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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

How Terri Got Her Groove Back
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hello Ladies...

As his music plays, Val Venis walks to the ring during the September 20, 1998
edition of Sunday Night HEAT. Val grabs the microphone away from the Ring
Announcer and smirks as he starts to speak, "Dustin Runnels.... The Big
Valbowski knows that life has got you down lately... but don't sweat it
pal... cause you're not alone...' Val then laughs slyly, "Because your wife
has been down as well... with the Big Valbowski... and well... just about
every hung stud she can find just to get her groove back..." Val them motions
with his hand for the lights in the arena to dimmed, "But Dustin I know
you're at home still enjoying my last production... and here's another block
buster hit...."

On the Titantron, the screen fades to black as Val's newest movie begins to
play. In big gold letters, "How Terri Got Her Groove Back' appears and
remains on the screen for a few moments before it fades to the start of the

* * *

A camera is pointing down a pair of high-heeled wearing feet and slowly rises
upward, filming a pair of gorgeous smoothly shaved and perfectly tanned legs,
then sexy tan colored bikini bottoms, followed by a matching tan colored
bikini top that's barely covering a pair of large firm tits and then finally
comes to the beautiful face of Terri Runnels who has her lips pressed
together with a devilish smirk on her face. The camera zooms out, revealing
that Terri is at a tropical resort, but behind her on pool-side chairs are
'Too Sexy' Brian Christopher, wearing zebra patterned shorts, D-Generation X
members X-Pac, dressed in black shorts and a black DX tank-top, 'Road Dogg'
Jesse James, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt; and 'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn,
wearing aqua blue workout pants and a black sleeveless shirt.

Terri then takes a step back as Val Venis, wearing white shorts, joins her in
front of the camera, "Hello Dustin.... Welcome to 'How Terri Got Her Groove
Back'... and over the past few days... I realized how hard it must've been to
see your wife in bed with another man... and in fact the only thing harder,
besides the Big Valbowski..." Val laughs slyly before continuing, "Is seeing
Terri with a group of guys... ain't that right Terri?" Val says.

The horny and seductive estranged wife, Terri Runnels, narrows her lustfilled
eyes as she looks into the camera and wickedly smirks. "Hey baby....miss me
Dustin?" Terri pauses and laughs as she places her hands on her seductively
rounded, petite lips and slyly glances over her shoulder to look at the four
men standing behind, and then at Val Venis who is next to her "Because I'm
not missing you Dustin..."

Val smirks into the camera, "Ouch.... damn Dustin... guess you're not
wanted... but don't worry... we're going to make sure that guess is pure
fact in just a few moments...." Val then turns his full attention to Terri,
"Alright Terri... time for you to go wild...."

Terri licks her seductive, sensual lips as she turns around, with her
smoothly rounded, nicely toned bikini bottom covered ass facing the camera.
Terri slyly raises an eyebrow and smirks as she steps towards Billy Gunn and
she places her hands on his muscular waist "You..." Terri says in a sexy, sly
voice before she uses his muscular waist as support to lower herself down
onto her knees in front of the degenerate DX member, Mr. Ass.

Billy Gunn smirks, "Guess you know what two words I got for you..." Billy
says before he pushes down his aqua blue workout pants to let out his rock
hard eleven-inch cock. The man nicknamed Mr. Ass then takes off black
sleeveless shirt to reveal his tanned, muscular chest and solid abs. Terri
Runnels presses her soft, sensual lips together and locks her lustfilled,
vengeful eyes with Billy Gunn as she places right hand around his thick
shaft and begins to stroke her hand against his cock, while she raises her
left hand places it against the crotch of Road Dogg Jesse James, begins to
rub his cock through the material of his jeans.

Road Dogg smirks as Terri rubs his hardening cock through his jeans, "Don't
you worry this ol D-O-Double-G has a big ol' bone for you..." Road Dogg says
as he takes off his t- shirt and tosses it over his shoulder. Road Dogg then
starts to unbutton his jeans as Terri squeezes his cock through them. Billy
licks his lips as watches Terri stroke his cock, and X-Pac starts to take off
his black DX tank-top. Terri slyly glances at Road Dogg, while rubbing his
hardening cock through his jeans, before she leans her head to Billy Gunn's
cock and opens her warm, wet mouth to take Gunn's cock eagerly. The horny,
estranged wife of Dustin Runnels, begins smoothly and skillfully bob her head
on Gunn's cock while her sensual lips brush against his cock.

"Mmmmmm...." Billy licks his lips and moans as Terri bobs her head on his
long, hard cock. Road Dogg smirks as he starts to push down his jeans from
his waist, freeing his ten-inch cock so that Terri can place her hand on it
after rubbing it through his jeans.

