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Hot Lesbian Sex Part 5
by JCP

The next morning the four WWE Divas are still sleeping. However Lita wakes
up first as she goes and grabs a handful of Trish's asscheek and pinches it

Trish (awake): Ooooow.

Lita: Good Morning Trish.

Trish: Damn you hurt me.

Lita: I'm so sorry.

Trish: Well since we're up let's go to the pool for a quick swim.

Lita: I'm with you.

The two divas go shower off the remains of last night's sex and then put on
their respective bikinis. Lita wears her neon pink bikini and Trish wears her
purple G-String. They go to the swimming pool and dive in.

Trish: Here's what we're gonna do. We'll do twenty laps swimming back and

Lita: Okay. Let's get started.

Trish: On your mark...get set........GO!

The two divas swam across the pool and back. After twenty laps they stopped.

Lita: Damn Trish you're good at this.

Trish: So are you Lita.

Lita: Thanks. Do you think we should wake Molly and Stacy up?

Trish: Yeah might as well, we're heading out to Grand Rapids today.

Once they got back to their hotel room Molly and Stacy were up and ready to
go out on the road.

Molly: Where the hell were you two?

Trish: We were showing off our swimwear to a bunch of perverts. What's it to

Stacy: Well you better get dressed we're ready to ride to Grand Rapids.

Once Lita and Trish got dressed they joined Stacy and Molly.

Trish: Grand Rapids here we come. They drove off from Detroit to Grand

During the ride Stacy gets on the phone to call Test.

Stacy: Hello Andrew. It's Stacy.

Lita: What the Hell?

Trish: Stacy What are you doing?

Stacy: I'm talking to Andrew on the phone and he is pissed off about last
night. Yes Drew I went out with the three girls last night and If you don't
mind. I'm going out with them tonight too,and tomorrow night, And I'm gonna
keep on doing this until you change your attitude towards me.

Molly: Give him HELL Stace.

Stacy: Well FUCK YOU. Hang Up.

Lita: Holy Shit. Test must be REALLY MAD now.

Stacy: When I heard him on the phone he had a slut with him giggling. I'm
telling you right now. I'm about ready to dump his ass.

Trish: Like Molly said Give him HELL.

Hours Later they arrive at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan
where Stephanie McMahon walked in and dees Victoria snooping around

Stephanie: Hey Excuse Me Vic. What are you doing?

Victoria: Hi Steph I was just listening to the door it's sounds alright.

Stephanie: Don't Be Funny Victoria where are Trish and Molly at?

Victoria: They're in that room doing something kinky with Lita and Stacy.
Want to take a peak inside?

Stephanie: No. I don't need to be seeing or hearing shit like this.

Lita comes out buttonig up her dark blue jeans.

Lita: Oh Hi Steph. How are you doin?

Stephanie: Fine Lita and you?

Lita: Feelin' Fine. Then Trish comes out buttoning her shirt.

Trish: Oh Hi Stephanie.

Stephanie: Don't Hi Me. What the hell were you doing in there?

Trish: Nothing.

Stephanie: Nothing? To me doing something kinky is something. A BIG

Molly (coming out): Well Miss Stephanie if you must know we were telling
stories about how beautiful we are when we're naked.

Stephanie (disgusted): Oh Come on.

Lita: It's true Stephanie. It's also True that Eric Bischoff the stupid
bastard that he is tried to make you to Lesbian Shit one time.

Stephanie: Yeah but I was too smart for that. I don't have time to discuss
anymore of this I got some business to attend to with my SmackDown brand.

Lita: You know. I wish your brother was running RAW instead of that asshole
Eric Bischoff. I mean Shane McMahon deserves to be the boss of RAW, Bischoff

Molly: I couldn't agree more.

Later in the evening. Lita is backstage sitting down reading a magazine, when
Torrie Wilson shows up wearing pink capri pants and red top.

Torrie Wilson: Hey Lita.

Lita: Torrie.

Torrie: Where's Stacy? I hear that she's having problems with Test as of

Lita: She's in the next room. Hey listen try not to upset her over this

Torrie: I don't plan on to.

Torrie visits Stacy.

Torrie: Stacy?

Stacy: Hey Girl Come over here.

TW sits down next to Miss Sexxxy Legs. Stacy then pulled Torrie close to her
and engaded in a LONG, passionate kiss. Torrie tried to fight it, but the
longer the kiss,the more she loved it.

Torrie: Damn Stacy,What was that for?

Stacy: Between you and me, I want you.

Torrie: You want me?

Stacy: Yes.

Torrie: I want you too Stacy.

They engaged in another long passionate kiss. Then started tearing each
others clothes off until they were fuly naked. Stacy got down on her knees
and started licking Torrie's pussy.

Torrie (moaning): Oooooooooooooh that feels so good.

