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Hotel Shenanigans
by Arcanine878

I waited in the employee lounge, finishing tonight's episode of WWE Raw on our small television. I grabbed a can of Sprite and flipped the tab, letting the sweet fizz of the refreshment splash up. I took a swig before turning off the tv and heading back out into the main lobby.

Business was slow tonight, even though Raw was in my town, Washington D.C. I really wanted to go to the event, but my boss decided to be a dick and call me in, even though I have not seen him once during my whole shift so far. I sat down behind the desk counter, waiting for a customer to come drop on in for the night. I took another sip of my soda and opened up my phone, expecting nobody to come on in. This place is bone dry tonight. I opened up the twitter app, catching all the live-feed post Raw tweets, seeing all the dirt-sheets try to predict a false event to all the marks talking about Brock Lesnar's return.

I see my buzzer light off, signaling an opportunity to do something in this boring building. I pressed the button, allowing the speaker to begin talking.

"Shhh! Ladies, I'm talking to the bellboy, quiet down! Oh hello! Yea umm we're gonna need a couple more of your hotel's Malbec wine. You know what, just bring the bottle. We already have all the glasses up here. Room 223." I let go of the clicker, went to the kitchen to grab the bottle, and then headed straight to the elevator. I pressed the big "3" button, as the doors slid closed and I traveled up the hotel.

I exited the elevator and went down the long hallway, passing many quiet rooms. But, as I got closer and closer to the destination, the noise got louder and louder.

"What the hell's going on in there?" I asked myself, questioning the activity springing up in the dead hotel. I approached in front of the door.

"Room 223." I told myself. I knocked on the door, holding the bottle firmly in my hands.

"Oh! He's here!" A voice said, as I heard footsteps come closer and closer. The door handle turned, and the door flung open inward. In front of me was the beautiful Nikki Bella, in a red tight dress showing off her goodies. She looked thrilled as she saw the nice bottle in my palms.

"Please, come on in." She commanded. I walked into the hotel room, seeing she wasn't the only one. In there was Eva Marie, Rosa Mendes, and Natalya, all looking as hot as ever.

"I want my glass poured close to the rim." Rosa said with a wink to me. I looked at all the divas, still in shock that I'm helping them out right now. I grabbed the wine glasses from the counter and began pouring a glass for all four divas, making sure Rosas' got filled. I carefully carried them, hanging them to each one at a time, as they eagerly took a sip. "Sooo who's paying for the bottle?"

"Oh, just add it to the room check." The lovely Hart, Natalya said, continuing to sip her beverage.

"Alright, cool. Anything else you lovely ladies need?" I asked, before going to head out for the door.

"Oh, don't think you can go just yet." The red-headed Eva Marie boldly stated. "You're not leaving just quite yet." She said, as she set her glass aside on a dresser.

"Don't be nervous bell-hop, you'll thank us later." Nikki said, already finishing her glass of wine. She wiped her lips with a napkin by her side before ordering me to stand in the middle of the room.

"I think this one's a good one." Nattie said, sizing me up and down from her chair.

"He's gotta good build. Tall, handsome, charming..." Rosa said biting her lips.

"Ladies, calm-down a bit. Let me tell you the real reason why you're here mister. Every three weeks, in the hotel after RAW, we trick a bell-hop into thinking he/she will just drop us off a bottle of wine, but what we really want is a nice fucking from you. Monday Night Raw is a tough show to put on, always trying to win the crowd over. We just want to come to our rooms, relax, and for some women to get their pussy pounded for then night. Think you can do that?" Nikki asked, as she began letting her straps go down from her dress.

I was shocked at the divas request, but this opportunity can't be missed. I quickly unbuckled my belt, letting my pants fall below my knees.

"Oh, he knows EXACTLY what we want." The beautiful Rosa said, continuing to the bottom of her glass. I showed off my cock, grabbing my base between my thumb and my pointer finger, letting all the divas in the room take a glimpse of my rock.

"I can tell this is gonna be a good one." Nattie said, looking on at the edge of her seat.

Eva, already on the bed, looked keen to get a taste of my meat. "Well, if everybody's just gonna sit there and compliment, I guess I'll be the one to go in." She said. She gestured her hands for me to come closer. I followed her wish, as I stepped in a bit, touching the bed with my legs, in between hers. She admired my cock a bit, feeling my skin before grabbing it with one hand to keep it level and planting her warm tongue onto it. She spiraled her head up and down my shaft, feeling my throbbing schlong slither in and out of her mouth. She swirled her tongue, and wrapped it around the top of my dick, before unwrapping it and smoothing it out under my cock, tasting my solid dick. I moaned quietly, as the feeling of the under-trained, yet a pro at blowing diva sucked on my cock.

Rosa finally finished her glass, and stood up from her seat. "I can't take it anymore. I'm thirsty for his cock. "She said, as she quickly took off her top and bra and flung it against the chair. She pushed Eva to the side, trying to get her share, but Eva wouldn't let go. Eva pushed back Rosa and she fell to the ground besides the bed.