X-Pac pushes down his black shorts and glances at the camera, "Hey Dust,
your wife really misses ya... NOT!" X-Pac says as his own thirteen inch dick
points straight towards Terri. Terri's sensual moans muffle around Billy
Gunn's thick cock as she eagerly and smoothly bobs her head on his shaft,
skillfully sucking his cock. Terri's wet saliva drips down his cock while she
smoothly moves her left hand continually against Road Dogg's long, fat cock.

"Ohhhh yea Terri... suck that dick..." Billy Gunn moans as he tilts his head
back as Terri twists her head around his hard cock. Brian Christopher gets
off of the pool-side chair he's sitting on and takes off his zebra patterned
shorts, revealing his own ten-inch cock before he starts to walk over to join
to group. Terri Runnels lifts her head off of Billy Gunn's cock as her wet
saliva drips down his shaft. Torrie tosses her seductively smooth blond hair
back before she removes her hand from Road Dogg's cock and skillfully places
it around X-Pac's thirteen inch cock. Terri slyly opens her mouth and lowers
her head, taking Road Dogg's cock and she begins to suck on his fat cock
while stroking X-Pac's cock.

"Ahhhhh ohhh fuck yea..." Road Dogg moans as he closes his eyes as Terri
eagerly bobs her head on his fat hard cock. The charismatic Superstar smirks
as he feels Terri's warm saliva dripping down his cock as she sucks it.

X-Pac starts to thrust his pelvis forward, pushing his huge cock against
Terri's right hand as she jerks it, "Mmmm yea... ohhh yea...." X-Pac moans
as Terri moves her hand on his shaft.

Brian licks his lips as he stands next to X-Pac, and he strokes his own cock,
"Ooo yea that's just too sexy!" Brian says as he watches Terri blow Road Dogg
and jerk off X-Pac. Val Venis laughs slyly as he takes off the white shorts
that he's wearing, bringing his thirteen inch Big Valbowski out to play.

Mmmmmmm!" Terri Runnels moans enjoyably around Road Dogg's fat cock as she
presses her lips around his shaft and lowers her head further down on his
long shaft. Terri holds his cock deep in her wet mouth while she quickly
moves her left hand against X- Pac's cock, roughly jerking and stroking his

Road Dogg grabs hold of Terri's blond haired head as she deep throats every
inch of his fat cock, "Ohhhh yeah!" Road Dogg moans as he feels the head of
his cock hitting the back of Terri's mouth. X-Pac licks his teeth as Terri
twists her left hand around his shaft.

Terri slyly slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of Road Dogg's fat
cock before she lifts her head up and smirks " much better than
Dustin..." Terri moans before she moves on her knees over to X-Pac and Brian
Christopher. Terri, cock-hungry, licks her sensual lips as she roughly pulls
on Brian Christopher and X-Pac's equally hard cocks "I wish Dustin was as big
as this..." Terri says wickedly before she lowers her head and opens her
mouth wide as she impressively takes both Brian Christopher and X-Pac's cocks
into her sensual, manipulative and vengeful mouth.

"Ahhhhh ohhhh wow!" Brian Christopher moans as he feels his cock pressing
against X- Pac's as the horny little Diva starts to easily bob her head on
both dicks.

"Oooo shit... Terri can smoke some meat!" X-Pac groans as he puts a hand on
the back of Terri's head and pushes on it to get her to take in more of his
and Brian's dicks into her wide, hot and wet mouth.

Val laughs slyly as he glances into the camera, "Little fact for you
Dustin... Terri actually saved herself for this... so she's really excited
to finally get all this dick..." Val says.

"MMMMMMM!" Terri moans around Brian Christopher and X-Pac's rock hard cock as
her sensual lips presses tightly around both shafts as she expertly bobs her
horny head on both cocks, sucking at a brisk pace while her hot and wet
saliva drips on both cocks.

Brian licks his teeth as he tilts his head back as Terri continues to eagerly
suck on his and X-Pac's meaty cocks, "Ahhh uhhh yea..." Brian moans as he
feels Terri's saliva dripping off of his cock and some of it landing on his
balls. X-Pac smirks as he starts to move his hips, thrusting his long cock in
and out of Terri's warm mouth, which causes his shaft to slide against Brian
Christopher's dick.

"MMMMMMM!" Terri moans around both thick, rock hard shaft as X-Pac and
Brian's cock start to move deeper into her wickedly hot mouth. Terri lowers
her right hand and places it against the front of her tan colored bikini
bottoms and begins to rub her pussy through the material.

Billy Gunn tilts his head a bit and he notices that Terri is rubbing her
pussy through the material of her tan colored bikini bottoms, "Looks like
Terri is getting ready for some serious fucking..."

