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Hurricane, Your My Hero
by Big Dick Dudley

(Torrie Wilson was in the back searching aimlessly for Gregory Helms, The
Hurricane. She was running around backstage, huge rack bouncing to a hypnotic
rhythem that surely entranced any man looking in her direction. Finally she
found him and his sidekick, Molly, having a recap of the night's events.)

Hurricane: Mighty Molly, my Hurra-Senses tell me that...

Torrie: Shane!

Hurricane: Citizen Torrie, how many time must I tell you to not reveal my
secret identity.

Torrie: Sorry, Sorry, Hurricane, thank you for saving me and Tajiri again. I
mean first Crash then Billy and Chuck. You are my hero.

Hurricane: Citizen Torrie, it is all in a days work for this superhero so
there is no need to thank me.

Torrie: Hurricane, I insist you let me thank you for saving me.

(Torrie brushed up against The Hurricane, chest to chest. Her right hand
caressed his package, bringing it to life. With an angelic smile she slowly
kneeled before The Hurricane. Molly passivly watched as Torrie seduced her
partner in crime fighting. Her eyes were glued to his package which was
visibly getting larger by the second.

Torrie pulled down the spandex pants and his erection was at a stiff proud
height and pointing at her face. She opened her mouth, slowly englufing the
prick in between her pouty lips and inside her pretty mouth. She slowly
sucked him off, savoring the flavor of his manhood.

Molly had her mouth open and was licking her lips trying to simulate the wet
dick in Torrie's mouth with her own tongue. Her hand also found its way
between her legs, rubbing her crotch. Building up the heat with every
delicate touch.

Torrie was still busy on her hero's manhood. Once she compleatly replaced the
taste of his dick with her saliva she started to bob her head steadily on his
meat stick. Her drool provided the lubrication needed for his dick to slide
between her air-tight lips.

Molly's hand was picking up momentum as well. She had never thought of her
partner in a sexual way ever before, but watching him get a blow job must
have clicked something in her. She envied Torrie as she greedily gobbled his
pole right in front of her.

Torrie released his cock from the confines of her mouth. She looked at the
slobber coated tool, admiring her own work. This was too much for Mighty
Molly. She quickly picked up from where Wilson left off. The head of his
dick brushed against the back of her throat. Her innocent eyes stared at the
self-proclaimed superhero as he threw back his head in extacy.

Torrie eyed the advid little cock-slut at work, and a very sloppy job at
that. Molly choked on, tongue bathed, sucked, and jerked The Hurricane's
penis in a rather messy manner. Molly's rather slutty mouth had all its
attention on the Hurricane's dick, while her innocent, child-like eyes were
focused on the Hurricane's facial expressions.

Torrie's eyes were locked on Molly, her eyes wandered, sizing up the
superheroine, but her cape was blocking her view of that big ass. She
approached her from behind and removed the cape. The back-less costume made
it easy for Torrie to shove her hand down the back and feel around. She felt
the soft, smooth ass-flesh and the practically hair-less twat of the smaller
blonde. Her other hand made its way to her neck, with one snap gravity took
over and the top half of her costume fell and Molly's pert breasts swung
freely after being constrained in the tight spandex top half of her costume.
Torrie's free hand caressed the heroine's soft breasts while her other hand
travled to the front of her pants.

Hurricane was in utter bliss but suddenly Molly stopped. She and Torrie stood
up and Torrie removed the rest of the costume. Molly's bulbus butt, juicy
cunt, and perfect boobs were only accented more by her cute face and girlish
appearance. Hurricane approached his sidekick and ran his hands all over her
nude body. While those two were busy with one another she removed all her
clothing as well. Her huge jugs, toned abs, and tight ass were of such beauty
that they were only seen in sculptures. She joined the duo and bent forward,
digging her face into the tiny blond bush, instantly getting a moan out of
the girl.

Hurricane took his place behind Ms. Wilson and inserted his prick into her
smooth, hair-less cunt. Penetration inside of her was nothing less than what
he would have expected. Her pussy itself was tight as a vise and would have
been difficult to enter under any other circumstances, but she was so turned
on that her wetness made for easy access. Every thrust made Torrie's breasts
swing back and forth. It also made her dig her tongue deeper into Miss
Molly's tasty cunt.

The trio were equally getting off. Hurricane picked up the pace banging
Torrie and she was licking Molly's faster too. Molly's breath quickened and
she let out a panting moan in euphoric pleasure. She sat on the cold floor
and started licking her own breasts, waiting for the other two to finish. The
Hurricane pumped into Torrie at a fast pace. She was so enthralled in this
that she began to throw her ass back into Thr Hurricane's dick getting an
even deeper penetration than before. Her breath became similar to Molly's as
she came. She grinded her cunt on his wood a little more before he pulled
out. She sat next to Molly with her legs wide open. Molly lowered her head
and started to dilegently lick Torrie's box.

Hurricane stroked his dick to the actions seen right before his eyes. He
closed his eyes as thick streams of semen hit Torrie on the chest. Covering
them in his goo. Molly removed her head from its comfortable resting place
to clean of her lover's breasts orally.

Torrie looked up at The Hurricane as he tried to regain his composure. They
made eye contact and she mouthed the words "Thank You" at him. He looked at
her and gave her his signature thumbs up.)

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