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Pairing: Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly

Howling Mad With Passion
by Number One (

WWE's babyfaced Diva, Kelly Kelly did not have a good night. She was feeling
quite frustrated over her one-on-one loss to former Extreme Expos‚ partner
Layla. She was on her way to the Divas locker room when she suddenly heard a
loud banging noise coming from that particular area.

"What the hell was that?" the startled blonde wondered to herself. Thinking
nothing of it, she continued on her way and was about to turn a corner when
she heard another banging noise, this one louder than the last one. Kelly
took a few steps backward, but she peeked over the corner to see what was
causing such a ruckus. She was taken aback at what she saw.

Kelly saw what appeared to be Beth Phoenix, but there was something different
about her appearance. She looked immensely animalistic and somewhat
primitive. "It can't be," Kelly said softly to herself. She then remembered
that there was a full moon out tonight. Kelly then put two and two together.

"It is," said Kelly. "It's the Glamazon. And she's a werewolf."

Kelly knew from experience how brutal Beth--human or otherwise--can be.
Fearing for her life, Kelly searched for an alternative exit. She managed to
find one, but unfortunately, it was the emergency exit. A loud alarm sounded
the second Kelly opened the door. Realizing that she wasn't alone, the
lycanthropic Glamazon headed for the original exit. By that time, Kelly was
in her car, speeding away from the arena. Despite not believing what she saw,
she'll never forget it.

The next day, Kelly was in her bedroom getting dressed. She still can't get
what she witnessed last night off her mind. She was headed out the front
door, fully unaware that Beth Phoenix was waiting outside for her. Her
heightened senses led her to Kelly's place of residence. Mere seconds after
Kelly walked out the front door, she was knocked out via a blow to the head
by the diabolical Glamazon.

"What happened?" a dazed Kelly Kelly wondered after she awoke hours later in
what appears to be Beth Phoenix's living room. "Where am I?!" The first thing
she saw was the Glamazon walking towards her.

"Well, well, well," Beth said with a sinister smile. "I see that the blonde
busybody has woken up."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Kelly nervously said.

"Don't be coy with me, Kelly," said Beth. "I know you were there last night.
Did you like what you saw?"

With each growing second that went by, Kelly became more and more nervous.
"Don't be nervous," said Beth. "I actually should be relieved. I have kept
this under wraps for over a year."

"A year?" asked Kelly.

"Oh, yes," Beth answered. "You know, I don't know why they call it a curse. I
love this! I used to get impatient waiting for a full moon."

"Used to?" asked Kelly. "What do you mean 'used to'? Do you change every

"I have recently," the Glamazon replied. Kelly began to slowly back away from
her captor. "How does it happen?" the young blonde asked.

"What you don't understand, Kelly," Beth said in an ominous tone, "is that I
go throug a lot of emotions. I get frustrated often, and sometimes that leads
to anger, and that's when it happens. But you know what's been troubling me

Kelly nervously shook her head "no." "It's you," Beth answered as she slowly
walked towards Kelly. "I've been feeling very horny lately, and it's all
because of you. On a daily basis, I fantasize about having my way with you.
You are the cause of all of my sexual frustration." Beth then began moaning
and wincing in pain. A terrified Kelly watched as Beth tore her clothes off
and began her beastly transformation.

"I'm sorry," was all Kelly could say to her captor.

"Not good enough!" the Glamazon screamed. Kelly stood and watched Beth's
entire metamorphosis. Beth's eyes glowed a bright shade of yellow. White fur
was covering every facet of her muscular body. Her hands became long claws
sharp as razor blades, her pointed ears grew through her blonde hair, and her
teeth grew into sharp, jagged fangs. Her transformation complete, the blonde
female werewolf hybrid set her sights on her prey: Kelly Kelly.

Kelly headed for the front door, but Beth was there to stop her. "Where do
you think you're going?!" she yelled as she grabbed Kelly and threw her down
to the floor. The Glamazon let out an evil laugh as she looked down at Kelly.
"What's the matter, Kelly?" she said. "Do I scare you?"


"Really?" uttered Beth. "You're not afraid of me?"

"On the contrary," said Kelly, "I'm kinda turned on."

"Please," Beth scoffed. "You're just saying that so I won't tear you to

"No, I mean it," said Kelly. "Seeing you in all your beastly glory and the
way you overpowered me...I'm getting very, very hot. Hearing this, Beth held
Kelly down on the floor and tore her willing lover's clothes off. The
powerful she-wolf then caressed Kelly's body ever so slowly and as gently as
she could. "Do what you want with me," Kelly whispered to Beth.

Beth began fondling and licking Kelly's perky breasts with her unhuman
tongue. "Mmm, yes, that's it." Kelly softly moaned. "That's what I want."
Beth continued to supple on Kelly's breasts before moving down to her tight
snatch. "Ahhh! AHHHHH!!" Kelly loudly moaned as her bestial lover was eating
her out like a two-piece dinner at Popeye's. "YES! OH YES! Oh, you're driving
me wild!"

After five minutes of pleasuring Kelly, Beth decided it was Kelly's turn to
please her, something she waited a long time for. "Come on, Kelly," the
lycanthropic Glamazon uttered. "It's time for you to give me what I want."
Beth stood upright over Kelly. "Crawl to me," she ordered her young mate.

Kelly did as Beth instructed her to do: she slowly and seductively crawled
on her hands and knees to her lupine lover. She then caressed Beth's hirsute
and muscular legs and moved upward to her enlarged pussy. Kelly began
inserting her fingers in and toying with the Glamazon's inhuman snatch.

"Harder! HARDER!!!" the blonde she-beast roared. "I said HARDER, you little

Kelly decided to stop fingerbanging her domineering lover and give her snatch
a few licks instead. Beth could hardly contain herself. "OHH! OHHH!!! That's
it! That's more like it!" the Glamazon screamed in ecstasy. The more Kelly
ate her out, the louder Beth screamed.


A month had passed since Kelly Kelly had her unforgettable sexual encounter
with Beth Phoenix. They were so hot for each other that they later became a
couple and eventually moved in together. Both ladies got something out of
their tryst. Beth found herself a soulmate in Kelly Kelly.

"Kelly?" Beth called. "The moon's out. Let's go!"

Kelly, however, received something that brought her much closer to Beth: her
werewolf "curse." Kelly ran downstairs and joined Beth outside as they both
held hands and looked up at the full moon together. Both blondes quickly
changed into their lupine form. For Kelly, it was her first transformation.
"Beth?" she asked, "how do I look?"

"Kelly, you are a sexy beast," the Glamazon replied as she picked up Kelly
and held her in her strong arms. The two Divas bayed at the moon and kissed
each other passionately.

The End

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