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How Do They Choose Who Wins The Royal Rumble?
by Bud316

Two days before the Royal Rumble, Vince Mcmahon had called a meeting of all
the WWE superstars to attend to the boardroom at Titan Towers in Stamford,

"Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know, the Royal Rumble is this Sunday live
on pay per view. Its about strengh and stamina, and that's what I want to
test today! Today we hold the first ever WWE GANG BANG!"

Everyone fell into a shocked silence.

"Thats right, I'm gonna pay you to fuck. In front of me, we have a hat, in
which a piece of paper with each of your names have been placed into. I shall
choose a superstar, who then has to fuck a WWE diva until he cums. Remember,
stamina is the key, whoever lasts the longest will be gauranteed the win this
Sunday, and also the victory at Wrestlemania.

All of a sudden, the lights went out and in the spotlight stood STEPHANIE
MCMAHON. She was dressed in leather pants and a tight red top covered by a
leather jacket.

"Its only fair, that your "ex-husband" get first shot, so to speak. Ladies
and gentlemen, I give you Triple H!"

Stephanie walked over to Triple H and pulled up her top, exposing her 36DD
tits. Hunter went to grab them but went for her lower half, grabbing at her
leather pants and pulling them down, he unveiled her shaven pussy, which was
already soaking wet with eagerness. He picked her up and sat her on the
table, legs spread. He then pulled down his own jeans revealing his 7 inch
cock, hard as a rock and after a little light licking, he penetrated the
billion dollar pussy.

He thrust in and out, while licking at Stephs nipples and making them hard
and then he shot his load with a big groan into Stephs pussy.

"Not bad Hunter, 4 and a half minutes.......... Next up," he said with a
snigger," Crash Holly."

Crash was no where to be found, all that was left was a small puddle of cum
on the floor, where he once stood.

"Well, he's cum and gone, NEXT!" Stephanie said as she fingered her pussy,
keeping it moist for her next partner.

The Big Show was next with his 10 inch dick.

"Cum on big boy, show me who's the daddy."

Show ignored the gapping pussy and shoved his cock into Steph's mouth.

Stephanie immediatly took control and licked away at the big cock. She went
up and down the mammoth member, her head bobbong as she sucked him off.

She swept her tounge around its head as the big show held her head and fucked
her mouth until he felt himself cumming and pulled out. But Steph was hungry
and pushed it back in her grasping lips. She almost swallowed the penis, deep
throating like a porn star, he mouth sliding down the veiny cock right to the
balls and slowly up again. He cam in her throat a little, pulled out and
wanked himself off, cum shooting over Stephs face and neck and bare breasts.

"Damn," Vince said, "15 Minutes."

"Next, oh my, its your brother - Shane!"

Shane jumped up, Stephanie grabbed his cock and licked up and down the
entire length and then swirled her tounge around the purple swollen head.
She grabbed his balls and he almost came there and then.

"Shane, you need a tit wank." She placed his cock in between her massive
breasts and closed them together, the cum was still on them from her fuck
with the big show so it was easy for shane to thrust his cock between them,
as he moaned, stephanie licked his head everytime it popped out. She held
them closer still and shane came instantly, stream after stream covered his
sisters face and neck. Most of which Stephanie licked off, and the rest she
scooped off and seductivly licked off her fingers!

"Nine and a half minutes shane, no good!"

The undertaker was choosen next and was ordered to lay flat on the floor by

He lay flat, his prick standing up straight as Stephanie stood over him and
performed a Rikishi style squat on the dead man. Impaling herself on his 9
inch member, she yelled as she took the entire length up her pussy. He then
took her by the hips and started to bounce her up and down, and after a
mammoth 17 minutes, Stephanie hit her 6th orgasm of the night and a minute
later 'taker hit his and shot his spunk, stream after stream, up into her
pussy. She got off and The undertaker watched as the excees combined juices
trickled down the bitches right leg, and what was left on his prick was soon
licked up by daddy's little girl.

"Umm, I'm actualy getting a bit bored now," said Vince, "I think we have to
spice up the action and have a little tag team action, and with that," he
announced that the tag team pairing of Christian and Chris Jercho would have
his daughter next. "I want you to grab her by the throat, I want you to shake
her to her very foundations, I want you to turn her inside out, and upside

Stephanie was getting more turned on with each order that vince gave, and
wanted christian and Jericho in her at the same time. Jericho penetrated her
ass as christian went deep into her pussy, both pounding in and out of her
with visciousness. But that wasn't enough for the slut, she wanted more. Rob
van dam walked up and provided his cock for her to suck on, and suck on it
she did. Deep throating like she was a professional, she felt like Jericho's
and Christian's cocks were going to hit each other the way that they were
fucking her. All of a sudden, she felt her head spin, as the most powerful
orgasm she had ever felt powered its way through her body.

She couldn't take any more and collapsed onto the ground, but the 3 men
weren't finished with her. They dragged her limp sweaty body over to a chair
and sat tied her onto to it. They then went on to wank themselves off in
front of her uncontious body.

Spunk flew all over her, over nearly every inch of her body, over her pretty
little face, her breasts, all over her stomach and into her hair.

When she recovered, she was left in a pool of slimy cum, She went in the
WWE own gym and had a shower. Trish Stratus was in there already and told
Stephanie that it was a shame, that only the men were allowed into the
Rumble, coz she would have lover to have a go and her pussy.

"Well, what's stopping you now then?" Stephanie asked!

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