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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

House Of Hardcore Stratusfaction
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following House of Hardcore 9 on July 18, 2015 at the Ted Reeve Arena and saying good-bye to promoter Tommy Dreamer and the Dudleys, Trish Stratus is on her way to the dressing room to collect her belongings as she passes the cocky Young Bucks, consisting of brothers Nick and Matt Jackson. Glancing at the pair of hot wrestlers out of the corner, Trish presses her lips together and sways her ass from side to side as she walks past them.

"Damn look at that ass..." Nick says as Trish passes him and his brother.

"Yeah, bet she got passed around a lot when she was a lot younger... hell she probably still gets passed around..." Matt adds with a laugh.

With a smirk on her face after hearing their comments Trish stops walks, turns to face them and glares angrily, "You know I heard a lot about the two of you... a pair of arrogant... disrespectful punks who can't handle anything beyond the indy circuit without the help of real stars... how dare you talk to me like that" Trish snaps.

"Ooooo we got under her skin... nice... man these WWE Alumni just are too easy to provoke" Nick says as he and Matt step towards Trish.

"Hey, I'm Matt... this is Nick.... and we don't care what you heard... cause we're so good that we keep getting booked..." Matt says as he and Nick stand on opposite sides of Trish where they proceed to reach for and grab her jeans covered ass.

"Mmmmm now cut that out!" Trish says with a slight groan before she moves away from the Young Bucks before turning to face them, "You two need to show me respect and keep your hands to yourselves!"

"What's the matter? You music doesn't say anything about 'looking and not touching..." Nick says.

"Yeah... and from what we heard, you just love banging brothers... real or kayfabe..." Matt adds with a smirk.

Trish narrows her eyes again, "I'm a married woman, a WWE Hall of Famer..." Trish then smirks, "And you two couldn't handle any Stratusfaction if I was inclined to give it to you..."

"Please... no MILF can handle us..." Nick says.

"You really think that?" Trish asks as she places her hands on her hips as she looks up and down at the pair of brothers. "You two think I couldn't handle the two of you?"

"It's a fact... the only thing special about you is that we probably jerked off to you more than any other Diva..." Matt says.

Trish flicks her tongue against the back of her upper teeth, "The last time someone told me that, they proved to be awesome... alright you young punks..."

"That's Young Bucks..." Nick says.

"Whatever... I'll give you shot to try and show me that you can handle some Stratusfaction..." Trish flips her brunette hair back before she turns and heads towards her locker room while motioning for Nick and Matt to follow her.

"You think we should?" Matt asks his brother, as they hesitate going after Trish since they were unprepared for her to throw down the gauntlet.

"Can't let her punk us like that... and hell we get to say we fucked Trish Stratus..." Nick grins as he starts to follow Trish with Matt following a moment later.

Glancing back over her shoulder to see that they are following her, Trish licks her lips, "No wonder they can't make it to the WWE... too much ego and too easy to manipulate..."

* * *

A short time later in Trish's dressing room, the legendary Diva is on her knees, buck naked and has her left hand on Matt's cock with her right hand on Nick's shaft, stroking both with expert skill, "Well... well... well... I got a feast tonight..." Trish says as she examines the big fat cocks that the pair of light heavyweight's have as she jerks them off.

"Ohhhhh man...." Nick moans as Trish grinds her palm against his cock as she strokes his tool.

"Mmmmmm..." Matt licks his lips while he watches Trish's hand move back and forth along the length of his cock.

Leaning her head down towards Nick's cock, Trish slides her soft wet tongue around the bell end while continuing to pump her hand on his shaft as the same tempo she is using to stroke his brother's dick.

"Ohhhhh fuck..." Matt groans as Trish tugs and pulls on his cock while he watches as she whips her tongue against the crown of Nick's dick.

"Mmmmm..." Trish moans as she glances up at Matt while she beats her tongue against the head of his brother's cock. Lifting her head, Trish turns her attention to Matt's shaft to circle her tongue around the head of his pole.

"Shit...." Nick groans while Trish keeps jerking him off while watching as she gives some oral Stratusfaction to Matt's fuck stick.

After spiting saliva on Matt's shaft and then using her tongue to spread it around the top few inches of his dick, Trish looks up at him, "Mmmmm... fuck my mouth... fuck it with that big fucking dick...." Trish says lustfully as she lets go off his cock while she keeps stroking Nick's shaft

"Holy balls..." Matt says as he stunned for a moment after hearing what Trish said, but he grabs a handful of Trish's brown hair to pull her head up before making her tilt it back so that he can shove his cock into her gullet.

"Ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh! MMMMMM!" Trish moans whorishly in delight as she wraps her lips around Matt's cock while still jerking off Nick.

"Awwww ohhhh..." Matt licks his teeth as he begins to move his hips to thrust his shaft in and out of the Hall of Fame Diva's saliva filled oral hole. Licking his lips, Nick eagerly watches as Matt fucks Trish's mouth as she beats him off.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh! GAHHH! GAHHHHH! GLACK!" Trish groans and gags on the meat stick of Matt Jackson as he plows it repeatedly into her mouth with the head coming in contact with the back of her throat, but she does continues to stroke his brother's cock at a smooth tempo.

