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How Torrie & Stacy Got Their Jobs In The WWF
by RavishingRick69

Hello, its me Ricky Lee, head writer for the WWF. I've been meaning to
pass along some more juicy stories from behind the scenes in the WWF, but
things have been pretty busy lately. What with the whole Invasion angle
being -- well, let's admit it -- a suck-ass failure for the most part, the
writers have been working our butts off to keep up. We've more or less got
our heads above water now, though, and with the recent break over the
holidays, I've had time to write another account of sin and sex in the
locker rooms. Today, I'm going to tell you how a couple of former WCW
vixens got "invaded" on their way to becoming WWF employees.

As everyone knows, Vince McMahon bought his only real rival, the WCW not
long ago. Funny how WCW's demise started when Russo left and I stepped up to
the head-writer position in the WWF, ain't it? Well, enough about my ego.
When the deal went down, the WWF officials and creative team met with pretty
much every WCW star to assess their worth to the company. While there were a
lot of young guys that I was looking forward to incorporating into WWF story
lines, I didn't see much hope for the ladies of WCW. I've always thought our
WWF Divas were more attractive, and certainly more talented in the ring, and
I made it known to Vince right off the bat that I thought as much. But, we
still had to do the meetings, on the off chance that we saw some glimmer of
hope in the girls.

It was left up to each department how to conduct the interviews, and since
I wasn't very thrilled with the whole idea in the first place, I decided to
get them over with as quick as possible by seeing two girls at a time. First
on the list: Stacy Kiebler and Torrie Wilson. So, early one morning at Titan
Towers, my secretary buzzed me to let me know the girls had arrived. I stood
as they walked into my office, shaking hands with each girl in turn.

Now, don't get the wrong idea here. I'm a red-blooded American male with
an above average tendency for horniness, so just because I said I don't
particularly care for most of the WCW girls doesn't mean I'm dead. Stacy and
Torrie are definitely the two hottest of the WCW girls, and there was no
stopping my prick from doing a little jump when I saw them up close for the
first time. Torrie was dressed pretty normally in jeans and a red T-shirt
that just exposed her mid-drift (meetings with talent are almost always
conducted informally, just because it's more relaxing for everyone). Normal
didn't really mean conservative for Torrie, though, as her tight jeans seemed
painted on and the red top strained to contain those massive breasts of hers.

Stacy, on the other hand. . .well, there was no mistaking her look for
conservative. Dressed in business suit with white blouse and a coat to match
her super-short mini skirt, Stacy seemed to be stuck in her Ms. Hancock
character (a name that made me grin, even if it was Russo's idea). For those
of you who may be wondering, yes, her legs really are THAT long. I'm sure I
couldn't have been a little more tactful in looking the girls up and down,
but I couldn't help it. Shaking myself back to the business at hand, I
offered them a seat in front of my desk and sat down across from them.

"Good morning, ladies," I said, smiling broadly. "How are you doing?"

"Fine," "Good," they said alternately. We went through the prerequisite
song and dance of "can I get you anything to drink," "how was your trip,"
blah-blah. . .basic ice-breaking stuff. Then we got down to business.

"Okay, obviously I've seen your work before since every WCW show was required
viewing for our creative team. The basic purpose of this interview is to see
how you would feel about working for us, any limitations you might have, and
so forth. So, let's just start with the obvious: Would you girls like to work
for the WWF?"

"Oh, god, of course!" said Torrie. "I mean, the Federation has been THE
place to be for years now."

"Yeah, we've wanted to work here for a long time," chimed in Stacy. "But,
you know, contracts and everything. We signed for WCW with big promises and
everything, but it just sucked, you know?"

"We were planning to jump ship as soon as our contracts ran out," added
Torrie. I couldn't help but grin. They were certainly laying it on thick. I'm
sure there was at least some truth to what they were saying, but being the
only game in town has a funny effect on people. Suddenly, everyone just LOVED
the WWF.

"Okay," I continued, "As you know the WWF emphasizes a lot of physicality
from its women, and we put a lot of stock in mic skills as a way to tell a
story. Um, I know that WCW didn't quite place those same demands on you. . ."
I was trying to think of a polite way to say they couldn't wrestle or talk
for shit. "Would you be willing to undergo some more rigorous training --
both acting and physically?"

"Oh, absolutely," said Torrie.

"Yes," said Stacy, a mischievous smile spreading across her face. "We're
up for any rigorous physical activity you want to put us through."

"Oh. . .really?" I said slowly. I've had many conversations like this
before, being in a position of power as I am, and it didn't take a genius to
see where this was leading. My dick began to harden appropriately.

"Look," said Torrie, rising from her seat and walking around the desk to
stand behind me. "Let's not waste each others time here. We all know that
the chances of Stacy and I getting on WWF TV are slim to none here."

"We're just not on the same level as the other WWF girls," said Stacy,
now sitting on my desk, undoing the bun in her hair. "We know that, we're not
stupid. Sure, we could go to bumping school and take some acting lessons, but
why would you pay for all of that?"

"Especially when the WWF is the only game in town and you can have your
pick of girls that are already trained for that kind of thing," Torrie was
now slowly massaging my shoulders. I leaned back and relished this, knowing
what was coming next.

