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Humilation & Rape Of Stephanie Part 1
by Baileyy (

Pulling the car up the narrow dirt road, soon I pulled to a stop and
turned the engine off. Although it was getting dark, enough light was
available for me to see my sweet Stephanie had struggled during the ride. She
was laying face up, nut body shifted so her bare breast hung to the side. I
opened the car door and grabbed her foot dragging her from the car…her breast
flopped and scraped along the car floor and then with a jerk, her body was
jerked out of the car, falling with a loud thud to the gravel road. I could
hear her scream from the pain as she landed face down on the roadway, her
breast mashing into the gravel stones.

I laughed and yanked her by hair to a standing position. "I will help you
sweet Stephanie," I said as I tugged her pantyhose back up along with her
panties. At least for now, she could enjoy some modesty. I leaned over and
took her left breast into my mouth, sucking the flesh and running my tongue
over her nipple. She tried to pull back but her hands still were duct taped
behind her as well as her ankles taped together. She was not going anywhere.

Stephanie's eyes looked up the path to a tiny cabin. I smiled and picked
her up tossing her over my shoulder, her ass high in the air….her naked
breast hanging down, as I carried her to the cabin. Inside, I dumped her into
a straight-backed chair. Soon I had her arms tied behind the chair and her
feet secured to the chair legs, spreading them just slightly. I stood back
and looked at her, both tits still flopped out over the top of her bra, her
blouse wide open. I stood back and unzipped my pants. Reaching inside my
briefs, I withdrew my cock, already hard seeing that Stephanie was helpless
and mine. Her eyes got wide seeing my thick cock pointing straight toward
her. Walking over to her as I stroked it, I mashed it against her nose…she
turned her head away from my cock. I grabbed her hair and forced her head
back, holding her hair to keep her face toward me, I begin rolling my cock
all over her face…my cock throbbed and jerked, pre-cum leaking from the
narrow slit leaving a trail across Stephanie's face. I yelled at her.

"Every since I saw your blouse ripped off and you acting like you were so
fucking embarrassed on TV I have wanted to do this." I yanked the tape off
roughly ignoring her scream of pain and forced my cock between her lips
ordering her to begin sucking.

"You try to bite my cock you wrestling bitch, I will cut your nipple off!"
I wanted to scare the shit out of her but I could never ruin such pretty
boobs and nipples, at least not permanently!

"Suck it like you mean it!" I growled as I helped her by using her hair to
tug her head back and fourth as I raped Stephanie's mouth. Soon, not having
control at all, still tied helpless, spit was spilling from her mouth and
leaking down her chin, falling on her breast as my cock continued to jack in
and out of her mouth. I could feel the tingle as sperm began to boil into my
shaft. I thrust my cock harder and deeper and faster as the pleasure
increased. Soon I knew my first load of jism would be erupting from my cock.
I begin to think, should I make her swallow my load, or spew my sticky load
over her sexy face. I have her as long as I want so there is time for
everything more than once. I chuckled to myself. Just then, I could not hold
back any longer. My cock jerked and I tugged it from Stephanie's mouth and
watched as it pointed straight out at her face and then the first blast of
cum spewed out and hit Stephanie on the side of her nose and up to her eye.
She had to close the eye as jism begin polling in her eye socket... the next
jet of cum I aimed and sprayed over her cheek and nose….several more jets of
cum splattered her hair and the side of her face before it began leaking
smaller streams of cum over her mouth and cheek. I laughed seeing her covered
in cum. I used my hand to smear most of it all over her face.

Moving back, I looked at my Stephanie. She had cum pasted to her face,
both tits still hanging out of her blouse and I could see her panties as her
skirt was hiked yet. I decided that she would be humiliated to be left like
this for some time, especially as the cum would dry to paste on her face and
I liked that. IF she wanted it off, I might be able to help her out after a
few beers I thought. The bitchy sexy Stephanie would experience the
humiliation of being my piss toilet. I had so much body yet to enjoy. I went
into another room to rest and let Stephanie think about what I might do to
her next.

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