"Oh shit, we're going to kick it with a new age swing..." Road Dogg says
as he rubs his hands together while Terri lifts her head off of X-Pac and
Brian's saliva soaked cocks to turn her attention towards Val Venis.

The horny, estranged wife licks her lips as she hungrily locks her
lustfilled, seductive eyes on the large cock of Val Venis. "Mmm...Dustin...
don't be mad baby..." Terri says as she slyly smirks as she moves to Val
Venis and firmly grips his cock with her sultry hands "You just could never
give me what I wanted!" Terri snaps as she narrows her eyes before she
wickedly circles her tongue on the head of Val's cock, keeping her eyes
locked on the camera.

Val Venis laughs a bit, "And what she wanted Dustin is dick... and lots of
it..." Val moans as Terri continues to circle her tongue around the large
head of his rock hard cock. Val puts a hand on Terri's head and pushes her
blond hair back so that the camera can get a perfect shot of the lustfully
vengeful expression on her face as she tastes Val's dick.

"Mmmm...." Terri softly moans before she opens her horny mouth and takes
Val's cock into her sultry, seductively hot mouth. Terri presses her sensual
lips around his thick shaft and starts to easily bob her head on Val's cock.
As the estranged wife, Terri Runnels, begins to suck the cock of Val Venis
she slides her left hand down and underneath her tan colored bikini bottoms
and begins to rub her pussy.

"Ahhhh uhhh yea Terri..." Val moans and smirks as Terri bobs her head quickly
on his rock hard thirteen inch cock. Billy glances at X-Pac and motions for
him to watch what he does. Billy sneaks over behind Terri, bends down and
reaches around her to grab the front of Terri's tan colored bikini top in
order to rip it off, revealing her large, firm round and hot tits.

"MMMMMMM!" Terri moans seductively around Val's cock as she slightly rocks on
her knees, beginning to suck his cock at a quicker pace. Terri's large tits
sway back and forth as she roughly sucks on Val's cock while she rubs her hot
pussy at a quicker and rougher pace.

X-Pac laughs a bit, "Billy I'm surprised you had the balls to do that!" X-Pac
says as he moves to get a good look of Terri's large tits as they move back
and forth. Billy gets a confused look on his face as he stands up and tosses
Terri's bikini top away.

Val licks his lips as he looks down at Terri rubbing her hot pussy with her
hand inside of her bikini bottoms while she sucks his cock, "Hey Terri...
don't wear your pussy out... there's a lot of dicks here..." Val laughs.

Terri slowly lifts her head off of Val's cock and wickedly smirks "Than
someone needs to fuck me!" Terri says in a sexy, bitchy tone as she grits her
teeth before she glances into the camera "You wish you could fuck me again
Dustin, don't you?"

"Fuck Dustin..." Road Dogg says as he lays down near the edge of the pool
with his cock pointing straight up, "Come over here and get fucked by this!"
Road Dogg says.

X-Pac smirks, "Hell with getting one dick Terri, get on Jesse and you'll get

Terri presses her sensual lips together and raises an eyebrow slyly "Mmm...I
fucking love that idea..." Terri says before the horny devilish Diva slides
her tan colored bikini bottoms off of her gorgeous, hot body to expose her
vengefully hot and smoothly shaved pussy. Terri licks her lips and moves over
towards the pool where Road Dogg is and the vengeful wife settles herself
onto his fat cock. "Mmmmm fuck!"

"Mmmmm..." Road Dogg moans as he reaches up and cups Terri's large hot tits
with his hands as Terri rocks slightly on his fat cock. X-Pac hurries over
and squats down behind the vengefully hot estranged wife of Dustin Runnels.
Holding his long dick with one hand, X-Pac uses the other to spread Terri's
ass cheeks apart so that can sharply slam his cock into her tight little

"Ohhhhhh...." Terri seductively moans as she grits her teeth and tilts her
head back as she pushes her devilishly hot body back on X-Pac's cock as he
thrusts himself into her hot, horny asshole. Terri places her hands on Road
Dogg's chest and begins to smoothly rock on his shaft "Mmmm're
so pathetic!"

"Ahhh uhhh yea... mmm fuck...' Road Dog moans as he plays with Terri's hot
tits as she grinds and rocks herself on his fat ten inch cock.

X-Pac puts his hands on Terri's smooth hips as he pumps his long thirteen
inch cock in and out of Terri's tight asshole with ease. "Ohhh yea... fuckin'
take that cock up your ass..." X-Pac groans as he pushes his cock deeply into
Terri's ass with every thrust.

