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How Trish Stratus Got Her Job In The WWF.
By Easy E (

WWF owner Vince McMahon had a problem. With the WWF the hottest thing
going there were beautiful women always trying to get a job as a valet,
including celebrities that wanted to use the WWF to help further there
carrer. Vince and Shane were only interested in three of them but could
only afford to sign one.

The three of them were fitness superstar Trish Stratus, young actress
Lacey Chabert, and porn star Jenna Jameson. They had an idea on how to
choose one and get some good publicity. They would have a contest on there
website where the fans would send in their pictures and the winners would
win a trip to Titan Headquarters and a Surprise when they got there. They
would pick the five ugliest male fans and have them come in the same day
that the three canidates would appear for the interview and they'd tell
the girls that they'd have to sexualy please the fans then the fans would
vote for which one the WWF would hire. Vince and Shane knew that only
Jenna Jameson would agree and the others would quit on the spot so the
orgy wouldn't happen, but when word got out there ratings would go even
higher then they were.

The day came and Shane lead the fans into one room and explained what
they would have to do. They were excited of course. Shane looked them over
and all five were in there late teens and were very ugly with there faces
covered in pimples and there body's fat and out of shape and the five
admitted to being virgins.

"No way the other two girls will agree to this." Shane thought with a
smile on his face.

Vince was in the other room with Trish Stratus, Jenna Jameson, and Lacey
Chabert talking with them. Vince told them "All three of you are very
attractive young women and we'd love to have you all but unfortunatly we
can only accept one."

The three women looked each other over as Vince continued "We have
however come up with a way to choose which one to hire. Since the WWF cares
alot about the fans opinion we decided to bring in five of our male fans
who we have personaly picked to choose which of you we hire. It's up to you
making the fans happy enough with your performance that decides which of
you gets the job." Vince called Shane into his office "Shane bring in the
five young men."

Shane entered with the five winners. All three girls looked discusted by
the appearences and odor of the five men.

"Now" Vince continued "what we need you to do is sexually please each of
these five men and then they will vote on which of you we keep."

All three were shocked "Are you serious?!?" yelled Lacey Chabert.

"I'd never screw anyone as disgusting as them." replied Trish Stratus.

Vince replied "You don't have to, you can leave and you'll never be
employed by us. Or you can get to work and see if you have what it takes."

Lacey and Trish were about to leave when Jenna Jameson stood up and took
off her clothes like nothing revealing her hot body and said "I'll take you
and you" as she pointed at two fans in the middle.

Both men got naked at once revealing there flabby bodys and approached
Jenna. She sat one of them down on her chair and got between his legs and
blew his 4 inch dick while the other humped her from behind with his 5 inch

Lacey hated to be outdone by some trashy pornstar so she looked at the
other three and choose the two that weren't real hairy and didn't have there
face covered in pimples like the third one. They undressed and ran to her.
Lacey was upset to see that they were only 4 and 3 inches long but knew she
had to have this job so she undressed revealing her B cup breasts and her
tight ass.

She laid on her back and spread her legs for them to access her love
tunnel. They both got between her legs and put both of their dicks into her
pussy and fucked her like crazy.

Trish looked at Jenna and Lacey and got tempted to join them but looked
at the only fan left and started to walk out of the room. He was the fatest
and ugliest of them and had hair all over him from what she could see. Just
before she left he walked over to her and pleaded her to have sex with him.
She spat in his face kicked him in the groin.

As he knelled over in pain she pulled up her top revealing her huge
breasts and teased him saying "Take a look you fat pig because this is as
close as you're gonna get to them!"

She turned to leave when the fan grabbed her by the waist and threw her
to the floor. Before Trish could react he grabbed her top and tore it off as
her large tits sprung out for all to see. He then yanked off her pants and
panties revealing her blond bush.

