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How Steph Convinced Triple H
by Mike

Triple H had just returned to backstage moments after he shocked along
with his new "tv" wife, Vince's daughter Stephanie McMahon. He went to his
locker room and his girlfriend Joanie, better known as Chyna was waiting for

"Ready to go?," she asked him.

"Yes," he replied. "Do me a favor and drive ok, I'm a little woozy from
the match." he continued.

"Anything for you baby," she answered.

On the ride to the hotel, Chyna noticed how silent Trips was. She asked
him why. He said it was just because of the match. The silence continued all
the way to bed. Chyna was feeling horny, but HHH would have nothing to do
with it.

"Not now, I'm tired", he said.

"Are you sure you're ok? You've never been too tired not to fuck."

"Trust me I'm just tired."

The next day they had to meet at a different arena for the Smackdown
tapings. Once they arrived Chyna expected to spend some more time with her
boyfriend however once they arrived he quickly looked for his on-screen wife.
Chyna felt that something was wrong but decided that Phil loved her and had
feelings for nobody else.

Trips meanwhile was looking for Steph. But half heartedly. He loved Joanie
alot, but there's not gonna be anymore chances to have the boss's daughter in
the sack. He knocked on her locker room door and she said to come in. Steph
was wearing a green halter top with a tight black mini-skirt along with 3
inch stilleto heels. She came up to Triple H and began to kiss his neck.

She began to rub her soft hand on Triple h's crotch and she could feel him
getting hard. She went to unzipper his jeans but Triple H rejected it. She
asked why. He told her that he couldn't do this to Joanie because he loved
her so much. Steph replied that she didn't have to know about what they were
doing. Triple H stopped resisting, and allowed Steph to release his 9 incher.
She gasped at the size and width of the game's dick. Triple H looked like he
was gonna back off again but before he could say anything, Steph began to
peel off he halter top to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bra of any kind.
He observed her firm perky breasts. She had medium size nipples that looked
perfect to suck on.

"Do you like?," she asked.

"How about we have a little test. We fuck and then you decide if you want
to do it behind Chyna's back or not," she asked.

Trips just nodded. She took Trips by his head and rubbed his face into her
beautiful tits. Trips lifted her up and put her on the wide couch she had in
her room and ripped off her skirt.

"I want you to fuck me!" she screamed.

Trips obliged and ripped off her panties and rubbed his cock on her pussy
and then jammed it in. Steph screamed in pain and pleasure as the cock ripped
her pussy. Eventually the pain stopped and Steph and Trips were both in
heaven as they fucked.

"I'm gonna cum!" yelled Steph as white goo oozed from her cunt.

Trips seeing this also blew his load into Steph's cunt. Their juices mixed
and Trips pulled out. His cock still relatively hard, Steph made sure it got
no softer as she began to lick the head of his cock. She cleaned off all of
the cum on his cock with her expert tongue.

"OHHH yeah baby suck me off steph", said Helmsley as Steph began to
attempt to suck on his full 9 inches.

Trips was now standing at the end of the couch and Steph was on all fours
sucking on Triple H's cock. She began her quest to get all of it down her
throat. She had 5 inches of it in and was still getting nearer to his sac.
Trips helped her along the way as he grabbed her by the head and pushed her
head down further to the end and despite choking, Steph was licking on Trip's
balls while having his cock in her mouth.

"OOO DAMN Steph, O damn I'm gonna fucking cum!", yelled HHH.

Steph was ready for it but Trips pulled out and began to jack off in front
of her lovely face. "OH yes baby cum on my face!", Steph yelled.

Trips was more than happy to make Steph happy as he blew a huge load of
his sticky cum on her face. He shot a few squirts in her mouth and she licked
it all off her face. Trips still wasn't done. His cock was still hard, he
stuck his hand on Steph's wet pussy and rubbed her juices on his stiff prick
and turned Steph around.

"So Steph, have you ever been fucked up the ass before?", he asked her.

"Well to be"

"Well then this is going to hurt," he told her.

As he said it, he rammed his cock into the virgin ass of Stephanie
McMahon. She screamed as her ass was ripped apart by Trips. Trips looked at
his cock and she was starting to bleed. He kept going though and soon he came
down her tight ass. A mixture of cum and blood was dripping off his cock. He
wiped his cock on her back and said that he was done.

"Done? You're done already? Well I have a request. How would you feel
about pissing in my mouth?" she asked Trips.

"Are you fucking serious?" asked Trips.

Steph didn't say anything, instead she just lowered her head to Trip's
cock and licked the tip again.

"Well now that you mention it...." murmered HHH. "I think I do have to
go," he said as he shoved his cock into Steph's mouth and began to piss
inside of her mouth.

The piss dripped out of Steph's mouth and onto her tits. As Trips was
finished, seeing Steph with her wet tits gave him an idea. He pushed her 2
huge breasts together and began to tittie-fuck her. It didn't take long for
him to come on her neck and chin.

By now they were both tired. Trips thought about what he had done with
her, and began to think about having an affair with Steph and he couldn't
fine anything bad about it. Steph asked him what his answer was. His only
response was to pull Steph on him and put her on his cock and they began to
fuck all over again...

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