Terri Runnels licks her lips as she grinds her seductively hot body between
the two well-hung DX members as she moves her wickedly hot body with skilled
rhythm "Ohhhhh fuck!"

Road Dogg presses Terri's tits together as he starts to thrust his cock
upward into her tight pussy, "Ahhh... uhhh fuck..." Road Dogg grunts as he
feels Terri's smooth legs smacking against his. X-Pac licks his lips as he
continues to firmly drive his big hard dick in and out of Terri's tight

Brian Christopher smirks, "Fuck... Terri is just too sweet.... look at her
take them dicks..." Brian says.

"Yeah... she must get in the mood a lot..." Billy Gunn laughs before he gets
an idea, which he then whispers into Brian's ear, causing Brian to get a wide
smile on his face.

Terri tilts her head back and closes her eyes as the seductively hot,
devilishly horny Diva firmly pushes back on X-Pac's cock while she sharply
grinds her pussy on his shaft "Mmmm...fuck me with those big dicks!"

X-Pac laughs a bit as he slams his cock all the way into Terri's asshole,
"Ohhh fuck yea... you're ass is grass when it comes to getting fucked!"
X-Pac grunts as his balls crash against Terri's juicy ass cheeks. Billy Gunn
wanders over and smacks X-Pac on the back.

"Tag... you're out!" Billy laughs. X-Pac glances at Billy and then he sees
Brian coming over and he catches on. X-Pac soon pulls his cock out of Terri's
ass and then Billy hoists her off of Road Dogg's fat cock.

"Hey!" Road Dogg says just as he watches Billy hold Terri up for Brian to
push his cock into her wet pussy, and then Billy gets his cock into her tight
asshole. "Never mind..." Road Dogg says with a laugh as he watches Billy and
Brian sandwich fuck Terri from a standing position.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Terri moans as she tightly holds onto Brian Christopher's
muscular arms as he and Billy Gunn hold the vengeful estranged wife up as
they thrust their cocks into her seductive ass and pussy "Mmmmm...ohhh boys!"

"Ohhhh oooo yea... mmm..." Brian Christopher moans as he puts his hands on
Terri's legs to help her wrap them around his muscular waist. Brian smoothly
thrusts his cock in and out of Terri's tight pussy as Billy increases the
pace of his own thrusts as he fucks Terri's tight ass.

"Uhhhh ahhh fuck yea..." Billy grunts as Terri's ass cheeks hit against his
waist as he bangs her.

Terri presses her sensual lips together as she leans back against Billy
Gunn's muscular chest as she allows Billy Gunn and Brian Christopher to ram
their hard cocks deeply into her "Mmmm...ohhh wish I was with
you right now...don't you, you bastard!" Terri moans, gritting her teeth as
she grinds her hot pussy forward against Brian Christopher's cock.

Val Venis walks over to a pool-side chair and leans the back of it down so
that he's able to lay on it, "Hey guys bring Terri's sweet little ass over
to the Big Valbowski..." Val says as he flicks his right thumb against his

Billy Gunn smirks as keeps slamming his cock into Terri's ass, "Now there's
an idea..." Billy says before he looks over Terri to look at Brian.

"Oooo yea... that is just too sexy for words..." Brian laughs as he keeps
pumping his cock into Terri's vengefully hot pussy. Brian and Billy then
start to step towards where Val is, and once they are there, they pull
their cocks out of Terri and drop her ass first onto Val Venis' thirteen
inch shaft.

"MMMMMM...OHHHH FUCK!" Terri Runnels moans as her tight asshole is roughly
impaled by the hard cock of Val Venis. Terri closes her eyes and grits her
teeth as she places her hands back against Val's muscular chest and she
begins to gently rock on his cock, riding him with her tight ass.

"Ahhhh mmmmm... I said bring her... not drop her..." Val laughs and groans
as Terri rocks on his cock with her tight little ass. Billy Gunn shrugs his
shoulders before he bends down and starts flicking his tongue against Terri's
right tit.

Road Dogg smirks and he elbows X-Pac in the stomach, "Hey Billy's got the
right idea... make her really want to rip Dustin a new one..." Road Dogg says
as walks over to Terri and he lowers himself so he can start sucking on her
left tit.

Terri tilts her head back as she starts to wickedly rock back and forth as
she feels the tongues of Billy Gunn and Road Dogg licking her large, tanned
and devilishly hot tits "Ohhhh fuck!'re so pathetic!"

"Uhhhh yea Terri you tell that asshole the truth..." Val moans as he puts his
hands on Terri's hips in order to lift her up and down on his thirteen inch
cock. Road Dogg sucks on Terri's left, hard nipple as he moves a hand down to
Terri's wet pussy and begins to rub it with his right hand.