He took off his own clothes to reveal his fat, hairy body to Trish. She
looked down expecting to see another short dick but was treated to a 8 inch
cock! Her eyes widened at the sight and her pussy lips got wet as she spread
her legs for him to enter her. He got between her legs and immediatly slammed
his 8 inches into Trish as she screamed in esctasy. She wrapped her legs
around her hairy lover as his dicked pistoned in and out of her body.

Meanwhile Jenna Jameson's expert tongue made the guy she was sucking blow
his load in her mouth. She sucked it all then told the guy doing her ass to
lie down so she could ride him.

While they did this Lacey came and her pussy muscles tightened around the
two dicks in her could tell they came as well. They all pulled out and laid
on the floor for awhile till the fan that Jenna had blown got between Lacey's
legs and stuck his penis in her already tired pussy and started fucking the
tired star.

The guy Jenna was screwing came in her then and she got up and started
riding one of the guys that came in Lacey. The other fan Lacey fucked stood
in front of Jenna's face and offered her his dick. She took it in her mouth
and started giving one of the best blow jobs she ever gave. The guy Jenna
had rode went over to Lacey for a blow job.

Lacey told him "Sorry, but I don't give blowjobs."

He looked at Jenna and saw that she was too busy so he walked towards
Trish. Trish was screaming like a banshee as the hunged fan screwed her

The fan asked "Do you give blowjobs, Ms. Stratus?"

Trish looked up and said "Give it to me now, dammit!!!"

He put himself in a pushup like position and lowered his dick into
Trish's red lips. Trish gave head like a pro and the fan was moaning louder
then when Jenna had rode him. The guy in Jenna's mouth came and sat on the
floor from exhaustion.

She pulled out of the fan she was riding and said "Sorry kid, but your
not big enough for me." she got up and walked toward Lacey Chabert and her
lover. The unsatisfied fan was pissed and looked towards Trish Stratus. He
walked over to her and asked her if he could join.

She pulled the other fan's dick out of her mouth and told him "Fuck my
tits!" before she put him back in her mouth. He positioned himself between
her breasts made a pocket out of her huge tits and fucked her chest.

The fan fucking Lacey was pushed out of the way by Jenna Jameson. Lacey
looked up just to be greated by Jenna's pussy as they got in a 69 position.
The two fans looked at each other then at Trish and decided to join in the

Trish saw them coming and pulled the guy out of her mouth again and told
the two for one to kneel down on her left and the other on her right side.
They did then she grabbed both of there dicks and started jerking them off.

Lacey and Jenna ate each other out until they both came and fell asleep.

Trish, who had five dicks screwing her, was having the time of her life.

The one in her mouth yelled "Shit, I'm gonna cum!" and shot his load in
Trish and fell on the floor. Trish told the other two to both put their dicks
in her mouth so they can both cum. While she was blowing the two of them the
one screwing her tits came all over her chest and stomach then collapsed on
the floor. Both the dicks in her mouth came at the same time and both pulled
out and sprayed Trish in the face then lied down to rest.

The big one between her legs was nearing orgasm and so was Trish. He
pumped her harder and slamed her with all his might while trish grabed his
hairy butt and pulled so as to help his force.

Trish yelled "Harder you fat fuck! Harder!!!"

As he came in her he let out a giant yell while Trish screamed till she
almost lost her voice from the power of her orgasm. His seed flooded into
her as her legs tightened around his waist to hold her. After about a minute
they both collapsed on the floor.

Vince and Shane looked at each other and smiled. Anyone of them would be
a good addition to the WWF. After everyone was cleaned up they had the vote.

Lacey Chabert got 1 vote.

Jenna Jameson got 1 vote.

Trish Stratus got 3 votes.

Trish Stratus was the winner and she was given a contract in the WWF.
Lacey and Jenna went back to there old carrers but kept in touch with each
other. And the five fans were given free WWF merchandise and a video of there
little adventure. As for the one with the 8 incher...he was hired by Trish
Stratus as her personal love slave and now lives with her in her home.

Later Vince and Shane talked and decided that they should definatly
consider having more auditions like this in the future.

The End?

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