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Human Shield
by GGBaley

"I'm sorry, ok?"

Madison Rayne glared at her lover as she grabbed her street clothes out of
her locker. Gail Kim was standing beside her, already changed. She had been
waiting for the show to end so she could talk to Madison about what happened.
"Sorry?" Madison snapped. "You used me as a damn shield!"

"I know, and that wasn't right of me. Please forgive me?" Gail pleaded,
looking genuinely apologetic.

"Why did you do it?" Madison asked. She still felt very hurt by the actions
of her lover, but her anger was starting to fade. She hated to see Gail
looking unhappy, and at the moment Gail certainly was that.

"I got scared." Gail shrugged, staring down at the floor. "I'm sorry Madison.
"I was scared, and you were right there. I just grabbed you without

Madison sighed deeply. "Alright Gail. I forgive you." As much as she liked
being with the Knockout's Champion, she still had trouble believing that the
beautiful woman really wanted to be with her. The other women in the locker
room were, in her opinion, much more desirable than she was. They were stars,
while she was only a rookie who came from the Beautiful People group, who
could be replaced on a whim. She and Gail had been together for a few months,
but Madison was sure it was just a fling on Gail's part. She wished it were
just that for her, too, but she couldn't deny her real feelings. She had been
stupid enough to let herself fall in love with Gail Kim.

"Madi." Gail Kim put her hand on Madison's shoulder, catching the other
woman's eyes.

"What? I said I forgive you," Madison whispered.

"But you don't look like you believe it." A look of genuine hurt crossed
Gail's face. "Why have you been pulling away from me, Madi? Did I do
something wrong? Before tonight, I mean."

Madison shook her head. "No Gail, you've been great," she replied.

"Then why?"

Madison just shrugged. Gail sighed, looking frustrated. "Madi, I really care
about," she said softly, her fingers gently caressing the skin on Madison's
shoulder. "I'm not lying, I do. And I'll make up to you for what I did
tonight." Her fingers traced along Madison's collar bone, stopping at the
center and sliding down the brunette's chest. They caressed the very tops of
Madison's breasts, running along the edge of her low cut top.

"Hang on one second," Gail Kim said, giving her lover a beautiful smile. She
quickly walked over to the door and slid the deadbolt into place, then
returned to where Madison was standing. "Come on." She took Madison's wrist,
leading her over to the room's large couch. She gently pushed Madison onto
the coushins, positioning her lover so the brunette was leaning back against
one arm, her long legs stretched out along the couch. Gail smiled, raising
her eyebrows suggestively as she straddled the other woman.

Madison had to smile, her body feeling very eager. "And how exactly are you
gonna make this up to me?" she asked coyly, knowing exactly what the answer
would be.

"Let me show you." Gail ran her hands down Madison's sides, grasping the
bottom of her shirt and pulling it up over her head. Her eyes ran over
Madison's torso, focusing on the clasp of her front-closing bra. She glanced
up at Madison, her eyes now taking on a slightly wicked look. She set her
hands on the other woman's stomach, her fingers slowly moving up the soft
flesh, playing and caressing as they went. When she reached Madison's bra,
Gail let her fingers move over the cloth-covered hills, teasingly stroking
the covered skin. Madison groaned, arching her chest and pleading for more.
Gail knew exactly how to touch her, and she loved every second of the
Knockout's Champion's attention.

Gail teased her for a moment more, and then her fingers found the clasp,
sliding it open with teasing slowness. She pushed the fabric aside, running
her hands over Madison's breasts as she did. The blonde shivered, arching her
chest again. Gail looked down at her lover's full, beautiful breasts, licking
her lips hungrily. She bent her head, taking one soft nipple in her mouth.
Madison squeaked, her hands moving to the back of Gail's head. She closed her
eyes as Gail's tongue ran over her sensitive flesh. The touch made her
shiver, sending little sparks of pleasure through her body at the same time.