"Mmmmm..." Billy moans as he quickly laps his tongue against Terri's right
tit. Meanwhile X-Pac and Brian Christopher are quietly discussing what they
want to do next with the devilishly hot Terri Runnels.

Terri opens her lustfilled, vengeful eyes and licks her soft, sensual lips as
she smoothly and wickedly bounces on Val's cock as he firmly thrusts his cock
into her tight, horny ass "Ohhhh fuck that ass! Dustin was never man enough
to!" Terri moans as she berates her husband.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn lift their heads away from Terri's tits and step
away from her to allow the camera to get footage of Terri bouncing up and
down on Val Venis' large cock. "Terri how about getting two dicks up your
ass?" X-Pac says as he and Brian step towards her and pull her off of Val's
cock, causing Val's dick to escape Terri's asshole with a loud popping sound.

"Mmmm...." Terri slyly smirks as she seductively locks her vengeful eyes
down on the hard, thick cocks of Brian Christopher and X-Pac "I fucking love
that..." Terri says as sweat starts to drip down her nicely tanned body.

Brian Christopher smirks, "Then climb aboard..." Brian says as he lays down
on the ground near the pool with his thick shaft pointing upward.

Terri wickedly smirks as she glances down at Brian's hard cock "Yeah...I'm
going to fucking get on it..." Terri Runnels replies with a laugh before she
lowers herself to join Brian Christopher on the ground, Terri expertly lifts
herself on Brian's body and guides his cock into her tight asshole.

"Uhhh shit..." Brian groans as Terri lowers her ass down onto his thick cock.

X-Pac kneels down in front of Terri and waits till she leans back to give him
a good view of his dick-stuffed target. "This is gonna be tight..." X-Pac
says with a laugh before he starts to force his cock into Terri's tight,
cock-filled asshole.

"Mmmmm...mother fucker!" Terri screams as she tightly closes her eyes as she
feels her horny asshole being stretched with two hard cocks, deeply inside of
her seductive, tanned ass.

Brian Christopher simply lays under Terri as he feels X-Pac's cock grinding
against his own with both being inside of Terri's devilishly tight asshole,
"Ahhhh uhhh shit..." Brian groans as he reaches around Terri to grab her
tits. X-Pac does all the work as he thrust his long hard cock in and out of
Terri's asshole with slow, but firm thrusts.

Terri tightly grits her teeth together as she smoothly rocks back and forth
while on top of Brian Christopher, her back facing him, as X-Pac impressively
manages to thrust his cock into her tight, cock-stuffed ass "Ohhhh fuck... could never do this..."

"Uhhh ahhh... he's too much of a pussy to do it..." X-Pac grunts as sweat
trips off of his arms as he deeply thrusts his cock into Terri's ass. X-Pac's
shaft grinds roughly against Brian's dick as Brian starts to lightly thrust
his cock up into Terri's tight asshole as well.

Billy Gunn looks at Val Venis who is just now getting off of the pool-side
chair he's on, "Hey Val... you haven't pounded her cunt yet...." Billy says.

Val smirks, "Neither did you... but don't worry... Dustin is going to see me
fuck her pussy like only a real man can..."

Terri seductively licks her teeth as she wickedly locks her vengeful eyes
with X-Pac as she roughly moves forward on his cock while she starts to grind
her tight ass on the two cocks deeply inside of her "Mmm...yeah...fuck that
ass!" Terri moans as sweat nicely covers her body.

"Ahhh uhh shit... fuck this is hard work..." X-Pac laughs a bit before he
slowly pulls his cock out of Terri's stretched out asshole, leaving Brian's
cock alone in her ass. "Mmmmm damn..." Brian moans as he thrusts his cock up
into Terri's ass before she lifts herself off of him when Val comes over.

Terri bites down on her bottom lip as she seductively locks her devilishly
alluring eyes with Val Venis as the muscular man approaches her "Fuck..."

"That's what we're doing...' Val laughs a bit as he looks at Terri's sweat
covered tits. "Turn around and get on down...."

"Do it Doggy-style!" Road Dogg calls out as he starts to come up behind
Terri. Terri Runnels slyly smirks as she glances over her shoulder at Road
Dogg before she seductively lowers herself down onto her knees on the ground
of the pool area and then leans forward onto her hands.

Val steps around Terri and pushes Road Dogg aside, "Sorry Jesse... but Terri
needs a big man for this big job..." Val says as he kneels behind Terri and
inserts his thirteen inch cock into Terri's tight, wet pussy.

