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How Steph Got Into Smackdown
by Jay Mempis (

Jack was an event staff worker, and he thought he was a good worker, never
letting anybody who wasn't on the list in. He wasn't getting paid much, but
there was always the chance of the ever-elusive promotion. Then she showed
up, "she" of course referring to Stephanie Mcmahon-Helmsley.

As she waltzed up to him for the third time that evening, swaying her hips
sensually, he knew something was up.

"Now Jack," she began, in a seducing voice, "I know we've had our
squabbles and I'm sorry I bothered you, but you don't know how much I need
in tonight."

She unzipped her jacket and unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse,
exposing a bit of her impressive chest.

"Ms. Helmsley," Jack began, a little flustered, before Stephanie
interrupted him.

"Call me Steph," she said,removing her coat.

"OK then, Steph, I'm sorry but you're not on the list, and if you're not
on the list you can't come in."

"Jack, Jack, Jack," she began, a little amused, "you mean to tell me you
never fantasized about this? About being cornered by me, about me slowly
unbuttoning my blouse," she unbuttoned two more buttons, "about me on my
knees, pulling down your boxers with my teeth, about sucking on these two
big, firm tits," she completely removed her shirt, standing there in a black,
lacy bra, "about me mounting you,moaning your name, feeling yourself deep
inside my big, white, firm ass?" she asked in an innocent little girls voice
as she grinned sexily and slapped her own leather-encased ass.

"Ms. Helmsley, Steph, whatever, the rules state that you are not allowed-"
he trailed off as Steph dropped to her knees in front of him and began to
unzip his pants.

"Now, I'm sure we can arrange something, can't we?" she asked sweetly.

"Yeah, I'm sure we can arrange something..." Jack said as he felt his
underwear being dragged down his legs.

"That's what I thought," said Stephanie.

She began to stroke Jack's half-hard cock while licking his balls. She
knew how bad he must want this and she was going to make him beg.

"Oh my God Steph, you're the best, please suck my dick, put in your mouth,

Steph smiled and began to suck his hard cock, expertly deepthroating it.
Jack moaned and reached his hands down and cupped Stephanie's huge tits,
thumbing her erect nipples. Stephanie let out a little moan around Jack's
cock. She reached her hands behind her back and undid her bra,freeing her
nice tits. Jack gave them a quick once-over and began mauling them, tweaking
and pinching Steph's sensitive nipples.

"Oh God, yeah, squeeze my breasts, maul my titties..." Steph moaned around
a mouthful of dick. After a few more minutes Jack let loose a huge moan and
came down the back of her throat. Steph swallowed it all and when she was
done she looked up at him with a smile.

"Wasn't that fun?" she asked.

"Oh God Steph, that was the best blowjob I ever had." Jack replied.

Steph smiled evilly and said "The fun's just beginning. Just stand there
and watch for a minute."

Steph slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her tight leather pants, exposing a
black thong as she pulled them down. As she pulled her pants down she turned
around, showing Jack her hot ass. He got hard immediately. She smiled
innocently over her shoulder at him and said. "My, my Jack, I guess I was
more right then I imagined about you fantasizing about my ass, huh?" as
kicked her pants off and began to remove her thong.jack could just nod and
smile dumbly. As she fully removed her thong she began to untie her boots,
bending over and revealing just a bit of her shaven pussy.Jack moaned and
began to stroke his dick.

"Ah, ah, ah," Steph said smiling, "none of that."

Jack smiled and stopped, enjoying the show in front of him. Steph had
finally removed her boots and socks, leaving her completely nude and bent
over in front of an extremely horny Jack.

"Now," Steph said,in a teasing voice, "what do you wanna do to me, huh?"

"I wanna fuck your tight little cunt from behind," replied Jack.

"Well then get over here and stick it into my tight little shaven cunt!"
Steph said,smiling wickedly.

Jack walked over and slowly slipped it into her cunt, groaning.

"Holy shit, you're so fuckin' tight!' he exclaimed.

"God, fuck me with that huge tool, get me off, fuck me hard, ram me with
your big hard dick, give it to me!" Steph shouted.

Jack obliged, ramming her tight little honeypot hard and fast.

"Oh my God!" Steph screamed. "I want your huge cock in my tight ass now!
Stick it in, fuck me good!"

Jack pulled his dick out of her sopping wet cunt and got down on his
knees. He began to lick her asshole, rimming her.

"Holy fuck that's nice, but I want your dick!"

Jack was happy to oblige, slowly sliding his dick into her tight little
asshole. He began to thrust into her faster, making Stephanie scream.


Jack sped his thrusts up as she slammed her ass back into his pelvis. She
began to wiggle and grind her ass against his crotch.

"Holy shit, yeah!" she screamed. "Spank my hot ass! Spank it!"

Jack began to smack her ass.

"Harder!" Steph exclaimed. "Smack my ass good while you buttfuck me with
that huge dick! I want more!I need more!"

Jack grunted and began to smack her ass harder, leaving red handprints on
her perfect ass.After a few more minutes he came,shooting his load into her
tight ass.

"Oh yeah!" she yelled, "fill my fuckin' ass up with your cum! Fuck yeah!"
she moaned loudly.

Jack finished up and pulled out of her ass. He began to pull his pants up
and said "you're welcome in the arena anytime, Steph."

Steph smiled and looked at him.

"We're not done yet. So far you've cum twice and I haven't cum at all. So
I want you too get on your knees and eat my pussy."

Jack fell to his knees as Steph stood up and he began to attack her cunt
with his tongue.

"Holy shit you're good at this, aren't you big boy! C'mon, tongue my clit
like that, yeah! Oh yeah, stick your fingers in there, fuck me with your
fingers while you lick my clit! Oh yeah, feels so fuckin' good, I want more,
put another finger in there! C'mon, keep tonguing my slit, FUCK YEAH! HARDER!
FUCK ME! YEAH! YES! YES!AAAAHHH!" she exclaimed as she bucked her hips and
exploded into a powerful orgasm as Jack took his other hand and began to
pinch her tits.

When her orgasm subsided, she looked at Jack fondly and said "Thanks for
the fun, baby. And don't worry, if my daddy fires you for letting me in here
you'll always have a spot with me." She smiled wickedly and walked away.

"Goddamn," Jack whispered to himself, "she sure does have a billion-dollar


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