Once Stacy's tongue hit the right spot on TW's clit,she continued licking her

Torrie (moaning): Oooooooooh Ooooooooooh Oooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah.

Torrie then ran her fingers through Stacy's long blonde hair messing it up
and forcing Leggy to take more of her pussy in her mouth.

Torrie (moans louder): OOOOOOoooooh Stacy take more of my pussy in your
mouth. Gimme mooooooore. Uuuuuuuuuuh.

By the time Stacy got tired of licking, Torrie pulls her up and pushes her
down on the chair,spreads her legs as Torrie began licking Stacy's cunt.

Stacy (moaning): Ooooooooooooh My goooooood.

Meanwhile in the other room Lita hears the loud moans coming from the next
room Lita gets up and and goes to the next room. Lita opens the door and sees
Torrie eating Stacy alive.

Stacy (moans louder): OOOOOOH UUUUUUUH AAAAAAH.

Lita felt an erection from her nipples so she went bck to her room and locked
the door. Anyway Stacy continues to enjoy Torrie eating her up. Stacy lets
Torrie up.

Torrie (groaning): Shit that feels good.

Stacy grabs two dildos from her bag and handed one to Torrie and has one for

Stacy: Put your dildo in my pussy and I'll put mine in yours.

So they put dildos in each other's pussies and started fucking them hard.
The two blondes moaned louder with each thrust of the dildos in them. Lita
easedrops as she hears more of the moans coming from Stacy and Torrie. Then
Lita hears the the doorknob opening but it was still locked. But her voice
was familiar.

Trish: Lita open up I'm done with my match.

Lita: Just a minute Trish. Lita goes and unlocks the door, grabs Trish and
slams the door,locking it.

Trish: Damn What the Fuck?

Lita pushes Trish up against the wall as they now engage in a long passionate
kiss. Meanwhile next door Torrie ans Stacy still jam their dildos in each
other's cunts

Stacy (moans and groans): OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK I'M GONNA DROP IT.


The two get into a 69 position as a load of jizz statred pouring our of their
cunts and into their faces. Stacy licks the remains off Torrie's as Torrie
did the same to Stacy. In the other room Lita strips out of her union jack
top exposing her blue lace bra as Trish already stripped of her top begins
lickin her cleavage letting out a soft moan. Trish then unbuttoned Lita's
dark blue jeans and slid her hand into her pussy and began to rub her fingers
through it.

Lita (moaning): Ooooooooh ooooooooh keep doing it Trish OOOOHHHH YEEEEEEAH I
like that.

Lita began grinding back and forth making her moan louder as she rubbed her
pussy inside her unbuttoned and unzipped jeans. Trish hits the right spot as
she kept on going.

Lita (moaning harder): OOOOH OOOOOOH OOOOH OOOOOH I'm getting wet.

Lita took off her bra as Trish was sucking away at one of her erected
nipples and did the same to the other. Lita then unhooks Trish's bra and
throws it to the ground as she started licking and sucking her nipples.
Sucking on her tits like only lesbians knows how.

Trish (moans): OOooooooooooooh Lita.

Then Lita goes down and peeled down Trish's red ring pants along with her
thong panties as Lita began licking her clit.

Trish (moans louder): OOOOOOOOOH MY GOD. Lick me Pleeeeeeeease lick me.

Lita kept on licking Trish's pussy but once she hit the right spot she teased
her with her tongue a little bit before she kept on licking.

Trish: Stop Lita Stop.

Lita (getting up): What's the matter?

Trish: Take off your jeans, while I take my pants all the way off.

So Lita strips out of her jeans and blue lace thong, while Trish already
stripped of her reing pants goes back over to Lita,pushes her down on the
couch as she sat down on her face but instead of demanding an ass licking
Lita and Trish started 69ing each other licking their clits. The two Divas
never stopped for air for a minute as they continued to eat away their
pussies. Lita who was on her back began putting her fingers in Trish's clit
and began to rock it back an forth. Trish starting to feel it let's out a
few moans.

Trish (moaning): Oooooooooooh shit. Harder Lita Harder. UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH.

Lita broke out of 69 as Trish was on all fours getting fingerfucked by Lita.

get it, Lita quickly got her fingers out knowing that Trish had an orgasm
that a big load of juices flowed out of her pussy and into the mouth of the
Xtreme Beauty.

Trish (breathing hard): Ooooooooh FUCK that was good. Now it's my turn.

Trish started pumping her fingers in Lita's pussy, fucking it hard and fast.


Trish slammed into Lita as hard and as fast as she could ,now Lita is the one
with the orgasm.


Lita let's out a BIG load of jizz as it flowed into Trish's mouth and down
her throat. Trish then licked off the remains of jizz in Lita.

Lita (breathing hard): Ooooooooooh Trish that felt so good.

Trish: I know.

They collapsed in each thers arms and fell asleep.

Meanwhile in the next room Stacy and Torrie did the same thing after their

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