"Ahhhhh yeah fuck she's gagging on my dick!" Matt groans as he vigorously drives his cock deeply into Trish's saliva dripping mouth.

"GAHHH! GAHHHH! GLACK! GAHHH!" Trish moans and heavily gags on Matt's cock, her head jolting back slightly each time the head of his cock slams against the entrance to her throat.

"Fuck that's hot as hell... can't wait till it's my turn..." Nick says as he watches his brother's hips move as he briskly and firmly fucks the former Women's Champion's mouth.

"Ahhhh sure little brother... mmm give me a second..." Matt says with a smirk as he drives his dick a few more times into Trish's mouth before pulling out.

"Mmmmm... why is it that the older brothers are always nearly named Matt..." Trish says as she licks her lips before turning to fully face Nick, "And there's nothing little about you... at least not your dick... now feed me that fuck stick..."

"Shit..." Nick says as Trish's dirty talk catches him by surprise but he does grab two handfuls of Trish's hair and shoves the full length of his cock into her mouth. Rocking his hips back and forth to begin thrusting his cock forward, Nick also starts to pull and push Trish's head, making her bob it on his dick.

"MMMMMM! Ohhhhhh!" Trish squeals with delight on Nick's cock as she wraps her lips around his pistoning cock as he drives it deeply into her mouth.

"Ohhhh awwwww fuck..." Nick groans while he pumps his cock in and out Trish's mouth while pushing her head all the way down on his rod, causing her nose to press right against the pubic hairs of his crotch as he fucks her face.

"MMMMM! GAHHH! OHHHH GAHHH!" Trish groans and gags lustfully as saliva pours out of the sides of her mouth while the crown of.

"Man Nick, she's loving it...." Matt says as he watches his brother hold Trish's head down while drilling her mouth with rapid fire thrusts.

"MMMM! OHHHH! GAHHHH! GLACK! GAHHH!" Trish gags and moans as Nick holds his cock down on his cock while he makes her turn her head from side to side to have her rub her lips around the base of his pole.

"Mmmmmm shit... ahhhhh..." Nick groans as he feels Trish's tongue sliding against the underside of his meaty cock.

"MMMMMM! OHHHH!" Trish Stratus's moans vibrate against Nick's cock as her saliva drips down and off of his dick before he jerks her up off of his cock. Licking her teeth and breathing heavily, Trish looks up at Nick, "Younger brothers always fuck mouths best..."

"Heard that Matt?" Nick asks with a grin.

"But big brothers get my pussy first..." Trish smirks as she motions for Matt to lay down on the floor.

"Fine with me..." Matt says as he gets down on the floor and places his hands behind his head.

"Are you sure... cause little brothers always get my ass first..." Trish grins as she moves to straddle Matt's waist where she lowers herself down onto his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmmmm fuck..." Matt groans as Trish lowers twat inch by inch down onto his cock.

"Ohhhhh get that dick in my ass..." Trish licks her teeth as she looks back at Nick while lightly rocking on his brother's cock.

"Fuck yeah..." Nick says as he eagerly moves behind the legendary Diva so that he can guide his spit covered pole into Trish's asshole.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh yeah... mmmmm..." Trish groans as her ass is invaded by Nick's cock, causing her to rock forward on Matt's dick while she places her hands on the older Jackson's shoulders.

"Ohhhhhh shit..." Matt moans as he begins to thrust his cock upward into Trish's cunt.

"Awwww ahhhh..." Nick groans as he grabs Trish's ass cheeks and holds hem apart before he starts to pump his shaft in and out of her anal passage.

"Ohhhhh... mmmmmm fuck... ohhhhh yeah!" Trish moans and licks her teeth as she bucks back and forth between the latest pair of tag team brothers she has had to delight of luring into her fucking her.

"Ohhhhh... awwwww..." Nick grunts as he gropes Trish's rear cheeks while he drives his shaft deeper into the depths of her asshole.

"Awwww ahhhhh..." Matt moans as he brings his hands to Trish's hips while he swiftly thrusts his pole upward into her vaginal cavity.

"Ohhhhhh mmmm yeah... fuck me.... fuck me good!" Trish tilts her head back as she lustfully rocks on Matt's pistoning cock in order to push back against Nick's shaft as he pounds her ass.

"Ahhhhh ohhhh shit... awwww..." Matt Jackson groans as the Hall of Fame Diva rocks wildly on his stiff upward thrusting shaft.

"Mmmmmm fuck..." Nick Jackson licks his teeth while he increases the rate of his thrusts while he hammers Trish's incredible ass.

"Ohhhhh shit... mmmmm fuck you're better than the Hardys!" Trish gasps while flipping her hair back as moves between the pair of cocky brothers.