Road Dogg shrugs, "Oh really? Well I need a blowjob that Dustin ain't gonna
ever get...." Road Dogg says as he walks around in front of Terri and kneels
down so that he can tap his fat dick against her lips. Terri slyly looks up
at Road Dogg before she opens her wickedly hot mouth and takes Road Dogg's
fat cock into her mouth. Terri wraps her seductive lips around his shaft and
closes her eyes while she rocks forward on her knees to suck on his cock, as
Val Venis begins to fuck her from behind.

"Ahhhh uhhh yea...." Road Dogg moans as he watches Terri bob her head quickly
on his fat cock, causing her hair to be tossed around. Val Venis smacks
Terri's ass with his right hand as he pumps his large hard cock in and out of
her tight pussy, causing his waist to hit her ass without Terri having to
push back against him.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Terri moans as she works her hot mouth on Road Dogg's cock
as she wickedly slaps her manipulative tongue against his fat shaft. Terri's
seductively tanned body smoothly guides back against Val's cock as her horny
ass smacks against his muscular waist.

"Ahhh yea... mmmmm...." Val Venis moans as he deeply rams his cock into
Terri's tight wet pussy as he increases the pace of his thrusts. Val's balls
smack against Terri's smooth skin while her hot, round ass smacks on his

"Ohhh yea Terri, ohhh you know what to do with that dick..." Road Dogg moans
as Terri laps her tongue against his fat cock as she blows him. Meanwhile,
Billy, X-Pac and Brian are all quietly talking about something as they all
look lustfully at the horny, vengefully hot Terri Runnels.

Terri bobs her head sloppily on Road Dogg's cock as she deeply sucks on his
fat dick. "Mmmmmm!" Terri Runnels moans around his cock as she firmly pushes
her horny ass back against Val's muscular waist as his cock deeply rams her
pussy from behind.

"Hey... why not let her get three dicks at once instead of two!" X-Pac calls

Val smirks, "Now there's something Terri would love Dustin to see..." Val
says as he pulls his thirteen inch cock out of Terri's soaking wet pussy.
X-Pac nods his head as he moves close to Terri and lays down as Road Dogg
pulls his cock out of Terri's saliva dripping wet mouth.

Terri wickedly smirks as she looks at the camera "Jealous Dustin?" Terri says
with a sly laugh before turns and mounts herself firmly onto the hard cock of
X-Pac, taking him deeply into her tight pussy "Mmmmmm! Ohhhh fuck! You're so
much bigger than Dustin!" Terri moans as she places her hands on X-Pac's
toned chest and begins to rock back and forth on his cock.

Billy and Brian start to walk over towards Terri and X-Pac as X-Pac starts to
thrust his cock up into Terri's pussy. Billy gets behind Terri and starts to
kneel down, which gets Brian's attention, "Boy... now I know why they call
you Mr. Ass..." Brian laughs as he stands near Terri's head.

Billy Gunn smirks, "A tight little ass like Terri's gets every second of my
time..." Billy replies before he slams his cock into Terri's tight asshole.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Terri moans and as she has her hot mouth open, she takes
Brian Christopher's cock into her horny, hot mouth. Terri presses her lips
around his shaft and starts to eagerly bob her head, sucking Brian
Christopher's cock smoothly. The estranged, horny wife of Dustin Runnels,
rocks back and forth on X-Pac's cock as she manages to push her wickedly hot
body back against Billy Gunn's cock as he fucks her ass.

"Mmmmm ohhh yea..." Brian Christopher moans as Terri sucks and slurps on his
nice sized cock while he places a hand on her head to encourage to bob her
head faster.

Billy grinds his teeth together as he drives his cock in and out of Terri's
ass, while X-Pac pops his hips to sharply ram his cock up into Terri's tight
wet pussy, "Ohhh yea... mmmm fuck yeah Terri..." X-Pac moans as he watches
Terri's hot, large tits sway back and forth.

"Mmmm...mmmm" Terri Runnels moans as she quickly bobs her horny head on Brian
Christopher's cock as she laps her wet tongue around his thick shaft. Terri
lifts her seductive eyes and locks them with Brian Christopher before she
bounce smoothly on X- Pac's cock and firmly pushes her horny ass back against
Billy Gunn's muscular waist to take his cock deeper into her ass "MMMMMM!"

"Uhhh fuck yea... mmmm..." Billy Gunn grunts as he continues to deeply ram
his cock into Terri's asshole. Billy's balls slap loudly against Terri's
smooth, tanned skin as she pushes herself back against him. X-Pac licks his
teeth as he continues to quickly thrust his cock up into Terri's tight pussy
as she slams herself down on his dick as she rides him.

