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How Jackie Became A Ref...
by Josh (

As we've seen recently on WWF Television, Jacqueline or Jackie as she likes
to be called has been doing some refereeing. We know that but we don't know
the story of how Jackie became a referee. Well, that was until now. Jackie
had been frustrated at her lack of TV time especially with Jazz coming in
and getting a big push right away. Jackie felt she could easily be doing the
same thing Jazz was doing. So she came up with an idea of how to get on TV
more ... become a referee. Jackie pitched the idea to one of the writers. He
liked it and got one of the referees named Jamie to take Jackie out to the
ring and go over a few things with her. Then he'd see if Jackie would be
able to handle all the duties that come with refereeing a match.

Jamie took Jackie out to the ring early in the day and went over a few things
with her. First he got her to practice getting down on the mat and making the
count. Jackie was just wearing a pair of spandex pants and a loose shirt,
nothing too revealing. Jamie need take notice of her firm ass each time she
knelt down on the mat to make a count. Despite the attraction, Jackie really
wasn't any good at refereeing. Jamie took Jackie backstage and found an empty
dressing room where he could break the news to her...

"I'm sorry, Jackie, we just can't have you refereeing on national TV. Don't
feel bad, its just not for everyone," Jamie explained.

"Wait a minute, before you make a decision let me show you something," Jackie
said. Jackie grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. After a few minutes
she returned wearing her little referee's outfit. The black leather pants and
an extremely low cut referee's shirt exposing her gigantic beautiful breasts.
Jamie struggled to look her in the eyes...

"Let me be straight with you, man, I know all those people out there just
wanna see T&A ... Tits and Ass. When you've got a bad match, just put me out
there and those guys in the audience and at home will be so focused on my
breasts they won't notice how bad the match is," Jackie explained.

"You do have a point, you do have the T&A but can you work it?" Jamie asked.

"Can I work it? Can *I* work it? Honey, none of these other bitches in the
WWF can work it like me," Jackie said.

"Let me see you work it, girl," Jamie asked.

Jackie began walking around, dancing, shaking her hips a bit. Jackie pulled
off her referee's shirt and wrapped it around Jamie's head, shaking her tits
in his face. Jackie tossed the shirt aside then turned around and unclasped
her bra. She covered her breasts with an arm as she turned around. Jackie
straddled the seated Jamie and rubbed his face into her huge jugs. "Yeah
honey ... you like those? Taste my chocolate jugs!" Jackie said, still
rubbing Jamie's face in her breasts.

Jackie got off Jamie and slowly pulled off her tight leather pants revealing
a black thong. Jackie swiveled her hips around, shaking her thick thighs
and firm ass. Jackie then turned around, putting her hands in her hair and
moving her ass in circles. Jackie turned around and walked over to Jamie, she
unbuttoned his shirt then unzipped his fly. Jamie's cock sprung out of his
pants. Jackie turned around and bent over. Jackie began bouncing her ass up
and down, lightly smacking it with her hand. Jamie couldn't help himself,
standing up and smacking his cock against her firm ass. "Ohh yeah work it,
Jackie, work it," Jamie said softly.

Jackie turned around and knelt down, grabbing Jamie's cock in her hand. "Yeah
... you like the way I work it, don't you?" she asked then placed her lips
around his cock. Jackie sucked on the head getting nice and wet then licked
all around the shaft. Jackie filled her mouth with saliva giving Jamie a
really wet blowjob. She put her took it in deep a few times then pulled it
out, lightly licking the underside of the head. She then smacked it against
her tongue a few times before taking it all back. Jackie's lips were nice and
full and felt real good and soft against his cock. She continued sucking him
off, until she tasted some precum. "Ohh yeah, I know where you wanna stick
this nice hard cock ... right in my pussy ..." Jackie said.

With Jamie still seated in the chair, Jackie climbed on top of him, lowering
herself down onto his cock. Jackie grabbed Jamie's head, nestling in between
her massive breasts. She began slowly grinding back and forth with his cock
fully inside her. "Unnnhhhh ... Mmmmhhh ... I like that..." she moaned. Jamie
pulled his head from between Jackie's boobs then focused on her left jug. It
was so huge that he held it with both his hands, licking it and kissing it
all over. He got her nipple nice and hard, then gave her beautiful ebony
breast some more wet kisses. He then moved over to the right jug, licking it
all over. Jackie placed her hands on his shoulders and began bouncing up and
down a bit.