"Awwww fuck yeah..." Matt licks his teeth as Trish grinds herself down on his cock while keeps shoving it up into her love canal.

"Ahhhhhh mmmm fuck that's great praise!" Nick groans as he slams the full length of his cock into the ass of former seven-time Women's Champion.

"Mmmmm ohhhhh yeah... mmmmm fuck..." Trish slides her tongue against her lips whiles she leans forward to order to raise her ass a bit for Nick it really pounds her back door while Matt keeps pumping every inch of his cock up into her twat.

"Ahhhhhh awwww... ahhhh..." Nick moans as he buries his cock repeatedly, swiftly and deeply into Trish's ass while reaching forward to grab a handful of her sweat dampened hair to pull her head backward.

Gritting her teeth, Trish looks back at Nick as he pulls her head back, causing her to sit fully upright on his brother's cock as they continue to fuck her, "Ohhhhh mmmmm fuck..." Trish moans as she grabs her own large tits and squeezes them as she rocks between the Young Bucks.

"Ahhhh awww I want to pound that pussy..." Nick groans as he slams his cock balls deep into Trish's ass.

"Ohhhhh mmmm then pull out and lay the fuck down ..." Trish replies lustfully as she continues to move between Nick and Matt before the younger of the two pull out of her asshole. Grinning down at Matt, Trish lifts herself up from his cock, "And guess which hole you're going into?" Trish asks as she moves to straddle Nick's waist and promptly lowers cunt down onto his cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah awwww..." Nick groans as Trish's pussy clenches his cock while she leans forward, planting her hands on his shoulders as she begins to grind herself on his dick.

"Mmmmmm oooooo..." Trish Stratus licks her lips as she watches as Matt sits up before he moves to get behind her where she shoves his cock firmly into her asshole.. "Ohhhhhh fuck yes..." Trish groans as Matt begins to fuck her ass while Nick starts to drive his shaft up into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh ahhhhh...." Matt grunts as he grabs Trish's waist as plows his cock deeply into her asshole.

"Ahhhh... awww ahhhh..." Nick licks his teeth as he vigorously pumps his cock up into Trish's pussy while watching her large tits sway as sweat drips off of them.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh yeah... fuck me... mmmm fuck my Stratusfying holes with this big fucking cocks!" Trish cries out with desire as she grinds her snatch down on Nick's cock while pushing back against Matt's thrusting man meat.

"Ohhhhhh awwww ahhhhh..." Matt groans as his ballsack smacks firmly against Trish's incredible backside with every one of his thrusts.

"Awwwww ahhh fuck yeah ahhhh..." Nick moans while he pops his hips upward to slam his shaft up into Trish's Canadian cunt.

"Ohhhhhh ohhhh fuck yes... mmmmm fuck!" Trish moans and grinds her teeth together while sweat drips off of her gorgeous body while she rocks eagerly back and forth between The Young Bucks.

"Awwwww mmmm shit... ohhhhh..." Matt groans as slams his cock relentlessly into the depths of her anal cavity.

"Ohhhhh.... awww ahhhh..." Nick moans as Trish bounces swiftly on his near foot-long man meat as he drives it up into her.

"Mmmmmm fuck.... ohhhhh yes.... mmmmm fuck...." Trish moans as her body tenses and her pussy starts to tighten around Nick's cock as he and his older brother hammers, "Ohhhhh fuck... mmmmm make me cum... make me fucking cum!" Trish screams as she wildly moves between the Young Bucks.

"Ahhhhh awwww ahhhhhh..." Matt grits his teeth as his cock begins to throb as he slams it repeatedly into Trish's anal cavity.

"Ohhhhh fuck.,.. awww... ahhhh ohhhhhh..." Nick moans as he feels Trish's twat constricting rapidly on his rock hard meat stick.

"Ohhhhh YES! MMMMM THAT"S IT! Ohhhhh mmmmm FUCK! OHHHH SHIT!" Trish gasps and screams as the pair of young studs slam their large cocks into her holes as her climax rips through her being, causing her body to shiver with orgasmic bliss.

"Ahhhh... ahhhhh fuck... awwww mmmmm..." Nick Jackson moans as he propels his cock upward into Trish's pussy until he starts to cum inside of her soaking wet fuck hole.

"Awwww ohhhhh fuck... ahhhh ahhhhh..." Matt Jackson clenches his teeth as he continues to slam his cock into Trish's gorgeous ass until he starts to blow his load within her anal cavity.

"Ohhhhh mmmmm FUCK... mmmmm yeah..." Trish licks her lips as the Young Bucks flood her holes with their jizz, making her shiver as they continue to pump their erupting shafts into her pussy and ass until each one is spent.

"Ahhhh fuck... mmmm shit..." Matt groans as he pulls his cock out of Trish's cum filled asshole and rests his cum spent shaft against her rear cheeks.

"Mmmmm ohhhhh..... best pair of brothers I've ever had...." Trish licks her lips as she looks down at Nick and then back at Matt, "Real or Kayfabe..."


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