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How To Get Your Way In the WWE
by DivaLover (

Paul London has been working in the WWE for a few weeks now, and still hasn't
gotten too much of a break with Vince. He'd mostly been tagging with his good
friend Spanky on Velocity. Paul was sick and tired of not getting a big break
like he thought he was going to in the WWE. So one day when he was talking to
Spanky, he decided it's been enough

"Spanky, how can you stand working here? All we ever do is tag against
jobbers on Velocity?" Paul asked.

"You just got to do what they pay you for. Plus I hear we may get a big push
sometime soon" said Spanky.

"I can't wait any longer. I came here to make it big, and I just want more

"What are you going to do about it?" Spanky asked.

"I think I'm going to go talk to Stephanie McMahon and get her to put us on a
match for the next SmackDown. How does that sound?" Paul said, standing up
and putting a shirt on.

"Okay, but don't piss her off, Paul"

Paul then stormed down the hallway heading towards the GM of SmackDown,
Stephanie McMahon's office. Paul then gets to her office door, and takes a
deep breath before lightly knocking. After a few seconds Paul doesn't hear
a thing. Then he knocks again, but still nobody answered. He then turns the
handle to see if the room is unlocked, and he pushes it open. Once Paul
looks inside though he sees Stephanie McMahon on her leather couch, with her
skirt pulled up and Brock Lesner fucking her. Paul's eyes shoot open in shock
as he stares in. Stephanie looks very bored as Brock is pumping into her. He
then lets out a long moan, throwing his head back. Stephanie then shakes her
head at him.

"God Brock, why did they give you the name 'Next Big Thing?'" Steph said
rolling her eyes. Brock looks at her confused, and then down at his 3" cock.
"Come on, Brock, it's tiny! I called you in here because I'm was horny, but
you couldn't even get me off. You're pathetic and I'm willing to guess you
won't be the WWE Champion too much longer."

As Stephanie talks to Brock Paul just keeps staring it his eyes stuck on
Stephanie shaved pussy. Brock then pulls up his jeans right as Steph sees
Paul in the doorway. "Hey! How long have you been watching?"

"Oh I just opened the door. I'm sorry to bug you Miss McMahon. I'll go right
away." Paul then was about to turn to leave but Stephanie called him back
into the room. As Brock stares down at him.

"Brock get the hell out of here! Now you're Paul London, right?"

"Yes, ma'am" Paul said still staring at Stephanie's amazing body.

"I'm sure you just saw what I was doing with Brock. Now you see he didn't
please me, and I need a man who can. So Paul if you can please me right here
and now, I'll give you a WWE Title match against Brock Lesner at SmackDown
this week. You up for that challenge?" Steph asked with a smirk on her face.
Paul then looks at the GM in utter surprise.

" see....YES!" Paul finally says as he walks towards Stephanie.
She then stands up, and they look each other eye to eye. Paul then leans in
to give her a long, passionate kiss, meanwhile his hand is sliding up her
skirt and rubbing her already wet pussy.

As they kiss Paul inserts one finger into her, while rubbing her clit with
his thumb. Paul then continues to finger Steph as they break their kiss.
She then undos her suit coat, and shirt showing Paul her white bra. He then
takes his finger out of her wet box, and licks it clean, before reaching
behind her and taking off her bra. Stephanie's huge breasts flop out, and
Paul immediately dives in, sucking on her large nipples, his hand once again
going down to play with her clit. Stephanie moans rubbing her hands down
Paul's stomach, and finally sliding them into his shorts.

Paul then pushes Stephanie to the couch, pushing her down on it. He then
pulls down his shorts letting his already rock hard eight inch cock pop out.
He then pulls Stephanie's skirt down, before going to his kness between her
legs. He then starts to finger her pussy once more, before flicking his
tongue against her clit. Stephanie is now moaning like crazy, and playing
with her nipples as Paul eats her out.

"Oh fuck yes, Paul! That's perfect!" Stephanie screams as Paul inserts
another finger into her sliding them in and out fast as he continues to lick
her clit. Paul keeps going like this for a few minutes until Stephanie can't
take anymore, and she lets out a huge scream. Her body then spasms as she
has a huge orgasm, getting Paul's fingers all wet and letting him taste her
juices. Paul licks it all up happily before standing up looking down at

"Now what do you need, Steph?" Paul says with a smile.

"I want your cock in me, now" Steph says licking her lips.

Paul then walks up to her sliding just the tip of his dick in her, before
pushing it all the way in, and letting out a moan. Stephanie also moans,
rubbing her tits together at the same time. Paul then slides it out slowly,
and back in, surprised at how tight Stephanie actually is. Paul then starts
to build up speed, staring at Stephanie's huge breasts bouncing as he goes.

"Fuck me, Paul, fuck me hard!" Stephanie screams as Paul once again picks up
the pace, going faster and harder into Stephanie's wet pussy.

After awhile he is smashing it into her, and he can hear his balls slapping
against her. Paul is sweating now as Stephanie is moaning, and screaming in
pleasure. Then she grabs Paul stopping him, and she smiles. Then she gets up
and shoves him down on to the couch, before going to her knees and licking
to tip of his dick. Stephanie then slides her tongue up the shaft before
taking it into her mouth. Stephanie then starts to deep throat Paul, causing
him to almost cum in the bosses mouth. She realizes this though, and stops
instead just stroking it in her hand.

She then climbs up on him, and grabs his dick sliding it back into her pussy,
this time with her on top. She then starts to ride Paul up and down her tits
in his face as she goes. Paul then sucks on her nipples, before grabbing on
to Stephanie's ass and ramming his dick into her hard. As they both pick up
the pace harder and harder Stephanie suddenly screams in pleasure as she
orgasms once more, her pussy squeezing Paul's dick inside her.

Paul then feels his own orgasm coming, and he leans in close to Stephanie.
"I'm going to cum, Stephanie, where do you want it?"

"I want to taste it, Paul" she says with a smile. Stephanie then climbs off
of him, and gets on her knees in front of him again. She then grabs on to his
dick, and starts to stroke it slowly before putting her mouth around the tip
again. Stephanie then sucks hard, swirling her tongue along the shaft. Paul
tries to hold it in as long as he can but then lets out a long moan as he
shoots his load deep into Stephanie McMahon's mouth. He then grabs her head
holding it down as he keeps sending his cum down her throat.

"Oh God, Steph!" Paul moans as he finally stops cumming in her mouth. Steph
then climbs up him again, and gives him a long kiss, letting Paul taste his
own cum on her tongue.

"Well I think you proved you're worthy of being a main eventer here on
SmackDown, Paul" Stephanie says as she lays her head on his shoulder. Paul
smiles as he leans his head back trying to catch his breath after having
the best sex of his life with Stephanie McMahon.

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