"Ohhh shit this is the hottest shit ever..." Brian moans as he looks down
into Terri's eyes as she smirks around his cock before she lifts her head off
of his saliva covered dick. Terri Runnels presses her sensual lips together
as she watches her saliva drip from Brian Christopher's cock and onto X-Pac's
forward while the seductive, manipulative and horny Terri Runnels moves
between the two DX members. "Damn Terri... you're too sexy.... I want another
shot at your pussy..." Brian says as he moves to the pool-side chair and sits
down. Billy keeps thrusting his cock into Terri's ass for a few moments more
before he pulls his shaft out of her tight, horny ass

Terri smirks as she tosses her sweat dampened blond hair back and smoothly
lifts herself off of X-Pac's cock and begins to seductively walk over to
Brian Christopher and he sits down on the poolside chair. Road Dogg, who was
standing by the pool's edge, starts to follow Terri as she walks over to
Brian, and he makes sure she doesn't notice him when she starts to climb onto
the poolside chair Brian is sitting on.

Terri seductively grits her teeth "You want me to ride that big cock?" Terri
says with a sly smirk as she sits on his lap and gently rocks back and forth,
brushing her soft pussy lips against the head of his cock, teasing the too
sexy Superstar.

Brian puts his hands behind his head, "Oh yeah... I want you ride it hard
Terri..." Brian says with a smirk as he looks up at Terri as she brushes her
soft pussy lips against the tip of his shaft.

Terri bites down on her bottom lip as the horny, devilishly hot Diva lowers
herself down onto his cock, taking him into her warm and tight pussy "Mmmmm!"

"Ohhh yeah..." Brian moans as Terri settles herself on his rock hard cock.

Behind Terri, Road Dogg kneels one leg on the poolside chair before he starts
to guide his dick towards Terri's dick stuffed pussy, "Hope there's room for
one more..." Road Dogg says as he pushes his cock into Terri's pussy along
side Brian's shaft.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck..." Terri moans as she laughs, feeling Road Dogg's cock
moving inside of her pussy that also holds Brian Christopher's cock. Terri
licks her lips as she places her hands on Brian's muscular, tanned chest and
starts to swiftly move with their firm, and quick thrusts to her horny pussy.

"Ohhh shit... fuck..." Brian moans as he feels Road Dogg's dick grinding
against his own as they thrust themselves deeply into Terri's tight hot and
wet pussy. Road Dogg pus his hands on Terri's shoulders as he starts to
thrust his cock quicker into Terri's tight, double-stuffed pussy.

Terri Runnels presses her sensual lips together as she narrows her eyes and
glances at the camera "Mmmm...Dustin...are you horny watching me get fucked?"
Terri taunts as she grinds her pussy against both fucks that are thrusting
into her tight and warm pussy.

"Ahhh uhhh yeah... I bet he is choking his chicken to this!" Road Dogg grunts
as he deeply rams his cock into Terri's pussy.

"Ohhh shit.. mmmm fuck..." Brian moans as he arches his back to ram his dick
upward into Terri's pussy. Brian and Road Dogg's cocks continue to grind
against each other as the vengefully hot estranged wife of Dustin Runnels
rocks between them. Terri lightly digs her fingernails into Brian's muscular
chest as she sharply slams down on Brian's cock before she roughly slams back
against Road Dogg's cock as well as they both fuck her hot pussy.

Val Venis licks his lips and smirks, "Hmmmm...." Val then looks into the
camera, "Dustin I hope you're enjoying the show... because Terri sure is..."
Val laughs.

Sweat drips off of Road Dogg's body as he continues to pound Terri's pussy
with Brian Christopher. "Ohh shit... mmmm..." Road Dogg grunts as he pulls
his dick out of Terri's pussy and steps away.

Val smirks, "Hey Terri.. .get off of Brian come here...." Val says with a

Terri glances over her shoulder and smirks "Mmm...sure thing..." Terri says
as she leans down and kisses the muscular chest of Brian Christopher and
slyly looks up at him "See you in a bit..." Terri Runnels says seductively
before she lifts her sexy, horny body off of his cock and steps over to Val

Val Venis licks his as he turns Terri around and bends Terri over,
"Mmmmmm...." Val laughs a bit before he pushes his thirteen inch cock into
Terri's hot, horny pussy and begins to pump his dick in and out at a smooth
pace. Brian Christopher gets off of the poolside chair and steps over in
front of Terri, and he's joined by X-Pac and Billy Gunn.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah...fuck that pussy...Dustin you son of a can't
fuck me the way I love it!" Terri moans and berates her husband as she's bent
over and getting fucked from behind by Val Venis. Terri wraps her left hand
around X-Pac's cock and her right hand around Gunn's cock and begins to
stroke both shafts before she opens her mouth and takes Brian's cock.

