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How They Really Became Friends Part 2
by Nemesis8699

Before the two lovely women could move the door opened and entered none other
than the Nitro Girl herself, Kimberly. Kimberly starts to talk as she looks
up, "Hey Stacy are you here...oh my!" Kimberly was shocked at what she saw,
the two beautiful women lying naked on the floor in a pool of their own
erotic juices.

Kimberly: Now Torrie, you know that all the new Nitro Girls get welcomed into
WCW by me and only me.

Torrie: I know Kim but look at her, she is sooooo beautiful I couldn't keep
my hands off of her.

Kim: Well, I guess I'll just have to take the sloppy seconds. Torrie your
welcomed to join in.

After listening to their conversation Stacy could not believe her ears. Not
only did she just have her first lesbian experience, but that she was about
to have another one. Kimberly proceeded by taking off her tight dress to
reveal only a small black thong to cover her private area. Stacy stood up
with Torrie and Kimberly and she watched as Torrie and Kimberly stuck their
tongues down each other's throats. Stacy could not take just watching
anymore and got behind Kimberly and started to feel up the playboy model.

Kimberly felt the smooth hands rubbing her ass and quickly turned around
and began to kiss Stacy. As Kimberly and Stacy made out with each other
Torrie bent down and pulled off Kimberly's thong to see the most perfect
ass see had ever seen. With that Torrie began to lick all around Kim's ass
while Kimberly and Stacy felt each other up.

Kimberly then told Torrie to lie down on her back and Torrie obliged. Stacy
then got on her knees and dove into Torrie's beautiful pussy. "Eat me out
Stacy, common, don't stop, keep going." As Stacy took care of Torrie's needs,
Kimberly knew what to do. She slid on her back until her mouth was directly
under Stacy's pussy. Kim pulled Stacy off her knees so that she could do the
deed with little effort. As Stacy was getting eaten out and eating Torrie,
she realized that Kimberly was not being pleasured. So Stacy took her head
up from Torrie crotch for a moment and placed her hand on Kimberly's private
part and began to rub. Now all three women were being pleasured at once and
after about 10 minutes of this, all three women came at once.

All three ladies then got up and got themselves dressed. After giving each
other a long kiss goodbye. They then left the room together and went to have
lunch, were none of the other wrestlers realized what had just happened in
the women's locker room.

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