Gail continued to gently suckle on the bud, making it harden into an aching,
erect peak. She smiled and moved to Madison's second breast, taking that
nipple in her mouth. One hard moved to rub the wet, firm breast her mouth had
just left, the other sneaking up Madison's skirt. Madison jumped when she
felt a soft touch on her clit, her heard beating faster. She spread her legs
a little wider, moaning as Gail's finger pushed the narrow fabric of her
thong aside. Two of the young woman's fingers began to stroke her clit,
sending little jolts of pleasure through her body. Madison's breast was still
encased in the heat of the Knockout's Champion's mouth, adding to the
pleasure filling her body. She could do nothing but keep her eyes closed, her
head sagging against the couch.

The sensations grew stronger with the passing moments. Madison realized it
wouldn't be long until she got there, and she wanted to be touching Gail when
she did. Quickly she raised her hands, pulling Gail's shirt up to her
shoulders. She couldn't get it all the way off without asking Gail to remove
her fingers, and she wasn't about to do that, so she made do. She pushed the
shirt up high enough to expose Gail's sheer bra. It showed a good deal of
cleavage, making Madison's desire to touch her even greater. She quickly
unfastened the bra and pulled it open. Gail's perky breasts sprang from the
fabric, just has firm and beautiful as they always were. Madison let her hand
slide over one, pinching the nipple into alertness. She enjoyed the silky
feeling over Gail's skin beneath her fingertips.

Madison moaned as Gail adept fingers touched her clit in exactly the right
way. She was almost seeing spots from desire now, and she badly wanted Gail
to fall with her when she went over the edge. She slid her hands between the
young woman's legs, grasping to back of her thong and pulling it down to her
knees, not bothering to remove her skirt. She let her fingers delve into the
other woman's heat, slipping a finger inside her. Gail jerked, then moaned.
While Madison only liked to have her clit touched, the way Gail was doing,
the Knockout's Champion loved to be penetrated by a female lover. Madison
slid her finger deep into Gail's warm, moist tunnel, delighting in the silky
feeling of her lover's flesh around her. She began to move the digit in and
out, Gail moving with her. Madison could tell her lover's body was already
very excited, and it wouldn't take much stimulation for her to reach orgasm.
Feeling almost ready herself, she pulled Gail to her and, as a final touch,
took one of her nipples in her mouth.

"Oh god Madi!" Gail cried, her body tensing and beginning to jerk. She moaned
loudly, her eyes looking a little glazed as her orgasm hit her, the pleasure
washing through her like a wave. Maidson felt her own body tremble. She let
out a loud cry, her orgasm sweeping over her. Both women were left
breathless, their hands still on each other's bodies.

"Oh Madi." Gail let her head fall onto Madison's bare chest, her hand
slipping out of her lover's heat. "I love you." Her body tense immediately,
and she looked up at her other woman, biting her lip nervously.

Madison couldn't believe what Gail had just said. "You love me?"

"Yes. I - I didn't know how to tell you. I didn't mean to say it just now,
but now you know." Gail stared down at her hand, afraid to meet Madison's
eyes. "I wasn't sure I should. You've seemed kind of distant lately, I
thought maybe didn't want to be with me."

Madison felt tears of joy in her eyes. "I was pulling away because I thought
this was just a fling to her," she explained, her voice shaking slightly. "I
thought it didn't mean anything to you, but I fell in love with you. You
really love me?"

"I do." Gail's eyes were teary as well. "And you love me?"

"I love you," Madison stated. "I love you more than anything."

A tear slid down Gail's cheek. "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever
heard," she whispered.

"I could say the same thing." Madison pressed a kiss to Gail's forehead, her
insides feeling like mush. She couldn't remember ever being this happy in her

"Um - " Gail cleared her throat. "About the whipping match thing - "

Madison laughed. "Don't worry, Gail," she said with a big smile on her face.
You more than made up for it.


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