"Mmmmhhh Jackie, ride it, mmmhh.." was heard from Jamie, his voice muffled as
his mouth was still engulfed in breast.

Jackie began to pick up the tempo, riding Jamie's cock harder and faster.
"Unnnhhh ... ooohhh god ... ooooh fuuuck ... I love your cock ... mmmhhh
fuuuck ... Yeeah keep sucking my big titties ... unnhh fuck yeah!" Jackie
moaned. Jackie took Jamie's hands from her tits, and moved them down onto
her firm ass. Jackie began bouncing her ass up and down on, clenching his
cock with her pussy. She had amazing control of her butt as she wiggled
around on his cock.

Jamie felt her butt jiggle and shake in his hands. "Mmmmhhh fuuck Jackie,
you fuck me soo good," Jamie moaned. Jackie kept humping him, going fast,
then slowing down a bit, toying with him. Each time Jackie moved forward,
he massive tits bounced off Jamie's face. He stuck out his tongue, licking
her nipple each time they bounced. "Ahhh yeeah! AHHH FUUUCK YEEEAH!
Ooooohhh yeeah!" Jackie moaned having an orgasm.

Jackie climbed down off Jamie and laid down on floor. "Come on baby slide
that cock between these big tits. I know you want to. Just fuck these big
tits until you cum!" Jackie said.

Jamie knelt down over Jackie's chest, straddling it. He slid his cock between
her mounds and Jackie pushed the huge tits together and his cock dissapeared
between them. She held them tight against his cock, "Yeeah fuck 'em, fuck my
big titties," she moaned.

Jamie began bucking back and forth, sliding his cock between those beautiful
breasts. "Ohh fuuck Jackie, your tits are so fucking big ... they feel so
good..." He moaned.

"Mmmmmhhh just keep fucking them..." Jackie moaned.

Jamie fucked her big jugs for another minute until he felt himself nearing
orgasm. "Fuuck Jackie, I'm gonna blow!" he said.

"Cum all over these big jugs!" Jackie said.

Jamie pulled out from between them and released his hot white cum all over
her beautiful black breasts. Jackie grabbed his cock and lifted her head up,
sucking the last bit of cum from it. She rubbed the cum all over her breasts,
making them glisten.

"You ain't finished with a hot ebony babe until you bend her over, smack her
booty and do her doggystyle. I want that cock all up in me ... all up in my
ass," Jackie said. Jackie got on her hands and knees, sticking out her firm
round booty.

Jamie got behind her, giving Jackie's booty a few smacks then eased his cock
into her asshole. It wasn't that tight, as she obviously likes taking it up
there. He held his cock and Jackie began wiggling her ass around and moving
back and forth on it, doing the work.

"Come on baby, pound my ass, fuck it hard!" Jackie moaned. Jamie grabbed her
hips and began to pound her asshole as hard as he could. "UNNNHHH OOOOOHHHHH
YEEEAH! That's it! Ohh yeeaeh! That's the way! Ohhh fuck my ass! Ohhh
fuuuck!" Jackie moaned.

"Ohhh fuuck ... Ohhh" Jamie moaned in between heavy breathing as he kept up
the speed.

Jackie looked over her shoulder and saw Jamie getting short of breath. She
laid him down his back and straddled him, spreading apart her ass cheeks as
he slowly eased his cock up into her ass. "Ahhh yeeah..." Jackie moaned.

"MMMHHHH!" Jamie moaned. Jamie moved his hands around, placing them on
Jackie's booty, getting two handfuls of the round goodness as she wiggled her
ass around on his cock. Jackie leaned forward, her massive jugs hanging down
in Jamie's face. Jamie had more of Jackie then he could handle; two handfuls
of a great ass while it fucked him and more then a mouthful of her huge jugs.
"Ohhh yeeah Jackie, mmmhh, you're soo good!" He moaned.

"Ohhh god! Unnhhhh you're cock is good in my ass! Ohhh fuuck! OHHHHH
FUUUUUUCKK YEEEEAH!" Jackie moaned. Jackie wiggled around some more until
she moved forward a bit, pulling his cock from her ass. Jackie held onto
and began stroking it until Jamie's cum shot up and landed on her booty.
She rubbed the head against her asshole a bit then rubbed her cum covered
hand against her pussy. Jackie leaned forward, her jugs pressing against
Jamie's chest, and kissed him deep.

Jamie looked up at her and said, "I don't see any reason why you can't be a

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