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Humiliation And Rape Of Stephanie
by Baileyy (

Stephanie dressed in a tight white miniskirt, scoop top t-shirt and heels
walked briskly toward her car. The suntan shade pantyhose accented her sexy
legs. I watched as she opened her car door and got in, her tight skirt hiking
up to show most of her sexy thighs. I could feel my cock throb inside my
jeans. It seems that ever since I saw her shirt ripped off on t.v, I could
not think of anything else but how I was going to get her and humiliate her
more. The sight of the blouse ripping and her black bra exposed played over
and over in my mind. I bet you all the viewers remember how she dropped down
and tried to cover her breast using her arm, but all she did was show more
cleavage. Her breast were so full and nearly ready to flop over the top of
that sexy black bra, and I only had wished that her shirt had been ripped off
more violently causing at least one of her full round globs to spill out for
us all to see.

I wondered as I watched her car pull away, if she would fall for my plan.
If so, she would be driving to a county park to meet with Trish , thinking
she would learn more about why she was getting picked on recently. I had sent
her a note as bait, nothing to lose if she did not bite, and her body for me
alone if she fell for it.

I rubbed my crotch and pulled my vehicle out to follow Stephanie, hoping
she was headed for the park. My heart began to race as I saw her turn in the
direction of the park. I looked in the back seat to make sure the duct tape
and rope was still there. It was not long until her car pulled into the park
and she parked. I pulled up next to her, after all, she did not know me.
Getting out of my car I smiled at her and walked to her car.

"Hi ma'am" I said with smile, "Can you tell me if this is the park with
the baby cubs for kids to see?"

Stephanie looked up at me and smiled with those white sexy teeth of hers
and said "I think so, but I don't some her often."

I looked down and saw her legs exposed under the steering wheel. I hoped
she did not see the bulge in my jeans.

I glanced around and saw only one older couple walking away from us before
I made a loud gasping sound and feel to the ground. I kept my eyes cracked as
I heard Stephanie's car door open and her say "Mister, are you ok?" her skirt
hiked more and I had a glimpse of her white panties as she quickly got out
and came to my aide. I laughed inside at the stupid bitch...


As she bent over to see if she could help me, I grabbed her long dark hair
and jerked her to the ground, tossing her over me. She fell face first into
the dirt and began to scream just as I grabbed my knife and quickly yanked
her by the hair, jerking her head back, the blade of my knife pressed at her

"Make a sound and I cut your throat Stephanie." I said threateningly.
"Now, walk back to my car with me and get into the backseat."

She nodded and complied. I quickly taped her arms behind her and then
taped her ankles together. I looked at her, her white mini was slightly dirty
as was her white top. I slapped duct tape over her mouth and smiled. I now
had time to see what I had. My hand rubbed her leg and slowly moved up, the
pantyhose warm from her body heat. Slowly as my hand circled and rubbed
moving up her legs, the skirt begin to slide higher up her legs. I could see
her panties, and they appeared to be white thong style.

I looked at her eyes and could see fear and helplessness as my hands
fondled her thighs. I slipped my hand over her breast and squeezed them,
first the left, then the right...she squirmed in attempt to avoid my hands
to no avail. I grabbed my knife and pressed it between her breast and then
ran the blade over her nipples before I sliced the top down the front. The
cloth separated and her white bra was exposed, the round tops of her breast
flesh bulged nearly forcing her breast out.

I bent over and licked along the top of her bra, dipping my tongue inside
the bra cup and back out. Her breast were soft and yielding as I expected. I
slipped my mouth to the flesh and began sucking...taking her breast into my
mouth, tugging it right out of the top of her bra. I tugged up using my teeth
on her nipple stretching her breast and then letting it go. The breast fell
back to lay naked over the cup of her bra. Wet with my spit, the nipple erect
and dark...I did the same with her other breast, leaving them both exposed
over her bracups. I moved down and grabbed her pantyhose tugging them to her
knee's...then grabbing her panties with my mouth, I tugged them down to join
her pantyhose.


Just then I heard the sound of a car engine and realized I had not even
left the park yet. I climbed over the seat and started the engine. Pulling
out slow so as not to attract attention, I glanced in the rear view mirror
and said "Fuck". I could see I had left Stephanie exposed and that would
never do. Her top was ripped open, both breast exposed over the top of her
bra, pantyhose and panties around her knee's and her white miniskirt was left
pushed clear to her waist exposing her cunt. I stared briefly thinking that
not many fans knew she was shaved close, just a fine sheen of public hair
and dark red pussy-lips gaping and ready for me! I smiled and reached back
grabbing her by the hair and tugging her to the car floor. I was gonna take
plenty of time to humiliate and rape this prize! That face would be glazed
white with dried cum before the night was over and she would experience
humiliation, rape and more. After all, I could do anything I wanted to her
and I had lots in mind!

Should I continue??

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