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Author's Notes: In this story, I refer to Lita and Edge by their real names,
Amy Dumas and Adam Copeland.

How Matt Found Out
by Frederick “Dice” Casden (, AIM: FredCasden)

In his home in North Carolina, Matt Hardy is resting on his couch, enjoying a
day off from his hectic travel schedule as part of the WWE Roster. He pets
his dog that jumps up onto the couch then reaches for the remote to turn down
the volume of his plasma flat screen television set. Matt sits up and sets
his dog on the floor and the mutt scampers off as Matt reaches over to pick
up a cordless phone that is sitting on a side table next to his couch. He
gets comfortable and starts to dial the cell phone number of one Amy Dumas,
otherwise known as Lita.

* * *

In a run down hotel somewhere outside of Dallas, Texas, Amy Dumas is laying
on the bed, completely naked as Adam Copeland eats her pussy. Amy moans as
Adam darts his tongue in and out of her sweet pussy and she arches her hips
when he pushes his entire oral probe into her twat. Her cell phone starts
to ring and she reaches over to grab, but she ends up knocking over a table
before she grabs it. She hits the button on it to accept the incoming call
without checking the small display to see who is call her, then she brings
the phone to her ear.

"H-h-hello?" Amy asks and moans as Adam pushes two fingers into her pussy.

"Hey baby... how's it going?"

Amy frowns as she hears the voice of her boyfriend. "Hey... Matt... it's...
going good... how's... your... knee?" Amy is breathing rather hard as Adam
continues to work over her pussy, flicking his tongue against her clit as he
adds a third finger to those inside of her cunt.

"It hurts..." Matt laughs, "I saw your spot with Trish last night... you guys
are really setting a high standard for the other divas.... Hell... your feud
with her is off the charts..."

"I... know...mmmm..." Amy moans as she starts breathing faster. Adam has
moved his free hand up to her breasts and is tugging on the nipple. He takes
his fingers out of her pussy and starts licking up and down between Amy's fat
juicy pussy lips,

Matt is a bit disturbed when he hears Amy moan and asks, "Is everything all

"Ohhhhh yea.... Everything... is great... you... caught... me... getting
off...." Amy moans and laughs, "God... you're voice is... so sexy... mmmm...
I wish you were here...." Amy smirks a bit and lets out a pleasurable sigh
when Adam pushes two fingers from each hand into her pussy to spread it open
so he can lick her insides without thrusting his tongue in and out of her.

"I wish I was there too... you sound totally worked up... I better let you
get a towel..." Matt replies lightheartedly.

"Ohhhh wait.... Ahhh Matt... I'm cumming... for you baby..." Amy moans as she
reaches down and pushes Adam's face against her pussy as she climaxes. Adam
laps up her juices as they flow out of her cunt. As Amy comes down from her
orgasms she moans happily, "Matt... you had great timing... you really got
me... over the Edge..."

Matt laughs a bit, "Glad to be of help... I'll let you clean up... talk to
you later."

Amy laughs and sighs a bit, "All right stud... bye..." Amy hangs up and turns
off the ringer of her phone, then tosses it onto her pile of clothes on the
floor. Adam moves up and kisses her lip, sliding his tongue into her mouth.
Amy sucks on his tongue as they roll over so Adam is laying on his back and
she's on top of him. Amy smirks and slides her hands through his long blond
hair. "Matt is such a spaz isn't he?"

"Yeah... he really expects you to be loyal to him like he was when you
were on the shelf..." Adam smirks as he watches Amy slide down his body to
positions herself kneeling next to his legs. Amy wraps a hand around Adam's
thirteen-inch cock and slowly begins to pump her hand up and down along his

"It's amazing... Matt is a bit bigger than you... but you're so much
thicker... it's so meaty looking..." Amy licks her lips and lowers head
down, taking his cock into her mouth. She slowly bobs her head up and
down his cock, dragging her soft tongue against the skin. When she hits
the top of his cock, she flicks and swirls her tongue around the fat
tip, before lapping up the bit of pre-cum that trickles out of the

"Mmmm that's it Amy... suck that big piece of meat...." Adam moans as Amy
pumps her hand up and down his shaft in conjunction with bobbing her head.
His own cell phone starts to ring, and Adam instantly curses his habit of
keeping it under his pillow. He reaches underneath the pillow to retrieve
it, before he turns it off he reads the caller display, smirks and starts
laughing a bit. Amy lifts her head off his dick and smiles at him.

"Who is it?" She asks as she spits onto his the head of his dick. She rubs
her palm against the head of tip, smearing her saliva all over it.

"Matt..." Adams laughs, "Should I let it ring?"

"Fuck no... answer it..." Amy grins as she takes his cock back into her warm
mouth. Adam smirks as he accepts the call on his phone.

"This better be good.... I'm getting a hot blow job..." Adam says which makes
Amy laugh and gag a bit as she drops her head down all the way on his shaft.

"I thought you were married..." Matt says in response, with a bit of
disappointment in Adam's confession.

"I am... you know what they say... what the bitch doesn't know won't hurt
me..." Adam replies as Amy tightens her lips around his meaty fuck-stick and
inhales deeply.

"Adam... I didn't screw around on Amy when she was home with that neck

"Hey... that's your problem... me... I like.... taking... hot... girls...
with... fire engine red hair... that are so horny... that they need a hot
guy... to satisfy them..." Adam laughs. Amy lifts her head off his cock
and mounts herself on his shaft. Amy lets out a loud moan as she feels her
pussy stretch to accommodate to long hard thick dick that is now inside of

"I want...mmmm to talk to him..." Amy says as she slowly begins to move up
and down on Adam's cock. Adam smirks, licks his teeth and puts a hand on
Amy's hip.