"Woah, ladies. Let's not get rough right now." I said. I slid out my cock out of Eva's mouth, who didn't seem like she was quite finished with blowing me. Rosa grabbed my cock with both hands, and quickly began working on me. She glided her lips all the way down my cock, taking it all in, and just as quickly went back up. She knew what she was doing, and she knew how to do any man good. She took my cock in all the way in her mouth again, gagging yet loving it. I held the back of her head, as she perched up a bit higher, going straight up and down rather than at level on my cock. She took her mouth off my cock and began to jerk me with her hands hard, looking up at me with her tongue lightly touching the tip of my cock. Eva, wanting a little bit more, licked my balls as Rosa began to suck on my rock again. I slid my rock out of Rosas grasp and put it back into Eva for a moment, letting her get a taste again. I then slid it out of Eva and switched back to Rosa, and back to Eva, alternating the divas "wand" talents.

I took off the rest of my work outfit, as Eva turned onto the bed and teased me with her ass. I quickly grabbed her dress and pulled it down, exposing her round, plump ass and her tight ass hole. I planted my tongue on her asshole, eating at her as she moaned in pleasure. Rosa, not wanting to be left out, laid on the bed and bunched her skirt up, as she grabbed Eva's head to help her notice she wants her pussy eaten. Eva chewed on Rosas big pussy-lips a bit before sucking on her insides. She whirled her tongue in and out of Rosas succulent clam, tasting her delicious clitoris. Meanwhile, I finished tasting Evas sweet ass and started pushing my tongue through her pussy walls. Her luscious penis-pocket filled my taste-buds. I felt her getting wetter and wetter by the minute, as her pussy-fluids dripped down my lips.

"Ohh fuck.." The red-headed total divas moaned, as she continued to eat out Rosas vagina. Rosa gripped and rubbed her big tits, as the sensations coming from Eva's tongue slapped onto to her honey-like muffin.

I looked over to Nattie and Nikki, who seemed awfully quiet. They rubbed their pussies slowly together through their dress. I saw how wet they were, as a dark spot filled their lower outfits.

"Nikki, watching this is making me really wet. Feel me." Nattie ordered, as Nikki dragged her hand towards Nattie's tight pussy and began to give it a rub.

"Damn Nattie, you're a lot wetter than I am, that's for sure." Nikki said, still very impressed at the tongue-wrestling going on in the hotel room.

Rosa and Eva switched places on top of the sheets. Rosa spread her legs in front of me with a huge grin, wanting me to pound her with my stick. Eva, still wanting to not be left out, placed herself on top of Rosa, filling her mouth with her soft, tight beaver. Rosa began to savor her pussy on instinct, working her tongue deep down into her hole.

" my nice pussy Rosa..." She moaned she laid back with her arms on the bed, having Rosa take full control. Meanwhile, I slid my cock in and out of Rosa's meaty pussy. Her pussy expanded as I went deeper in, gripping around my shaft.

"Oh fuck... Fuck me." Rosa moaned, continuing to whisk her tongue against Eva's clit.

"'re pussy's so tight..." I moaned to Rosa. I quickened my pace and fucked her pussy harder, slapping my balls against her.

"Oh fuck...fuck, fuck, fuck!" Rosa moaned, as my cock in her pussy filled her emotions, and she paused eating out. Eva placed two fingers in her vagina to continue her quest to cum. She fucked herself as fast she she could.

"FUCK! Oh YES!" She groaned, as her pussy came, dripping from her fingertips and onto Rosa.

I slid my cock out of Rosa's sweet muffin, and the two divas knew it was time.

"Ooh Nattie look, he's gonna blow!" Nikki exclaimed excitedly, as her and Nattie's dress seemed to be half off, their legs intertwined, rubbing each other to the action.

Rosa and Eva sat on their knees on the bed, as I jerked my cock over them as fast as I could to not loose momentum. I shook from the base and all the way up. The two divas opened their mouths hoping for a clear shot of my smoothie. I jerked off for a moment, and splash! Out came streams of semen. I pointed my cock to Eva first, having a good chunk land straight to her throat and dripping down her red bottom lip. Next, it was Rosa's Share. I came all over her lower face, and shook the rest onto her big breasts. The two total divas held each other and began swapping cum, either licking it from their skin or swapping it with their tongues. They swallowed in amusement. Nikki and Nattie absolutely drenched their dress with their wet pussies, finishing up their masturbating session as my cock became limp. Nikki stood up and removed any article of clothing left on her and strutted over towards me.

"You work that cock nice, and you seem to know how to use it. But, lets see how you can use it against two former champions." Nikki said, as she brushed the two, worn out divas to the side, and laid right in the middle of the bed with her wet pussy spread as far as she could.

"I think I can go again." I said with a smirk, as I leaned in for round two with one-half of the twin.

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