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Rape and Humiliation of Stephanie McMahon Part 3
by Baileyy (

After my rest, I came back and saw that Stephanie had a white glaze on
her face. I smiled as I walked over to her and spit on her face. My spit
splattered her eye and streaked down her cheek.

"I am sorry Stephanie, but I will not be able to keep you as long as I
wanted. I must be out of the country but don't fear, a female wrestler you
love has promised to help me humiliate and put you down where you belong
when I return. We will simply kidnap you again and do as we wish and lots
more then now I assure you!" In a matter-of-fact way informing her, as I
laughed "Ha!"

She looks up at me with hate and disgust, cum paste still coating her
sexy face. "I bet your hungry Stephanie so I will feed you to keep up your
strength". I need some incentive to feed you though," I say to her as I
reach under her short skirt and rip her pantyhose down her legs. Tied to
the chair as she was, I had to cut them to tug them all the way off. Once
they are off, I stand in front of her and pull the crotch to my nose and
sniff while looking at her. I love the look of disgust in her eyes and
think, my oh my. Here is Stephanie looking disgusted at me while her face is
pasted with a coating of dried cum, both those hot boobs hanging over her
blouse and now, that pussy showing, ready for whatever I want! I smile and
go to the kitchen.

Rubbing Stephanie's pantyhose over my hard shaft, soon my cock erupts
into the pantyhose. I scoop some thick jism out and mix it into the hamburger
I am preparing for her meal chuckling all the while. Soon, Stephanie's cum
burger is ready. Cooked rare but cum watering good!

I walk back to Stephanie and break the hamburger in half. She watches as
my hand moves to her crotch and I begin rubbing the hamburger over her pussy
lips. She tries swinging her legs, but tied as they are, she has no luck. I
laugh as I stuff half inside of her. The other half, I force into her mouth
and it!

Stephanie seemed to know it was no ordinary hamburger and tried to resist.
I grabbed her left nipple and twisted it saying to her "Eat the burger or I
will twist your nipple harder."

Soon Stephanie is eating my cum burger. I smile...watching her swallow it.
"Ok Stephanie, you have earned your freedom, at least for now but as I said,
I will return with my friend and another female wrestler you know very well.
We will enjoy making you perform sexually at that time my uppity little

I help her up, arms still tied behind as I slip the torn pantyhose back
on her. I would not want that burger to fall out of her now would I? Taking
a pair of scissors, I cut her skirt all the way around the bottom so it is
only long enough to cover her ass. Then I cut her hair off on one side so I
might have a clump for a treasure. I ignore the screams and pleading I hear
from behind her gagged mouth.

Taking her back to where I found her. I leave her tied to her steering
wheel, and smile. Anyone walking near would see those puppies hanging out
of her bra and her ass exposed in that newly hemmed skirt I made for. They
would not know, however, about the hamburger and I doubt they ever will-----
But I will know...Forever.


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