"All right... Matt... someone wants to speak to you..." Adam hands the phone
to Amy. She holds it to her ear and moans softly as she rocks back and forth
on his cock.

"Who wants to speak to me... Adam... stop screwing around..." Matt says with
a frustrated tone. Amy smirks and licks her lips as Adam lifts her up and
down on his cock.

"Hi Baby...miss me?" Amy says seductively as Adam lowers his head and takes
her right nipple into his mouth. He sucks on it roughly, biting down on the
nipple with his teeth.

"Amy? What the fuck..." Matt yells.

"Awww...." Amy laughs and moans as she rides Matt's cock, "Can't you guess?
I'm fucking Adam... god... he's so huge..."

"Amy... why..." Matt tries to control the anger in his voice.

"Ohhhhh.... You... know... I'm a whore... I can't... go long without
fucking... and... you're... way... over... in Cameron... and I'm... here...
in Dallas... with... a hung... bastards... cock in... my sweet little
pussy...." Amy says as Adam rolls her and himself over so he's on top of
her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Amy... I was loyal to you..." Matt says as he hears her squeal in bliss.
Matt starts to get the mental images of Adam fucking Amy in his mind.

"Oh... boo... hoo... I wanted... you... to fucking... cheat on me...
you stupid ass... I hated how you... came so quickly... it... was...
practically... one... stroke... and then you're... done..." Amy replies,
as she swivel her hips to press her cunt against Adam when he thrusts
into her. Amy smirks when Matt doesn't reply, but she knows he's still
on the line. "Matt... I know you're there... I know you're ahhhh...
listening... so... I'm going to give you... play by play... Adam...
is... going to fuck me like a dog... right now..."

Adam smirks and pulls out of Amy so she can roll onto her stomach. She gets
on all fours, but then props her upper body up with her elbows so she can
hold the phone to her head. Adam presses his fat cock head against her pussy,
teasing her slightly.

"Mmmm Adam... thrust that big cock into me... make me scream..." Amy laughs
perversely as she lets Matt know what's coming.

"You got it slut..." Adam shoves his cock into her pussy with all the force
he can muster, making Amy squeal again.

"Ahhhh YES YOU BIG DICK BASTARD!" Amy screams. Adam begins pumping his cock
in and out of her pussy. Amy pushes back as hard as she can against him while
trying to taunt Matt. "Ohhh shit Matt... you should see me... I'm pushing
back against him... god his cock is so fat... mmmm you know... I'm going...
to let him... do the thing... you... didn't have the balls to do... I'm going
to let him fuck my ass..." Amy looks back at Adam and licks her lips, "Fuck
my ass Adam... rip my ass pipe open with your fat juicy drill..."

"Oh yea... that's what I've been waiting for..." Adam responds and Matt
hears him as if he was right there with them. Adam pulls his cock out of
Amy's pussy, and it's dripping with the juices of her fuck hole. He places
one hand on Amy's waist while guiding his cock to her asshole with the
other so it's perfectly lined up with the entrance of her butt. Adam licks
his teeth and slams his cock into her asshole with a sharp thrust. Amy
throws her head back and screams in pain and pleasure.

"Ohhhhh fuck me... shit... ahhh damn... oh god... Matt... that... could've
been... your cock... thrusting into my asshole..." Amy moans as she reaches
between her legs to finger fuck herself with four of her fingers. Adam
relentlessly fucks her asshole, making her grunt like an animal in savage
lust. Adams gets an wicked idea, and wraps his arms around Amy and rolls
over so he's laying comfortably on the bed with Amy on top of him with his
cock in his ass.

"Ohhhh shit Matt... Adam just reversed me... I'm on top of his cock...
riding it with my big fat ass... I know you wish it were you... I can hear
you breathing hard... mmmm Matt... I'm fucking my pussy with my fingers...
Remember how you... used to love to suck them... clean... after I shoved...
them... in my cunt...." Amy pauses to take her fingers from her pussy in
order to lick them clean.

"Ohhh fuck... I taste good... ahhh mmmm fuck... Matt... I'm cumming...." Amy
moans loudly as she climaxes, she stops moving on Edge' dick to enjoy her
orgasm, then she looks back at him as she gets off of his cock

"Stand up Adam... and stroke that fat cock of yours... I want you to cum on
my face...."

Adam stands up on the bed as Amy sits on her knees. He grabs onto her hair to
help him keep his balance as he wraps his hand around his cock. Amy licks her
lips as she watches his hand move along his shaft.

"Oh fuck Matt..." She says into the phone, "He's going to cum on my face...
remember how you used to do that... shit... his hands are move so fast..."

Edge lets out a grunt, "Shit Amy... here it comes...."

Amy opens her mouth as Edge starts to cum. Stream after stream of his hot and
heavy load of baby mix shoots out of his cock like a fire hose. They splash
against her cheeks and forehead, while occasionally landing in her mouth. Amy
licks her lips wanting more, so she wraps a hand around Edge's dick to milk
all of his dick snot out of it. When Edge is spent, she gets off the bed and
looks into a mirror.

"Mmmm Matt... god I look so slutty..." Lita says as she licks her lips, and
then Matt, after staying silent for quite a long time, finally speaks.

"I'm... going to get... you... for this... you... and Adam... are dead... I'm
going... to make your lives... a living hell...." Matt says as he tries to
keep his boiling emotions in check.

"Matt... you don't have the balls to do anything..."

"Heh... we'll see about that..." Matt hangs up, and then Amy looks at Adam,
with a slightly worried look on her face.

"He's going to come after us..."

Adam smirks, "No worries... we'll just tell Johnny Ace that he can't handle
you breaking things off with him... and he'll be out of our hair."

Amy grins and licks her lips, "Mmmm I love that plan... and I got one too...
let's call Lisa..."


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