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Featuring: Lilian Garcia

Hotel Erotica
by TommieCB

There she stood, Lilian Garcia. The most underrated WWE female persona on the roster. It's such a shame how she doesn't get as much love as the active in ring girls did we end up in a hotel room covered in sex you ask? I shall tell you...

I was at Monday Night Raw minutes before the show went officially live once Main Event/Superstars tapings commenced, Lilian's theme played and she walked the aisle waving hello to all those that were already in their seats and she went around hi-fiving fans as she made her way towards her area. I was very fortunate to get seats directly behind her and with another 2 minutes she signed a few autographs and posed for photos/selfies with fans. She even spoke to me directly asking how I was and wishing me a great time. She wore this frilly black yet very risque dress that showed tons of her legs and one thing I love about Lilian is her legs, but I loved even more the way she walked in and out the ring trying to hold it together to not show anything to the fans. I didn't pay attention to what went on in the ring for the duration of the 3 hour show, I was too focused on Lilian and dirty thoughts went through my head.

Once the show ended, some of the fans waited out back to greet the superstars as they exited out the arena and to their respective rental cars and Lilian was one of the last few to exit as she waved to the fans thanking them for coming. I got in my car and headed back to the hotel I was staying at and around midnight I arrived at the hotel, got in the elevator and made my way up to my room. During the trip, the elevator stopped midway, the door opened and of all the irony Lilian was there at the entrance way and my jaw dropped. She said she remembered me from the show and asked if I had fun and I said yes but also mentioned how beautiful she looked and she thanked me for the compliment as she still wore the same dress she had on during the show tonight. Lilian leaned against the elevator rail out of boredom and I got a real good view of her. I was so focused on her legs, I didn't even notice the elevator stopped at the the actual floor I was supposed to be at and Lilian talked me outta my daydreaming but by then the doors closed and headed upwards to another floor...from there I just went for it saying how sexy she looks each week, how she likes to wear those sexy short dresses and heels and having those tight dresses that show her toned ass. My confession took her back a bit but then she threw it back at me asking if I wanted to crash in her hotel room and I immediately said yes.

We get to her room, I helped her with her bags placing them on the floor and then Lilian asked me to say what I said to her about how she looks each week and I just repeated about her legs and ass and whatnot. Hearing this must have gotten her turned on because shortly then she walked up to me as I gazed into her eyes, she bit her lip then licking it and we just shared a kiss. I enjoyed but I took a step back and of course saw her wedding band and she basically said this one of those nights and we kissed again as she took her hand and massaged it against my crotch as I felt myself get harder. I went behind her pulled down the straps of her dress exposing her bare shoulders and started to kiss them as she gently moaned. I came back around to face her, grabbed her hand and had lean against the wall. From there I kissed her and reached underneath her dress pulling her panties down to her ankles. I grabbed the chair next to us and placed her leg on it so I could get a full view of her sweet pussy which was shaven smooth. Without any second thought I took my tongue and tasted sweet Lilian tongue-fucking her hole and then flicking her engorged clit. Lilian couldn't make a sound but was in shock of how good my tongue game was. I turned her over and was face to face with her bare ass, squeezing it kissing on it and then leaning in and kissing her neck. Lilian all in this was rubbing my cock again through my jeans and I knew what she wanted.

I gave her some dirty talk knowing she wanted the dick badly and she begged for it like no other. Lilian sat down in the same chair, undid my fly my pants fell to the floor and my cock was there for her taking as she took it in her mouth working on the head using lots of spit as I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair facefucking her in the same rhythm as her head bobbing. She gave my balls some attention as well as my sack was tight with Lilian's touch. I took my cock slapping it against her amazing tits but I wanted to fuck her badly.

I laid Lilian on the bed got on top slid myself in and proceeded to fuck Raw's ring announcer Raw that is. She griped the bedsheets, giving me dirty talk in Spanish as I fucked her missionary with her legs wrapped around me. Her pussy was wet and stretched out as I went deeper hitting her G-spot as I felt my cock get bigger with each stroke. We stayed in missionary until I was ready to cum and she wanted to taste me so with a few more strokes I was ready to explode and I got up and blasted a rope of cum in Lilian's mouth as she milked the rest out on her fingers and licked that up as well. I laid back exhausted as she took my cock sucking off the rest of my creamy nut off my cockhead. After getting fed with cum, Lilian rolled on top of me getting me hard again and she rode me with her tits bouncing and her hair smearing her face. She continued to ride me until she came and it didn't take long as Lilian came nice and hard and she laid on top me as we kissed and made our way to the shower to clean up and we laid in bed naked curled up as we slept the night away...

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