"So, Mr. Lee. . ." Stacy paused and looked down at me over her glasses.
"May I call you. . .Mr. Lee?"

"Better not call me anything else," I said grinning. Stacy returned my
grin, and Torrie giggled behind me.

"Of course, Mr. Lee," Stacy continued. "As I was saying, to break down
this situation for you, there are two beautiful blondes in your office in
need of a job, and they are willing to do what it takes to see that they get

Torrie had stopped rubbing my shoulders and now returned to Stacy's side,
placing an arm around her. Stacy turned her head up and the two gorgeous
vixens shared a passionate kiss, their tongues visibly probing each other's

"So," said Torrie. "What is it going to take?"

"That and a little more," I said rising from my seat. I joined the two
ladies on the other side of the desk and took turns kissing them. As I laid
Torrie on the desk, unfastening her pants, Stacy removed her coat and began
unbuttoning her blouse. Pulling off Torrie's pants, I lowered my mouth
between her legs, tonguing and munching her cunt through her leopard-print
thong as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. Stacy moved beside
Torrie and began fondling her ample tits through the shirt. Lifting my eyes
(not my mouth, mind you), I could see that Stacy was now almost completely
naked, save for black lace garter and stockings. No panties in sight as
Torrie's hand gently fondled Stacy's sopping kooch.

With a little help from the former Ms. Hancock, I undressed Torrie,
sliding her panties off to reveal an equally-wet pussy. Stacy leaned down
to take one of Torrie's bra-less nipples in her mouth for a long, hard suck.
As sweet as her juices tasted, I couldn't stand to eat Torrie any longer.
Dropping my pants and freeing my stiff, throbbing dick, I ran it along her
moist slit, eliciting another, deeper moan. Pulling her across my desk to
the very edge, I slid my cock inside Torrie just as Stacy swung her legs up
and over Torrie's face, muffling her scream with a mouthful of wet cunt.

In true team spirit, Stacy and I used Torrie like the slut I had
discovered she was. Leaning back and grabbing Torrie's legs, spreading them
wide as her pussy was devoured, Stacy cocked her head back and plunged her
tongue into my mouth as I pumped Torrie.

"Oh, Mr. Lee," she gasped. "Let's fuck her good, Mr. Lee. Let's use this
slut!" I twisted Stacy's nipples as she ground her crotch into Torrie's face.
I could feel the cum rising from my balls, ready to spray Torrie's inner
walls, so I rammed her harder and harder. Evidently, this inspired Torrie to
really go to town on Stacy, as the blond leaned forward, screaming in

"Oh Jesus," she screamed, "Yeah, eat that pussy you fucking -- oh FUCK, OH

"Mmmm, oh god, here it comes!" I cried as my load began to spurt into
Torrie. A slurppy, only slightly muffled cry of pleasure issued into Stacy's
pussy as the slutty blonde's pussy gripped and milked my cock. I rested my
head on Stacy's shoulder as she leaned back and sucked my ear between her
lips, sending a shiver throughout my body.

"Mmmm, you're so sexy, Mr. Lee. Do I get some, too?" she said, pouting

Grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her roughly off of Torrie, I said
"Oh, most definitely, Ms. Keibler."

Pushing up on her elbows, Torrie agreed "I think it's time you were the
slut, Stacy."

Savagely, I pushed Stacy's face into Torrie's sloppy, jizz-filled pussy.
Both girls moaned as I rubbed the tall, long-legged blonde's face against
Torrie's clit. Pulling her back up by the hair, I could see cock and cunt
juice dripping from her mouth. "If you want to work here," I hissed in her
ear, "You're going to learn fast that you need to stay on the good side of
the creative team. . .and I AM the fucking creative team, and my good sides
are behind you, on top of you, or under you." Saying this, I pushed her
face back into Torrie as I positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy.
With the combined lubrication of her own juices and Torrie's saliva, I
easily slid into Stacy and began pounding away as she slurped down the
nasty mess that Torrie's pussy had become.

"Fuck her, Mr. Lee," cried Torrie, "Oh, make her eat my pussy so good."

My dick being so sensitive from my recent jaunt into Torrie Wilson, it
didn't take long for another load (and a respectable one, I might add) to
fill Stacy Kiebler as well. Torrie joined me in her own orgasm as Stacy
sucked and licked her clit to its own personal climax. Afterwards, the two
blondes joined forces to clean my dick off before we all got dress.

"So," Stacy inquired, buttoning up her blouse and speaking in
business-like monotone as if nothing had happened, "do we have a place in
your company?"

"Oh, I think I can work you in somewhere," I said walking them to the
door. Before sending them back into the hall, I grabbed a handful of each
girl's ass and added "So long as I can work MYSELF in as well, if you know
what I mean." And they certainly did.

A few weeks later, Stacy and Torrie found themselves immersed in the
Invasion angle, and after a few matches (at Vince's request), they were
respectively assigned to the Dudleys and Tajiri as the non-speaking,
non-wrestling pieces of T and A they are qualified to be. They got their
jobs, I got some pussy, and I preserved the integrity of my product. Not
bad for a day's work, and I'll have more stories from my days at the
office for you later.

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