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How They Really Became Friends Part 1
by Nemesis8699

It is well known that Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson have been friends for
quite some years. There is only one part however that we have let to find
out, why? Well to answer that question we have to go way back, back to the
year 1999 when Stacy came to the WCW. Our story begins here...

WCW had a competition to see who the new Nitro Girl would be. Among the
hopefuls was a former Ravens' cheerleader by the name of Stacy Keibler. After
much time and dancing, Stacy had won competition and was crowned the newest
Nitro Girl. She was then given the name of Skye and was told to come to next
week's Nitro for her first appearance. Little did she know that she would be
doing a lot more than dancing on Nitro.

Once getting to the arena Stacy was told to go to the women's locker room to
get changed into her outfit. Once she opened the door she saw a topless
Torrie Wilson getting undressed. Torrie immediately noticed her and put down
the bra in her hand and went to shake Stacy's hand.

Torrie: You sure are tall. So how old are you?

Stacy: 20

Torrie: Really, well let me be the first to welcome you to WCW.

Torrie then began to put her hand on Stacy's side and slowly moved it up
until she hand a big chunk of Stacy's ass in her hand.

Torrie: You sure do have nice legs; why not let them breathe a little.

Stacy, a little surprised at what was going on, tried to take Torrie's hand
off of her but Torrie wouldn't. Torrie proceeded to pull down the long, tight
workout pants that Stacy was wearing to reveal a nice pink thong. Torrie then
licked all the way up Stacy's long legs till she got to her pussy when she
then stood up and stuck her tongue into Stacy's mouth. Stacy now begins to
like what is going on and takes her top off to show that she is braless.

Torrie likes what she sees and moves down to Stacy's nice little boobs and
begins to lick them until they are completely covered with saliva. Stacy
looks at Torrie's tight leather pants and realizes that they have to go. She
pulls them down and shows that Torrie is wearing blue-green panties. Torrie
pulls Stacy onto the ground and rips her thong off of her to reveal her
perfect pussy. Torrie also takes her panties off and starts to eat Stacy's
pussy. Stacy starts to moan, "My God Torrie, you are incredible. Keep eating
me out don't stop." Torrie listens to Stacy and continues to eat Stacy out,
even after the flow of Stacy's sweet nectar comes from her pussy.

Torrie then stops and tells Stacy to stretch out her legs. After doing this,
the two crosses eachother's legs so that their pusses are together. They then
start to push against each other while at the same time masturbating with
themselves. They continued push into each other until they both came and
their juices combined into one. The two then stop and lay down next to each
other in exhaustion.

Then there was a knock on the door, who could it be?

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