"Mmmmm... fuck.. glad you're seeing me again..." Brian moans as Terri lightly
bobs her head on his cock. Val wraps his arms around Terri's slender waist as
he thrusts his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Ohhh yea... Terri's got a hand on the situation..." Billy laughs as Terri
strokes his and X-Pac's large, hard dicks.

"MMMMM...MMMMMM...MMMM" Terri moans on Brian Christopher's cock as she
quickly and sloppily bobs her head on his cock, flinging her saliva against
his dick while sucking. Her soft, sensual lips brush against his shaft while
she strokes both X-Pac and Billy's cocks. The estranged, horny wife smoothly
pushes back against Val's cock as he deeply fucks her pussy.

"Ahhh uhhh yea... mmmmm..." Val Venis grunts as he deeply slams his cock into
Terri's tight pussy as he pulls her back towards him. Brian closes his eyes
and tilts his head back as the hot and horny estranged wife of Dustin Runnels
deeply sucks on his cock.

X-Pac licks his lips, "Mmmm yeah Terri stroke that cock... mmm yea..." X-Pac
moans as Terri twists her hand around his dick to apply more pressure.

Terri lifts her head up from Brian's cock and she grits her teeth as her
pussy tightens around Val's cock and she begins to cum "Ohhh...ohhh yeah..."
Terri moans and tilts her head back and slyly smirks. Terri narrows her eyes
and glances at the camera "Mmm...Dustin...Val made me cum, you've never made
me're so pathetic!"

Road Dogg laughs a bit as he joins the group, "He never made you cum? Damn
what does he have, a little Oscar Meyer wiener?" Road Dogg says.

Val smirks as he pulls his cock out of Terri's soaking wet pussy, "Speaking
of cum.... Terri you could use a shower..." Val says as he, Brian, X-Pac,
Road Dogg and Billy move to surround the hot, horny, sweaty Terri Runnels
and they all start stroking their cocks.

Terri presses her sensual lips together as the devilishly horny Diva lowers
herself down onto her knees as the five men circle around her, stroking their
cocks "Mmm...yeah...I want that cum."

X-Pac is standing right in front of Terri as he strokes his dick, "Mmmm here
it comes..." X-Pac groans as he starts cumming, spraying his hot thick load
all over Terri's face.

Terri Runnels closes her eyes and tilts her head back as X-Pac's warm cum
sprays on her sweaty covered, seductively beautiful face "Ohhh yeah...cum on
my face!"

X-Pac moves away from Terri once he's done cumming and he's replaced by Brian
Christopher. "Uhhh ohhh fuck... mmmm...." Brian moans as he begins to shoot
his cum onto Terri's face, dropping his load almost right into Terri's mouth
when she open it to catch some of his cum. Terri closes her mouth and
swallows Brian Christopher's warm cum eagerly. After she swallows his cum,
she opens her mouth to show that her hot, horny mouth is empty of cum.

Brian steps away from Terri and both of the New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and
Billy Gunn step in front of Terri. "How about a double shot?" Billy grunts as
he rapidly jerks his dick.

"She'll love it..." Road Dogg moans as he strokes his cock. Both of the hot
DX members aim their cocks at Terri's large hot tits and begin sparing their
thick cum all over them.

Terri slyly raises an eyebrow as the warn cum front the New Age Outlaws
sprays and drips onto her large tits "Ohhh yeah...cum on those tits...Dustin
would never do that!"

Road Dogg laughs as he finishes cumming, "Mmmmm... there's a lot he won't
do..." Road Dogg says as he starts to step away from Terri.

"Yeah... and what he does do... I wouldn't want to know...." Billy adds as he
keep stroking his cock until every drop of his cum ends up on Terri's tits
before he walks away.

Terri presses her sensual lips together and slowly glances over at Val Venis
"Mmm...I'm ready..."

Val smirks as he steps over in front of Terri, "You know Terri... the Big
Valbowski is a lot like a volcano.... with enough pressure built up... it
explodes at the top...' Val grunts as he pumps his cock with his right hand
until his large cock begins shooting his warm thick cum onto Terri's face.

Terri opens her hot mouth and manages to catch some of Val's warm cum,
shooting out of his cock, into her seductive mouth "Mmm...ohhh..." Terri

Val holds his cock near Terri's open mouth as he continues to cum, and once
he's done, he taps the head of his dick against Terri's bottom lip, causing
another drop to fall from his shaft. "Mmmm I think Terri got her groove
back..." Val says as he steps back away from Terri.

The horny, estranged wife of Dustin Runnels, turns to face the camera one
final time before she lustfully narrows her eyes " you
enjoy watching me getting fucked?" Terri asks with a sly smirk "Getting you could never EVER fuck me?!"


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