Stacy: And the worst thing of it is I made two dollars off a lapdance over
at the bar. I shoulda made more than two dollars.

Lita: There goes the meaning to the term "two dollar whore" Trish, Molly and
Lita laugh their asses off from that mark.

Stacy: I'll show you guys that I'm not one.

Stacy gets up on the bed and starts wigglin her hips back and forth. Dancing
like a stripper would do.

Lita: I'm puttin out Five dollars how about you?

Molly: Ten Bucks.

Trish: Twenty Dollars.

Stacy: That's much better than two dollars.

Stacy unbuttoned her blouse,taking it all the way off, revealing her white
lace bra.

Trish: Who wants to put money on her cleavage?

Molly: I'll go first.

Lita: I'll go after you.

As Molly, Lita and Trish put their money in Stacy's cleavage, Stacy took the
cash out and gave the money back to them.

Stacy: I don't do this for money. I'll do this for you three for FREE.

Stacy strips out of her skirt revealing her white lace panties, then she
approached Trish spreading her legs wide open as she sat down next to her.

Stacy: Do you like what you see?

Trish: I love it. Stacy puts her arm over

Trish's head as the Canadian Blond began kissing her from her cheek down to
her neck. Molly got up peeled down Stacy's underwear and had a look on her
face like never before.

Molly: Holy Shit Stacy. You have such a gorgeous pussy.

Molly buries her face into Stacy's clit letting out a moan. Trish unhooks
Stacy's bra from behind and takes it off her and tosses it to Lita.

Lita: Save some of her for me. She goes and takes a dildo out of her bag.

Lita goes from behind Molly undoing her black jeans and pulls them down to
her knees along with her undies (underwear) as she stuck a dildo up Pure and
Wholesome's asshole.

Molly (moans): Uuuuuuh Ooooooooooh.

Lita slid the dildo in Molly's rear, then took the dildo out, then put it
back in. She continued to to so until the dildo slid in easily. So Far Trish
has her hands on Stacy's breasts playing with them as Molly continued to eat
away her pussy while Lita is from behind Molly with a dildo stuck up the ass.
Molly came off Stacy's clit for air as she spun around towards Lita.

Molly: Take my clothes off and do it to me.

Lita peeled Molly's jeans all he way off, as Molly took off her top showing
off her bare tits as Lita began to suck on them making her nipples hard.
Stacy turned around and got on her knees and and buried her face between
Trish's legsas Trish wrapped her legs around Stacy,But Stacy slid off
unbuttoned and unzipped Trish's jeans as she slid her fingers into her pussy
and began rubbing it. Molly then sat up and took off Lita's top revealing her
black bra, Lita then went from behind and unhooked the strap from her bra and
let it fall onto Molly's torso, Molly got a hold of Lita's snakeskin pants
and began to peel it down slowly because it was too tight. Lita got up and
got on all fours as her pants are down to her knees revealing a black thong.
Molly had sandwiched the buns together as she began pressing her tongue
between Lita's ass cheeks. Stacy got up and unbuttoned Trish's shirt and
takes it off her exposing her red lace braand began to bury her face in her
cleavage,while she continued to rub her fingers through the Blond Bombshell's

Trish (moans): Ooooooooooooooh Wooooooooow.

Lita came over to Trish and pulled her jeans all the way off along with her
red lace thong and started rubbing her fingers through her pussy. Stacy and
Lita have their fingers jamming in Trish's pussy and viciously slamming into

Trish (loud moan): Oooooooh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Molly finally pulls Lita's pants all the way off and does the same to her
thong as she stuck her own dildo up Lita's ass.


Now Stacy sat her pussy down on Trish's face as Trish began to lick away at
her cunt. Molly continues to buttfuck Lita with her dildo real hard and real
fast that Molly's hand was slapping against Lita's ass with each thrust.

Stacy (moans): Aaaaaaaaah Uuuuuuuh. Molly come here so I can do you.

Molly takes the dildo out of Lita's ass and gace it to Stacy. Molly's legs
were spread wide open as Stacy began to slam the dildo into her clit. Lita
continues rubbing Trish's pussy making it nice and wet and then begins to
suck on the juices. Stacy is moaning from Trish eating her cunt, Molly is
moaning hard from Stacy's pussyfucking with Lita's dildo. Now Lita places
her pussy towards Molly's face as she takes her dildo away from Stacy and
planted it into Trish's wet pussy.

Stacy (moaning): I want to fuck Molly's cunt.

Lita (moaning): I got a spare dildo in my bag.

Stacy gets off Trish and gets a spare dildo from Lita's bag.

Stacy: Now Let's Fuck.

Lita slams her dildo into Trish's wet cunt. Making her moan LOUDER.



Both Trish and Molly had a HUGE orgasm from the dildos.


Molly (screaming moan): UUUUUUUUuuuuuuh ME TOO STACY.

Lita spreads Trish's legs out as a shot of jizz began pouring down Stacy does
the same to Molly. Making sure that there was no jizz left they licked the
clits off clean.

Trish (panting heavily): Ooooooooooh Shit. That felt good.

Stacy: You know tomorrow we should have our friends from SMACKDOWN show up
and we can make this happen all night every night.

Lita: I don't think Stephanie would approve of Hot Lesbian Sex.

Stacy: Forget Stephanie McMahon. I'm talking about our friends Torrie Wilson,
Dawn Marie, and Sable.

Trish (interupts): WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Why Sable?

Lita: Oh Come on Trish. She recently divorced her husband and has been really
down in the dumps eversince.

Trish: Well since she went through an ugly divorce I guess she'll have to
come wit us.

Molly: Great. Now Let's all get some sleep I'm tired.

The four divas traded good night kisses to each other before turning off the
lights and went to bed.

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